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Okay, welcome to Drake Clawfang's guide to Final Fantasy VI, the GBA version. Before reading the Guide, there's a few things to keep in mind.

Know This[]

  • FFVI is the best game in the series. Don't let anyone tell you different.
  • Expect a bunch of bad jokes about movies.
  • Umaro sucks. All he does is attack and while he's good at it, still, it's only attacking. He's worthless.
  • Relm, Celes and Terra are the best mages in the game, Relm because of her high magic power, and Celes and Terra thanks to all their awesome female-only equipment like the Minerva. These three get first priority for new Espers and spells.
  • Physicals are bad. Well, not bad, but most characters can do things that are better. Edgar should fire his crossbow, Sabin should Blitz, etc.
  • If I tell you to buy a certain item or take the time to level up and earn cash, do it. If you can't beat a boss because you're too weak or are too poor to buy good items, don't come crying to me.
  • The translators were high when they were re-translating some of the names, which is how the Rhinotaur became the Belmodar. Don't be surprised to see some things referred to by their Super NES names. In fact, expect it.
  • Clocks like to hide Elixirs. Check every clock you see for an Elixir.
  • Although I make a point of saying "buy new weapons and armor", when it comes to items like Potions, Phoenix Downs, Remedies, etc, I'm operating under the assumption you keep your stock high, although I'll still remind you occasionally.

Just remember the above, listen to me, and you'll be fine. Anyway, here's the walkthrough.

Also, CSM has a walkthrough for the original Super NES version of the game. It may prove helpful for more in-depth details.

Boss Template[]

I use a Boss Template for my walkthroughs. The template gives the boss' HP, MP, and which of its attacks are dangerous. Steal is the item the boss has to steal, Morph is what the boss turns into when the game has the option to turn enemies into items, and drop is what the boss drops at the end of the fight. Weakness is what the boss is weak to, and resistance is what is a bad idea to attack it with. I also rate bosses on a scale of 1 to 5;

Rating What it means
1/5 If you lose, you're a disgrace to the RPG genre
2/5 You shouldn't have too much trouble if you're careful
3/5 This boss poses a bit of a threat, but you should win
4/5 You'll probably die at least once fighting this boss
5/5 Kick your heels behind your head and kiss your ass goodbye


  1. Invading and Escaping Narshe
  2. Figaro and Mt. Colts
  3. The Returner Hideout and Lete River
  4. Locke's Scenario
  5. Terra and Edgar's Scenario and Sabin's Scenario
  6. Sabin's Scenario Continued
  7. Defending Narshe and exploring the West
  8. Zozo and Magicite
  9. The Opera and the Southern Continent
  10. Vector and the Magitek Research Facility
  11. Return to Narshe and Subquests
  12. The journey to the Esper world
  13. The Imperial Banquet
  14. Thamasa and the Espers' Gathering Place
  15. Kefka's Attack and the Floating Continent Rises
  16. Attack on the Floating Contient
  17. The Apocalypse
  18. Feeding Cid and recruiting Sabin
  19. Finding Terra and the journey to Nikeah
  20. Saving Figaro and recruiting Edgar
  21. Recruiting Setzer and finding the Falcon
  22. Recruiting Terra, Shadow, Relm, Gau and Strago
  23. The Phoenix Cave and recruiting Locke
  24. Narshe
  25. Recruiting Gogo and Sidequests
  26. Collosseum Betting, Earth Dragon and Mt. Zozo
  27. The Ancient Castle and Hidon
  28. Cyan's Soul and the Cultist Tower
  29. Preparations for Kefka's Tower
  30. Kefka's Tower - Gold and Skull Dragons, Inferno and Ultima Buster
  31. Kefka's Tower - The Switch Puzzle, Guardian and The Warring Triad
  32. Kefka's Tower - the battle with Kefka
  33. Dragon's Den - Ice, Storm and Earth Dragons Revisited
  34. Dragon's Den - Blue, Red and Skull Dragons Revisited
  35. Dragon's Den - Holy and Gold Dragons Revisited
  36. Dragon's Den - Exploration of the crypt and Kaiser Dragon
  37. Final Quest - Soul Shrine and Omega Weapon
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