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Too Lazy To Think of a Section Title[edit source]

Like they said in The Matrix: "Run. Run your ass off".

Here in Vector, be careful who you talk to, because many people are looking to scam you. The Innkeeper lets you stay for free, than steals 1000 gil from you in the night! For healing, enter the little house outside the inn. Say "No" to fight two Guards. Once you beat then, the woman here will heal you. Up above the city is the Imperial Castle, any Soldiers you bump into will fight you and you end up at the entrance to town. There's a cafe here with a guy who tells you a little tale about Kefka. When you see the M-Tek armors, turn back. Going up these stairs into the actual castle is suicide, because you'll end up fighting the Guardian, and it is impossible to beat. I mean that literally, you cannot damage it. Just run away if you happen to meet it.

There's not much to actually do in the town, the weapon and armor shops sell the same stuff as Albrook, and there's nothing else to do but talk to NPCs. So let's just move on to the Factory. Talk to the old guy by the crates in town, he's a Returner. Walk where he stood once leaves to sneak along the girders onto the path behind the guards. Straight up here is the Magitek Factory.

The source of Magitek[edit source]

In here, physical attacks are useless. Belzecues can Muddle you, Sergeants can Mute you, and worst of all, Proto Armor can use Launcher to inflict Near-Fatal on the party. You'll also find Onion Knights. They're just lame, though. All the enemies here have astronomical defense, so Magic is the way to go. Edgar's Drill and Sabin's Raging Fist can pierce defense and do normal damage. But they have easier ways to fight these enemies. Edgar's Flash and Sabin's Rising Phoenix do magic-based damage, so use those attacks to take out hordes of enemies. Onion Knight in particular are easy pickings. Locke's double Thief-Knives are worthless here for offensive power, but have him Mug nonetheless to swipe items - the Proto Armor yields Mythril Mail, a powered-up form of the Mythril Vest for Locke and Edgar, but Celes' White Dress is better for the boost to magic. Speaking of Celes, she should Cure when needed and otherwise just parry or cast Blizzard. Sabin and Edgar are your work horses here.

Go down the stairs and all the way left through the pipe to find a Flametongue, a fire-elemental sword that randomly casts Fire. Ride the crane over the pit and go down the right pipe to find an Ether, then go back up and down the left pipe. Ride the conveyor belt down. Ride the next belt for a X-Potion, and ride the one after that for a Thunderblade, the lightning-elemental's answer to the Flametongue. Go down for a Remedy, then hop on the next conveyor and ride it down to a new area. Go down and left to find Dragoon Boots. Go up the stairs and up through the door to find a Gold Shield. Now go back to where you came in, go up the stairs on the right. Between the crates, find the hidden passage that leads to an Icebrand Sword (guess what it does) and a Zephyr Cloak. Go back down through the piping to go back where you started.

Use the conveyor belt and ride it right, then down. Here you can see a scene with a guy cackling about power. Gee, who could it be? Watch Kefka laugh and chuck two Espers down the chute, then head down and hop on the elevator. Take the nearby Tent, then go right down the stairs, watching the bottom of the screen for two hidden doors, with more Golden equipment. Then head up, ride the conveyor belt back to where you saw Kefka, and hop down the chute. Here, the Flan is a laughing stock. You can Steal a rare Magicite Shard from it, but Magicite as an item is useless. Take the left door to save, then go back and talk to the orange/yellow Esper.

The Esper Rebellion[edit source]

Yeesh, a whole Part and not one sarcastic title. I must be off today...anyway, Shiva and Ifrit are classic Summons. Unfortunately, all you have to sic on Ifrit is Edgar's Drill, because no Espers thus far taught Blizzard and Celes is on Cure duty. I guess you can use that Icebrand, too. Eventually, Ifrit is replaced with Shiva, who between Siren's Fire spells (two or three party members should know it by now) and Sabin's Burning Fist, should be easy pickings. The cycle continues. Be warned they counter with Blizzard and Fire (guess who uses which spell), so summon Kirin to help out Celes with healing the party. They'll use Level 1 and 2 spells, and occasionally a Level 3, but you should beat them before that happens. Beat them to win their Magicite. Go back and save before taking the door previously blocked by Shiva. The two teach Fira and Blizzara much faster than Ramuh teaches Thundara, so be sure to give someone Shiva because she teaches a lot, while Ifrit isn't as helpful but still good.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
4777 777 Overflow
Steal Morph Drops
Rune Blade/Blood Sword Can't Morph Flametongue, Ice Brand
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Varies Varies 2/5

Take the long stairs up and enter the Magitek Research Facility. Along the stairs and in the facility, the General isn't a threat. The Trapper, however, can attack in groups and uses attacks that hit certain level characters. If you're at Levels 20-21, watch out for Muddle and Flare. Levels 19 and 22 are safe. The Lenergia uses the Shamshir attack to halve your HP, the Destroyer can use ReRaise, but doesn't have enough MP, so laugh at it. At the top of the stairs underneath the far-left tank, go down and take a left to find a Stoneblade. It's a decent attacker, but isn't that good here. Go up through the door to find a boss.

Number 024 isn't much of a boss. His unit profile will tell you he can change his weaknesses and immunities and confuse the party. I'll tell you he can't make himself immune to Drill. And to add insult to injury, you can turn him into an Imp. I had no trouble beating him. Locke can swipe a Rune Blade or a Blood Sword. Neither is that good at the moment. BTW, my characters were at levels 20+ here. If you are too, you're doing well.

Enter the next room and pull the switch. Watch the Espers turn to Magicite, which you then receive of course. Then Cid shows up, he's the guy who not only engineered Magitek itself, but he also engineered a full name so hard to spell I'm not even going to bother to find and link it. He's heard rumors that Celes was acting as a spy for the Empire, and Locke has a heart attack. Kefka shows up and runs with the whole thing, telling Celes to hand the Magicite shards to him. Now anyone who's been paying attention knows this whole spy rumor is a crock of shit, but Locke isn't sure, and that hurts Celes. Kefka will sic Magitek on you, and Celes will cast Teleport (they never say what spell, but I'm sure it's Warp) to spirit them away. Follow Cid to the elevator afterwards and watch the scene on the way down.

Escaping from the facility. BTW, Cloud's gay and Tifa has large breasts[edit source]

Number 128
HP MP Dangerous Attack
3276 810 Net
Steal Morph Drops
Kazekiri Can't Morph Tent
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None Ice (absorbs) 3/5

You see how desperate I am to fit a joke in, I make fun of games totally irrelevant to the walkthrough! Anyhow, down the shaft, save and open the menu. Oooooooo, look at all the pretty Espers! Equip Maduin and Bismarck to someone, talk to Cid. He'll push you on a mine cart to escape. Now you'll fight two kinds of Mag Roaders. The red and purple Roaders are both weak and no threat at all. The purple one can cast Fira and the red ones cast Blizzara, but if you let them live love enough to cast them, you deserve to be hit by them. Just use Edgar's tools and Sabin's Blitz. Locke is on Mugging duty. Continue riding the rails until...

Number 128 isn't a pushover like 024. He likes using Net to Stop you, and counters physicals with Blood Feast, which is a mini-Drain. Do not use Ice attacks and stick to Edgar's Drill and Sabin's Aura Cannon. Locke can Steal a Kazekiri katana from 128, which is the source of the infamous "Wind God Gau" combo that lets Gau attack 4 times for 4x power and randomly use Wind Slash. I never used this combo and complete the game fine. Besides, the Merit Award isn't usable by him anymore. Tempest is also a good sword for Cyan, too bad he's a crap character. Continue to have the brothers Figaro pummel 128.

Left Crane and Right Crane
Crane-left-ffvi.png Crane-right-ffvi.png
HP MP Dangerous Attack
1800/2300 447 Thundaga (left), Firaga (right)
Steal Morph Drops
Noise Blaster (left), Debilitator (right) Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning (right), Water (both) Fire (right), Lightning (left) 2.5/5

Outside, save and run. The Chaser may attack with 3 Onion Knights, in which case it summons more then they die. If alone, once it dies the Chaser will call in three Trappers. Meet up with Setzer and board the airship. Of course, Kefka's not going down that easy.

Yet another boss! The left crane and the right crane has a wide variety of spells and attacks. But, so did 024, and like him, they shouldn't get a chance to use them. That new Bismarck Esper works wonders against them, as does the Drill. Setzer's Slots are also useful for attacks and minor healing. The Cranes will use elemental attacks on each other to charge up a level 3 spell, but their HP is just too low considering the two bosses you just beat. You should be able to kill them with ease. Beat them and fly back to Zozo. By the way, those three bosses you beat? I created the pages for them here! Yeah, like you care...

Next, more heavy duty storyline! Bring your popcorn!

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