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What's up everyone? It's Alt here with another special instalment of the not so famed walkthrough anthology I'm writing. If you didn't know, I also composed two other wonderful walkthroughs for your assistance, those being for Dimensions and IV: The After Years. What's the story behind this one? Well, I was looking for a game to walkthrough, and I saw that VI was coming out on IOS and (less importantly) Android. Just like with my previous walkthrough, I was so excited to be drafting a demonstration of the game for my sycophantic yet possibly non-existent fans. So quite suddenly, the game came out... on Android. See, I refuse to believe that anyone uses Android, since I don't even know what the hell it is. So I patiently waited. And waited. And waited for the IOS version to come out. Until Square Enix at long last decided not to waste everyone's time anymore and unfurled the banners harking the triumphant return of the series's (arguably) greatest game for a platform that's actually worth my time. Sadly, since I got it so damn late, I was beaten to the punch insofar as photos and discussion is concerned. I'll still upload all the pretty pictures for the simpler gamers out there, but I do it with a heavy heart and a crushed soul...

But anyway - FFVI, Hurrah! Let me tell you a bit about it. Basically... there's this chick, right? And she's like, working for this guy against her will, yeah? And then this other guy who's actually a good guy saves her, and then they join these other people who are fighting a great battle with this big empire, where the first guy works. Got that? But then the first guy blows up existence and it's up to her, him and them to bring him down.

As I said/bitched - this game is for IOS and Android, but to my comprehension, it's based entirely on the GBA port of the game. This means that all you retro gamers with that Game Boy Advance version *should* be able to follow along. Hell, even the PSN or SNES version can't be 'that' far off. Why don't you come along as well?

I should warn you: Vulgarity, Bias, offensiveness and a total lack of regard and respect for political correctness follows. Reader discretion is advised (but discouraged).


FFVI was invented by the sorcerers at Square and released for the SNES on April 2nd, 1994. A few months later, the U.S and Canada got a taste of it, but that doesn't interest me because I don't live in either of those countries. Upon its release, VI received high critical acclamation, great sales, and wonderful publicity. Not as good as VII's though, but I suppose a better game will amass better reception right? (SCREW YOU FANBOYS!!!!!) I do like the game, honestly I do. But I just like VII better. If it makes you feel any better, both games are infinitely inferior to XII.

And here is the wonderfully boring part about buying this game and playing it. I never get bored of typing this! No sir! Final Fantasy VI can be purchased from the iTunes store (I hate repeating myself, but I don't bloody care if you have Android) Unlike The After Years and Dimensions, gameplay is not episodic, and is not set in chapters. The only division in story time you get is about halfway through, when a drastic change shifts the nature of the planet (called the World of Balance). But you have to play on if you want to see what happens there. Go onto iTunes if you want it, purchase the game from the store (you need to purchase funds from iTunes cards first) and then download it onto your IOS device. I think it's like 15 dollars. Price may vary depending on country.


This section is the worst. I would sincerely like to know who (if anyone) actually reads how to use the controls. I just want to PLAAAAY, so I'm copying and pasting my previous work and changing it when actual changes apply.

For this game, you are given a four-pointed compass to use for overworld and dungeon exploration. Touching the screen will make the compass appear. This compass is special, allowing you to go in EIGHT directions! Pressing the centre of the compass will make you interact with people, chests, and objects of interest. You can only walk in these eight directions, and gameplay mostly revolves around the journey from point A to point B, and all the battles in between.

The Menu button opens the menu, which sounds amazing. It allows you to assemble your team, determine their row placement, and switch them around. It also allows you to change their Job, examine their abilities, check your inventory, view your Magic/Skills, organize team equipment, observe your party’s status, and allow you to save and quicksave (but only in appropriate areas). You can also use the “config” button to switch certain arrangements around. I wouldn’t recommend ever pressing that button. It just makes you feel better, knowing that help, sound, and minimap dispositions can be altered as you please.

In battle, you have the choice of using several commands in order to reach a certain goal. What goal? To WIN, dummy! Why are you even reading this? You’re probably as board reading this as I am typing the shit, anyway. You can attack you foe. You can defend against your foe. You can use magic (offensively or defensively) and you can use special abilities exclusive to the character or job. Seriously now, if you've played any RPG before, you should know all this, or at least be able to figure it out by you lonesome. If you haven't played an RPG and this is your first, then you made a shit first choice. Sorry babe, but it's the truth.

Battle is turn based, so you have a turn, then your foe does. Capiche? You can trigger a battle simply by walking around in dungeons and on the world map. They’re called Random encounters, and they get old REAL FAST. But I suggest you NEVER run away from battles. Not only do you need to stay up to speed with your character’s leveling, but I will officially declare you PUSSY FOR LIFE if you run from battles you can win. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this game has a leveling system. Kill, and your team members will gain the experience needed to kill again. And so it goes, a veritable genocide of monsters and humans alike. This game is like Mortal Kombat but without the gratuitous violence and gore. Just another reason to run around killing misunderstood creatures in horribly inhumane ways. I guess that’s why these games sell so well.

Weapons, Spells, sundries and other items can be obtained through purchase, through winning them in battle, stealing, looting (Chests) and receiving them from well-wishing NPCs. Spells are needed to cast magic. Weapons are needed to murder things. Armor protects against the things that attack you. Et cetera. You really should know this.

I DO NOT like repeating myself. And this is the third time I've done it! Is there really anything else to say?

Last Words of Advice[]

  • If ever an important fact or piece of information went unsaid in this intro, then I'll definitely get to it later on in the walkthrough. If you have any questions, leave me a question in the talk page up above.
  • Apart from grammar and spelling, you are not authorised to edit this walkthrough. I'll curse you good, bitch.
  • Grinding was made to be less of an issue in this game, apparently. According to SE, you no longer have to spend hours levelling up to keep up with the game's increasingly powerful enemies. I don't remember FFVI ever being the hardest game, so I don't know what the fuck those people are on about. What about FFII? Why didn't you make that easier?
  • Walk from town to town, talking to people and fighting monsters. That about covers it. Just remember to be thorough in your search for items and creatures. You never know when you might miss something. Here we go again!


World of Balance[]

World of Ruin[]

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