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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 39 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

As Group 1[]

Okay, children. Get ready for tonight's installment of.... The Continuing Adventures of Terra Branford in Kefka's Tower-land!

Now, with that door open, return to Group 1. As Group 1, walk straight north and through the door. Walk north through the newly opened door. You'll come to a crossroads.

The ol' switcheroo[]

This next part will have you swapping between the three parties so they can move on. As Group 1, make a right at the crossroads. You'll hit a switch which means there's no turning back at this point. Head south. Switch to Group 3 and move them off the switch they're standing on. Switch back to Group 1, and push the weight onto the switch. This will make a flight of stairs appear for Group 3 to climb onto the center walkway. Do this, and have them turn left at the crossroads. They'll hit a switch which signifies there's no turning back for them, either. Head south through the door. As Group 2, step off the switch so Group 3 can push it down. Now, Group 2 can climb up onto the central walkway and through the door. Now have all parties head into that north room, and step on all three floor switches at the same time. This will make the ground Group 2 is standing on rise up and access a north door and a south door. Head through the south door and step on the switch to open doors for Groups 1 and 3.

Speaking of this room, there's one more random encounter to discuss: the Scullion. This is a machine. It always starts off with its special, Gamma Rays, which sets Condemned. It'll also use some more dangerous attacks, including Gamma Rays again, WaveCannon, Launcher, and a new attack, Grav Bomb. This just does the same thing as Demi, which is no big deal at this point (Launcher always is...). Anyway, attack this thing with your strongest lightning elemental attacks n' such. Before it dies, it'll use Atomic Ray.

The battle with Guardian[]

As Group 2, head north through the two rooms. In the next room, you'll see the Guardian blocking the path. Looks like you'll have to fight your way through!

Won't let you pass!!

The Guardian can be damaged this time (and if it couldn't be, it would be bad). The Guardian attacks by running several "Battle Programs." It'll start by running its basic Battle Program. All it uses here is Tek Laser, Missile, and Atomic Ray. These should be no trouble for you at this point.

However, it'll soon load a new Battle Program, this one belonging to Ultros. It uses standard Ultros attacks at this point. These include Tentacle, which deals physical damage, Ink, which inflicts Blind, and two new spells: Stone (which you should know what this does), and Entwine, which casts Slow on a party member. Once it uses Entwine (after four turns), it'll return to its normal Battle Program for two turns.

At this point, it'll run Dadaluma's Battle Program. It uses Shock Wave, which is weak, but it can also Throw stuff at you. This will kill anything it hits, so revive them quickly (or cast Life 3). After it Throws stuff, it'll use three Potions or Tonics to heal itself before using TekBarrier to give itself Safe and Reflect. Cast Dispel immediately. It'll return to its normal Battle Program for another two turns.

Now, it'll use Air Force's Battle Program. It'll spend four turns using weak things such as Tek Laser and Diffuser, and the dreaded Launcher. Then, it'll count down from 3 and attack with WaveCannon before returning to normal for another two turns. WaveCannon is still very powerful, so beware.

Its final battle program will be that of Atma Weapon. For four turns, it'll either use a physical, or cast Flare or Meteo, which both suck. After that it'll say "Vast Energy Focused" and glow for two turns before using Flare Star. At this point, it just loops back from the beginning of this long sequence.

You want to kill this thing before it gets to Dadaluma. Put up your barriers and cast Slow on the Guardian, and just start spamming Bolt 3 with Celes, Pearl Lance Jumping with Edgar, using whatever you want with Gogo, and having Gau use the Punisher Rage for Bolt 3. Your characters should come into this fight with lightning protection because most of the attacks will be lightning based. Gogo should try to Steal either a Ribbon or a rare Force Armor.

When you win, you'll get a Save Point. Save your game, and get ready, because now we're going to take down the goddesses!

The battle with Poltergeist[]

Head north from where you beat the Guardian. Walk around through the garbage cave and exit the southwest. You'll be outside. Make sure all your characters can resist Fire. Celes can with her Minerva, Gogo can with his Paladin Shield, Gau can with Rages, and Edgar can with his Force Armor (you may want to give him a Flame Shield so he can absorb it, but this puts a dent in his defense. Consider using a Genji Armor if you decide to use a Flame Shield). Head north to face your first goddess: Poltregeist.

Looks more like a half-dragon, half-eagle to me.

Poltregeist is hard to beat without high MBlock. She often casts Stop on a character, followed by Blaster, which will ALWAYS hit a Stopped character. Since you can't get Stop immunity, and since there's no way of recovering from Stop, the best thing to do is to try and get your MBlock up. Her other attacks include Psygrip, which is a weak physical, and Shrapnel, which as you know, is very powerful. She'll counter any attack with Fire 3 and will cast WaveCannon every eight times she's damaged. Once her HP is down to 30000, she'll stop with using Stop and Blaster, and will switch to Aero, S. Cross, and Flare Star.

With your setup, you should be immune to everything but WaveCannon, Aero, and Shrapnel (and Celes and Gogo will be immune to all but Shrapnel). If Gau Rages Magic Urn, he'll be immune to everything but Shrapnel, but his offense takes a hit. Also, Poltregeist is vulnerable to Stop, so take advantage of that. Her defense is pretty high, so you may want to use Bio spells (she's weak to Poison) and Flare or Ultima. Just do NOT use Fire, as she absorbs this.

When you win, you'll get an Aura Lance. This is the strongest Spear in the game for Edgar and Mog, but you may want to keep the Pearl Lance on because of its random Pearl casting. Although there will be a battle where the Aura Lance is better coming up very soon.

Anyway, go into the door Poltregeist was blocking and save your game. Jump into the pit and head north and stay on the switch. Now, switch to Group 3.

The battle with Doom[]

As Group 3, head south to the previous room, and west through the new door. Now, head north for a few screens and you'll reach Doom.

Aww, isn't this cute.

Doom is easily the weakest goddess, although her HP doesn't show it (she has more than the final boss!). She's the REAL Ice queen, as I still insist that Shiva is male... In the new game Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings they're giving Shiva a family. I think the female wife is really Doom. Doom will attack mostly with her physical, Ice 3, N. Cross, and the dangerous Absolute 0, a spell you haven't seen in awhile. Occasionally she'll cast "Targetting!", which if you remember the Trap Door enemies from Final Fantasy IV, just picks out a target for the next attack. Her next attack is a powerful physical attack in Demon Rage. This is unblockable, so it can be dangerous.

One Doom's HP is halfway down, a message will display "Doom's aura is shaking!" At this point, Doom will self-apply Haste, Image, and Reflect. She'll continue to use "Targetting!" and Demon's Rage, but she'll also use a new attack: ForceField. This nulls out an element COMPLETELY in the battle. This is Strago's last Lore, and it can ONLY be learned from Doom. Thankfully, Strago will be fighting Doom, so wait until she uses it and learn it.

So how to win? First, have Locke try and Steal a rare Safety Bit, and put up your usual barriers. At this point, Doom is weak to Pearl, so have Relm cast Pearl spells and Strago use L? Pearl and Shadow should Throw Pearl Rods. When Doom puts up the barriers, cast Dispel immediately to remove them (no, not Rippler, as this means Doom will just gain some barriers). If Doom nulls out Pearl, switch to Flare.

When you beat Doom, you'll get a Sky Render. This is Cyan's strongest katana. And it sucks because of the Evade bug. See, it increases Evade by 20%, but thanks to the Evade bug, this katana is just another piece of crap. If you were dumb and brought Cyan, well, he's still better off with the Scimitar.

Save your game and head north and step on the switch at the end of the path. Only one goddess left! Switch to Group 1 and get ready!

The battle with Goddess[]

As Group 1, head south from where you're standing and head to the right into the new door. Now, go north through the two rooms, and you'll come to the final goddess, which is aptly named the Goddess. Before the fight, make sure everyone has lightning immunity or absorption. Finally, give Mog your Aura Lance.

It always seems bad girls are hot...unless Nomura designs them.

Don't let that Side Attack fool you. Goddess is by far and away, the toughest goddess. She is very smart and has no weaknesses. She also absorbs Lightning and Pearl, so Mog needs the Aura Lance to do actual damage. Also, she's not vulnerable to any status ailments. Her Magic Defense is also through the roof.

What's worse is that her attacks are designed to use your own powers against you. Normally she'll use Bolt 2, Bolt 3, Lullaby and most importantly, the dreaded Charm. If a character gets Charmed, you can kiss yourself goodbye. You can't cure the Charm status or protect against it. The only way it'll wear off is if the Goddess or the affected character dies. Luckily it has a low hit rate, so you can get your MBlock up. When her HP lowers to 75 percent of its maximum, she'll actually become a bit easier. She'll stop using Charm, which is lucky. She'll use Flash Rain, Bolt 3, and Quasar.

But her most dangerous problem is that she has a 1/3 chance to counter any attack inflicted by the "Fight" command with the dreaded Love Token. This makes sure any further Fight damage inflicted on the Goddess is done to the character targetted instead. AND it's unblockable, so MBlock won't protect you here. Don't think that's bad enough for you? Well, Goddess has something even worse! If you damage her eight times, by ANY means, she'll use Overcast. This is death to you. It inflicts Condemned on the entire party, but when the counter wears down, the character won't die, but turn into a Zombie, and this ignores Zombie immunity AND Life 3. This is bad. Really, really bad. Worse than anything you've seen thus far.

Now, the question is how the hell are we going to take this down? Well, thankfully, and I mean THANKFULLY, she doesn't counter Jumps with Love Token, so Mog should just Jump away. All Sabin has is Bum Rush, which thankfully, and I mean THANKFULLY, ignores all of Goddess's problems. Terra should be casting Flare or Ultima on the Goddess. Alas poor Setzer is stuck with his Fixed Dice + Offering combo. This is all he has, and it's all he should use until Goddess uses Love Token on him. At this point, Setzer should back up and become a designated healer, or use Slots and PRAY for Sun Flare. Your best defense against her is a good offense, and you'll want to outslug her before Overcast comes your way.

When you win, you get the Excalibur, which is a pearl-Elemental sword which will unleash holy judgement upon your foes. And it sucks. The Illumina, Atma Weapon, ValiantKnife, Dragoon setups for Edgar, and even that Enhancer you got long ago are far superior to this piece of shit excuse for an ultimate weapon.

Final preparations[]

When you beat the Goddess, you'll reach the game's last Save Point. Save here, and now it's time to make preparations for the final battle. Before you go, I'll tell you a little bit about how this works. There are four consecutive battles, or "Tiers," you'll fight. You pick four characters out of your twelve to start the fight. If one of them is dead, petrified, or Zombied and you beat a Tier, he or she will be replaced with the next character on the list (you pick the order). So who to take up there? Let's decide this now:

  • Terra, as always, is a must for here, considering she's really good at everything. Of course, you'll probably want to use her as a Mage though.
  • Locke is a great character to use physically, what with his ValiantKnife and all. I suggest taking him.
  • Edgar's Air Anchor is useful against two of the enemies you'll face here, and Pearl Lance jumping is great as well (except against one opponent where you'll need the Aura Lance). I like him as an optional.
  • Sabin sucks here. You need good defense here and Sabin doesn't have that. Bum Rush? Well, that's out, too. Why? Because you need stuff that's targettable up here, and Bum Rush isn't targettable.
  • Shadow's great because this is where those Shadow Edges you've been saving come in handy. His Throw can also deal BIG damage. His main problem is his lack of good elemental protection.
  • Cyan, of course, sucks. You shouldn't have brought him here. Don't make me remind you again. For those of you who absolutely insists on using Cyan, you better hope he can cast quick or you'll be sorry.
  • Gau can hit max defense, which makes him a great candidate for the fifth slot, especially if you're using Wind God Gau. Although this time, it's better to use "Sharpshooter Gau" and replace the Tempest with a Sniper. Unfortunately, there's the danger of the unblockable defense ignoring counterattack which'll get around all of Gau's nice protections, and since you can't control him, there's a drawback to using him.
  • Celes is like Terra-lite, so leave her behind.
  • Setzer sucks here. The Fixed Dice + Offering really won't work anymore, and his lack of anything special defensively outside the Force Armor just makes him a lesser version of Edgar.
  • Mog is great for the fifth slot if you didn't choose to bring Edgar. He'll like being a Dragoon up in the later Tiers, and he'll especially like his max defense too.
  • Strago has some interesting abilities here. Big Guard is always useful, and Sour Mouth can do some pretty unexpecting stuff. If you love that kind of thing, bring him. Mind he suffers from lack of elemental protection though.
  • If you spent time training Relm to be a great mage, Relm is a must-bring. You'll love her damage output up here AND her great defense.
  • Gogo sucks from lack of defense, so s/he's out.
  • Umaro is only good if you're going to do this when you just got back from the bar on a Saturday night and are extremely drunk.

For the starting four characters: You need Ribbons on up here, as there are lots of status whores. Some of the most crippling attacks are MT Mute and Zombie. Your Espers should be Golem, Fenrir, Phantom, and either Bahamut or Tritoch. Mind you can only use an Esper once during the entire battle, so make your decisions wisely.

When you're done setting up, have Group 1 head north and step on the switch. All three groups will go up to meet Kefka!

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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