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As a refresher, we just killed the Inferno, right? Good. Save if you want since it's only ten steps away, then walk down the steps he was guarding and walk out the door to get to a new part of the building's exterior. Move down the steps and claim the Megalixir from the right chest, then start walking down the left of the two paths going down. Go past the door here to find an open chest with a sparkle above it, and examine the object to create some stairs for another party to use. Climb the moving steps to find a Rainbow Brush for Relm, then climb the second one to get back to where you started. Head south to the door we ignored, and go inside.

Run through the cave to wind up in a mirror-room of the area that Gold Dragon was in, which is complete with a fire-breathing lizard of it's own:

Boss Fight: Skull Dragon
FFVI IOS Skull Dragon
  • HP - 32,800
  • Weakness - Fire, Holy
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - Nothing

This is the Eighth Dragon! Can you believe we've come so far? Skull Dragon, a mass of bones that doesn't actually breathe fire and isn't actually a lizard, is the dragon of the Poison element, so gird your loins for one hell of a disappointing boss fight.

Apart from a weak physical, Skull only uses status attacks: Doom, Will o' the Wisp, Apparition, Disaster. That's all he has to offer. We, on the other hand, have all the powerful combos I've told you about and am going to stop telling you about because it's getting redundant. He's undead looking, but not actually undead, so we have to use Fire and Holy attacks to kill him instead of Phoenix Down. You can also learn Doom from him as a lore, if you haven't already. Just murder him now - this guy doesn't deserve to be the last of the eight dragons we face.

All 8 Dragons have been defeated... The Eightfold Seal is broken! The earth shakes, the screen flashes red, and the game makes an annoying squeaking noise to signify that the seal on the Bonus Dungeon, the Dragon's Den, has been broken. An inscription on the ground tells you that the leader of the dragons now awaits you in the Den, waiting to get his arse beaten up.

For winning the battle against Skull Dragon, you get the Muscle Belt (HP equivalent of the Crystal Orb, it doubles max HP) and the Crusader magicite, which teaches Meteor at a rate of x10, and a new spell, Meltdown, at a rate of x1. Meltdown is a powerful spell, though it deals fire/wind damage to everyone, including the caster and his/her team. No one's denying how powerful it is, but any spell that damages your party to damage the enemy is not worth your time. Stick to Ultima. You should still level people up with Crusader though, since he grants a 50% boost to MP with every level.

Climb up the right stairs and follow the path out to the east section of the Vector-like entrance area. Run up to the switch just opposite from Party 2, and take off all of the current party's equipment. Step on the pad to open the centre door, then switch to Party 1.

T'was a while ago we controlled these guys, right? Dress them up with all the equipment and espers you want, then start off south across the newly formed bridge. The next area is the same one from the Magitek Research Facility, the one before Number 024 that had all those stasis tanks in it. Run east until you come to a new screen, a U shaped bend which features the last regular enemy I'll talk to you about, the Fiend Dragon. Remember this guy from the Coliseum? It has a 33% chance to counter any attack with Heartless Angel, which reduces the HP of the entire team to 1. In case that should that happen, you'd well equip a Red Jacket or two on your team to avoid instant annihilation on the next turn from Southern Cross. Use only your strongest attacks so that he won't counter as often. Once you arrive outside, run up the stairs and take a left to find a Pinwheel. Double back and take the other path to arrive at the three way confluence where Party 2 and 3 are holding the door open.

Run into the building and walk forward to find a place with three switches positioned on the floor. Here's where you have to decide which team will be going where in the latter half of the final dungeon. Choose whichever path you want, but know that Strago's team must be on the left if you want to get that Force Field Lore. Here's what to do: Take Team 1 right (which blocks you from going back) and go south to the outside. Switch to Party 3 to get them to move out of the way, then switch back to 1 and drop the 4t anvil onto the switch. Take them inside again and stand on the switch in front of them.

Switch back to team 3, and walk up the stairs that have been opened to get on the centre walkway. Enter the building, then walk left to be shut off from the centre like team 1 was. Go outside and drop the weight, then step on the switch. Take the final group now (Party 2 for me) and guide them onto the central walkway and up to the central switch. Once every party is standing on one, a staircase will appear in front of Team 2, allowing them to move forward. But we don't want to move forward yet, we want to move backward. Run south to appear on the balcony in between where those two 4t weights were. Step on the switch, and two doors will appear to your left and right for the other two teams to use. With Party 2, run north to get to that door atop the staircase. Blocking our way is a familiar machine:

Boss Fight: Guardian
FFVI IOS Guardian
  • HP - 60,000
  • Weakness - Lightning, Water
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - Force Armour, Ribbon

Black Knights, Maenad, Geosgaeno, Absolute Virtue, do these names ring any bells? All of them were invincible bosses in their own games, and all of them became mortal in time, allowing the heroes to mess them up for the crime of pissing me off. Do you remember Guardian? Yeah you do. Guardian was an invulnerable mech that guarded the Imperial Palace, Vector, and accompanied Kefka himself to his engagement in Thamasa. Now, however, the table have turned, and the Guardian is as weak and vulnerable as every other "boss" in the final dungeon.

He uses programs, which are methods of attacking that borrow from other bosses you've fought and obliterated during the adventure. The first is Ultros, then Dadaluma or something, I'm not sure. Smash it up with Flood, Thundaga, Ultima, end its life, and call it a day. I know that HP looks intimidating. It's not.

A save appears to congratulate us on our valiance in smashing a machine. After you convalesce your team and save the game, progress north up some more stairs. Travel west below an escalator that you needn't worry about, and south to come outside. There's a hidden chest with a Ribbon inside it to the south, and after you get that, head north up some stairs to find a recognisable statue at their crown. Think back to the floating continent, and the Warring Triad that stood at its summit. Kefka has enslaved the trio to use as his guardians, and here sits the first:

Boss Fight: Demon
  • HP - 58,000
  • Weakness - Poison
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - Red Jacket

I don't believe that I've ever seen such a badass sprite as this one. Demon is one cool deity, and that boss music (which we haven't heard since Ultima Weapon was fought on the Floating Continent) only sweetens the awesomeness.

Demon's element is Fire, which means he uses Firaga and Southern Cross (ow) frequently to deal damage to the whole team. He also has Metal Cutter (ouch), his signature Tyrfing (OUCH), and the stop status spell. He uses Blaster on stopped characters to ensure an instant KO, so be ready to fix the issue with someone standing by with an arise, which 3/4 people should have at least. Each of these attacks has potential to deal large sums of damage, but they can be reduced in potency with Red Jackets, Flame Shields, Force equipment and Paladin's Shield, (for the fire) and the protect/vanish spells for the rest. After say, 25,000 HP is gone, he starts to use Meteor, Flare Star, Wave Cannon and Aero. All of these should be treated with a Curaga, of course. Demon doesn't play the game by any different rules, so act as you normally would in any boss battle.

It looks intimidating, and the theme is daunting, but Demon suffers from the same defects that the other weak bosses in this area have. He has 2000 HP less than Guardian, who was pretty damn feeble, and we still have the world's most powerful spell on our side. He's weak to poison, but I'd rely on Ultima rather than Bio on any day of the weak. It's doleful to realise that this badass looking guy isn't as strong as he looks, but can we do about it?

After farewelling that brave, awesome soul, we get the Radiant Lance, a spear of wondrous strength that Edgar and Mog will find very useful. Heal the party and walk beyond where Demon's statue was, into the northern most door of the Tower Exterior. Save the game, de-equip everyone, and transition to Party 3.

Take your party south to the Vector balcony, then enter that new door that sprouted on the left. Walk north to re-enter the building with the three switches. Walk north to enter the area where the Guaridan sat. Walk north into a new area filled with technology. Surmount the steps to find the second of the Warring Triad.

Boss Fight: Fiend
  • HP - 63,000
  • Weakness - Holy
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - Safety Bit

Another sick-ass boss sprite to fight, even if it's nowhere near as cool as Demon was.

Fiend is the icy counterpart to Demon's fire, meaning that you should expect to see Blizzaga in place of Firaga, and Northern Cross in place of Southern Cross. It also uses Absolute Zero, which you should remember from the time we fought in the sky while assailing the Floating Continent. Apart from one physical move, that's almost all that the Fiendish God has that can damage you, so bring along an Ice Shield, and Force armour/shield or two and you should be sweet. After attacking Fiend eight times, he responds with Reverse Polarity, which will swap our rows around. I can't recall the last time I even thought about rows, so I wouldn't worry about that in the slightest (Tools, Bushido, Blitzes and Magic all ignore rows, right?).

After 30,000 HP has been deducted, he will start 'trembling' and put up Reflect, Haste, and Image to avoid getting damaged. Our techniques can ignore rows and avoid reflect and image, so that isn't a problem. The last ability he has up his sleeve is Fiendish Rage, a mighty attack made lame by Fiend's need to Target a party member before he executes it. Use this time to cast protect on the guy/gal to avoid a brutal punch by the boss.

LAST THING AND MOST IMPORTANT!!! Do not kill Fiend so fast! He uses Force Field often enough in the battle to negate the damage inflicted on him by one element, though I don't know what exactly sets it off. If you have Strago in the party like I've constantly told you time and time again, make sure to keep him alive to see it, and continue keeping him alive until Fiend is dead. If you did not bring Strago to this fight, go sit in the corner like the dunce you are. I'll have a cone-shaped hat made for you momentarily.

We get the Mutsunokami for winning, a splendid Katana for Cyan to swing about. Use the save point to save save save, then switch to party 1.

Sigh, so much green...

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