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The Star-Shaped Mountain[edit source]

Clues around the world tell you that a treasure is hidden at a star-shaped mountain. Head to Tzen and look at the large mountain north of the town. See the small patch of land? That's the crater that leads into the Phoenix Cave, which is where you'll find an awesome Magicite piece, and an even better character. But the Phoenix Cave is a unique dungeon, and only two others exist like it. Instead of just one party, you must use two to open paths and work as a team to get through the volcanic maze. So you've now got 9 party members, who goes?

I personally left Edgar behind, but there's nothing wrong with him. Each party should have a good Magic user and a good physical fighter. For this dungeon, I took along Shadow, due to his high-powered Throwing, grouped him with Relm and Terra for magic power, and rounded out the group with everyone's favorite Wild Child, Gau. That left Sabin, Setzer, Celes and Strago to form the second party. Make sure everyone is suited up with good armor, then fly the Falcon into the crater and land to enter. For the rest of this part, I'll refer to the Relm-Terra group as Party A, and the Strago-Shadow group as Party B.

In the cave here, many enemies absorb Fire, so don't use it. The Clymenus uses Fira, but is no threat. It often attacks in pairs with a Necromancer, an undead enemy. You know how to deal with them by now I'm sure. They're fond of Instant Death attacks like Death, Banish, and ZombiStick. But they're weak to fire, so just use a Fira spell or two and kill them quickly. Faces are still as annoying as their Brainpan cousins. Their 1000 Needles is no danger, but Smirk is and forever shall be annoying as hell. Freeze the little bastards with Blizzara and wipe that grin of their...well, their face. Zeveak can Confuse you. But it's weak to Ice and shouldn't get a chance to do that.

Ouroboros are palette swaps of the Vampire Thorn, and they still don't like the Ultima Weapon or other defense-ignoring things like Raging Fist, Drill, etc. It's weak to Ice as well. The Seaflower is weak to Lightning and can Poison you, so use Thundara to take them out, they like to attack in groups. Finally, the Chaos Dragon...well, they leave behind a lot of EXP, and have 9000 HP, but they really don't do anything but use their physicals, and those aren't over-strong. Just use Blizzara. There's one more enemy here, and it's one you cannot leave until you fight it.

The Galypdes uses Cyclonic and a powerful physical called Flap, but you definitely want to see these so you can fight them on the Veldt. You can Steal Economizers from them, a super-useful Relic that lowers the MP cost of *every* spell to 1. You'll never run out of MP again. They can also be Morphed into Growth Eggs, and you already know how great they are. Now, on with the journey.

Move Party A inside the cave and step on the switch to open the door. Switch to Party B and go through the opening. Go right and down and step on the higher-up switch, then swap to Party A. Go up through the right door and hit the switch on the floor to retract the spikes. Party B is up again, go up and right to hit another switch. As Party A, go down and right. Find the Teleport Stone, and an empty chest. Hm...go down the stairs here. Take a left and step on the switch, then swap back to Party B.

Party B, go right and down the stairs. Go down from here and up the stairs, then hit the switch to make a bridge appear to the chest. The Wing Edge gives a good boost to Vigor and Speed, it does normal damage from the back-row, and it also inflicts Instant Death randomly. And you can find two in the game! If it weren't for the Valiant Knife you'd have an awesome weapon for Locke, but it's still very good.

Still as Party B, go back down the stairs, up and right. Hop across the rocks to move up, and ignore the *empty* chest in front of the spikes. Hit the switch to move the boulder. Switch to Party A, then go back around the stairs you came in and up (another empty chest is here), and through the passage just opened. Go up the stairs, left and down. Hit the switch here to move the boulder back and let Party B continue. As Party B, go up the stairs and left and down to find a Save Point. Here's a nifty glitch. Stand on the Save, then swap to Party A, and you can still use Tents as Party A when Party B is on the Save! Save and rest before you continue. Have Party B go up and hit the switch to lower the spikes.

Red Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
30000 1780 Flare Star
Steal Morph Drops
X-Ether Various Crystal Equipment Murakumo
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Ice, Water Fire 2/5

Party A is back. Go over the lowered spikes and down the stairs into a room full of lava. Hop over the rocks to get through the room, finding yet another empty chest along the way. Go up the stairs and pull the switch here. The water drains down from above and cools the lava below. As Party B, go left and step on the switch to move the boulders for Party A to pass. Party A should go right down. Here's a boss, one of the Eight Dragons - and if you've been following my walkthrough, your first.

Red Dragon likes Fire. Specifically, he likes Fira, Firaga, Flare, LV4 Flare, Flare Star, and S. Cross. Now, if you lack fire-resistance equipment, it ain't the end of the world. The fight will be easier with it, but it's not a necessity. As you might imagine, it's weak to Ice and Water. If you listened to me, then you have Relm, Terra and Shadow here. Shadow should be chucking Tridents, because as they're water-elemental and ignore defense, they do a lot of damage. Gau should use something to absorb Fire (use your head), Relm and Terra should use Blizzara, Flood or Blizzaga, whichever they know. I'm aware that in my walkthrough they don't have Flood or Blizzaga yet, but I told you to do the quests however you wanted, so maybe you'll want to track down Leviathan before you come here. I didn't and I was fine, through.

For your rewards you get a useless Katana for Cyan, but we'll find a use for it shortly. In the chest the Red Dragon was guarding is the Dragon Horn. Now, go back up and you'll see three switches. Hit the top one. As Party B, go down the stairs into the lava room. Take the ever-rare, ever-useful Ribbon from the center chest and go up the stairs at the top-left corner of the room. Hop across the rocks, and move both parties down. Hit both switches, then go down the stairs, left and up over the bridge. At last, Locke has found the Phoenix that can restore life...but will it be enough?

Return to the West[edit source]

It's the final chapter in the Celes-Locke-Rachel story, barring their scene during the ending. Locke uses the Phoenix on Rachel, and the old Magicite shatters, reviving Rachel for a few precious moments. She thanks Locke for all the happiness he brought her, then tells him to let go of his guilt and love Celes. Finally, she merges with the shards of the shattered Phoenix Magicite and reforms it into a whole shard. *sniff*...once again, the translaters stop their toking and do a good job of re-translating the Locke-Celes story.

After that, Celes and Locke leave, and Locke shows off the treasure he found in the cave. So *that's* what was up with those empty chests! Among the treasure is a Valiant Knife, a great weapon that ignores defense and becomes stronger as Locke loses HP. But easily the best treasure is Phoenix, who is the only Esper to teach Arise and ReRaise, the former reviving a party member to full HP, the latter reviving a party member as soon as they die.

Finally, if you listened to me and got a Holy Lance at the Colloseum, you're set. If you didn't, head there now and bet the weapon you got from Red Dragon to get it now. Equip Edgar (or Mog) with it, along with the Dragon Horn and Dragoon Boots. They're now one of your best fighters, Jump will do 3x damage, and they'll jump two to four times at once. Oh yeah. Well, speaking of everyone's favorite Moogle, I guess we'd better go find him, huh? Form a three-person Party with Locke in its numbers, then head north to Narshe...at least, what's left of it.

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