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Big Trouble in Little Thamasa[edit source]

In the cave here lie the Espers. But as you find them, they suddenly surround you and close in. The Esper leader Yura arrives, and apologizes for the destruction of Vector. They lost control of their powers once they were in our world. You manage to convince them to come back to Thamasa for peace talks.

Here, Yura and Leo exchange apologies about their actions. Fortunately, both are apologetic, and with both of them eager to make amends, maybe there really can be an understanding. Locke and Celes have a small moment, promptly broken by Relm's mouth. Everyone has a laugh at them, including....no. It can't be.

Kefka is back, and he's brought some buddies in the form of M-Tek Troopers. Watch as he trashes your party before Leo's eyes. Seems Gestahl sent him to turn the Espers to Magicite, and unfortunately, this time he's telling the truth. Watch as Yura and the other Espers are killed, and Kefka orders the M-Tek Troopers to destroy the village. Leo is knocked aside in the process. Now as Leo, wake up.



Leo is only yours for one battle, but he kicks ass. Leo can attack four times in one turn thanks to his Master's Scroll, his Aegis Shield will likely block most magic attacks, and he can use his ability Shock to attack all enemies for non-elemental magic damage. It's a pity Leo is only around for one battle, and none of these battles are real battles anyway...

You cannot leave Thamasa, but you can stay at the Inn and visit the shops. Odd. Talk to Kefka to fight. He has between 4000-5000 HP, but Leo's Master Scroll lets him attack four times a turn. Kefka will use Poison magic, but Leo's Aegis Shield will likely block it. Kill Kefka and watch as the real Kefka shows up - that was an illusion. With a leap into the air, Kefka slays Leo.

WHAM! The Sealed Gate flies open, and the Espers race to help. However, imbued with the power of the Espers he just killed, Kefka neutralizes their powers, and starts turning them to Magicite. After becoming bored because it's so easy, Kefka then single-handedly destroys them all in one flash of light. With a final cackle, the scene fades.

Leo is laid to rest in Thamasa, and after Terra says a few words, Interceptor limps into the grave site. Seems Shadow is gone, too. And if Shadow is dead, then what of your allies spying in Vector?

Phew. Seems Edgar finally scored, in both uses of the word - the servant girl admitted the plan and they escaped in time. Strago and Relm..."introduce" themselves, and the gang sets off. Board the airship and brace yourself.

This cannot be good...

With a mighty roar, the island that housed the Sealed Gate lifts into the air. Atop the former island await Kefka, Gestahl...and the legendary Warring Triad, the Gods of Magic. Sealed in their stone slumber, their perfect balance keeps their mythic power in check. But should they ever be moved, the resulting imbalance would destroy the world. Kefka and Gestahl now have all the cards in their hand. They're sitting pretty with pocket Aces and they know you're stuck with a two-three. Well, forget logic and sense. It's time to go all in and hope there's a damn good flop.

Last Minute Stops[edit source]

Before you ride to the Floating Continent, buy 4 suits of Gaia Gear. Only three people can come, but who? Edgar and Sabin are alright for brute power, but you need Magic here, so they're out. Mog must go, his native Dance is very strong. And of course Terra is a given. Gau is out because of Mog, and Setzer's Slots are alright. Locke has a few things to Steal, and those Hawkeyes which are good against Floating enemies will have lots of targets here. And of course there's Strago the Blue Mage and Relm the Awesome Mage. Celes does not come period. It's not that she's bad, but she joins you atop the Continent at one point, and if you brought her along then you're stuck with a party of three.

I recommend Relm, Terra and Mog, but you can sub-out Relm for Locke and be alright, he's just a powerful physical fighter while Relm is a mage. However, you can leave and re-enter the Floating Continent whenever you like, so you can go through with different parties. I do sometimes to level them up. But in the end, Terra, Relm/Locke, and Mog. Suit them all up with a Gaia Gear, and keep one in reserve. And be sure Terra and Relm both have a Mystery Veil. Give Mog a Heavy Spear and equip him with Dragoon Boots, and give Locke a Genji Glove with dual-Hawk Eyes. And buy a few Thunder Rods.

Ok. Just a few more things.

  • Go to Narshe and buy some Poison Rods, and buy some Sakuras in Albrook. Soon these won't be buyable anymore, and the Rod is a good Poison elemental to throw, and the Sakura is wind-elemental.
  • While you're in Narshe, if there's anything you need to do like looting or buying Relics or whatever, do it now.
  • If you have not raided the Imperial Base yet, do it now.
  • If you have not yet gotten the Tintinabulum in Mobliz, get it now. It's not too useful on its own, but it has a use later.
  • Not really anything important, but Vector is now abandoned. No one, not even the shop keepers are there, and that includes Banon and Arvis. I'm not sure where they went. Sure the truce was a crock, but if the rest of the gang escaped you'd think they'd take those two along. If you didn't loot Vector yet, do it now.
  • If you want a complete Rage list, fight the monsters you need now, because soon they'll be gone for good and a complete list is impossible.
  • Refill your Scroll stash. Albrook has them for sale.
  • Refill your item stash in general. Phoenix Downs, Ethers, Hi-Potions, Remedies, etc.

Got it? Good. Once you're clear for the above and have all the "do it nows" checked off, save, make sure you've got everyone equipped with Gaia Gear and an Esper. Then save, board the Blackjack, and press start. Approach the control panel and fly towards the Floating Continent. Good luck.

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