A World of Ruin Edit

It's been a year since 'that fateful day', and much has changed. The landmasses have shifted and altered in shape and size, the green verdancy of the land has since turned into a lifeless brown, and dangerous creatures roam the continent in place of the ones that existed before catastrophe.

On a Solitary island in the middle of sea, Celes awakens after that year spent unconscious. A whole year? Really? She's been fed (and probably bathed) by Mr. Del Norte Marguez (That's Cid by the way - yeah, that's his actual name) for all this time, having discovered her on the shores of the island. He isn't doing too good though - he's dying. And it's up to Celes to save him. What luck! She breaks out of her coma the day that Cid was going to die! Which is exactly 365 days after the world was destroyed. But when I say Celes is going to save him, I mean us: the god of convenient cutscene mechanics isn't helping us out here.

Now for a mini-game, this is a very morbid one because failing in it will cost Cid his life. Yep, we could become murderers. There's no prize for helping Cid live and no penalties for letting him die, but you do get an awesome cutscene if he passes on, and you might feel better if he lives to see another day. Choices, choices.

Cid Lives Edit

FFVI IOS Cid Survives

To win the mini-game, we need to go out to the beach and grab the fastest fish for Cid to eat. Only take the fast ones, because the slower ones will end up killing him. If there are no fish that appear to be faster than the others, or none at all, leave the screen and return shortly after. Keep picking up the fastest ones, and Cid will slowly recover. You can tell by the comments he makes to Celes after eating.

Soon, his strength will return, and he'll show Celes what he's been working on for the past few days: a raft. He urges her to go out to sea and find her friends, and she promises to return to him one day. With that, she waves goodbye to her oldest friend, and sets out to sea on the raft.

Cid Dies Edit

FFVI IOS Celes's Suicide

Same story but with different fish. Take the slowest fish to Cid, who slowly starts to die from them. After ingesting a certain amount of bad fish, Cid will die, leaving Celes all alone in the world. In despair, she runs to the northern cliffs, where the islands previous inhabitants committed suicide out of hopelessness. With her amazing theme playing in the background, the screen darkens, Celes thinks one last time about Locke and her friends, and decides to end it all by throwing herself into the sea. Awesome. Best scene EVER.

She doesn't die though, and ends up being washed ashore again. A bird appears to wake her up, and she discovers none other than Locke's bandana tied around its neck. Her hope restored, she resolves to live in order to seek out her friends. Walk into Cid's shack, where a letter written by Cid can be found on the floor. It says that he wanted her to drift to freedom by using the raft he built, then stored, in the basement. Look around for some stairs by the furnace, and inspect the raft to drag it out to the beach. Celes says her final goodbyes to her 'Granddad' (sad...) and pushes off into the ocean.

Searching for Friends Edit

In case you were wondering, I decided to save Cid because I'm not an uncaring bastard.

Celes drifts ashore on the Southern Continent, but it's changed, man. It's changed. One look at the map and will tell you that, and so will the eerie tune playing as background music. Celes is all alone in a listless wasteland that used to be lush and beautiful. That means that we have only one person to fight with for the next part of the game, so we have to prepare well for the upcoming journey through the World of Ruin. The enemies that appear are weaker than usual, yes, but you've only got one person to fight against them. One person who's probably level 25-30, and weak by their own. Save after every battle to ensure that you don't die, because it can happen more often than you know.

Equip Celes with some weapons, armour, and a good esper. The relics are of high importance here - I suggest that you give her a Ribbon to prevent deadly statuses like Stop and Petrify, and a Ward Bangle to cut back the amount of enemies she'll have to face. Dragoon Boots are also nice, because they turn the attack command to jump, thrusting her out of harm's way.

To begin the voyage through perdition, head for the small town to your west which lies around the small body of water. It's none other than Albrook, where we caught that ship to Thamasa. How times change... There's no new treasure to be found here, and the shops have nothing new, but you can talk to the people hanging around here to find out the goings on of the new world.

  • Kefka has become a god, and sits atop Kefka's Tower (north of Albrook), a massive coalescence of debris that formed when the world was shattered.
  • Anyone who defies the new ruler will be vaporized by the 'Light of Judgment', which can raze entire towns into rubble.
  • A feisty Martial artist called at the town not long ago, and he headed north to Tzen.

Once you've seen everything, leave. Maranda is no longer on the same continent as Albrook, the Imperial outpost has been destroyed, and so has Vector, to be replaced by a huge monument to destruction and death: Kefka's Tower. Tzen is still accessible though, to the far north. Head over there now, and save before entering.

Ruined Tzen Edit

Walk up the steps, and an explosion hits. The house affected is in the north part of town, down some steps. Speak to some of the scurrying townsfolk, and they tell you that Kefka has struck the village with his Light of Judgment, and the house is about to collapse. They also tell you to get some relics that prevent petrification, because the monsters in there have a passion for inflicting it. You will want the Ribbon for this next part, and also that Ward Bangle. It's very important that you equip the Ward Bangle.

FFVI IOS Sabin World of Ruin

Run to the house (turns out a little kid is trapped inside), to see Sabin holding up the whole front portion of the building. (He can suplex a train with minimal effort, but struggles with a measly house front? Inconsistency) We need to save a trapped kid that can't manage to escape by himself. The manor is filled with plenty of enemies, and we only have six minutes to run in, grab the child, then escape with all the treasure we can collect. The random encounters make this a horrible event to play through. THEY WILL NOT. STOP. ATTACKING. Wide-range magic spells should do them all in, and they're not hard battles so long as you have the Ribbon, but their incessant attacking will put you at a viable risk of running out of time. That always annoyed me in these games - hoards of enemies just saw their pals get butchered by the party, but does that stop them from offering their lives to that same party of killers? Nooo. "Let's just all get in this guys way because our lives are meaningless anyway" I imagine them saying to each other.

To start, run forward in the house until you get to a chest with a Healing Rod inside. Run west until you see a door leading south into a bedroom - take it to obtain the Holy Rod, then leave and continue west to an Ether in a chest. Walk down through this door, then through one more to get a Hyper Wrist, then double back to where a chest and some stairs lie. The box is just a monster-in-a-box with nothing to gain, so you can ignore that one. The Nightwalkers inside are easy to beat, but they eat up a lot of time with their protracted drain spells. Run down the stairs, and you'll see a chest on the other side of the wall. Run over there and pop it open to get a blood sword, then dart north to some steps. Ignore this chest too, as it just contains more time-wasting ghouls. Walk east to find that child everyone's raving about, talk to him to rescue him, then proceed east to a chest with a Magicite Shard inside. Now run back the way you came until you exit the house. Hopefully, the monsters found here won't give you too much trouble.

With everyone clear, Sabin jumps out of the way just as the mansion collapses. Celes and Sabin unite, with the Monk now joining the party. And let me tell you right now - it makes things much easier from now on. Sabin technically wasn't even a mandatory character to obtain for the final dungeon, but there's no way you could have got by without him. Now we can move on from this town, since there's no new treasures to be found and no new items at the shops. If you didn't buy Seraph from that guy in the northeast of town, he's still there, and will sell it to you for 10 gil! Obviously small use for magicite in a dying world. That's all for Tzen, so lets strike out into the north.

A new land bridge is present to north east, which leads to the Serpent Trench: This once underwater conduit has risen from the ocean to form a long, narrow landmass stretching from Mobliz in the east to South Figaro in Nikeah in the north. Mobliz is an optional area at the moment, so you know we're going there next. Run east along the 'trench' until you come to some houses by the east sea to find our goal.

Destroyed Mobliz Edit

Stroll into the village, and two dogs come up to you, barking their electronic bark. Wub! Wub wub! A child runs out to see what they're barking at and maybe to hit them a little, but freaks out to see someone in the village. Avoid the house he ran into for now, and examine the third barrel next to the house on its left. You'll get a Phoenix Down for the trouble. The house itself is the former residence of Lola's boyfriend, the wounded imperial. He seems to have passed on by the current time, as there's no one there to greet us. The northern house (Relic shop) still has a bed to use to heal the party, feel free to use. There's no clerk cashier there anymore. In fact, there doesn't appear to be anyone... anywhere. Enter the house that the child ran into and run into the basement. That unpleasant little one wants to fight us to protect the lives of all the children living down here, but a voice tells him to stop. It's Terra!

Terra is acting as the mother to all these children after Kefka smote every adult in Mobliz (and a good deal of Mobliz itself) with his Light of Judgment. Talk to her in the back room to find that she's lost the will to fight, now that she's found something to protect in the children of Mobliz. There are two other adults here, but obviously they're not parent material. The children don't want Terra to go either, because they need her to feel safe. To hell with the children! I need you, Terra. And who's more important? The NPCs who can't say more than one sentence? Or the guy who can potentially destroy Kefka and you if he had the inclination? Leave through the bottom door, and a youth will run up to Terra, telling her that 'Humbaba is coming!'

Humbaba is an ancient monster released from the depths of the earth following the apocalypse that destroyed the World of Balance, and she stops a bit to tell us that in detail. Humbaba attacks, and it's up to Terra to repulse the threat. The great bovine thing is too powerful though, and within moments Terra will be incapacitated. Now it's time for Celes and Sabin to show this creature what true heroes are made of.

Boss Fight: Humbaba
FFVI IOS Humbaba
  • HP - 28,000
  • Weakness - Poison
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Steal - Can't

Despite his strength, H. Baba is a weak boss. His attacks include physicals, Thundara, and Solar Plexus, a powerful move that shears about 800 HP off. 1000 Needles goes one step further by removing a thousand HP from one person: possibly an instant kill move. Heal is all you can do apart from attacking - I don't need to tell you how to do that. Just focus on attacking Humbaba normally with magic spells (but not Thundara) and Blitzes to lay the hurt on this green giant, and everything will work out just fine. If you have the Venom Claws, give 'em to Sabin, since the boss is weak against poison based attacks.

Also, this fight would be worthy of a 'Hard' coloured box if you brought only Celes along. Good thing we recruited Sabin, right? After only 5000 HP is gone, Humbie will run off in tears at being beaten up so badly. It's good that the village is saved and everything, but I don't rejoice in the fact that we'll have to fight this guy again in the near future.

Terra is taken to the nearest bed to rest after getting her pretty little butt whooped. This just proves to her (in her dismally narrow field of vision) that she can't fight anyone anymore, and must stay behind to protect the children. Dammit Terra! We can't recruit this stubborn woman until later on, so just leave her to her self-pity. Walk outside the room, and a boy will run up to you with a gift; a piece of magicite that fell from the chain around Humbaba's neck. Fenrir isn't the best summon, but it's got a cool animation and teaches some nice things: Teleport at a rate of 10, Stop at a rate of 3, and a newie, Banish, at a rate of 5. The new spell can be used to instantly remove weaker enemies from the battle, which might come in handy in a few battles down the road. It's also the first magicite to give us a stat boost upon levelling up, this one being MP+30%. It's great for magic users like Celes, so I advise giving it to her first.

We've cleaned up the issue at Mobliz, so that just leaves Nikeah up around the north end of the Serpent Trench, where boats are apparently ferrying people and goods to the nearby South Figaro. To Nikeah then! And quickly!

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