Kefka's Tower Edit

ALRIIIGHHHT! We're going in! Fly to the large tower of debris that stands where Vector used to be. Fly over it, and try to land on the top. The Falcon will soar high above it, and the party will get ready to jump. Time to assemble the teams:

Like the Phoenix Cave, you have to split your team up into three teams of four in order to traverse the dungeon effectively, which means that you also have to distribute and redistribute the team's equipment whenever you switch between them. You're free to choose whoever you want to be in your team, but that means that two will be left over. It's up to you who those two should be, but Umaro should probably (DO it) be one of them. Gogo was the other one for me: you all know why. If you do bring Gogo, put him/her on a team different to Locke, so that they can both steal. There are no new steals in this place that are exclusive to one team, so it shouldn't really matter all that much. Each team should have a fairly equal balance of power. The other thing to note is that Terra, Celes and Relm should be in different parties due to their higher magical power. Strago should be with Relm because of their Sketch/Lore combination, and they should both be put in Party 3, since that's the party that will be fighting Fiend. You know, the one that teaches Force Field? Do I need to remind you? Note to self: yes.

Party 1 is up first, as befits a group called 'Party 1'. The enemies on the Tower Exterior portion (where we are now) are these four amigos: Vector Lythos, Great Malboro, the Primeval Dragon and the Great Behemoth. First one is pretty much harmless, and so is the Malboro so long as you don't kill it last (it uses bad breath when alone). The Primeval Dragon has some damaging abilities like Liveshaver, but should only be killed first if it isn't alongside a Malboro. The Behemoth is the most powerful, with a strong counter called Haymaker which it uses 33% of the time, so kill that one first with only your strongest attacks. Really, you should need no battle advice. Ultima, ultima, ultima. There's your strategy. We'll be following the same route we took to the Fixed Dice, but since that was so long ago (and I know how forgetful you people are), I'll tell ya how to get there again. Walk down the escalator and move around in a U shape until you get to a hard to see passage with a yellow arrow pointing left. Enter it, walk down the conveyor belt in the west, then enter the large door to the east.

This place is sorta like the Magitek Research Facility, but without that funky song playing in the background, it's hardly as awesome. New enemies, and there's an abundance of them:

  • Duel Armor - Powerful enemy that can use Level 5 Death and Level 4 Flare.
  • Fortis - Deals high levels of fire damage which can be reduced by Paladin Shield, Red Jackets and Flame Shields.
  • Death Machine - Uses a lot of instant death attacks, like Level 5 Death and Blaster.
  • InnoSent - Confuses the party with Mindblast, and can use Plasma and Freezing Dust. Has access to Level ? Holy, which Strago can learn as a lore.
  • Metal Hitman - Weak enemy, doesn't need description.
  • Junk - Depressed machine that like to kill itself up with Self Destruct and Transfusion.
  • Prometheus - Uses Southern and Northern Cross, but not much else.
  • Gamma - Uses Gamma Rays to inflict doom and Gravity Bomb and Launcher to inflict irritation on me. Weak to Thunder magic. Or ultima.
  • Dark Force - Not notable at all apart from the lores it can learn (everything but four).

They all have tools to steal, so check their pages if you want to find them out. Back to exploration: Run north to where those Fixed Dice were, then go south to arrive at the tower exterior. Walk left, south across the conveyor, then right into the red tunnel. Looks like we're at a dead end here, soooo... party switch!

Take your second party right to some stairs, then down and left to a red-rimmed door. Head to the northwest of this area to get the Minerva Bustier, which is pretty much useless now that we have Genji Armours and Red Jackets. Run south until you find another large door leading upwards, a second one beneath it leading down. Enter the top one to get a Pinwheel, then enter the bottom one to move forward. The place you find yourself in is Kefka's personal dungeon (probably taken straight from Vector) which he uses as a friendly reminder that he used to be locked up in this shit hole during our Imperial visit back in the World of Balance. But instead of Kefka hiding out in the left cell, there's something else - Another ancient creature straight outta the apocalypse:

Boss Fight: Ultima Buster
FFVI IOS Ultima Buster
  • HP - 55,000
  • Weakness - None
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - Blood Sword, Crystal Orb

Talkative fella, ain't he? Just like his WoB counterpart Ultima Weapon, The busta does business by boasting about its eldritch origins and trying to be all philosophical and shit. Unlike Weapon, Buster can't back up his big talk, and barely deserves to be a boss in the final dungeon.

Busta has all the Ga spells, plus Quake, Meteor, Tsunami, Flare Star, and Southern Cross. Sounds impressive, and he does have the really high HP, but we have Ultima. And the Master Scroll. And Fixed Dice. And just about every relic of use to ever exist? The payload his attacks can give are harsh, but healable, and UB won't be able to heal himself against our attacks like we can to his. And he doesn't even counter!

Rely on Ultima if you want to use spells, since Busta absorbs everything else (except fire, ice, and lightning). If you damage him 12 times in any way, he'll start charging up his own version of ultima, which is stronger than ours, so work hard to kill him before he can get it off. Don't try stealing that Crystal Orb, we'll get one soon.

Tut tut! Too easy! How strong can we call ourselves when primordial superpowers are no stronger than dogs before us? Busta's legacy as a short-lived boss is cemented with a save point that we can now use. If you're like me, you'll be glad to see it. Walk out the door to find yourself in the Factory area again, where two new enemies can be found: The Muud Suud and the Mover. Muud Suud is boring; I don't wanna talk about that one, But the Movers! Hoo-boy, interesting-city! Actually, no. They aren't. Unlike in FF's V, VII, IX, and Dimensions, Movers are NOT tough to beat, do NOT flee after a few turns in battle, and give off a WEAK prize of EXP and AP when defeated. Boo. They have a nice rage though, but who's going back to the Veldt at a time like this?!

Climb to the top of the room by walking in a rough spiral shape. The next room has pipes in it, but not those friendly looking green ones from Super Mario. Take the left pipe, then follow it outside to find a Force Shield (that is so five pages ago). Take the moving path down to come at an intersection of sorts. There's a big door to your right, a partially hidden one right next to you, and a path leading back up to your left. Go left first, past the escelator to find a Force Armour. Return to where the other two doors were, and take the one facing left. Look, it's Party 1! Hey Party 1! Pick up the Ribbon from the chest, then hit the switch. Now that the path's open, they can move on; Party 2 isn't done though, so don't switch just yet. Exit this place and enter through the bid doors to your right. This area is classified as 'Cave', so that means new enemies:

  • Vector Chimera - Powerful, but has low HP and can be killed off fairly fast with strong techniques.
  • Landworm - Remember the Slag Worm from Maranda Desert? Like that, but it can't counter with Sandstorm.

Walk straight up to find yourself in the Palace section of the Tower. It has more enemies to write about, but first there's an optional boss to kill that's right ahead of us.

Boss Fight: Gold Dragon
FFVI IOS Gold Dragon
  • HP - 32,400
  • Weakness - Water
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - Nothing

If it weren't for Holy Dragon being crippled by silence, this guy would be the easiest of the eight dragons. Yep, he's one of them, but I can't for the life of me remember when dinosaurs were ever considered to be dragons.

Gold Dragon is so called because lightning is its element, not because he's wealthy and can have wonderful riches stolen from him (he can't). He uses Thundara and Thundaga, and might even use Gigavolt. That might have been scary sounding when Celes was all alone in the world, but with four powerful figures with the best attacks money and effort can buy, how do you think it sounds now?

Use everything you've ever learned to extinguish this ancient reptile and bury his bones beneath the earth for archaeologists to exhume in millions of years. Flood would be good, since it's the first time we've been given a real chance to put it to good use.

1 Dragon Remaining. You know I just hit Fast-Forward for that fight? That's the greatest shame for any boss, to be defeated soundly by the AUTO command instead of by strategy. We get the Crystal Orb for victory, which can be used to boost maximum MP by 50%. If you got even just one Celestriad, the orb is truly without use, but I appreciate the effort of giving the party even more overpowered items that we just don't need. On a different note, here's those enemies you can discover in the palace:

  • Demon Knight - Uses Cursed Gaze to inflict sap, and Crypt Dust to raise the dead as zombie thralls. Can steal Pinwheels from him.
  • Yojimbo - Normal enemy, but with one potent ability: He uses Eye for an Eye when killed, which is a 100% guaranteed instant kill on the target. You can't do anything about it, so either cast Reraise on them or heal them after battle. Their Rages are cool, since they grant Gau the ability to use General Leo's Shock skill.
  • Ahriman - Winged cycloptic freak that uses instant death moves like Doom and Roulette. Strago and learn Roulette as a lore.
  • Daedalus - Father of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun. Also has Reflect???, for Strago to learn.
  • Cherry - Known as Madam in the SNES version, runs a brothel perhaps? Master of magic, can use Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Flare, Holy and Meteor.
  • Outsider - Dangerous ninja enemy who can throw stuff (oh no! not stuff!) and can inflict death with its dispatch attack. A few ultimas will fix his wagon.

And also a few enemies we've already seen. Moving on. Enter the door on the left, and follow it to the outside. Kefka was feeling extra uncreative in this place; looks like he just lifted up the entrance of the Imperial Palace and plopped another pathway down on top of it. Run all the way north and step on the switch. Other party's will need to step on switches too to get the door open, so strip group 2 of their possessions and change to Party 3.

Time for Relm and company to make their move. Unless you didn't put Relm in this group: do you even listen to me? Or am I typing this to no one in particular? Ride the conveyor belt down and continue south until you see a chest which has a Red Cap inside it. Instead of going south again, open up the big door above the chest and enter. Run north to get to the factory, on a walkway above a floor that we'll get to soon. Follow the path that the catwalk takes you on, collecting a Nutkin Suit halfway through, and a Gauntlet at the end. Backtrack to where you got the Red Cap, then walk right and down to get to another door. Inside is another part of Keffie Inc. Run up to get the Hero's Ring, then run southwest. In this area there is a secret passage hidden beneath the rotating cog; walk under it from the left, then move south to a wall, go up one step, then left to a wall, then south to a wall, then move east until you're directly under the chest in the isolated room. Walk up to open it, and receive the Aegis Shield as your reward for finding this place. Now go back the way you came until you come to the cog room again.

Head north to see a conveyor belt moving upwards, and jump on. It takes us to the ground floor of the factory room where we got the Nutkin Suit and Gauntlet, and head for the save point immediately. Heal the team, then walk left to the stairs. Our next boss decides that this totally random spot is good enough to ambush the team, and drops on us from above.

Boss Fight: Inferno
FFVI IOS Inferno
  • HP - 30,800 (Inferno) 11,000 (Ketu) 8000 (Rahu)
  • Weakness - Lightning (Inferno) Fire (Ketu) (Ice) Rahu)
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - Ice Shield (Inferno) Flame Shield (Ketu & Rahu)

This guy thinks he's so clever because his arms have different weaknesses and absorptions to him. You can't cast Firaga, since one will absorb the damage, or Blizzaga, cause another will be healed again. Seems like he hasn't heard of Ultima, which doesn't discriminate against any limbs, regardless of weakness. He uses attacks like Gigavolt and Shockwave despite the fact that his name is inferno, and may even use Sabot to do high damage.

Dismember his appendage pals (Ketu and Rahu), and he'll use Magitek Barrier to cast Protect and Reflect on himself. Ultima doesn't know the meaning of 'reflection', and will burn him up same as any monster in this dungeon.

Long live the mighty Inferno...

After that embarrassing episode, I'd be shocked if Kefka even decided to show his pale face to us when we reach the summit of this tower. His minions are bloody pitiful.

Let's continue this assault on the next page.

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