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Move aside Maury and Oprah[edit source]

Setzer will fly to Zozo, and here, the Maduin Esper reacts to Terra. Guess what - it's her father! Whoa! Between her, Edgar, Sabin, Celes and Locke and their little disputes, we're got an episode of Jerry Springer, kiddies!

"We're here with Terra who is the only human with innate magical power and has no idea who she is or what she is. Well Terra, we have a surprise for you. Ladies and gentleman, Terra's father, Maduin!"


"Ah *beep* you, you *beep*-ing sons of *beep*!"

Anyway, now you're Maduin in the Esper World. Walk outside and go up. Retrieve the collapsed human and take her to safety. After the Esper is done talking, talk to the woman, named Madeline (as opposed to the Super NES' Madonna, thank god). She got trapped here by accident and promises to return tomorrow. The next day, she's gone. Go to the gate and inside. Talk to Madeline.

Alright, what's a good episode of Springer without sex?!? That's right kiddies, forget Tifa, it's time for some Esper on Human action, yeah! Oh yeah, you act all disgusted but you know you'll watch every second! Ok, seriously, this scene is just so lame because you're either too young to know what they're supposed to be doing, or you're old enough to realize how stupid it looks. Just giggle to yourself and forget you ever saw this.

Now it's two years later, and heeeere's the Empire! Watch Emperor Gestahl invade and start swiping Espers. Hey, if they're these bad-ass magical demi-gods, how come they get their asses kicked so easily by the Empire? Kefka is right, these Espers are wimps! Fight back you dolts! Anyyway, as Maduin again, talk to the Elder. He's the last Esper able to seal the gate, and he'll sacrifice his life to do it. When he leaves, talk to the Esper guarding the door to see the next scene where Madeline, accused of being working with the Empire, runs out. Follow her to the gate and watch Gestahl get blown away. Talk to Madeline and watch as she, Maduin and baby Terra get swept out the portal and land at Gestahl's feet. You know the rest I'm sure.

Return to Narshe[edit source]

I couldn't find any relevant images to put here, so here's a pic of Ultima, the best spell in the game.

Now Setzer will give you command of the airship. The controls are easy, fly to Narshe and head inside. The town has finally sided with the Returners. Figaro has the machinery and Narshe has the money to organize an attack on the Empire, but there's not enough manpower. There's no choice but to ally with the Espers, and that means opening the Sealed Gate to their realm. Terra is reluctant to help, but as the result of a one-nighter between an Esper and a human, she's living proof that the two species can co-exist. She agrees.

Now, Narshe has lots of new items, including weapons and armor, for sale so shop around. Now, go to the house where you got all that treasure. Meet Lone Wolf the Pickpocket. He unlocks the mystery chest and flees. Follow him north into the mines and up to the cliffs where you fought Kefka. Here he's holding a Moogle hostage. After he threatens him, wait. The Moogle will struggle and fight back, flinging the two of them to the edge of the cliff.

Now, you can rescue Lone Wolf and claim the Gold Hairpin, which is a useful Relic that halves the MP cost of any Spell the character casts. But as handy as it is, there's something much more useful to be had - a new party member! Rescue the Moogle, and prepare to enjoy the Moogle fun that is Mog. Mog is a lot of fun, come on, he's a talking Moogle with attitude, and he SLAM-dances! Go Mog, go Mog, it's your birthday my friend!


Mog SD Art.png

Mog is part Moogle, part Geomancer, part Dancer, part Dragoon, and 100% badass. Mog's physical stats are a little low, but his magic stats are high. Mog equips daggers and spears, similar to Edgar, and he can equip a combination of light and heavy armor and shields, and light hats. He is also, with Gau, the only character to equip the strongest armor, the Snow Muffler. Mog also has his own relic, the Moogle Charm, which eliminates random encounters entirely. Mog's ability is Dance, which lets him summon the power of the earth to unleash one of four attacks. He's Berserked at this time, so later in the game he's less useful, but he's still very potent even then because his Dances are so varied in effects. Mog is another fine character and worthy of a place on your team. This Moogle will never let you down on the battlefield.

Mog runs off to the airship now, go back into town and buy him some decent equipment, I highly recommend him for the next area. Then board the airship.

Around the World in 80 Seconds[edit source]

I think you could probably visit every town in that timeframe. Now, go onboard the Blackjack and talk to the guy down the stairs to de-equip the entire party. Now, in here, talk to a party member and form a party of Mog, Terra, Setzer and Gau. Setzer and Mog are new, and Terra and Gau are oldies. And all of them need some Magic. First, land the airship near the Figaro desert and fight a battle there. Then fight a battle in the nearby forest, and finally on the plains. Mog will learn the Dances Wind Rhapsody, Desert Lullaby and Forest Nocturne. The Dance page will tell you which Dance does what, but in general I find the Wind Rhapsody and Forest Nocturne useful, along with one more Dance.

Now there are four more Dances. One is the Water Harmony, which requires you to leap into the Serpent Trench to Nikeah, then ride a Chocobo back to Baren Falls and down the falls. If you want to go through the trouble, then go ahead, but know it can be learned later too. The Snowman Rondo cannot be learned at all here, and the Love Serenade, well, just head to Zozo and fight in the town. As for the Earth Blues, go to Mt. Kolts and fight outside. It's my favorite Dance of all, and one look at the skills Mog can use with it will explain why.

Now, head to the Veldt to learn a few new Rages for Gau. Among the more useful ones are...

  • Hill Gigas knows Magnitude 8.
  • Anguiform uses Aqua Rake.
  • Aspiran can uses Gigavolt, which is stronger than Thundara.
  • Veil Dancer can use Blizzara and does not have the same undead weaknesses as your other Rages that use it.
  • Litwor Chicken knows Quake, but make sure you have Float cast!
  • Destroyer uses ReRaise to revive a party member once they die.

While fighting you won't earn exp, you still earn Magic points. Now it's time for some more Espers. You need 33000 gil for this, which the Veldt can provide. Head to Jidoor and enter the Auction House. This is annoying as hell. The Magicites Golem and Zone Seeker can be bought here, but it's rare for them to appear, so be patient. Zone Seeker costs 10000 gil, Golem is 20000. Ignore the Angel Rings and Angel Wings. The Wings cast Float, the Ring casts Regen, and neither is worth the price the Auctioneer charges when they can be bought later in the game for a much lower price.

Finally, head south. North of Vector, enter Tzen. In the upper-right trees here is a guy who will sell you Seraph for 3000 gil, a bargain. There's nothing Seraph teaches that at least one other Esper doesn't teach faster. The difference is that Seraph teaches them all at once. As a note, if you wait until later, the guy sells the exact same Esper for a much lower price, but Seraph is useful now, gil comes and goes forever. For a while to come, Seraph will be your primary esper for teaching healing spells.

Once you're ready, save and head to the small base in the mountains east of Albrook.

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