Alright, Part 21!

Get a clue[edit source]

Head to Kohlingen. Here, talk to the townspeople. Clues to the location of Captain Dumbass, Shadow, and Locke can be found here. Enter the cafe and find Setzer. Setzer's disheartened and depressed after the destruction of the Blackjack, but Celes snaps him out of his drunken stupor (it's a pub, he was drinking!) and convinces him to fight. He agrees and decides to head to Darill's tomb, home of another airship! Buy him some equipment and be sure to pick up several Holy Waters.

Out in the field, the Bogy is no threat at all, and neither is the Mousse. However, Deepeyes can Petrify you, and the Marchosias can use Aero. Watch out for them. Make your way south and west to find Darryl's Tomb.

The Falcon's Nest[edit source]

It's a tomb, so you should know just by common sense what to expect. Most of the enemies here are undead, weak to fire, and like making your party members into Zombies. This means Sabin's fire-claws will be very powerful. Most of the enemies here are easily defeated with a simple Fira spell or two, and their only real offense is Zombie, so there's honestly no point in covering most of them, but a few are dangerous on another level, so I will mention them.

In the first few rooms await the Borghese, the worst enemy here because it can Zombite you multiple times in a turn. Kill it quickly. The Malboro uses its trademark Bad Breath when alone to inflict a slew of statues ailments on you. Sabin's physical will likely take out most enemies in one strike, and fortunately, all the enemies here drop Holy Water which cure Zombie.

Head down into the large room and take the upper-right door. In here, check the tombstone and enter the door that appears. Press the switch, leave and go directly down to find the Genji Helmet. Genji equipment is very rare and very strong. Now go back to the large room and take the lower-left door. Take the Crystal Mail from the chest nearby. Down the stairs here lies the useless Regal Gown. It's for Relm, but she's not with you, and by the time she is you'll have far better stuff. But there's something much more useful nearby.

Stand in front of the chest, go one step down, and walk right. Inside this hidden passage lies the Growth Egg, a marvelous Relic that doubles the exp the equipped character gets. Not bad at all. Go back and up through the door. Press the switch to make a door appear, but you can't reach it from here. Go back to the large room and take the center door. Hop on the turtle, press the switch, and ride it to the door. Here, save and open the left chest.

If you've really got to do everything, then go down instead of on the turtle and examine the tombstones. Back in the main room, enter a door on the left to find a blank tombstone. Carve the following: ERAU QSSI DLRO WEHT. This will reveal a hidden message that tells you how to find the Growth Egg. Wondering what "ERAU QSSI DLRO WEHT" means? Spell it backwards.

Send in the Bosses[edit source]

Behold the Angler Whelk, an odd name seeing as how its palette swap isn't called Whelk anymore. Unlike the original enemy, not only can you kill the shell, but you will. The shell is vulnerable to Instant Death, so Chainsaw, Death and Break can kill it. But don't. Both the shell and the head have just over 9000 HP, and have attacks like Gigavolt and Magnitude 8.

Use Sabin's physical to take both parts down to less than 2000 HP, then use normal Fire spells to get them under 1000 each. Finally, have Celes cast Fira on both of them. Both will die at once, and you'll get two Dragon Claws - normally you'd only get 1. But don't equip them yet. Save and heal, then go and open the right chest. The Man Eater is useful in certain areas because it does double damage to human opponents. Give it to Setzer. Go up through the door and inspect the casket.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
23450 1721 Level ? Holy
Steal Morph Drops
Can't Steal Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire Ice 2.5/5

Dullahan is a mighty opponent. It starts out with Level ? Holy, which takes the last digit of your HP and hits any party member whose level is a multiple of that amount. It'll use it periodically, along with Blizzara, Blizzaga, N. Cross to Freeze you, Absolute 0, and even a physical. However, much of this magic is vulnerable to Celes' Runic, so you may want to do that while Sabin uses his double fire-claws and Edgar uses his Chainsaw. Setzer is on healing duty with Lagomorph, to heal the little damage that gets past Runic. If you aren't up to Runic, then just keep up a powerful offensive and Dullahan will die easily enough. Or, for an even easier win, Dullahan has only 1700 MP and dies when he runs out, so you can Rasp and Osmose him to death in a few rounds. If you kill him this way, you'll have no trouble at all.

Watch the scene. Darryl was Setzer's girlfriend, and she built the Falcon. She offered Setzer the ship when she died, but he laughed and demanded they race for it. I was always under the impression that Darryl won, but her profile says Setzer won. Whatever the case, she went off on a journey afterwards and crashed. Setzer restored the Falcon and put it to rest here. Watch it lift off, and voila, you have an airship again! Ignore the scene in the air, we'll deal with the pigeon later. As a note, turn up the sound, the new overworld music is pretty nifty.

Sidequests[edit source]

Now, here's something to keep in mind. If you wanted to, right now, you can enter Kefka's Tower, the final dungeon. In reality, the rest of the game is a series of subquests and sidequests to recover your party members and acquire new Espers and weapons. Many of them can be done in any order. However, for the sake of this guide, I'll do the quests for recovering the party members first, then the other subquests afterwards. However, keep in mind this is just the order I do the quests, you may do them however you like. First, a few short stops.

Head back to the island where Celes woke up. Land and enter the house. On the beach is the Magicite Quetzalli. It's the only Esper in the game to teach Slowga. Next, head far north and look over the northern island for five trees in the shape of a cross. Here, Duncan will teach Sabin his ultimate Blitz, the Phantom Rush. It should be all he uses from now on, use Zone Seeker to pump up his spell power at his level ups for more damage.

Also, from now on you can visit Dragon's Neck Colloseum, due north of the tomb. Some of the best items in the game can be won here. So, head there now. OMG. Look who's the receptionist. Ultros tells you to watch what you bet, listen to him. Unless you bet something rare, Typhon will just Snort and beat you right away. So, what can you bet?

Betting the Regal Gown here pits you against a Death Machine. Use a Reflect Ring and high MBlock to reflect its Instant Death spells; if you're lucky, it'll cast Death, and be killed when it reflects back against it. You'll win the Minerva Bustier, the best equipment for Celes EVER, and one look at its stats tell you why. Betting the Tintinabulum pits you against Dark Force, who uses a lot of Lores. It's weak to Holy so use Sabin's Dragon Claws. Beating it gets you a Growth Egg. You should have 2 of the Tintinabulums (one from the banquet and one from Mobliz), so you can snag 3 Growth Eggs right now which makes leveling up quite easy. Finally, if you still have the Murasame from the Floating Continent, bet it to face a Glasya Labolas, its Uppercut can kill a character in two hits. Use Edgar or Sabin with as much Evade-boosting equipment as you can, stick them in the back row and give them an Angel Ring, with a bit of luck the Glasya will miss a lot of attacks while Sabin or Edgar use Blitz or Tools to kill it. Bet the Masamune you win and use Celes with her new set of elemental immunities to beat the Gorgimera, give her a Blood Sword and Ultima Weapon to keep her healed from normal attacks. Finally, bet the Murakumo and use someone who can do a lot of damage (likely Sabin) to beat the Galypdes and win a Holy Lance, a powerful weapon for Edgar.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
55555 38000 Level 5 Death
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph Bahamut Magicite
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire, Holy Ice, Poison Varies as you travel (4/5 at this exact moment)

There are various other items to be won here, consult the page on the Colloseum to see what's up for grabs. We'll come back here later in the walkthrough when we have more to bet. Always save before every fight, in case you lose and lose the item you bet.

Finally, at any time while flying about in the airship, you may meet Deathgaze. He always starts the battle with Level 5 Death, then uses Blizzaga, his physical and Death, along with Level 5 Death. He has a lot of HP and will run after a few turns, but his HP doesn't recover when he runs. Use Sabin's double Dragon Claws to hit Deathgaze's weakness to Holy, along with Fira and your best attacks. He drops the Magicite containing the iconic Bahamut. You can fight and beat Deathgaze whenever you like, file that away in the back of your mind. Because of Level 5 Death, however, always make sure you have someone immune to it before you go flying to make sure you don't get caught offguard. Deathgaze will be the strongest boss you'll fight for a while to come. You can either chase him around and kill him now or save him for later when you're strong, your choice. I advise the former as Flare is a good spell.

Well, that's that for now. Next part we start the long journey to re-assembling your party and saving the world from a psychotic clown.

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