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Return to the Colloseum[edit source]

It's time to go back to Dragon's Neck Colloseum. By this time you've got rare items coming out places you didn't know you had, so let's put them to use. First, you need 500,000 gil. To get it, bid an Impartisan at the Colloseum and win a Cat Hood. When worn by Relm, it doubles the amount of gil you get, and it also gives good stat bonuses and elemental immunities. Now head to the Maranda desert and fight Cactuars and Slagworms until you have enough. Head to Jidoor.

Here, talk to the people outside the Auction House. One should mention a rare sword. Now the Auction will randomly put up the Excalipoor! Bidding quickly goes through the roof. Bid 500,000 gil to claim the blade.

Now, head to the Colloseum. Bring Strago, Celes, Mog, and Shadow. Bet 2 of those Reed Cloaks you Stole from the Tyrannosaurs, and use anyone to beat the pathetic Aspidochelon. You get two Tortoise Shields. Bet one, and use Mog's Dragoon set-up with the Dragon Horn and Pearl Lance to beat the Muud Suud. You get the Saucer. Now, equip Mog (or anyone, but since he has the Relics for this) with an Impartisan, the Tortoise Shield, the Saucer and the Reed Cloak. Now cast Imp on him.

The Imp-Goon set-up has amazing damage, upwards of 4000 with each Jump, and near-max defense and magic defense. All it really has to fear are things that ignore defense and Instant Death because normals spells and attacks will probably only do a few hundred damage. This set-up isn't good anywhere else, but it does wonders at the Colosseum. Now let's win some real items! You should have fought another Behemoth King on the Veldt, and won another 2 Behemoth Suits. Bet both of them and use your new Imp-Goon to beat the Outsider for 2 Snow Mufflers, the best armor for Mog and Gau. Remember to save after every fight, there's a lot of luck involved here. By that I mean hope the Imp Jumps before the enemy uses some sort of Instant Death attack.

Now, in the Figaro Cave, the Dante can be turned into a Thunder Shield with Ragnarok. Bet those Thunder Shields for Genji Shields, against the same Outsider as before. Bet a useless Ward Bangle to fight the Yojimbo. It ALWAYS uses Eye-For-An-Eye when it dies to kill you. Use Shadow with the Memento Ring, or someone with high Evade, to block this and win a second Dragon Horn. Bet that Murakumo whatever you got from the Red Dragon to win another Holy Lance while you're here. Now Edgar and Mog don't have to fight for the Dragoon position anymore.

Bet the Tabby Suit and fight the Vector Lythos (it's quite easy to kill) for a Chocobo Suit. Use the Imp-Goon to beat the Ahriman and win 2 Moogle Suits. Bet those and use the Imp-Goon again to beat the Cherry. You now have 3 Nutkin Suits. Bet them and beat the Aspidochelon for 3 sets of Genji Armor! Bet that now obsolete Regal Crown to win another Genji Helmet from yet another Aspidochelon. Despite them being here a lot they aren't too strong, huh?

Finally, bet 2 Heal Rods and use the Imp-Goon. The Tonberry's Traveler will pierce your defense, but the Knife only did 1 damage to me. Hope the Imp-Goon Jumps before it gets hit too many times. For your efforts you get 2 Magus Rods. These things give Gogo, Relm and Stago +7 magic power, and you can get a third shortly.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
38000 3200 Many
Steal Morph Drops
Genji Glove, Genji Shield Can't Morph Genji Helmet, Genji Armor
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None None 4/5

Phew. You made out like a bandit! Now, because you can Steal Nutkin Suits and get infinite Thunder Shields, you can stock up on Genji Armor and Genji Shields whenever you want, but be warned that the Helmet is limited. In fact, the only other way to get them is to bet the Coronet, which is also rare. The Coronet can be won by betting a Red Cap, but those are also rare and should not be bet because they're quite good. The Genji Stuff all has excellent defense ratings, and the Armor gives stat boosts. And the Shield and Helmet can be used by anyone. So obviously the Genji equipment is excellent to have around. Now there's just one more thing.

Bring Locke along if you want even more Genji stuff, you can never have too much Genji stuff! Bring Strago too. Bet that Excalipoor sword and beat the easy Onion Dasher for the Merit Award. It basically lets a character equip anything except for exclusive stuff like the Minerva, the Red Jacket, etc. It's fun to give Strago claws and equip Locke with the Darts, etc, but in the end it's for fun. But now that you bet the sword, someone else wants it.

Gilgamesh uses a lot of Lores, which is why you should have brought Strago. Wait a few turns and let him see a few. Gilgamesh starts off easy, then eventually he casts Protect, Shell and Haste. Now he starts Jumping, using attacks named after swords that do 9999 damage, and has a strong counter. He has 32000 HP, beat him quickly before he crushes you and you'll earn his Magicite. Locke can Steal a Genji Glove or a Genji Shield (which you don't need anymore), and he drops Genji Armor (ditto) or Genji Helmet (which as mentioned is limited, hope you get it).

Well, we just got a powerful Esper and some of the best stuff in the game. I think we can leave now!

As a final note, at any time, betting a Fuma Shuriken pits you against the Chaos Dragon, and you can win a stronger Pinwheel. Feel free to stock up whenever you have time, Pinwheels are rare and have high-power, the Fuma Shurikens are cheap and the Dragon is easy to kill.

The Opera[edit source]

Earth Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
28000 16500 Honed Rusk
Steal Morph Drops
X-Potion Various Crystal Equipment Magus Rod
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Wind, Water Earth (floating) 1.5/5

Buy 4 Angel Wings in Jidoor, equip them on everyone then head to the Opera House. Go the upper-right balcony and pull the third switch from the left. The Earth Dragon is laughable, all its Earth attacks miss you with the Angel Wings on. Honed Tusk probably kills you, but a simple Raise fixes that. For your efforts to spend 20000 gil on the Relics, you get the third Magus Rod for Relm/Gogo/Strago and another of the Eight Dragons bites the dust.

Mt. Zozo[edit source]

Alright, we've avoided the Captain for so long, time to get him back. Fly to Maranda and enter the eastern house. Talk to Lola, then read the letter. Seems Cyan has been impersonating her boyfriend who died in Mobliz. Attach the letter to the pigeon outside, then fly to Zozo. Talk to the man outside the inn and buy the Rust-Rid for 1000 gil. Go the pub and up to the balcony. Use the chemical to dissolve the rust on the door and open the way forward.

Mt. Zozo should be a cakewalk for you with your high levels. The only bad enemy is the Mugbear, who Steals gil from you and flees, so kill it first and protect your wallet. Here, go down and left to find the Red Cap, it boosts your stats and give +25% HP. As mentioned, it's rare and a good helmet, the extra HP and stat boosts are more valuable than the extra defense of the Genji Helmet so keep the Red Cap. Go right and find the Ice Shield, then go down and left to find a Thunder Shield. Up from here is the mighty Aegis Shield, which gives you an absurd power to block spells. Too bad you cannot win it at the Colloseum.

Storm Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
42000 1250 Cyclonic
Steal Morph Drops
None Various Crystal Equipment Force Armor
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning Wind 2/5

Go up into the cave to find a Gold Hairpin, always handy when you're short on Econimizers. Go back and right and through this cave to find a bridge. Cross it, save here, then go up and right. Step on the switch to release the 4th of the Eight Dragons.

Storm Dragon uses Wind attacks like Wind Slash, Aero and Rage. Unfortunately, there's no surefire way to ensure your victory because he can use Cyclonic which is as dangerous as ever, and although Wind Slash and Aero can be nulled, Rage is non-elemental so there is an element of risk. Still, by this point you're so super-powered with levels, spells and equipment you can still win easily. That's half the Dragons down.

Go down, right and enter the cave. On the other side is Cyan. Watch the scene and see him panic when he realizes you read his letters. He explains he saw himself in the girl, looking to the past for answers and losing the future. His last letter on the table, if you read it before you see him, tells her to let go of her past and move on with her life. Like Cyan would know anything about that. Finally, go the cliff and inspect the glowing object. You can unlock the chest for some books on machines, along with a sex-ed book. Education on machines and sex, Cyan needs both, at least he realizes it. But they honestly never do anything, they're just there for kicks. Cast Teleport to leave to the overworld.

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