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The Cultist's Tower Edit

We only just got the Master's Scroll, so it seems well judged that we get the magic-equivalent next. You know where the Cultist's Tower is don't you? Serpent Trench? Where you got Strago? Well, off you go! I'll see ya there.

Oh hi! Glad you made it! This place, home to the cult of Keffie Palazzo, is a sky-penetrating tower with more stairs in it then the Milky Way has stars. Good fun, this site - just a constant journey upwards and upwards and upwards, no relief, no respite. God, how it shits me so. But I haven't even mentioned the ruul problem here: This particular tower is surrounded by an enchantment (something like that, I'm not really sure) that countermands every command you have except for 'Magic' and 'Mimic'. That includes Attack, just so you know. Umaro can still attack here because he isn't technically using a command, but let's be real about that. He's Umaro. Need I say more?

The enemies here, which I will describe in detail soon, are like you: they only use magic, and their running out of HP results in death. It would be extremely beneficial for you if you brought only your mages along (Terra, Celes, Relm + one other), and more beneficial still if at least two of them could cast ultima. Ultima is the key to victory here, of course, due to its power, and because it ignores reflect - and a lot of enemies here have reflect. MP can run low up here, though (there are no save points), so you have to be conservative with how you use MP (Gold Hairpin's a start). It's also very important that you have someone, hopefully two or more, who can cast Reraise. It's purpose will become clear once you reach the top of the Cult's Tower. If you lack Ultima or don't want to bother yourself with the enemies, you can also bring along Mog with the Molulu Charm to avoid dying way up there. In fact, it's much better if you make a fourth party member out of Mog: save your strength 'til the top, beat the boss, then make your way back down, battling enemies as you can.

That's all, I think. Shall we begin? Here's all the enemies, wonderfully titled as they are:

  • Level 10 Magic - Weak as piss enemy that is no threat to anyone, even at the start of the World of Ruin.
  • Level 20 Magic - Weak, but has banish, which can kill you off in one go. Kill it first in all instances it may appear.
  • Level 30 Magic - They counter a lot, but are still rather feeble.
  • Level 40 Magic - Status wreaker - Uses plenty of de-buffing abilities.
  • Level 50 Magic - Getting stronger now. Uses Death occasionally, and can counter with berserk or slow or reflect.
  • Level 60 Magic - Can use Quake, Holy, AND Tornado, making them reasonably dangerous foes. Weak to Fire.
  • Level 70 Magic - Uses Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga; a threat, but mild, and can be destroyed with ultima or Ice magic.
  • Level 80 Magic - Not as powerful as the others, but can heal them and bounce Ga spells of her comrades. Make killing her a priority.
  • Level 90 Magic - Dangerous motherfucker. Uses Meteor, Flare, or Meltdown. Meltdown we haven't had the pleasure of seeing yet: It deals huge amounts of fire/wind damage to the entire party, and the enemy too. Can counter with Reraise, which is just ghastly.
  • Magic Urn - Friendly guys give healing items to you out of kindness. After a while, they flee, but you still get AP from them. Before they do that, it's suggested that you use Osmose to replenish your supply.

Or, as I said, just use the Molulu's Charm. You can train here later, when there's no danger of dying and having to start over. Now that that's out of the way, let's go ahead and start climbing. Run up the stairs. And... then some more. Keep going... After a while, a door will appear on the right. Enter it, and take the Safety Bit from the chest. Stand to the right of this chest, face the wall, and tap the screen. This will create a door one floor down that contains the Air Anchor, Edgar's best tool. It's an instant Death affair, so... hm. Not wild about that. Exit, then continue the climb. Doing well... Little higher...

FFVI IOS Cultist's Tower

Up... up... up...

On the next screen up, you're going to be doing more more movement of an ascending nature. Up. Then up. Oh! A door! It has a Genji Shield! Now where were we? Up... and up... UP...

On the third screen, you have some climbing ahead of you. Who could have ever said that this was boring? I admit, I was weak. I slapped the Molulu's Charm on right then and there - I'd had enough. I'm only a man! Weak-willed as I am... Continue until a door appears on the side again. There's treasure in here, but also a dragon. It's a break in the boredom, I suppose.

Boss Fight: Holy Dragon
FFVI IOS Holy Dragon
  • HP - 18,500
  • Weakness - None
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - X-Potion, Holy Lance (But how to steal it?)

Not unlike Big Blue, Holy Dragon is one of the weakest bosses ever to roam a Final Fantasy Game. It attacks with Holy, and Dispel. It has auto-reflect on it too, but if you bounce silence off one of your team members, well... it has nothing. With no magic to use, what can he do? Nothing. One of the great elemental eight, reduced to this... Kill the thing with whatever magic you think necessary. It absorbs Holy, as one might suspect, but ultima will serve best. If you don't have it, then just bounce some Ga spells or flare on him. He also has the lowest HP since the world collapsed, so there's no chance of you dying here.

While he's paralyzed from the silence, you can also siphon all the MP in the world from him, and he can't do anything about it. You'll exit the battle in better health then you did when you enterred it, I assure you.

2 Dragons Remaining.

What a shameful display that was. We get the Holy Lance for victory, which Mog and Edgar will enjoy, I'm sure. Open the chest to receive the Kagenui for Shadow, then exit the room. Hey, guess what? More climbing, that's what.

Fourth screen, much like the third, can only be gotten through by going up. Better get going, then. Up. Up. Up. UUUUUUUUUP. Ooh! Another door! I'm starting to love these! Take the Force Armour from the chest, then resume your ascending of the tower. UUUUUUUP.

The fifth screen is the last, YAAAAY! Only the top most room remains, so run in there. If you haven't got someone with Reraise, then you're in trouble. The best thing you can do now is equip Quetzalli if no one has learned it: You'll soon see why. Pick up the Soul of Thamasa from the room. It turns 'magic' into dualcast, which means any person can cast two spells in a row. That's bloody strong with ultima. And if you cast quick on that person? Congratulations, you've successfully made yourself a god. Equip it on someone, then run outside. The cult of Kefka is coming up the stairs in a mob, angry at the theft of 'Lord Kefka's' treasure and demanding that you return it. ????? shows up again (busy ghost) and tries to kill us to take it back.

Boss Fight: Magic Master
FFVI IOS Magic Master
  • HP - 50,000
  • Weakness - Varies
  • Difficulty - Easy (Medium without Ultima)
  • Steal - Elixir, Crystal Orb (No way to steal it!!!)

The Master of Magic has a crap ton of HP, which makes working away at it a chore if you don't possess ultima. With the ultimate spell you can simply carve off large slices of HP with the newly acquired Soul of Thamasa relic, and the battle will be over soon. Thanks to his auto-reflect and his ability to Master-Tonberry us with a Barrier Shift every time he's attacked, there are several possible ways to beat him for those who do not possess ultima:

First method, you'll have to go the hard way of killing this fiend, by casting libra (or reflect-casting, since Magi has auto-reflect, discerning his weakness, then reflect-casting a spell that will exploit that. Every time he's attacked, he will change weaknesses again, so you'll have to repeat the process countless times. Libra will cause a barrier shift most times (maybe ALL-times, not too sure), so that's kind of useless. It's gonna take a looooooong time to kill this guy with that strategy.

Second strategy is to cast reflect on the team to avoid Magic Master's spells (you'll have to heal with items from then on), then proceed to blow through 50,000 points of MP with Osmose and Rasp. Good news is, you'll never lack for MP. Bad news is, it will take about half an hour. Have fun with that.

Third strategy is probably the best for people who don't have the ultimate spell: reflect cast berserk onto Magic Master, and he only attacks (300-500 damage), and is unable to change weaknesses. Then you can cast libra without fear of him changing weaknesses, find out what vulnerability he has, and target it with your best spells (reflected of course). If he turns out to be weak against water or wind or something that you can't capitalise on, dispel the berserk and try again.

Magic Master has spells of his own to fight with, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Bio, Silence, and Death, but all are reflectable. Play by his rules, cast reflect on your team, and you're pretty much invincible. Except for one thing. One eensie-weensie tiny-winy problem called ultima, which this bitch will use when the coup de grâce has been struck on him. It pierces reflect, just like your own version, and is so insanely powerful that you will not survive it unless you're level 80 or something. Here's where Reraise can potentially save your life. Cast it on at least one (preferably every) person, they'll be killed by ultima, but will then resurrect, unscathed. Victory! Unless you have no means to cast reraise. In that case, you must get M.M close to death, then time Quetzalli well with the blow that kills the boss. If you do it just before, everyone will leap into the air and be safe from Ultima. One person will be killed, but what of it? It's still VICTORY! If you're using this method, it's advised that you keep a close eye on Magic Master's HP with libra in order to tell when the end's coming.

If you're disobedient and recalcitrant, and didn't bring along Quetzalli or Reraise, then maybe have just one person jump with Dragoon Boots. It's that or lower his MP to zero so he can't cast ultima at all. Honestly though, which would you prefer?

That was a COLOSSAL boss box. And for an 'easy' opponent as well!

With their leader dead and their treasure taken, the cult members simply vanish into thin air. Equip the Molulu's Charm, then get out of here the only way we can. By going down. Down. DOOOOOOWWWWWWWNNNNN.

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