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Welcome to the Mines[edit source]

Okay, there’s a big scene showing you various areas of the game before you find yourself on a clifftop with Biggs, Wedge, and a Girl who we’ll refer to as such for now. Biggs and Wedge do a little plotdumping about where they’re going. They work for the Empire and Emperor Gestahl, who is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, he even calls his troops the chosen people for crying out loud! They're on their way to waste a town, destroy innocents and swipe something valuable because hey, that's what Nazis do, right? BTW, don’t get attached to these two, they don't last long. Once they shut up, press Start to skip the scene/credits.

Narshe is a town you’ll come to know quite well, because it’s very plot-important, and there’s a lot of good stuff in this town including awesome Magicite and equipment. Too bad you can’t get any of it now. In fact, that exo-suit thing you’re wearing is so huge you can’t enter any houses or walk up any stairs. So really, all you can do is walk up. Just straight up.

Now if I were a Narshe guard and saw this coming towards me, I'd run. But then, I like living.

Along the way you’ll get into fights with Guards and Silver Lobos. The Guards have a Critical attack that might break the 10 damage mark, which shows you how pathetic they are. Just keep tapping A to launch Fire Beams and roast them. These guys aren’t even worth an entire paragraph, so here’s some other stuff to know to fill up said paragraph. Ignore Girl’s Magic command and just keep Firing the Beam which bears that name, M-Tek is far superior to Magic this early in the game. If one of the characters gets too low on HP, and WTF are you doing if that happens, just use Heal Force on them. Note that Girl has a full set of 8 M-Tek commands as opposed to Biggs and Wedge who have only 4. You get to use M-Tek exactly 3 times in this game, so if you wanna just check out the other commands for fun, go ahead.

One screen up, you’ll get into a battle with more Guards and some Megalodoth-things. Have Girl let loose a Bio Blast to waste them all in one shot. Apparently these guys missed the fights in town where you beat the entire guard force without breaking a sweat. I sure hope killing enemy soldiers isn't giving you a guilt trip - half of this game is killing enemy troops. Head into the mines. The enemies here are even weaker than the ones outside, if you can comprehend that. The Bandit has a Wrench attack that might do a little more damage than the Critical the Guards used, and the Wererat is no danger at all.

Save on the blue diamond, and possibly listen to the tutorial if you want. In general, Tents and Sleeping Bags can be used on the blue diamonds and on the overworld, and you can also Save. So do that and head up to the grate. One of the soldiers with you (can’t remember which one and don’t care enough to say which one anyway) will break it down, opening the path. Enter the door to trigger your first boss fight.

WTF Are These Things?[edit source]

HP MP Dangerous Attack
1600 1000 Slime
Steal Morph Drops
Can't Steal Can't Morph Hi-Potion/Ether
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None None 1/5

Meet Ymir, or Whelk, as he was known on the Super NES. Listen to Biggs and Wedge, even though they’re just saying the same thing I’m about to. Don’t attack the shell. It counters any attack with Megavolt, which won’t kill you but will hurt like hell, and odds are that two WILL kill you, especially if both are against the same party member. As a rule of thumb, magic attacks that hit a single target tend to be stronger than magic attacks that hit multiple targets. It is possible to kill the shell, but it has 50000 HP, which is more than some bosses near the end of the game, and there’s no point to killing it. So just focus on the head.

The Head is really only dangerous when it withdraws into its shell, because any attack you ordered against it will automatically go to the Shell when that happens and that in turn calls down the Megavolt. Just use Heal Force and wait for the Head to come out again. Pound it with Fire Beams and Girl’s Magitek Missile to kill it. It’s only really dangerous attack is Slime, which cuts a character’s speed in half by casting Slow, and that’s more annoying than it is dangerous.

Once you win, head up and find the Esper. Watch it kill Biggs and Wedge before blasting Girl’s armor to pieces. Get to know this thing, you’ll be seeing it again. It’s called Tritoch/Valigarmanda, although what the hell either name means, I have no idea.

Girl wakes up in a house with a man named Arvis. Seems she had a Slave Crown on that was letting the Empire control her. Now here's my gripe - why the hell are Slave Crowns never mentioned anywhere else? I mean, if popping these things on someone as powerful as this chick lets the Empire control them, it seems they would have conquered the world easily by now. Now the Girl is free but like most other Final Fantasy heroes she has amnesia, and you get to name her. Let’s go with the default name Terra, alright?


Terra SD Art.png

Terra is the game's central heroine, don't believe a word anyone says to the contrary. The main cause of that debate is that unlike other central characters in other games, she doesn't always have to be around. But she should be anyway. Terra learns a handful of basic magic as you can see, and has all-around good stats. She can equip most "heavy" equipment, including shields, helmets, armor and swords, along with several daggers too. She's also got access to female-exclusive equipment that make her magic even stronger. Terra's stronger stuff includes the Minerva, Apocalypse and Ultima Weapon. Her special power, although she can't access it yet, is Trance, which temporarily boosts her stats and makes her even more of a powerhouse. Terra should be a prime component of any winning party whenever possible, her magic is deadly and her equipment rocks.

Guards come looking for her, and Arvis sends you out the back. Follow the bridge into the mines. Terra can easily defeat the enemies here with a normal attack, just use a Potion if she gets too weak. Use the Save Point and ignore the chests, I’ll tell you why later.

Once you get to the top of the shaft, the Guards find you, but there’s a cave-in and you fall into another chamber. Here, Terra goes unconscious, but not before she has a flashback to how she got that Slave Crown thing on her in the first place. That nice man ordering her to kill his own troops in the flashback is Kefka. And you’ll be seeing a lot of him, which is good because he's a riot, and bad because he's a psychopath and the Big Bad of the game. You also get a glimpse of Emperor Gestahl and his Generals at the Imperial Base in Germany, I mean, Vector. You'll meet all of these guys face to face eventually. Now we’re back with Arvis, and we meet Locke, a thie, er…Treasure Hunter. Actually, the menu lists his job as Adventurer – go figure.


Locke SD Art.png

Locke is pretty bad-ass, although Zidane is still and forever shall hold the position of Bad-Ass Thief, Locke is just the runner-up. Locke doesn't have the best magical abilties, but he has amazingly high evade, speed and physical stats. He can equip most (but not all) of the armor Terra can, and some things she can't. Locke's stronger weapons include the Valiant Knife, Zwill Crossblade, and the Wing Edge. Despite his claims, Locke is a Thief, so his special ability is naturally, Steal. Some rare items can be acquired only through Stealing, and every item Stolen is one you don't need to buy. Steal can later be upgraded to Mug, which lets Locke Steal and attack at the same time. Later in the game, Locke can hit enemies for 9999 with the Valiant Knife - the lower his HP, the stronger the Knife is. Overall, Locke is another solid character and you should always consider him for inclusion, if only to loot and pillage enemy parties. But you can ultimately go without him if you like.

Anyway, here we find out that Arvis is an ally with an Imperial Resistance Group called the Returners, and the town refuses to ally with them for protection. Didn’t they just lose most of their defense forces to three guys in M-Tek Armor a few hours ago? C'mon guys, the Returners aren't much, but they're a lot better than the dogs and mammoths you have, or should I say, had. Anyway, Arvis sends Locke to rescue Terra.

Problems with the Law[edit source]

See this guy? Remember him, he's not the strongest character, but damn is he cool.

Flash to where Terra collapsed. Locke finds her, just about the same time the head of the Guards does. Fortunately, these little white things called Moogles show up to help out. They're weird, cute little things with cat-ears, white skin, little pink wings and pink bobbles on their heads. They remind me of Michael Jackson except for the wings. Well, they're much nicer than MJ, they'll help you out. Moogles in general are cool, and their leader is totally kick-ass.

Okay, here’s how it works. Locke and three random Moogles are Party 1, the Moogle Mog and three more Moogles are Party 2, and four random Moogles are Party 3. Use the Select button to switch between them. Wandering the lower area are six enemies – if any of them get to Terra, you lose. You must beat the head of the Guards to the south before that happens.

First, use Party 1 to wipe out five of the six enemies. The Megalodoth-things are back, and this time they're a threat; they have a nasty Snowstorm that hits your entire party for around 30 damage a piece, and with healing items scarce this early in the game, that means trouble. Have Locke constantly use Steal to swipe Potions from enemies while the Moogles take them out. If Party 1 gets too weak, switch to Party 3. Now take Party 2 with Mog and take out the sixth enemy. You should get a message about Dancing at the end of the fight. Now, open the menu and Equip Mog – take the Mythril Shield and Pike. See, he joins you later, which is why he's the only Moogle who's equipment you can mess with. Use this same party to face the Guard Leader at the bottom.

Guard Leader
HP MP Dangerous Attack
420 150 Net, Charge
Steal Morph Drops
Mythril Knife Can't Morph Hi-Potion
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None Poison 1.5/5

Guard Leader starts the battle with Net, which Stops a party member from making any actions for a while – hope he uses it on anyone but Mog. Take out the Silver Lobos and start wailing on Guard Leader afterwards. Have Mog Dance the Twilight Requiem, he should use Elf Fire, Poison Frog or Cave In, which make this battle easy, or even Snare which will kill the boss instantly. But, if you didn’t listen to me and don’t have Mog or his Dance, then you’re in trouble. See, once his mutts are down, Guard Leader likes to Charge, which will likely kill any non-Locke/Mog party member it hits. This is bad, because he’ll use it a lot. Of course, you could just take him out before the wolves to avoid the danger…wimp.

Anyway, Locke runs out of the mines with Terra. She wakes up and he promises not to leave her until her memory returns. Why the hell the programmers had Locke say this, I have no idea, especially since Celes is supposed to be his love interest. Yeah, I get the whole Rachel-amnesia thing, but still…anyway, you end up back at the entrance to Narshe where the whole game began, sans snazzy M-Tek armor. Aw. Unfortunately, you still can’t enter the town because the Guards recognize you – by the way, where the hell were all those people a little while ago? Maybe they saw you coming and hid. How is it all the people with a sense of self-preservation are the civilians, and all the ones with death wishes are/were the guards?

You can enter the house on the left by talking to the guy near the door to get him to move. Inside, explore the chests and pots for minor treasures, and fight the Monster-In-A-Box, which is something you’ll come across a lot more. Check the pot in the main hall to restore your party to full health, which is nice, but don’t bother talking to anyone – they don’t tell you anything that I won’t. Leave town and head south.

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