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Triangle Island[edit source]

Fly to the north-east and land on the triangle-shaped island. Here lies the Zone Eater, a mighty enemy who likes using Gravity, Freeze Dust, and Inhale, which makes it swallow a player. When you find the Zone Eater, don't make a move! Wait and let it Inhale your party.

Welcome to the Zone Eater's stomach. Yuck, huh? Down here, the Shambling Corpse can use Flare, Thundaga, Lifeshaver, and turns you into an Imp. They're undead, you know how to deal with them by now, use Fira. Baalzephon can cast Berserk, and have a lot of elemental absorptions. Use physicals, and Ultima if Ragnarok has taught it to anyone yet. As a matter of fact, Ultima is the best spell in the game, so when in doubt, cast it. Odds are it will kill any normal enemy it hits, or at least heavily weaken them. Kamui can use ZomBite, the Wartpuck can put you to sleep and Snort.

Somehow, I thought there'd be more slime...

Amduscias can Confuse you, which is bad enough, but it always comes with two bodyguards - Covert throw Skeans, use Wind Slash, counter attacks with Fuma Shurikens or Shurikens, and you can't run from them. They're VERY dangerous. They're weak to Holy, so if you have gotten it (and if you have you've done things your way and not mine), use the Holy spell, otherwise use Holy-stuff like Pearl Rods.

Go down and to the long room. Here, the men run back and forth, and if they run into you, you get knocked off. Jump by pressing A and let the first one knock you off. Down here is a Red Jacket, Edgar and Sabin exclusive armor that absorbs Fire and gives a bunch of stat boosts. Now go back up and make your way across the bridges, avoiding the guys on them - this can be annoying. The two chests here have Genji Armor and a Magical Brush. The final chest at the left end of the room has the Fake Mustache, which turns Sketch into Control. It has its uses.

Down the stairs, save and enter the next room. Here, the ceiling falls. Go the first chest for a Zephyr Cloak, then stand still until the ceiling falls. Dash to the next chest, a Hero's Ring. Wait for the ceiling, then run, grab the Pinwheel in the chest, and flee down. In the final room, jump across the chests to go up, then jump off the bridge onto the platform and hit the switch to make another path appear. The chest here is a Thunder Shield. Now, enter the door. Meet Gogo, a Mime.


Gogo SD Art.png

You go, Gogo! Go go Gogo Chopper! Can Gogo gogo dance? I could gogo on but I won't.

Gogo is a very interesting character. First, he cannot equip Espers. Second, his stats are low, so everything he equips should provide some sort of stat boost to compensate. Finally, use the status option on the menu on him, and hit select. You decide Gogo's commands, anything except for Terra's Trance, he can use. I personally like Lore, Throw and/or Blitz, it depends on where you are, and certainly Magic. He cannot learn Magic naturally, but knows any spell that someone else in the party knows. I say give him Magic, Lore and Blitz, but in the end you can customize him however you like. Gogo is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Use him well.

Cast Teleport to leave.

Level Time[edit source]

Alright, now, head to Thamasa, make a party with Gogo and Relm in it, give Relm the Fake Mustache and someone else the Ragnarok. Around Thamasa, the Vasegiatta can be Metamorphosed into Growth Eggs, so we're gonna take 4 of those. But they're hard to get, there's no controlling what enemies become and if the summon will even work. Or is there?

Here's how Gogo's Mimic command works. Gogo will perform the last action a party member performed. If it was a spell or an item, Gogo will use it again for no loss of MP or item. Whatever the spell or item targetted, Gogo will target, and if the target is dead, nothing happens. If Gogo Mimics Gau or Mog while they're in Berserker mode, he Berserks too. And...wait for it...if the last action was summoning an Esper, Gogo will summon it again.

And that is how we get 4 Growth Eggs. Have Relm Control the big birdie so he can't attack, then call Ragnarok to use Metamorphose. If it doesn't work, as long as no one else takes an action afterwards, Gogo can Mimic Ragnarok's summon and try again. Still nothing? Well, fortunately Gogo can Mimic himself! Let everyone else sit there as Gogo summons Ragnarok over and over again until it works. This makes him awesome when you wanna get things with Ragnarok, it's just a matter of patience. Now with 4 Growth Eggs, give one to each character, then fly north.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
46050 51420 Many
Steal Morph Drops
Ribbon Dried Meat Celestriad
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Ice None 5/5

North of the Veldt is a forest that everyone says is shaped like "?". I always saw a pair of dinosaur jaws myself. In the forest here lurks the Tyrannosaur. This mighty enemy has a VERY powerful physical called Bite, and it casts Meteor. What's worse, if you fight two, it will always be a pincer attack. They have just under 13000 HP, and leave behind 2200 exp a piece.

I recommend you stay here and fight until all your characters are at levels 45-50. That's what I did and you should too, to prepare for the upcoming subquests. Tyrannosaurs are tough, so be patient and use Blizzara and Blizzaga. As well, if their pincer attack is too much, equip an Alarm Earring to prevent pincer attacks and ensure you only fight one at a time. Once everyone (and I mean every member except Umaro) is over 45, we'll move on. But, be warned...

If you meet the Brachiosaur, run. Run run run! It uses Snort, Disaster which inflicts a bunch of status ailments, Swing, Meteor, and even the dreaded Ultima which is pretty much a guaranteed Game Over. Locke can Steal Ribbons, and they drop Celestriads. But they're much too dangerous for you to handle. Flee and come back later when you want rare stuff.

The New Espers[edit source]

Now that you're done the level up tour, it's time to snag more new Espers. Head to South Figaro and talk to the man near the Chocobo stable. He mentions seeing a shadow while sailing. Equip stuff that absorbs or nulls water. If you have Locke with you in the Dino forest, he can Steal Reed Cloaks, and they fit the bill. Once everyone is resistant to water, take the ferry. Along the way, you get into a fight.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
30000 4500 1000 Needles
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None Water, Fire 3.5/5

Leviathan can be a mighty foe. He uses El Nino, Aqua Breath, Tsunami, and a physical. Plus, any attack is countered with Entwine, which casts Slow. But, if you listened to me and equipped things that absorb water, you're untouchable and Leviathan's attacks will mostly heal you. Wail on Leviathan with your best attacks, and claim his Magicite shard afterwards. Leviathan is the only Esper to teach Flood, and it in turn is the only Water-elemental spell. Use it well. As a note, if you want a complete Dance list and did not teach Mog the Water Harmony, bring him to the fight, because this is his last chance to learn it.

Now take the ferry back and board the Falcon. Fly to Tzen, and buy a Sniper Eye at the Relic shop. Equip it to someone with the Ultima Weapon and then fly to Maranda. Talk to the man on the balcony at the entrance to town, then go into the desert. Here, the Cactuars leave behind 10000 gil and 10 magic points. Beat ten of them, and you may encounter the...

Gigantuar uses 1000 Needles, and he uses it two or three times in a row. He also counters attacks with Knockdown, which is very strong and will likely kill you. Use Curaga to keep your HP up and attack slowly, don't be hasty in beating him. Gigantuar has 30000 HP, and when he dies he uses 10 1000 Needle attacks in a row. If everyone is at level 45 or higher like I said, at least one person should survive. You earn the Cactuar Magicite for your efforts. It gives +2 Speed on level up, and it is certainly useful - except for Odin, it's the only Esper in the game to grant a Speed bonus.

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