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Return to Vector[edit source]

Whoa. I don't remember Vector being so...flaming. The Returner and Narshe forces are here, but they didn't do such destruction. Could the Espers have done this? Banon and Arvis are in front of the Imperial Palace. Go inside and meet with the Elite Trooper, who leads you to the throne room.

A TV, maybe a computer or two, this place would be a nice pad. You think Vector gets cable?

At last, after weeks of fighting the Empire, you're face-to-face with Emperor Gestahl himself. Gestahl quickly states that the war is over. He has at last come to his senses in the light of the Esper rampage and stopped his conquest. I'm personally disappointed, because hey, seeing how strong Kefka is, Gestahl would be an absolute bitch in battle, right? Gestahl retires to his room and invites you to dinner, with the simple request to talk to as many of his men as possible before the night is over. That means you've got 4 minutes. Get cracking!

The two Elite Troopers here don't count, ignore them and go outside. In the hall here are 4 Troopers. Talk to each of them and go outside. There's two Troopers in Magitek Armor and an Elite Trooper guarding the exit to the palace. Talk to each of them, but be warned one of the M-Teks attacks you. But at this state he's no match at all for you. If he hasn't learned it already, Mog will learn the Love Serenade here. The Troopers here bring you to a total of 7.

Go inside and left through the door. Ignore the first door and go up the stairs. There's 6 Troopers here, and one of them attacks you. He's easy to beat. Inside the door is a bathroom and another Trooper to fight (how can he be going to the can in that armor?). This makes a total of 14 thus far. Leave and go up the stairs. Here's another Trooper for a total of 15. On the top of the castle are 4 M-Tek Troopers and 1 Trooper up to the left. Inside the top door is a small room with another Trooper to fight. This makes 21. Go outside and through the right door. Go down the stairs and through the first door. There's a Trooper and a Trooper Elite here, and the lower door has the final Trooper. This makes 24 overall. I'm not sure why it's only 24, 25 would be a much nicer number, but meh. Now there's a few treasures around here. In the room where you are now is Holy Water, and in the room above it is a Gale Hairpin. Below the barracks with all the Troopers is an Alarm Earring and an X-Potion, and there's an Ether in the barracks themselves.

Now, in the lower-right door in the prison, and guess who's locked up? Kefka! He just rants as always and eats up time, and since he doesn't count as a Trooper, ignore him. Once time runs out, you sit down to dinner with Gestahl.

Table manners[edit source]

Here's how it works. Tell Gestahl what he wants to hear and it'll pay off. In other words, kiss his ass, but maintain your stance as a Returner and don't act like a wimp.

Okay, fine, I'll walk you through the conversation. When prompted to answer, give the bolded choice.

  • Gestahl will propose a toast. What shall you drink to?
    • The Empire
    • The Returners
    • Your homelands
  • Gestahl will mention Kefka is imprisoned for the poisoning of Doma. What shall they do with him?
    • Leave him in jail
    • Pardon him
    • Execute him
  • Gestahl will apologize for the poisoning.
    • What's done is done
    • That was inexcusable
    • Apologize again!
  • Gestahl will bring up Celes...
    • Was she an Imperial spy?
    • Celes is one of us!
    • We trust her whether she was a spy or not
  • Gestahl wants to know if there's anything else you want to ask him.
    • Ask why he started the war
    • Ask why he wants peace now
    • Ask why he wanted you to talk to his men

This is a different style of question. Ask whichever you like, then...

  • Gestahl wants to talk about the Espers now.
    • One more question
    • Okay

Ask each of the three questions once and only once! Then, talk about the Espers.

  • Gestahl speaks of the devastation the Espers have causes
    • The Espers have gone too far
    • He was the one who wanted their power!
  • Of those three questions you ask, Gestahl wants to know which you asked first. Answer correctly.
  • Cid asks if you want to take a break.
    • Yes
    • No

Take a break and talk to the Elite Troopers, and fight them. Beat them within two minutes, then go back to your seat.

  • Gestahl asks if there's anything more you'd like for him to say.
    • That he truly wants peace
    • That the war is truly over
    • That he's sorry
  • Finally, Gestahl asks you to accompany the Empire on a journey to find and negotiate peace with the Espers.
    • Yes
    • No

Answer Yes right away, since you must to progress and answering No causes a deduction. General Leo enters and tells you he will await you in Albrook. Afterwards, Locke will accompany Terra while the others stay behind and make sure this peace is legit. Leave the castle, and along the way you'll be approached by a Trooper Elite. Assuming you gave the correct answers and talked to all the Troopers, the Empire agrees to withdraw from South Figaro, and Doma, they'll also open the treasury at the Imperial Base, and you'll earn a Tintinnabulum and a Ward Bangle. The former heals you as you walk, the latter reduces the rate of random counters.

See, it pays to suck up!

Go east, young Terra[edit source]

Now, you can go straight to the Imperial Base and loot the treasury, or save it. It holds a X-Potion, Hi-Ether, two Elixers, Angel Wings, another Alarm Earring, an Angel Ring, Hermes' Sandals, Reflect Ring, a total of 41000 gil, and there's a Flametongue in the stove. Score!

Head to Albrook and go to the port. Leo will introduce two other people coming on the trip, an assassin and another Imperial general. Shadow boards the ship, along with...could it be? Oh boy, Celes is back. Locke has another heartattack, and rightfully so. Celes turns away from him and runs off, also rightfully so. Go to the Inn and rest for free. That night, Locke wakes up and goes outside.

If you can watch this scene and not feel a tug on your heartstrings, then you have no heart at all. Locke finds Celes overlooking the river, and she's still giving him the silent treatment. He'll slam his foot in his mouth and admit that he doubted her, but still wants to be friends. Celes runs off and leaves him in the street. Oh Locke, Locke Locke Locke...

In the morning, board the ship. Along the way, watch the scene. Terra and Leo have a chat about Imperial morality, and Leo admits to feeling guilty about allowing the Empire to take advantage of Terra's power. Terra is also unsure of being able to love, being not human. Shadow appears when Leo leaves and tells her to look inside for answers, and to be aware that some in this world have killed their emotions. Afterwards, the tension breaks when Locke comes out and pukes over the side of the ship. Oh lovely...

In the morning, talk to Leo, then Locke. The ship will dock, and when Celes finally gets up the courage to speak to Locke, he ignores her. I'm not sure why, he hurt her the other night, not the other way around. Anyway, in the end, you're on Greater Triangle Island. Forget about equipping Shadow, he'll set a record for short appearances. Head north-east and enter the town.

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