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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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Advance extras

This is part 38 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

As Group 1[]

The shrine to nonexistence.

When you land on the tower, you'll immediately notice you're on top of a smoldering pile of garbage. I'll be giving strategies for all groups here unless a group can't meet an enemy. This area only has three enemies in it. The Vectaur is the weakest enemy in the entire place, and uses nothing powerful except Fire Ball. It's weak to Ice and Water, so use Ice 3, Aqua Rake, Cleansweep, and the Woolly Rage on it. It can attack in groups of four, and if they attack in a group of four their sprites will be on top of each other! The Evil Oscar is similar to its Mad bretheren. They absorb ALL elements except Fire (which they're weak to), so Pearl Lance jumpers watch out (Edgar has his Tools as a backup). They're dangerous because they counter Magic with a 1/3 chance of Demon Kiss, which is an Instant Death attack. When they're alone, they attack with Sour Mouth. They're also vulnerable to Instant Death, so use those attacks and they won't counter. The final enemy here is the Gt Behemoth which needs to be taken out first. They counter all damage with a powerful Hay Maker attack which does quadruple damage, and when left alone use the dangerouos Meteor, which will deal around 1500 HP damage to the entire party. The Gt Behemoth is also very smart and has no weaknesses, but it is succeptable to Sleep and Stop, so use those.

Start by following the linear passage. Go down the conveyor belt and walk around to where you see a pipe and a chest. Open the chest for a Coronet. This Helmet is Relm exclusive, and increases the success rate of Control. The Cat Hood is infinitely better. Enter the pipe to go to the next room. There are the same enemies here. Go down the conveyor belt and to the east, where you'll find a large door. Enter it.

It seems that among the garbage, some rooms from the Magitek Factory and Imperial Palace were preserved! You'll be in one of these rooms now. There are four new enemies here. The Retainer is a tough cookie. It can attack twice in a row and use Wind Slash. But it's real problem is that when it dies, it uses Tradeoff, which will instantly kill a character and ignore stuff like Safety Bits. They're vulnerable to Imp, so give it to them to avoid Tradeoff. Alternatively, save them for last and summon Phantom (Life 3 is too much of a hassle), or hope Tradeoff can't get around your MBlock (characters seem to evede this fairly easily).

The Dark Force uses various Lores, and Group 3 (which has Strago in it) can use it to get any Lore he doesn't have. The only Lores it doesn't know are GrandTrain and ForceField. When facing this with Strago's group, you may want to kill off Shadow for the duration of the fight so Rippler doesn't hit him and take Interceptor away. It has an attack pattern, starting on turn one, which is as follows:

  1. Condemned, Roulette, or Aqua Rake
  2. Revenge, Pearl Wind, or L.5 Doom
  3. L.4 Flare, L.3 Muddle, or Reflect???
  4. L? Pearl, Step Mine, or Launcher
  5. Dischord, Sour Mouth, or Imp Song
  6. Aero, Blow Fish, or Exploder
  7. Rippler, Stone, or Quasar

The only Lores Strago doesn't know that he can learn at this point if you've been following the walkthrough are Reflect??? and Quasar. Reflect??? is notable because it's the only spell with NO MP COST! There's a reason for this. It's possibly the worst Lore this side of Pep Up and Exploder. It sets various status ailments on targets with Reflect. Too bad you couldn't use it for the Ancient Castle, huh. Quasar has just about the most awesome spell animation in the game. But it's really just novelty. GrandTrain is better than it in every way except MP cost.

The other two enemies in this room are in my opinion the two strongest regular enemies in the game. The Madam has a spell arsenal that just about includes everything dangerous. When damaged, she'll either cast Cure 2 on herself or her allies, Meteor on your party, or both. If her entire party has Reflect on, she'll cast Cure 3 on YOU, which makes no sense at all. I guess she's assuming you have Reflect on when you really don't. But don't waste time Reflecting the enemy. Battles that have Madams need to end ASAP. The rest of her arsenal includes Remedy, Life 3, Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Pearl, Flare, Safe, Shell, Regen, and Haste. Thankfully, she's vulnerable to Stop, so cast that as soon as you can. The other really dangerous enemy here is the Outsider which probably has the highest damage output of anything in the game. These things have auto-Haste and will always Throw stuff at you. Every turn they'll either throw a dagger only Shadow can equip or a katana. They weapons they throw increase in power every turn, and go from either an Imperial or and Ashura to either a Striker or a Murasame. That's a lot of damage! Outsiders ALWAYS counter physicals with a Shuriken, and ALWAYS counter Magic with either a Ninja Star or a Tack Star. The Madam and two Outsiders combonation of enemies is one of the most lethal in the game, and is tougher than most bosses, even ones here. Beware of these guys.

Anyway, after all that enemy talk, here's a room with a chest you probably opened awhile back. It had the Fixed Dice in it. Work your way around the bend and back outside. Work your way down the linear path to another door. Inside you'll find a room with some new enemies.

It looks like Kefka kept his Cyborg Magitek Armor soldiers for his protection. The Dueller is one of them. Watch out for them. They use L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, and L.5 Doom and can counter with Shrapnel. They're weak to Lightning, so use stuff like Bolt 3 and Punisher Rage and... stuff. The Fortis is another one of those Cyborg soldiers. It attacks with Fire Ball, Missile, and Snowball. Of these attacks, only the Snowball is dangerous. It, too, is weak to Lightning, but it counters all Lightning attacks with two (weak) physicals. The IronHitman is a weak enemy. The worst these guys can do is use Dischord to halve a character's level. They do attack in groups, but they're weak. Summoning Tritoch or using Aqua Rake are great. The last enemy is the weak Junk, which spends its time using Pep Up and Exploder. Use Lightning and Water MT attacks to reduce their HP so Exploder doesn't hurt so much.

Anyway, you're stuck here and you can't go forward. So what now? Time to switch to the next party!

As Group 2[]

Group 2 has a linear path outside until they reach a cave. Go inside the cave.

There's a new enemy here: the Brontaur. These guys are very sturdy, and have powerful attacks. You'll probably see them use the familiar Lifeshaver to drain away your HP, but you'll also see Atomic Ray when the Brontaur is alone, which because you have Fire protection on ALL your characters shouldn't hurt you too much. Wail is a tough attack which does octuple damage. They're weak to Ice, so use Ice 3 and Woolly Rage.

Inside the cave, you'll find two doors and a chest with a Minerva. The door on the top leads to a chest with a Tack Star. The door on the bottom leads to the old Imperial jail. There's a new enemy in here: the Hemophyte. This thing only looks dangerous (palette swap of an Orog and an Ogor), but doesn't use Zombite at all. Instead, it tries to Zombify characters using the ChokeSmoke attack that doesn't work on living characters. When alone, it uses the likes of Shock Wave, which is piddling. It can counter with CursedGaze, which sets Seizure.

Anyway, go into this room and enter the far left cell, and replace Edgar's Pearl Lance with a Partisan. You'll see a familiar enemy here. Get ready to fight Atma.

Yeah. He's back. The guy you hate so much.

It's interesting how you own one of the Atma Weapons and destroyed the other. Well, Kefka has control over how Magic works, so I guess he can make as many Atma Weapons as he wants.

It'll attack you with Fire 3, Ice 3, and Bolt 3 mostly, but occasionally it'll throw in a dangerous S. Cross spell. It can also use N. Cross, but this thing has a low Hit Rate. Once it gets down to 2/5 of its max HP, it stops casting S. Cross, N. Cross, Ice 3 and Bolt 3 and instead uses Quake, Meteor, CleanSweep, and Flare Star. Flare Star is less of a threat this time because of your elemental protection, but the rest of the spells can hurt. When it's hit 12 times, you'll get a message saying "Unknown light surrounded Atma!" He'll spend two turns glowing, and charging up for his most dangerous attack. Well, what can it be? We've seen Flare Star and Meteor, looks like there's only one option here. Atma will charge up and cast Ultima. And as you know, Ultima means death to you. You can use Life 3 to get around it, but an easier way is to just have Celes use Runic when you see Atma glowing, stop all action, and wait and watch Celes absorb the Ultima attack. Wow, a moment where Runic is actually useful. Haven't seen that since, well, the Battle for the Esper way, way back in part ten.

So how to kill this thing? It absorbs everything BUT the Big 3. This means Edgar has to use a Partisan to Jump here. Gau should use any Rage he wants; Woolly works great here with all its defenses and Ice 3, but as always, when in doubt, Magic Urn out. Celes should be using her strongest spells; hopefully she knows something like Flare, but Level 3s also work. Gogo should be using any strategy any other character uses. I prefer having him Bum Rush just to prove he's better at it than Sabin is....

When you win, you get a Save Point. Save your game here, give Edgar his Pearl Lance back, and head through the door to the south.

Play that cartoony sound effect when you walk out into space, look around while hovering, then look down to see you're in midair, and fall face first to the ground! Unfortunately, there are no Road Runners to come and "Beep Beep" to your face and speed away, but there are two new enemies here. The Movers are an enemy you just can't help but feel sorry for. They have near perfect Magic Defense and near perfect Evade, so they were supposed to be tough to take down. But thanks to the Evade bug, they've just become weak as hell. And besides, don't you have lots of unblockable defense ignoring stuff by now anyway? Just kill them any way you want. The next enemy in here is named Barry Bonds (well, that's not its real name, but it really is Barry Bonds. I swear (gets head cut off by angry Bondroid fan)). Equip Gogo with a Sneak Ring here. These guys have rare Thunder Shields that can be stolen and turned into Genji Shields at the Colloseum. The Steroidite uses some Magic attacks which are getting weak by this point. They are Blizzard, Giga Volt, Cold Dust, and N. Cross, the latter two of these abilities inflict Freeze. It's weak to Pearl, so Pearl Lance Jumps and Pearl castings work well, as does the Orog Rage.

Go left through this room and up the stairs into a room with pipes. There's more IronHitmans and the like here. You'll want to exit the left pipe (the right pipe takes you back to the room before the room with the save point), so head left. You'll be in another garbage cave. Head south and outside. There are two chests in this area. One contains a Force Shield and the other a Force Armor. Of the two doors here, enter the one that faces left. You'll be in the room where Group 1 is stuck. Grab the Ribbon in the chest and step on the switch to open the way for Group 1.

As Group 1[]

Retake control of Group 1. Head south through this room through the new path that opened.

You'll remember the next room from the Magitek Research Facility. There's three new enemies here. The Sky Base LOVES to attack you with Instant Death. In fact, it loves to do this so much that it was renamed the Death Machine for the GBA version. Its first move will ALWAYS be L.5 Doom. On their next three turns, they use Mind Slap to cast Stop, or will cast Doom. They counter physicals with FOUR Blaster attacks. Be thankful Blaster has a low Hit Rate and probably won't touch Terra. It's vulnerable to Mute though, so take advantage of that. The Innoc has a weird name. It's supposed to be short for "Innocent," because its GBA name is InnoSent. They're VERY dangerous because of their special BrainBlast which they open with. This sets Muddle. It also can use Plasma, which is powerful Lightning elemental damage, Cold Dust and, if you're unlucky, L? Pearl. If you listened to me and went in with your GP at a multiple of 1, prepare for a slaughtering. Sabin should survive it with his Paladin Shield though.

The last enemy is one of the few which doesn't appear on The Veldt. This is the Prometheus. It's dangerous. It counters any and all physical attacks with S. Cross and magic with N. Cross, although both are ST versions of these usually MT attacks. It can also use Shrapnel, so watch out for that. Bolt 3 spells and Bum Rush should put it into submission.

Head east through this room and north into the next room, another garbage cave. Here you'll fight Doom Dragons. You may remember these from the Colosseum. They attack with S. Cross, N. Cross, Flare Star, or their physical. But that's not their main problem. They counter 1/3 of all attacks with Fallen One, a new attack which will reduce everyone's HP to 1 and is unblockable. If this happens, heal up before they use another S. Cross or Flare Star. They're weak to Ice, so attack accordingly.

The next room takes you back outside, and you'll be blocked by a stone wall. Time to switch back to Group 2!

As Group 2[]

Now that this obstacle is free from Group 1's way, you can finish up with Group 2. Leave this room and go through the other, big door. Inside, you'll find another garbage cave. There's two new enemies here. The Vectagoyle is like the Chimera and Rhyos. It uses Blizzard, Blaze, Giga Volt, and Aqua Rake to attack you, and you should be able to survive these at this point (especially with all that elemental resistance). The other enemy here is the Land Worm. This guy uses Lode Stone to reduce your HP by 3/4, and the earth elemental Magnitude8. Since it's weak to Ice, just use Ice spells and it should go down quickly.

Head north through this room into a new room with two new enemies. The first one is a staple of final dungeons throughout the Final Fantasy series: the aptly-named Veteran, the winged eyball o' doom. And like always its featured move is Condemned, which it usually opens with. It does have a more dangerous attack in Dread, that unblockable Petrify inducing spell. It has a 1/3 chance of countering attacks with Roulette as well, so beware of this. It's strangely weak to Poison.

The other enemy is the Didalos which uses L.5 Doom, Bio, Demi, and Virite. If you try to put up a Reflect on this (now why the hell would you want to do that), it'll counter with Reflect???. It also counters physicals with Fire Wall. It's also undead and has standard undead weaknesses, so Pearl Lance Jumps are the way to go.

Now, when you enter this room, make sure Celes has the Minerva on, Gogo has the Paladin Shield, and Edgar and Gau trade in their Genji Shields for Thunder Shields here. Why? Well, you'll see in a minute! Walk up to the dragon on the platform. This is one of the Eight Dragons: the Gold Dragon!

What? Do they have a rule automatically making all reptiles officially "Dragons?"

The Gold Dragon is lightning elemental. Thought the White Dragon was easy? Guess what? This guy's even easier! If you have Lightning immunity or absorption, YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY LOSE THIS FIGHT. The Gold Dragon ONLY uses lightning elemental attacks. It uses Bolt, Bolt 2, Giga Volt, and its most powerful attack is only Bolt 3 (which it has to CHARGE to use)! Clearly this guy is weak. Use whatever attacks you want and you'll win in no time. But your prize is a measly Crystal Orb. This increases your max MP by 50%, which in the world of Economizers is useless.

Anyway, go up the stairs to the left of the Gold Dragon and follow the linear path through the two rooms to get to a big room with a dead end and a switch. Stand on the switch and stay there. Now, it's finally time to bring out Group 3!

As Group 3[]

Poor Group 3. Left behind until now. Well, we're going to do ALL of Group 3 now. Head down from the starting point and down the conveyor belt. There's a chest containing a Red Cap here, so take it. Now, enter the door you see. Head north through the garbage cave and into a factory like area. You'll be facing stuff like Fortises, Innocs, and Prometheii here. The chests here contain a Nutkin Suit and a Gauntlet. Both are useless. Head out of this room and continue south until you get to another door. Enter this one and go through the garbage cave to get to another room with stuff like Duellers, Fortises, and Sky Bases (be on your guard). Grab the Hero Ring from the chest, and head to the south. There's a hidden passage to the left of the spinning thing in the south end of the room. Go all the way down and all the way to the right, and then all the way down. Take one step up, go all the way to the left, and go all the way down, and take a few steps to the right to find a chest with an Aegis Shield. Head all the way up out of the hidden passage and towards the conveyor belt at the northern end of the room. In the next room, save your game. A tough boss is coming up...

It looks like an organ of some kind, but it's actually just Number 128 but gray.

This boss is the Inferno, and his lackeys the Striker and Rough. The three don't have the same strengths and weaknesses, so you'll have to take on one at a time. Like with Number 128, the Striker and Rough will revive after 20 seconds of being dead. Locke can steal an elemental shield from each part. Rough is the weakest part, and only attacks with physicals, including its special Rapier, but the Striker attacks with Shrapnel, which sucks.

Inferno himself is dangerous. He counters all attacks with his powerful Sobat counterattack. Other than that, it'll use Delta Hit every 30 seconds when both of his lackeys are alive. Other than that, he uses weak spells such as Bolt 2, Shock Wave, and Giga Volt, and the powerful Atomic Ray. When it only has one blade alive, he'll change to Bolt 3 and Meteor (ouch!) Despite all his lightning elemental attacks, he's weak to it. So have Relm use Bolt 3 spells, and have Shadow Throw ThunderBlades. Strago should use whatever, and Locke should use his physical. It'll eventually die. Save your game when it does.

Now, head out of this room via the left exit into the garbage cave (which has Land Worms and Vectagoyles in it) and back outside. The chest to the right has a Megalixir inside. Go to the left as far as you can to find an open chest with a red light coming out of it. Touch the light, and it'll open the passageway barring Group 1 from going further. Here, there's a door and some more conveyor belts. The belts lead to a chest with a Rainbow Brush. This is the strongest Brush in the game. But it's a Brush, so it sucks. Relm should keep the Magus Rod on. NOW enter the door.

Go through the next garbage cave and you'll come to another room with a dragon in it. Equip Ribbons and/or Safety Bits. This is the last of the Eight Dragons, so get ready to fight!

I guess they do. This guy used to be a crocodile it seems.

This is the Skull Dragon, which is undead. It attacks mostly with status ailments. It uses Condemned, Elf Fire, and Specter. Specter is dangerous if you don't have a Ribbon on because it can cause Muddle. Every fourth turn, it uses the dangerous Disaster, which can inflict lots of bad status ailments on the entire party. It's a standard undead enemy with standard undead weaknesses, so use your standard undead Fire 3 and your standard undead Pearl, and have Shadow Throw your standard undead Flame Sabres and Pearl Rods. Locke should attack with his standard undead ValiantKnife + Offering. You get a standard undead Muscle Belt when you win, so give it to Locke so his standard undead ValiantKnife damage can increase. Now join me as I finish this standard undead paragraph of this standard undead walkthrough on this standard undead Wiki.

When you beat the Skull Dragon, you've beaten all Eight Dragons. So what does this mean? Well, there was a curse, right? And now it's broken. So claim your reward. This is the game's final Esper: Crusader. This Esper is the worst Summon in the game because it does unfocused damage, meaning it'll hit you AND the enemy. It teaches Meteor at a rate of X10, which is really good. But its unique spell, Merton, sucks unless you somehow can give all your characters Fire or Wind absorption. It attacks both you and the enemy, but if you have Flame Shields on your party (or the Paladin Shield), this'll basically work like a combination of Ultima and Drain. Still, I don't like it at all... pretty meh for an ultimate Esper.

Anyway, head down the linear path through the rooms until you get to a dead end and a switch just across the way from Group 2. Step on the switch. When both parties are on the switch, a door will open! But let's take a break now, and continue our journey through Kefka's Tower next time.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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