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D. Clawfang's "The Village"[edit source]

Welcome to Thamasa. On your little world tour when you picked up the Blackjack, you may have visited this place. But no one said anything even remotely helpful (they just called you strangers), and even the shopkeepers refused to sell. Now they do. The weapon and armor shops sell the best stuff in the game at this point. Buy a pair of Hawkeyes and get Locke up with a Genji Glove. Hawkeyes randomly do double damage to opponents, but they'll do triple to floating opponents. However, be aware that this random critical does not activate while Mugging. Thus, unless you really want some free items, stick to normal attacks.

Next buy a Mystery Veil for Terra. It's one of the items that makes her and the other two women in the game awesome mages - it gives a whopping boost to Magic defense and +3 to Magic power. In fact, buy two or three of them. Terra should be using magic, so it doesn't matter if you buy her new weapon here or not. You can also purchase Golden armor. Buy what you need and buy three Gaia Gears as well. Also buy several Ice Rods, but not too many, three or four should be fine. You can also check the Relic shop. If you don't have one of the pairs you've picked up until now left, buy a pair of DragoonBoots.

Now around town you may notice a few people acting strange. Maybe it's something in the water? In the end, look for the big house, and enter the house left of it. Meet Strago, 70 years young and doesn't look a day over 55.


Strago SD Art.png

Strago may be old, but this geezer isn't out yet and he's still able to brawl - sort of. Strago's physical stats are low, but his magic stats are high. He equips rods, some daggers, and light hats, shields and robes. Strago is a Blue Mage, meaning he can use the magical powers of monsters. Once Strago "sees" a monster use one of a handful of certain magic attacks, Strago can cast that attack with his ability Lore. Some of Strago's Lores are very powerful, others, not so powerful. The stronger ones are Mighty Guard, White Wind and Grand Delta. Strago's Lores though, are ultimately inferior to magic except on a few rare occassions. Strago could be strong, but he falls short. Use him if you like, but I wouldn't. His Lores just aren't strong enough when compared to the abilities of the other mages like Celes, Terra and Mog.

Strago hasn't really heard of Espers in years, and he panics when Locke mentions that he has heard the word before. Then the door behind him opens. Meet Relm, the best mage in the game and part of the best subquest since the Locke-Celes love story.


Relm SD Art.png

Relm is the final permanent addition to our little team. Relm has low HP and strength, but has the highest magic power of the game. She equips the same equipment as Strago, except for a handful of equipment exclusive to her. Her equipment includes the Memento Ring, which blocks Instant Death, the Cat-Ear Hood, the Behemoth Suit, and the Magus Rod. Equipped with the above, Relm is immune to most elemental damage and has super-high magic power. Relm's ability is Sketch, which lets her select a monster and use one of its attacks if the Sketch is successful. Sketch can be upgraded to Control, which lets Relm take control of an enemy entirely. This makes her fittingly useful for teaching Strago his Lores, by forcing enemies to use them. Relm's ability is overall subpar, but her high magic power makes her an awesome mage and a fine character to add to the party.

Relm will go and play with Interceptor, surprising Shadow since, well, it's Interceptor, this is the dog that's taken down enemies for you. Once the scene ends, go to the Inn and rest.

That night, Strago bursts in to tell you Relm is trapped in a burning house. Locke and Terra rush off to help, but Shadow takes his sweet time - hey, where's Interceptor? Go to the burning house and talk to Strago.

WHOA! Well well well, the townspeople can use magic! I'm not sure what they're casting, but it fails to put out the flames. Strago charges in, and of course you help him.

The roof is on fire. We don't need no water let the...[edit source]

Inside the only enemies you meet are Balloons, and they're easily handled with a Blizzara spell. Now, Strago can use Blue Magic, called Lore, which lets him mimic certain enemy attacks. His Aqua Breath is the scourge of the Balloons and rips them apart. Give him an Esper before you go too far. The Balloons here may use Exploder, which is a spell Strago can learn, although it sucks.

Flame Eater
HP MP Dangerous Attack
8400 480 Firaga
Steal Morph Drops
Flametongue Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Ice Poison, Thunder, Holy, Earth, Fire 1.5/5

In the second room, the left door is an enemy ambush and cannot be entered, so take the right. Here, the right door yields a Flame Rod, and the left leads to another fork where the right door has an Ice Rod. Take the left door again and meet the boss. It's been a long time since we've faced one of them huh?

Flame Eater starts the battle by using Bomblet to summon 4 Balloons, and it will summon more if they die. Aqua Breath takes them all out in one swoop. You shouldn't even need to ask what attacks Flame Eater uses - standard Fire and Fireball spells. He'll counter attacks with Fira and will cast Protect and Reflect on himself if hit six times, at which point he'll bounce Firaga and Fira spells off of himself. Locke's Hawkeyes are the way to go, or summon Carbuncle and reflect Blizzara off your party.

Now, if you want this battle over with, just use Aqua Breath to take out the Balloons, then have Terra use an Ice Rod as an item. Ice Rods, and their corresponding Thunder and Fire-elemental counterparts, cast a Level 2 spell on all enemies when used as an item, and ignore defense. Terra with a Mystery Veil and a pair of Earrings may not kill Flame Eater, but it'll still do a shitload of damage. Before you kill it, know that Locke can steal another Flametongue from it, but if you miss it it's no big loss as these can be bought later.

You find Relm just as the house starts collapsing, knocking you out. Shadow rushes in and takes out the Balloons that are closing in on you before rescuing you all.

Back in Strago's house, he explains that this is the village of the Magi. When the War of the Magi ended and the Espers fled to the Sealed Gate, the humans with magic were hunted down and killed for supposedly causing the war. The few that escaped came here and founded the town. That's how all the townspeople have magic. Strago will agree to help you find the Espers, but Relm is forced to stay behind. Previously, you could find a Memento Ring at the counter where Shadow stood. For a long time I was certain in the GBA release, it was removed. Turns out nope, the bastard programmers just moved it to the wall. Check the left wall below the counter for the ring. Me, I had to snag my second from Wrexsoul because I didn't know they moved it. Damn programmers, why would you do that to us? Anyway, go outside.

Here, Shadow brushes off his timely rescue of you, then leaves to find the Espers on his own. Leave town and head to the west. Enter the cave. And before you ask, no, you have to do the whole Thamasa thing before the cave appears. Along the way, the Briareus has Gaia Gear to Steal, but likes to use Snort to blow party members out of the battle. The Devourer can use Tentacle, but it has low HP and is easy to kill. In the forest you meet the dreaded Chimera, who has a wide variety of group-hitting attacks including Blizzard, Fireball, Aqua Breath and Cyclonic. Weaken them quickly with a strong Level 2 spell from Terra.

Not again...[edit source]

Welcome to the Espers' Gathering Place. Here, the Adamankary likes to Snort like its cousin the Briareus, but it has much higher defense. Use magic or the Ultima Weapon. Bonnacons are weak and easy to crush, they're really just there so you have another enemy to fight. Outside, the Venobennu is no danger, but let it live a few turns so it will use White Wind, which is a Lore Strago can learn. It heals the party for HP equal to his current HP, making it very useful since it also bypasses Reflect. The Land Grillon uses Berserk, but it's not dangerous. BTW, you never meet an Air or Sea Grillon, so wtf is with the name? The Mandrake can Petrify you and uses Leech, which is a version of Drain, so be careful.

Open the first chest to find a Heal Rod. It has amazing battle power, but actually heals its targets! It has uses, like healing (duh) and the undead. Enter the right cave and...Relm!? WTF is she doing here? Go inside the upper cave. You can't see it on the squat screen of the GBA, but Relm follows you here too. Enter the next cave to the right and go up the Statues.

If their avatars are strong enough to attract the Espers, imagine how strong the real Triad is.

Strago tells you a very interesting tale. The Warring Triad are three Gods who literally created magic and the Espers, during their battle in the War of the Magi. After they realized what destruction they had caused, they sealed each other in stone to stop the fighting. The three statues here are representations of the real thing. The Espers must be nearby with such a holy shrine here. Leave the small platform.

Ultros battle.png
HP MP Dangerous Attack
22000 750 Counter-Spells
Steal Morph Drops
White Cape Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire, Lightning Water 3.5/5

Ugh. He's baaaaack. Ultros is here, and he's as dumb as ever, although he has bulked up his HP a lot. He wants to swipe the statues, and fights you. Here, have Terra Morph and just bombard Ultros with Fira and maybe some Flame Rods. Locke can Steal a White Cape, then go for normal attacks. Ultros uses more or less the same tricks as before, like Tentacle and Ink, and he has Lode Stone which can't kill you but weakens you heavily. But he also has a new power. Hit him with three elemental spells to get a message. Now, hitting him with an ice, fire or lightning elemental spell will result in him countering with the Level 3 spell of that element. Stick to normal attacks when this happens.

After a while, Relm shows up, and after a scene with Ultros, she joins you. Have her Sketch Ultros to end the battle. Now, go left and save. Note the three holes in the floor. Take the upper one and enter the two caves to find a Chocobo Suit and a Tabby Suit, both custom armor for Relm and Strago, they're a subset of armor called "Costumes". Head back inside, jump to the ground and go back to the save. Take the lower-right hole, grab the X-Potion, and go back again. Finally, save and take the lower-left hole. Go up and outside and enter the cave.

Next, it's movie time again, but this time there ain't gonna be a happy ending...

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