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I apologise again. I certainly didn't think that Kaiser would take so much info to walkthrough, but I was clearly wrong. The next superboss shouldn't take as long, since I don't need to piss around with directions. That'll leave some room for the Soul Shrine bullshit, won't it?

Once you get to Omega, the fight starts. He doesn't even have time to chit-chat. Rude.

Superboss Fight: Omega Weapon

  • HP - 65,000 (x3)
  • Weakness - None
  • Difficulty - Hard
  • Steal - Megalixir

Omuhgod, it's Omega! Know what, I'm still not impressed. Kaiser Dragon at least had an original new sprite to tout, but Omega has a twice recycled sprite that wasn't even that badass to start with. He's not as strong, either. He has the same multi-life strategy as Kaiser, but if you beat Kai, then you can certainly beat this fraudulent "Super"boss. (Look at his HP! Even Kai had more!)

Early on his first life, Omega will use the following: Meteor, Flare, Quake (can be avoided by casting Float), Tornado, Aero, Tusnami, and the three level lores: Level 3 Confuse, Level 4 Flare, Level 5 Death (watch OUT for the last one; levels like 49 will grant you immunity to all of them). The best defence for all these moves is just a good healing, which all of your team members should be capable of doing; this is the last battle of note, so feel free to use some Elixirs if urgency calls for them. Remember to cast Reraise on all of them too, since Omega's attacks are always powerful enough to kill someone off without warning. After half of his first life has been eradicated, he begins using Southern Cross, and may counter with Dischord or Freezing Dust. Dischord I wouldn't worry about, but you know what to do if you get frozen mid-battle. Try to kill him quickly, or he'll get a Protect, Shell, Haste paling on himself to make the fight more difficult. Last thing: Omega can at any moment use Grand Delta after focusing his energy. It's an absurdly overpowered attack, and the only one he has that will almost promise a complete demolition of the team. Only Reraise can prevent that. You'll know when a life is destroyed - OW will use Vengeance, which only removes status effects. Not dangerous, just rather annoying. Remember to put up Reraise again soon after this happens, or you'll soon wish you had.

Second life, he uses Atomic Rays, Absolute Zero, Delta Attack, Magnitude 8, Wave Cannon, Gravity Bomb, Metal Cutter, Blaster, and Launcher. Same old, same old. Some attacks inflict more damage than others, but so long as you keep up the Reraise/health benefits, then nothing can really go wrong. He counters in this stage with an attack or Missile, which deals HUGE amounts of damage on the team. Keep up their health always - Curaga every turn if you must, and hey, you probably will. Once Life 2 is eliminated, Omega will exchange the harmless Vengeance for the awful Heartless Angel. You know it can't kill us exactly, but it will damn sure make it close. Heal before he gets his next turn, or you sir are fucked. Like Grand Delta from the first round, if you wait too long, Omega will make you pay for it: this time with Mind Blast, which inflicts some terrible status ailments. Not sure which, since I didn't piss around. And neither should you!

Third life, which is also his last: He can use just about everything from the first turn, and also makes use of Keffie's Forsaken attack. Beware, because it's more powerful in the capable hands of Omega Weapon than it was in the so called God of Magic. Another, more unique move, is Omega Drive, a counter attack that can deal several lots of over 1000 damage to several characters. That blaster can be a problem too, since OW loves to throw that around every now and then. Hope that your character can dodge or block it, because you don't want your precious auto-life spell to be wasted on that cheap ability. All I have to say really. Your strategy for this final fight, this last hurrah, is to heal with Curaga, cast Reraise like, ALL THE TIME, and to go nuts with Ultima. This guy doesn't have the physical resistance that Kai did, but who truly cares about weapons? Ultima, ultima, ultima your problems away. Abuse the shit out of the Quick command, (along with Soul of Thamasa), and you'll find that this 'super'boss will inevitably perish just like all the rest.

Phew, glad that's over! And what do we win for our triumph? Nothing. No fancy esper, no awesome weapon. Kappa doesn't even show up to congratulate us. You get a nice Bestiary Entry, but no self-respecting sane person would give two shits about that.

Soul Shrine Edit

Located on the large island west of Mobliz, the Soul Shrine is the last test of strength for all those who didn't toss the game aside when Kefka deteriorated into millions of little fragments. The goal of the Soul Shrine is to win 128 battles in a row, most against enemies and bosses we've faced, and with the final dozen or so encounters being with the Dragon's Den form of the dragons eight, and their master, Kaiser Dragon. Let me repeat that for dramatic effect: 128 fights, ending with Kaiser.

To make matters worse, there are only a few breaks (i can't remember - sue me) in between a certain number of battles, and you can't save in them. If you lose a battle, you have to start over. If you leave at any time, you have to start over. Could you imagine getting all the way to Kai and losing? I think I'd rather throw myself into the sea than try the fucking thing again.

You can find a new enemy in here, and I might as well talk about it, since there's barely anything else to explain. The Glutturn is a Magic Urn palette swap appearing in four varieties (Yellow, Green, Red, Blue) at fixed spots within the Shrine. They ask (demand, in truth) items from you, sometimes valuable ones like X-Ethers or Elixirs. Often, they'll get greedy and call for more, and if you can't meet their demands, they'll get pissed off and start a fight. You do not want this. These bastards are the hardest enemies in the game, even harder than Omega and Kai. Yellow uses shittons of status magic like Cloudy Heaven, Blue uses Punish twice a turn to knock out two party members, giving you no time to recuperate, and red... well, red is the most dangerous foe existent in this game. He uses Ultima every turn, and if you do manage to kill him, he'll use Heartless Angel, which probably means that you'll get killed in the next battle you fight. The point behind these fights is not to attack and win (die, more like), but to steal, as these fiends have some of the best items to pinch in the game. Green has Force Shields, Yellow has Master's Scrolls, Blue has Celestriads, and Red has mothafuckin' Souls of Thamasa. Could you imagine a world where every character in the team has Souls of Thamasa and Celestriad? 20 ultimas a turn for a combined 4 MP cost. *Shivers* Somethings are better left alone, wiki-goers. You do not NEED any more of these things. Leave the pots alone.

There are no rewards for doing this optional sidequest, apart from the Master's Crown, a worthless trophy item. This place is also the place to go to fill out some missing bestiary entries, but I seriously doubt that anyone other than me is truly interested in spending their time on that merde. There's nothing else, besides a sense of accomplishment that means nothing in any universe that has, is, or might exist. If you think that I'll give you more information about the Soul Shrine, then you've clearly been hitting the bottle too hard. I ain't doing it, and you shouldn't either.

'Til Next Time Edit

Speaking of nothing else, there's nothing else to do in the walkthrough. Kefka's dead, the bonus dungeon is cleared, the superbosses are dead, we've collected mountains and mountains of items, abilities, bestiary pages... What else is there? Sadly, nothing. This is where we part, dear friends, since (as is my wont to feeling at the end of any walkthrough I pen) I'm bored, and I just want to get this published already. Maybe someday you'll follow me on another one of my adventures through Final Fantasy. Maybe your wits will return and find something a bit more tasteful and enlightening to read. Whatever you decide, I'm officially done for FFVI, and my time here has come to and end.

Thanks for your time, everyone. Until next we meet.

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