When we last left off, Sabin and Celes were searching for the other members of the gang. Let's go ahead and join them.

The village of children[edit source]

Now, if you want to, you can actually skip this entire section to the Nikeah part. But this is an optional quest to Mobliz, and you'll have to do it sooner or later, and if you do it you get the first of several new Espers, so you might as well get it over with now. Head north-east of Tzen and cross the bridge. This used to be the Serpent Trench that connected Mobliz and Nikeah. It still does, I guess, but now it's above ground. Follow this path east then north.

Along way you'll fight the Devoahan. It can use Sun Bath, which you know well from Mog's Dances. It often likes to attack with a pair of Delta Beetles, but the two enemies also come separate. Both are weak to fire. Sabin's dual-Blazing Fists can cream the Devoahans easily, and his Rising Phoenix wipes out the Delta Beetles. The Lizard can Imp you, but an attack from Sabin will put them down. As you can tell, Sabin will be put through his paces.

However, you know it can't all be easy. Vampire Thorns have insanely high defense and can turn you into a Zombie. However, Celes' Ultima Weapon ignores defense and can slaughter the Thorns with ease. True, they're undead and her Blood Sword would heal them, but they only have 12 HP, so what's there to heal? Just make sure you have a few Holy Waters or Sleeping Bags in case they Zombie you.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
28000 10000 1000 Needles
Steal Morph Drops
Can't Steal Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Poison Thunder 2/5

At the far end of the Serpent Trench lies Mobliz. Save and go inside. Here in the old Relic shop is a bed to rest in, if you need to. Then enter the right house and go down the stairs. In here, you find Terra! Seems she ended up here after the end of the world. The adults are dead, and she's become "mama" to the children. She's not sure why she feels the need to stay, but something's happening inside her, and she has to figure it out before she can fight. Oh well. Leave.

Yipe! Terra rushes out to defend the village from attack! Humbaba attacks you. You cannot win; it's impossible; let him kill you. Celes and Sabin come to the rescue. Now, have Celes use Bio if she knows it, but Sabin will be the main bringer of death here. Use the item menu and equip him with the Venom Claws. Humbaba is weak to Poison, so just attack to kill him. He uses 1000 Needles, a Solar Plexus physical and thunder attacks, but is no threat. Sabin's twin-claws will do over 2000 damage a pop, and after a while Humbaba turns tail and flees. Afterwards, a saddened Terra refuses to go with you. As you leave, the kid guarding the door gives you the Fenrir Magicite.

Ok, on to the real story. Head south and enter the forest to find a Chocobo stable. Ride it south, west and north to Nikeah. Along the way, note the tower surrounded by mountains, we'll come back there. If you decide to walk, the desert hides the Black Dragon, with 4000 HP an the power to Zombify you. Use Sabin's dual-fire claws to kill it in a couple hits before it uses BonePowder.

Return to Nikeah[edit source]

As you enter, you'll encounter the first real difference between the GBA and Super NES versions of the game. A former Returner tells you that prior to your attack, 4 Espers escaped from Vector. Who knows if they're still around? Anyone with common sense? We'll get to them later. For now, enter the cafe and talk to the thieves. Seems they escaped from Figaro Castle on the day the world ended and have a new boss, Gerad. They're going back to the castle to swipe the treasure there. Hm...

Outside, the weapon merchant sells a weapon called the Enhancer. Buy 2 of these, give both to Celes, and never, ever take them off. The Enhancer gives a whopping +7 to magic power, giving Celes +14 and making her deadly with spells with a decent physical to boot. It's a pity Relm can't equip these. The armor merchant sells new Diamond equipment. It all sucks. With your Genji Gloves the Shields are useless, the Helmet doesn't give the stat boosts the Tiger Mask and Mystery Veil do, and the Power Sash is better for Sabin because of the stat bonuses. The Vest is better than Celes' Gold Armor, but still, ignore it.

Hm, doesn't that guy below the weapon seller look familiar? It almost looks like Edgar, but he says he's Gerad. Follow him, he flirts with you before getting on the ferry, and does it pretty badly, too. Yup, it's Edgar alright! Of course, the fact "Gerad" is a palette swap of Edgar and his name anagrams to "Edgar" might have tipped you off too. Oddly enough, even if you change Edgar's name, he's still "Gerad" here. Follow "Gerad" to the ferry and hop on to go to South Figaro.

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