CSM has given me permission to write the GBA extra such as the new summons and the Dragon's den. First off, there our three differences between our writing style. One, I will use the new names such as Firaga and Confuse instead of Fire 3 and Muddle and Two, i have no sense of humor.... =(

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Let's start off with catching that lil man of mystery, Gilgamesh. First make sure you have a whopping 500,000 Gil!!!! this may take a while but i did this after i defeated the other eight dragons and if your reading this you probably have defeated them also so moving along... Next fly over to Jidoor and you'll see a new man standing outside the auction house. Talk to him and he'll explain how they're going to put a rare new sword on sale at the auction house. WE HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! So run inside and start bidding on Excalipoor, it may take a while for the sword to come up but when it does, just keep bidding until it's yours!

Now that you have this kick ass sword if you look at it's stat you'll notice one problem... it has an attack power of 1.... No, im not kidding, open up you menu and check... i can wait.... Now what are we gonna do with this... Why bet it of course! Fly to the colleseum and bet it. But before you do, get your whole party ready becuase Gilgamesh challenges your party for the sword and not just one dude. However, you dont just watch them fight but you actually control them (YIPEE!) I recommend bringing Locke or Gogo so that you can steal some Genji equipment and Strago so that you can learn some lores. Anybody else is up to you but i used a party of Locke(w/ genji glove and Brigand glove), Strago, Mog(w/ Dragoon boots and horn) and Setzer (w/ Fixed Dice and Master Scroll and Black belt). When your ready, bet Excalipoor and you will face... an Onion Dasher? This battle is a toss up, either you hit him first and win or he hits with a traveler and kills you. I recommend not losing this battle as A) if you win you get a Merit Award and B) it leaves one guys KO when you actually fight Gilgamesh. But either way, after the battle, Gilgamesh challenges your crew to a bar room brawl for Excalipoor.

Gilgamesh usually starts the match off with Aero to reduce all your party member's hp. I recommend healing immediatly after Aero because Gilgamesh counter most attacks for 1000+ damage which is why I preffer not to bring Umaro, Gau or Mog(unless you make him jump) Later, he can follow up with 1000 needles and Quasar(see why I brought Strago) Use steal or better yet mug as much has you can because it's really hard to get any genji equipment off of Gilgamesh and make sure your thief is hasted so that he has more chances to steal. When his hp get low, he'll cast Haste, Protect and Shell on himself at once. Simply dispel this since he never recasts it and speed up your attacks. Gilgamesh starts to use the Jump ability, which can leave your characters twiddling their thumbs for a while while you wait for him to strike, and Blade Dance which hit 3 times for 1000+ to one target or two if the first one dies. He'll then start using his swords Lightbringer, Ragnorak and mistunakami to do 9999 damges to a single target. However, you should kill him before you need to worry about this threat as it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with him as the battle goes on. If you don't, no biggee, you're almost done so keep attacking and healing when needed and he'll go down. Defeating Gilgamesh will give you either a Genji Helm or Armor and the mighty Gilgamesh Magicite which teaches Valor x5 and Quick x1 making Raiden rather outdated (maybe we should have kept Odin a lil longer) When Gilgamesh is summoned, he will do one of to attacks,

  • Excalipoor - Deals 1 damage to all enemies
  • Excalibur - Deals damage to all enemies
  • Masamune - Deals damage to all enemies
  • Enkidu - Gilgamesh's dragon-like companion deals damage to all enemies

so you basically have a 3/4 chance of kicking ass. Hey, that's basically a 75%. That's a passing grade.

Under da Sea![edit source]

After months of soul searching, meditation and random drug abuse (along with rehab) I have decided to finish my work... Granted, it may be quiet useless (Thankyou good Drake) but DAMNIT! I'm not leaving a man behind!

Now, if your a genius, were do you think Leviathan would be? Unfortunately, how the devil we get Leviathan is beyond me because FFVI is one of the few games where you never get a ship. Yep, check em. Fortunately, you can head down to South Fiagro or Nikeah. Before you head out on said ship, be sure to equip your characters with water negating/absorbing gear. (No brainer) Also, be sure to bring Mog if you forgot to learn the Water Harmony and Strago to learn Tsunami and Aqua Bubbles. Also, make sure you have hp above 2000 or so because (hopefully) his water-based attacks will be null and his have to attack physically. Bring whoever else you want, Setzer's fixed dice is always welcome. Fenrir might be a wise choice as summoning him put all your characters w/ Image. Very nice.

When you finally engage the beast, you'll notice sometimes odd he's not weak against Thunder. No biggie, just smack him with whatever you need too. Leviathan uses Tsunami, El Nino and Aqua Breath and can attack for 2000 dmg as well. However, with the proper strategy, he goes down rather quickly. Be sure to have curaga ready if somebody gets hit. After defeating this push over, you recieve the Leviathan Magicit which teaches a new spell called Flood at X1. Fun?

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