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Rare Items Galore[edit source]

Alright, welcome back to Narshe. The town is abandoned, the people locked up their doors and fled when the Light of Judgment came a’calling. Narshe is now infested with monsters, but to be perfectly honest I’m not even going to cover them, all of the enemies in the caves and the town are very weak and not even worth your time. So just know that whatever you meet, physicals are more than enough to handle them.

Head left and enter the hidden passage. Head through the mines and enter the Moogle Cave. Here’s your old buddy Mog, sitting around all alone! He’ll mention a Sasquatch in the mountain that will join you. But, he’ll only join you if you have Mog with you. If you listened to me, you have a three-person party and Mog will join you automatically. If you didn’t, go to the Falcon, get a party with him and Locke, and then go back. BTW, in the place where Mog was standing against the wall is Molulu's Charm, which prevents all random encounters. It certainly has its uses.

Leave the mines through Arvis’ house. Along the way, open the chests in the mines, as well as the one in back of the Moogle Cave. You finally net a Pod Bracelet (casts Protect and Shell), an Elixir, and a Hero Ring. Score! Now go outside to the weapon shop. With Locke in your party, you can pick the lock. In the back room, the owner has something for you, a Magicite Shard. He can either melt it down into a sword, or leave it as Magicite.

Now, Ragnarok the Sword gives +30 to Evade and Mblock, +7 to Vigor and Speed, it consumes MP for a critical hit, and randomly casts Flare. Yeah, it’s good. The problem is Ragnarok the Magicite teaches Ultima, the best spell in the game, and he’s the only Esper to teach it. His summon, Metamorphose, is also the only way with get some of the rarest items in the game like Growth Eggs, Marvel Shoes, Tintinnabulums, Ribbons, etc, without spending an absurd amount of time at the Colloseum.

So, which do you choose? Previously the choice was difficult, the Sword was a mighty weapon and could be bet at the Colloseum for a better weapon, the Lightbringer, which was the best weapon in the game on the Super NES. However, the Magicite lets you stock up on rare stuff and also taught the best spell there was.

But, this is the new millennium, and the choice is perfectly obvious – take the Magicite. There’s no way to get the Magicite once you take the Sword. However, you’re allowed to play the game beyond the final battle, and in said battle there’s an enemy you can Steal the Ragnarok Sword from. So, you can fight the final boss over and over, and swipe the Ragnarok Sword as much as you want, the same cannot be said for the Magicite. Take the Magicite and leave.

Now, go to the house up the stairs near the Relic shop, and you’ll find the reason why Ragnarok wasn’t the only way to learn Ultima. Here, a man gives you the Cursed Shield. Give it to someone with a Ribbon. The Cursed Shield actually lowers defense and stats, gives you all sorts of status ailments, and all 8 elemental weaknesses. So why equip it? The Ribbon will cancel out all but the Doom ailment, so you can fight normally. Once the shield has been equipped on a character, and that character wins 256 battles, the curse is broken.

The Cursed Shield becomes the Paladin's Shield, equipable by anyone. Half the elements are nulled, the other half heal. It also gives +40 to Evade and Mblock, along with a nice plump boost to defense and magic defense. It too, teaches Ultima to its holder.

Like I said back in the first part of the walkthrough, Narshe has some of the best stuff in the game, right? Well, there’s more!

Shaving the Ice[edit source]

Ice Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
24400 9000 None
Steal Morph Drops
None Various Crystal Equipment Force Shield
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire Ice 1.5/5

Head to the ice fields where you fought Kefka a long time ago. Up here the enemies are still weak, but Mog can finally learn the Snowman Rondo here. Wandering about here is the Ice Dragon, and if you even need to ask what you can expect from it, you haven’t been paying attention or are just plain stupid. Use Fira, and Firaga if anyone has learned it from Phoenix. Honestly, I never really found any of the 8 dragons much of a challenge, they all have their elemental weaknesses to pick on and just use the same predictable attacks, just equip stuff that absorbs the Dragon’s element and you’re fine. I guess the programmers thought they were too weak as well, seeing as how they gave us the Dragon’s Den and all…

Now, use the Save and go visit Tritoch, still frozen here. Well, now it attacks you. Tritoch knows exactly 3 attacks – Rasp, Blizzaga, and Freeze Dust which Freezes you. Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, any boss whose attacks I can count on one hand is a boss in name only. This battle is more of a formality than anything, just pummel it with your Fira and watch it unthaw. Tritoch fears that the War of the Magi has lasted the thousand years, and decides to help you put an end to the fighting. Tritoch the Magicite teaches Blizzaga, Thundaga and Firaga, and he’s the only one to teach the first two. Consider him Maduin Deluxe. Now, you may want to go back and save, then jump into the hole he created when he was defeated.

The Imp Cave[edit source]

Down here, the enemies are very similar to the ones you fought in Darryl's Tomb in that they all only have one thing going for them – the monsters in Darryl’s Tomb used Zombie, the ones down here use Imp. They also drop Green Cherries, go figure. But you know there has to be something down here that can kill you…

The Tonberry has 8000 HP and a very nasty counter. It counters any attack with Knife, and if that doesn’t kill you, the follow-up Traveler probably will. Ok, so use magic, right? Wrong, they counter any spell with Holy. These guys are annoying as hell. They leave almost no gil, no exp, and 7 magic points. They’re fairly high in the HP department, so make your blows count and kill them before they kill you. Now, back the dungeon. Go left, and up. Watch the floor and avoid the colored sections – they’re pitfalls. In the left room is a chest with a mini-boss.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
17200 6990 None
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire, Poison Ice 1/5

Tonberrieses will attack, move towards you, attack, and repeat until they get close enough to use Knife. Then they go back and repeat the whole pattern. Obviously Protect helps, but they’re also vulnerable to Slow, so use Slowga to slow down their movement and buy you time. Why bother fighting them? They may drop another Minerva, and Locke can Steal Mineravs from them rarely. Other than that, leave them alone, they’re quite strong and are not to be messed with.

Go up from the chest, drop down the hole. Down from here is a Gauntlet. Now go right and up, up the stairs. Ignore the switch and cross the bridge. Pull the switch to fall down into another cave. Inspect the carving for the Magicite Midgardsormr, aka “Terrato”. It teaches Quake, Graviga and Whirlwind, all ok spells if a little unreliable. Of course, you know that nothing in this world is free, least of all new Magicite.

Yeti is a pathetic excuse for a boss. He’s weak to Fire and Poison and has only 17000 HP. Pummel him, he’s a joke. Afterwards, talk to him to make him join you under the name Umaro.


Umaro SD Art.png

Umaro is as much as a laughing stock as a character as he is a boss, all he can do is attack. He equips the powerful Snow Muffler and has the highest strength and HP of the game, but he’s a Berserker, and he can’t use magic. He can normally only attack, but if you give him the Rage Ring relic, he'll chuck himself and party members at enemies for extra damage, and will wake them up if they're asleep. The Blizzard Orb relic also makes him randomly use a "Storm" attack to do ice damage to all enemies. That's it, an ice-elemental group attack and three physicals of varying power. Umaro is easily the worst character in the game, Cyan may suck but Umaro sucks harder. Never ever ever use him. Ever.

If it weren't for the fact you have to fight him to get Terrato, I'd say just leave and forget you ever heard about Umaro at all. I mean, Cyan may suck but at least he can use Espers and Magic...he can't use them well, but better poorly than not at all. Well that’s it for Narshe, use Teleport to leave and head out to the field.

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