Welcome back to Drake's FFVI walkthrough. Last time we watched the world get destroyed. So, now what?

The Solitary Island[edit source]

The scene begins with Cid taking care of Celes on a lonely island in the middle of the ocean. Celes gets out of bed, much to Cid's joy. She's been asleep for over a year. The world has slid apart and turned to ash, plants and animals die every day. The few other survivors that were with them on the island went mad and threw themselves from the northern cliffs. Celes and Cid decide to live out their lives peacefully on the island, but Cid is sick, and Celes decides to go out and find food for him.

Now, CSM's walkthrough gives you a lovely full-course meal on the system to keep Cid alive. I'll give you the bread and butter of the matter. First, leave the house, go outside and save your game. Cid needs tasty fish to live, so go down from the house to find the beach. If you see a fish zipping around, it's tasty, walk into the water and catch it. If the fish is moving moderately fast, catch it, it's not tasty but better ok food than none. If you see a fish barely moving, ignore it and go back anyway.

Talk to Cid to feed him the fish and change the current set-up of fish on the beach. If you go to the beach and don't see tasty fish or no fish at all, go back and talk to Cid. Tasty fish heals him the most, slower fish damage him, and the more time you spend on the beach the worse he gets. Feed him enough fish, and he'll get out of bed to show you the basement. He spends the rest of the game wandering around the house.

The game continues regardless of if Cid lives or not, but I honestly like to let him die. First, it's easier and quicker to just stand around the beach and let him starve than to feed him. But honestly, I just think it fits the storyline more. Cid dies, and Celes takes herself to the northern cliffs with the intent of killing herself. She leaps off, but survives and washes up on shore next to a seagull with a bandanna covering its wound. Now confident that Locke is alive, she enters the house and finds the basement herself.

In this basement is a raft that Cid worked on. It's small, poorly built, and unstable. And it's your only hope for escape. Hop on and ride into the sea to the mainland.

Welcome to the World of Ruin[edit source]

You wash up on shore. Save and suit up Celes. Gold Armor and Shield and a Mystery Veil for armor, Ultima Weapon for a sword. Also give her a Ribbon. I also recommend an Esper that teaches a Level 2 spell - seeing as how she wasn't around when you had them, Maduin, Catoblepas or Seraph will do fine. Enter the nearby town.

Welcome back to Albrook. Talk to the people to get the lowdown on the last year. With the power of the Warring Triad at his fingertips, Kefka is pretty much the God of Magic now. Anyone who defies him is struck down by a beam of light called the "Light of Judgment", which is fired from high atop his tower situated right in the middle of this very continent where Vector once stood. And if living in fear of Kefka isn't depressing enough, there's also a bunch of ancient monsters like Humbaba, the Eight Dragons, and Deathgaze flying around. A dark world this is indeed.

Enter the item shop and buy around a dozen Smoke Bombs. They'll save you a lot of trouble soon. The Weapon, Armor and Relic shops sell things inferior to your current equipment, but the Weapons shop sells Thunderblades, Icebrands and Flametongues. Remember this. You can also sell off a lot of the equipment left over from your party, because by the time you meet up with them again, most of what you bought in the World of Balance will be obsolete. Once you've looked around and are ready to move on, leave town.

Kefka's Tower is where the final stand against the God of Magic will take place. But currently there's no way inside.

In the forests here (although they're out of the way) lurk Killer Mantis, which is weak to Fire, and the Fafnir which is weak to Ice. Neither of them is dangerous. The Murussu is weak to Lightning and is fond of the Snort attack like its palette swaps. Gigantoad is weak to Ice and not dangerous. Luna Wolf is also no threat. The Rukh, however, can Petrify you (you have this Ribbon on, right?) and uses that Shimsham its palette swaps enjoy so much to halve your HP. If Celes knows a Level 2 spell, none of these guys are any danger. Just head north.

Along the way north you'll see Kefka's Tower itself. However, you cannot enter it. Notice the ground swirls into the tower itself - I like that little feature. Save and then enter the northern town, which, if you remember your geography, is Tzen.

The Light of Judgment[edit source]

As you enter, there's a flash of light, and everyone panics. The northern mansion is collapsing, Kefka turned his Light on the town. Wait, holding up the tower, could it be? Sabin! But the house is gonna fall if he moves, so head inside and rescue the child there first! Oh goody, a timed dungeon, we love these don't we? Go inside.

Here that Ribbon will pay off because the Zokka can Petrify you, which is very bad. Scorpions use Doom Sting which casts Doom, and you should know by now what it does. Nightstalkers are weak to Fire, so if Celes knows Fire or Fira, she can use that. But overall, you should just use the Smoke Bombs you got in Albrook to avoid fights altogether. This saves a lot of time, although the enemies here die easily enough. So if you have spare time (and by spare, I mean you have all the treasure and the kid and are standing at the entrance to the house), fight a bit and level up.

Up is a Heal Rod in the chest, and down and left in the bedroom is a Pearl Rod. Down from this room is a Hyper Wrist, which you may want to grab because it's still good even if its buyable. Now head left to the stairs. Ignore the chest here, it's a monster-in-a-box with four Nightstalkers, although they're still easy to kill.

Downstairs, the lower chest is a Blood Sword, which instead of inflicting damage has a Drain effect. Ignore both chests up the stairs, the left one is another quartet of Nightstalkers and the right one is Magicite which I already told you is too random to be useful. Talk to the kid on the fireplace, and high-tail it out of the house. Sabin leaps to safety as it collapses.

Alright! If he survived, think everyone else did? Yeah right, even if you've never played the game before you know everyone else is alive out there. With Sabin in hand, set both him and Celes up with a Genji Glove. Equip Celes' with the Blood Sword and the Ultima Weapon - now when she attacks, she'll drain the enemy's HP and heal herself for her first strike, ensuring full damage with the Ultima Weapon for the second attack. I find this combo reasonably potent for the next little bit. Buy Sabin a Power Sash and a Tiger Mask, and give him twin Blazing Fists, but also buy two Venom Claws and keep them in reserve. Also equip him with a Hyper Wrist. If you don't have Seraph yet, and why the hell don't you, then buy it now for 10 gil. Cheapskate. When you're stocked up on items and ready to go, leave town, save, and start heading east.

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