Once again, this is just the order I do the quests. Thus, generic strategies for the following parts of the walkthrough will be provided so you can use whichever character you like and still have the upper-hand as opposed to before when I told you outright who to use and what to have them do. However, naturally there are some characters who are better in certain areas, so I'll mention who should come where. In the end you'll have to use 12 of the characters, so switch them around and train them equally.

Anyway, on with it.

Return to the East[edit source]

Fly back to Mobliz. Here, Terra is gone, and two of the elder kids, Duane and Katrin, are having a kid. Head to the house where the injured soldier was in the World of Balance (and if you don't remember, big deal, there's only three houses here anyway), and watch the dog. Walk behind the bookcase to find a hidden passage. In here are Terra and Katrin. Watch the scene, and then go outside.

Humbaba lost when you only had two members, now you can kill him - his stats are more or less the same, so I'm not putting a boss template here. Anyone who knows Bio should cast it. Otherwise, use Sabin's new Phantom Rush, Edgar's Tools, Gau's Trillium Rage, and have Shadow chuck those Poison Rods you should have bought in Narshe a while back. Everyone else should stick to their strongest non-Thunder elemental spells and attacks.

Eventually, Humbaba will use BabaBreath to blow away half your party. Then Terra comes out, Morphs, and the battle starts all over again. Apply the exact same strategies as before, but if Terra knows Bio, then it's a done deal. When Morphed, Terra's Bio will do around 4000-5000 damage. Even alone, with only 26000 HP, Humbaba won't last too long. After the battle, watch the syrupy-sweet scene. Terra joins you again.

Well, we're nearby, and we have the correct amount of people. Hop in the Falcon and fly north to find the Veldt, it's the same as before. Here, if you have a party of 3 or less, Gau will appear and join you. Spend some time here building him up, then head into the cave on the southern end of the Veldt.

Cave in the Veldt[edit source]

Enter the cave and watch Interceptor. Follow him into a large cavern. In here, the thieves will tell you how to find Gau if you already haven't. In the nearby chest is a Berserker Ring. It provides Fire absorption, thunder immunity, and +5 to Strength, which isn't half bad. A pity it's only usable by the most useless character there is, and that includes Cyan.

The enemies in the cave are no danger. The Twinscythe likes to counter with an attack that drains your HP. Weak as it is, it is the best way to get Poison Rods in the World of Ruin; it drops them and they can be Stolen from them as well. However, occasionally you'll find the Gorgimera. It has all sorts of elemental attacks like Fireball, Snowstorm and Magnitude 8, along with over 7000 HP. Use your best attacks and kill it quickly.

Behemoth King
HP MP Dangerous Attack
19000 (both) 1600, 9999 Holy
Steal Morph Drops
Murasame (living), None (undead) Cursed Ring, Thornlet, Relic Ring (undead) Behemoth Suit (both)
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire (both), Poison (living), Holy (undead) Ice (living), Poison (undead) 3/5

Take the cave above the thieves and go left. In a hidden passage, you'll find a chest with a Death Warden, and it's fond of Instant Death attacks. But it's undead, so you know the drill for them. He drops the Tigerfangs, Sabin's strongest weapon, including his new GBA super-weapon. Go back in the passage and take the lower steps. Go through the door and take the Ichigeki. Flip the switch and go through the door. In here, go up the stairs, then save, and take the left passage.

Now, if you left the Floating Continent without Shadow, Relm will be laying here. If you waited, it's Shadow. You are promptly attacked, however, by the Behemoth King. It's fond of Blizzaga and Holy, use Bio and Fira to kill it quickly. However, it rises again for a back attack. But now it's undead. So you know the drill, use a Phoenix Down. For your efforts, you get two Behemoth suits (at least, I did), the best Costume for Relm and Strago.

Back in Thamasa, stay at the Inn. Then go to Dragon's Neck Colosseum and bet the Ichigeki you found in the cave. Fight Shadow, he's unarmed and easily killed. He'll join you afterwards. Now, fly to Jidoor.

Fine art[edit source]

Here in Jidoor is one of the 3 subquests added to the GBA which gives you one of the 4 new Espers. But you need 500000 gil. If you want that money, go the Maranda and fight Cactuar, which leave behind 10000 gil apiece. Ironically, if you go to Maranda and talk to the guy on the balcony at the entrance, you can find another one of the new Espers here. But, I'm not going to cover either of them right here. Just be aware that they're here, and we'll come back to deal with them later.

Enter the art gallery and inspect the lamp at the bottom of the stairs. Go upstairs and look at the picture of the flowers. The Rafflesia like to Charm you to make you attack your party members. However, fighting them is useful. See, Locke can Steal Nutkin Suits from them, which become Genji Armor when bet at the Coliseum.

Now inspect the lower-left painting and beat the Misties. They don't look like the chick in Pokemon, but whatever. Go down the stairs behind them. Down here, the Caladrius can Petrify you when alone, the Crushers use the familiar Lifeshaver, and the Coeurl Cats are no danger. However, be VERY careful around Blade Dancers, they can Throw things, so kill them quickly before they kill you.

Chadarnook, Demon and Woman
Chadarnook Demon.PNGChadarnook (FF6).png
HP MP Dangerous Attack
30000, 56000 7600, 9400 Phantasm, Lullaby
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire (both), Holy (demon) Lightning (demon), Holy, Water (woman) 4/5

Go around the painting of the chair to avoid a battle. The left door has a Moogle Suit, which is just plain inferior to the Behemoth Suit. Take the right door and wait for the three doors to move until the left passage is open. Take it, go left and up. In this room, the floating chests all pit you against 4 Coeurl Cats and a Blade Dancer, and have petty treasure. Inspect the suit of armor, and beat the Still Life to open the passage. In here, save, rest, and go up through the door. Talk to Owzer.

The Chadarnook is two bosses in one. The Woman uses Lullaby, Charm (which the Rafflesia showed you), and Phantasm to give you HP leak. Use Regen to counter this. She randomly changes places with the true boss, the Demon. The Demon uses Flash Rain, Thundara and Thundaga. Watch the windows in the background to see when they're preparing to switch.

Despite the fact that both count as the boss, the Woman regenerates when killed. So when she comes out, focus on powering up your party with spells like Shell, Haste and Regen. Then when the windows flash, let loose the dog of war. Fira spells, Sabin's Phantom Rush, Edgar's Chainsaw, Terra's Morph and Fira, Setzer's Slots, etc. By now you should know what each character does well. Focus on pummeling the Demon with your best fire attacks, then heal up when the Woman is back. Just be patient, because as the battle goes on they seem to change more often, so if you order a barrage of Fira against the Demon, and then they change, don't be surprised. Do be pissed off, but not surprised.

When the Demon falls, inspect the bookcase on the right and claim the Lakshmi magicite, which teaches Cure, Cura, Esuna and Regen at insane rates. It also teaches Curaga at a much lower rate. It just replaced Seraph for the task of teaching healing spells - although Seraph teaches Raise, we're getting a better esper for that shortly. Relm joins you now.

A final thing before we move on to Part 23. Make any party with Relm in it, then fly to the tower ringed by mountains on the Serpent Trench. It's the Tower of Fanatics, where the Cult of Kefka have built a giant shrine to the psycho clown himself. Pacing out front is Strago. With Relm in your party, you can snap him back to his old self and get him to rejoin you.

You can attempt to climb the tower now, and you will, because it has awesome treasure. But climbing it now is a death wish. The tower is cloaked in a magical field, so only the Magic command can be used inside. So unless you want to die and have me laugh at you, leave. You've just rescued 5 party members. Head to the shops, buy what you can (including things for Shadow to Throw) and suit them up. Next time, we're heading to the Phoenix Cave.

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