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Welcome back to Figaro![edit source]

Here in South Figaro, the Light of Judgment hit, but the people are rebuilding. Head into the cafe and into the inn. Talk to "Gerad", and he'll leave. The armor shop sells a new Diamond Armor for Celes, and the weapon shop has three types of Lances, including the new Golden Lance. Buy one of those and a Diamond Shield and a spare Diamond Armor as well. Visit the Relic shop and buy something that protects against Confuse, and give it to Sabin - Celes should still have the Ribbon on. Now, remember back when I said there were items hidden around the town? Let's get them!

  • In the barrel in the corner near the entrance to the cafe is a tent.
  • Directly under that in the crate is a Remedy
  • Go left from here along the edge of the dock to find an Elixir
  • On the left wall of the Chocobo stable in the crate is a Holy Water
  • The crates on the right wall hide a Tent
  • Go inside the mansion and take the back door. The barrels here have a Phoenix Down.
  • On the balcony above the house near where you fought the Green Trooper as Locke, the barrel has another Phoenix Down
  • Between the weapon and armor shops is a barrel with a X-Potion.

Not bad huh? Now, leave town. As a note, there's a guy near the Chocobo stall who mentions seeing a shadow under the water while sailing. Remember this. Out in the field, the Desert Hare will actually heal you by casting Cure, Cura or Remedy on whomever kills them. Cancer are weak. The forests hide the Oceanus, who uses Magnitude 8, and the desert contains the Sandhorse who is stocked with Sand Storm. But there's no reason to enter the forests or the desert. Enter the Figaro Cave. Siegfried tells you to wait while he clears out the monsters. Ignore him and go inside.

Here, the enemies like to Confuse you. Humpty can confuse, Cruller confuses, and Neck Hunters confuse too. But Sabin's Rising Phoenix can take out Crullers and Humpties with ease, and a follow-up physical from Celes' dual-Enhancers can take out the surviving Neck Hunter - typically, a lone Neck Hunter and Cruller attack with a pair of Humpties. The Dante has a powerful Crystal Pike attack, but a physical from Sabin should be enough.

Head through the cave, and grab the final chest you left as Locke on the right - it's now a Hi-Ether. When you get to the Recovery Spring, the thieves use food to get the turtle to move. Walk to the edge of the spring and hop across. Follow the linear path here - if you see Siegfried, he runs. I'm not sure why he's even in this cave, I never noticed any relevance. Hm...well, enter the castle.

Saving Figaro Castle[edit source]

Seems the castle has been burrowed for the last year, and they're only now just running out of air. Yeah right. Well, seeing how the castle is burrowed, you can only go up the steps from the jail and across. Go down the stairs here.

In the basement, you meet the same enemies as in the Figaro Cave. Go up and down the stairs, then down. In the treasure room lie A Gravity Rod, Crystal Helmet, Hi-Ether and X-Potion are here. Take the right door and follow the path to a room with a chest. The Regal Helmet is Sabin and Edgar exclusive. It gives a smaller boost to Stamina and Strength than Sabin's Tiger Mask, but gives a large speed and magic boost along with the typical higher defense. It's up to you, but I advise the Crown for him.

Go back to the treasure room and take the center door. If you have any pairs of Hermes' Sandals, equip them before continuing. Directly up from here, Gerad and the thieves are in the engine room with the sandworms. Gerad sends them ahead to the treasure while he handles the monster. As they flee, Celes calls out to him, and Edgar asks for her help. Like we didn't already know it was him.

TentacleUL.PNG TentacleUR.PNG TentacleLR.PNG TentacleLL.PNG
HP MP Dangerous Attack
4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 500, 600, 700, 800 Grab
Steal Morph Drops
Can't Steal Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Various Various 2/5

Here you battle four Tentacles, and despite each having the same name, they're all very different. The lower left Tentacle is weak to Instant Death, so use Edgar's Chainsaw against it. Lucky for you, Edgar will automatically equip himself when the fight starts, which is why you should have picked up that extra Diamond equipment in South Figaro. Once it dies, use the Bio Blaster and poison the rest of the Tentacles. Be careful, because they can do the same to you.

The Tentacles like using Stun or Entwine to inflict Slow, then they Grab you. When Grabbed, the character cannot make an action and are slowly drained of health in a Regen-like effect. Eventually the Tentacle will release them. Unfortunately the Tentacles outnumber you, so there is the chance all your characters will be Grabbed. Hope this doesn't happen. If you have the Hermes' Sandals equipped, you're immune to Slow and thus they can't grab you, but even if they can you'll still be fine. Once Edgar uses the Bio Blaster, the lower right Tentacle will be heavily Poisoned and take more and more damage, so it'll die without you having to attack it. But if you do, don't use Sabin's physical, because it's healed by Fire.

The upper left Tentacle has the lowest HP, only 4000. so a few physicals from Sabin or Chainsaws from Edgar can do it in. The upper right Tentacle is only slightly stronger, but has already been taking damage the rest of the fight thanks to Edgar's Bio Blaster. To be perfectly honest, if it weren't for their Stun/Grab attack, these guys would be pathetically easy, and even with that they still are. You shouldn't have any trouble beating them.

The Brothers Figaro[edit source]

Now the thieves come out, and you hide. Assuming "Gerad" was killed, they leave. Go inside the treasure room and inspect the suit of armor. The Soul Sabre is like the Blood Sword, but instead of HP, it drains MP, and it randomly casts Death. It's also like the Blood Sword in that it's highly inferior to the Enhancer. Leave the basement and watch Figaro Castle rise from the sands.

Now, put Edgar at the head of the party and visit the shops. Along the way, Sabin runs off. If you don't have one already (there's a few enemies Locke may have stolen one from), you can buy a Debilitator. It gives an enemy a random elemental weakness, but is useless since you can alternatively use the Chainsaw. It would have a use if you could choose the weakness it gave, but you can't. Buy items and such, then go sleep in the inn.

Now you'll see a scene. Basically, Sabin and Edgar's father died ten years ago after being poisoned by the Empire. His last wish was that they rule Figaro together, but Sabin was disgusted with the kingdom's obsession over their next ruler rather than grieving the death of their last one. Sabin tells Edgar they should leave Figaro behind, but Edgar doesn't want to. So they flip a coin. If it's heads, Sabin leaves. If it's tails, Edgar leaves. At least I think that's how tails would work, Edgar actually just says "Tails, I win.", so interpret that however you'd like. Regardless, remember when Celes used that two-headed coin to con Setzer? Well, that coin is the same one Edgar used here.

Well, that's all. Go back to the basement and tell the worker to take you to Kohlingen. Go outside, save, and enter the town.

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