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Flying to the Floating Continent[edit source]

Fly to the Floating Continent and watch as the Imperial Air Force surrounds your airship. How come we've never heard of these guys before? This leads to a series of battles with Spitfire and either one or two Sky Armors, and all the battles are pincer attacks. The Sky Armors can use the standard Magitek Laser, and also have an attack that Mutes you. If alone, they like to use Missile. The Spitfires are easily the worst, with the power to use Absolute 0, which will do around 300 damage the party.

Fortunately, you brought Mog, and if you didn't, then I suggest you reset and get him. The terrain up here is Wind Rhapsody, so if Mog tries to Dance it, it will always work. Cockatrice and Plasma take out whatever they hit, Sun Bath heals you, and Wind Slash takes out the entire enemy party because both types of enemies are weak to Wind. With Mog you should have no trouble trouncing the IAF. When a message appears that something is approaching the ship, watch the pink thing float to the back and let off a passenger. Ah man, the one thing in the game you wanna meet even less than Kefka...

Ultros is back, but it's your final battle this time. You should know how to handle him and what to expect him to do by now. Hit him with Fira and he'll quickly go down. But this time he brought a friend. Meet Typhon, he's just as annoying as Ultros but for a totally different reason I'll explain later in the walkthrough. He uses his physical, and is weak to Ice and Water. Bombard him with Blizzara, forget Ultros. Mog's Wind Rhapsody is still useful, but if you gave him Trident and Dragoon Boots then Jump. Honestly, with their easily exploitable weaknesses and low HP, they barely count as bosses. When Typhon bites the dust, he Snorts, blowing you off the airship and into the clutches of...

Air Force, Laser Gun and Missile Bay
HP MP Dangerous Attack
8000, 3000, 3300 750, 350, 3000 Group attacks (Launcher)
Steal Morph Drops
Elixir, X-Ether, Debilitator Can't Morph Princess Ring
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning, Water (all) None 3/5

Air Force drops in with his attachments Laser Gun and Missile Bay. Missile Bay uses exactly what you would expect, Missile, and it also uses Launcher when it gets weak, which is deadly here. Laser Gun, same deal, it uses Magitek Laser and also uses Diffuser and Atomic Ray, which is why Laser Gun is dangerous since its group attacks can wipe out the party if you get hit by Launcher. Air Force just uses Magitek Laser and Diffuser.

If you can do it, Dance the Earth Blues, because Wind Rhapsody isn't as useful here. Have Terra and Relm attack with Thundara, and if you brought Locke instead of Relm, have him Mug the two attachments then use normal attacks. Or, have Terra/Relm use a Thunder Rod or two. Once his two buddies bite the dust, Air Force launches a Bit that will Runic your magic while Air Force counts down to using Wave Cannon attack, a powerful lightning attack that hits the party. The Bit has high defense but low HP, and now you can't use magic. If only you had something that ignored defense...wait, you do! Have Terra slash with the Ultima Weapon, which will likely take out the Bit in one, maybe two hits. Then keep casting Thundara while Air Force counts down. If it hits 0 and uses Wave Cannon, the countdown starts again from 3. But while counting down Air Force does not attack, so don't even let the first countdown end.

Exploring the Floating Continent[edit source]

After this you land on the western edge of the Floating Continent. Recruit the nearby Shadow and suit him up with Gaia Gear and the Assassin knife. Save and go forward. Here on the island, as you might very well expect, are the strongest enemies in the game thus far. Behemoth uses physicals, but if you attack it, it'll use Beat Down, and using a spell on it makes it counter with Meteor (the enemy spells, not the actual spell). Use Blizzara, and if Locke came then Mug them for pairs of Hermes' Sandals, which you can buy but are still nice to have. The Dragon likes to use Tail, which is deadly, and Revenge Blast which is also strong. They can also Snort and blow you away. Use Thundara, they're weak to lightning. Be sure to fight at least one so they will appear on The Veldt - Locke can Steal Genji Gloves from them.

Brainpans use 1000 Needles when alone, which cannot be blocked and does 1000 damage, making them dangerous. And they can Smirk, which casts Stop. Misfits like using Lifeshaver to Drain your HP, but Lifeshaver is an Earth-elemental attack, so your Gaia Gears will reverse them and heal you while damaging the Misfit. This is a good thing, obviously. Apocryphas will Silence you, and if they're alone they counter with the LV Lores - LV3 Muddle, LV4 Flare, and LV5 Doom. They're weak to Lightning and attack in groups, so have Shadow chuck a Bolt Edge or two. Platinum Dragons use Cyclonic when alone, so use a Scroll or a group attack to take them all out at once. Ninjas like using Scrolls, and are lightning-weak as well.

Obviously you'll have your work cut out for you, just because you have elemental weaknesses to pick on doesn't mean you'll have an easy time up here. Locke should be Mugging with his double Hawkeyes, and then use normal attacks once he gets whatever the enemy has. Terra and Relm should use their best spells (both of them should have spent some time with Maduin to learn the Level 2 spells). Have Mog Dance the Earth Blues, the home Dance of this area, Shimsham and Rock Slide are very useful. Shadow should throw Scrolls and other items. Keep your HP high.

Go left, the wall will open. Down through another hidden passage. Up here, the blue pearl opens to reveal the Murasame. It's for Cyan. It's good for throwing. Nearby is another pearl with a Gigantos. This mean thing uses three Throat Jabs, which are strong, and counters with two physicals and a Throat Jab. Summon Phantom and use Bio to beat it. It drops the Sasuke, a dagger that is worthless because it gives no stat boosts and Shadow should stick to throwing. Go left and up the hidden passage. The ground here falls away and warps you south.

Head down and step on the strange stone on the ground to open the way forward. Head down this path and enter the next warp. Head down from head and take the left warp hole. Here, step on the stone switch and go up. This switch causes the ground to shift. Go over this and down to where you started out at the start of this paragraph. Go down and right to a large area. In the upper-right is another switch, ignore it. Nearby is a pearl with a Beret for Relm - it sucks, it increases the success rate of Sketch. But until you upgrade Sketch, Relm's magic is much better. Go down the southern warp hole. Save and use a Tent. Go back out and hit the switch, then go down the warp hole.

Here, you can return to the airship if you want, but if you do so and return you start over from the western tip. Your choice, but there's no real point. Continue left. You're just below where Emperor Gestahl and Kefka are, but something is blocking your way. It's a boss. But it's not. Just. Any. Boss...

The Ultimate Weapon[edit source]

Ultima Weapon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
24000 5000 Most of them
Steal Morph Drops
Elixir, Ribbon Can't Morph Elixir
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None Poison (absorbs), Earth (floating) 5/5

If the huge sprite, opening monologue, different boss music and the sheer appearance don't tip you off, I'll tell you now. Ultima Weapon is without doubt the mightiest enemy you've ever faced thus far, and unless you go all out he'll kill you and use your bones to pick those lovely teeth of his. He's got 24000 HP, 5000 MP, no elemental weaknesses, and a list of spells and attacks that can turn your party into ground beef.

Ultima Weapon has a very complex AI script, so listen carefully. For the first part of the battle, he'll use Blaze and Flare, neither of which can kill you, but Blaze does 400 damage or so (and can hit the party), while Flare does 700 or more. Obviously dangerous, but not deadly.

When he gets around half his HP taken off, Ultima Weapon uses Quake, Bio, or the enemy Meteor. Quake will heal you thanks to those Gaia Gears, but Bio is powerful and Meteor isn't something to scoff at either. Then it uses a physical or its special Full Power, followed by Fira. Then it uses Mind Blast, which chooses four random targets (so the same person may be chosen more than once) and inflicts a random status ailment on them. If you don't have the Remedy item, you're in trouble here. Then it charges up for a couple turns, gives itself Protect, Shell and Haste, before unleashing Flare Star. Flare Star does damage equal to 80 times the level of a party member, divided by the number of party members, and it ignores defense. Then the pattern starts over with the Quake/Bio/Meteor attack.

With 3/4 of his HP gone, Ultima Weapon will start countering with Flare, and uses Quake, Rasp, Blaze, and two new spells. Graviga takes off 3/4 the HP of the entire party, and Tornado inflicts near-fatal on the party. Obviously both are deadly, especially since there's the chance Blaze will come and take everyone out in one fell swoop on the next turn.

Reflect Rings will bounce Flare, Rasp, Bio and Fira back at him, but cannot reflect his stronger attacks like Graviga, Mind Blast, Flare Star and Whirlwind, so despite what his enemy profile says I don't find them helpful and beat him fine without them. Mog should Dance the Earth Blues to heal you with Sunbath, and Rock Slide does around 2000 a hit. Locke can Steal an Elixer, or rarely a Ribbon. Terra and Relm should cast their best magic, and if Terra can Morph, do it now to increase damage. Shadow is Throwing things. Don't be stingy on summoning Espers either, Kirin, Golem, Zoneseeker, and Unicorn are all helpful. Watch Ultima Weapon's attacks and compare them to the above patterns to anticipate his next attack. Keep your HP high (everyone should be around level 30 or just under and have over 1000 HP now) and keep up the offensive. You can also use Rasp and try to deplete his MP - Ultima Weapon dies when its MP hits 0, and if you don't attack him he'll never change his attack pattern, which is good. When Ultima Weapon finally falls, pat yourself on the back for beating the hardest boss yet.

Shadow runs off here (if I was just in that fight I wouldn't want to hang around you anymore either), leaving you to confront Gestahl and Kefka alone. Maybe go back and save, and if you do save, save in a separate file. Once you walk up those stairs to the plateau, there's no turning back.

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