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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 36 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Back to The Veldt for Rages[]

We haven't been to The Veldt in awhile, so isn't it high time we go? There's two enemies that have great Rages that you should pick up. These are the Io, which can cast Flare Star, and the strength of this thing increases as an enemy's level increases. It's great on bosses! The Magic Urn is the ultimate defensive Rage. It absorbs ALL 8 elements and is immune to every status. Gau with a Snow Muffler and Magic Urn is your uber tank. The one problem with this Rage is that it has no offense; it just uses a physical and casts Cure 3. The Barb-e is great against enemies that like to attack physically, as it has Love Token, which will make an enemy take physical attacks for Gau.

The Submerging of Figaro[]

It's back to Figaro with you. When you create your party, DO NOT INCLUDE SHADOW. There's a boss in here that can use Rippler, and if Shadow gets hit, he loses Interceptor PERMANENTLY. Terra is, by now, a staple in your party, so bring her. As for the other characters, well, they're up to you. Pick your favorites and use their normal strategies down here. Unless your Mages know Ultima, you'll have to alter their strategy a bit. You'll see why in a minute. Pearl Lance Jumpers are really good down here, so Edgar and Mog are awesome choices. Strago can learn a new Lore down here as well. Locke is also a good option, as is Sabin. Gau is, too, but just make sure you don't use any Magic based Rages (Stray Cat is probably the best option). If you got the Fixed Dice, Setzer is great down here, and he'll get another great item here as well!

When you get to Figaro, go to the control room for the device that lets the castle submerge and travel. Choose to have it travel. On the way, you'll hit something strange. Choose "Stop and Explore," and go into the jail. A new door will be open. Take it into a cave.

The Undersea Cave[]

Now I don't know if this cave actually does have water in it or not, but it's still a tough cave with tough monsters. The theme of this dungeon is that every enemy you'll face in these areas has inherent Reflect status, so your Mages are going to be crippled. And Wall Rings don't help that much because enemies have near perfect Magic Defense. Your Mages will have to rely on casting Ultima, and if they don't have it, summoning Bahamut also works well. A lot of enemies are weak to Pearl though, so if you have Pearl elemental attacks that aren't the Pearl spell, use them. The Goblin has a powerful physical special in Zap, which is quadruple damage. When it's alone, it can cast L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, and L.5 Doom every other turn. It also uses Blaze. The Enuo can inflict Slow with its Slime attack. When alone, it uses Aqua Rake and CleanSweep, which is the new Lore for Strago. This thing is just a less powerful version of Aqua Rake that ignores Split Damage and is pure water elemental (Aqua Rake is also Wind Elemental). Both these enemies are weak to Pearl.

The Figaliz I guess gets its name because it's a Lizard from Figaro. It's not that dangerous but has a lot of HP. It attacks with Gunk, which sets Poison. It's weak to Ice, but you probably don't have any Defense and Reflect ignoring Ice magic.

In the first room you'll find two chests. The one on the right contains an Ether and the one on the left contains a second Wing Edge. I don't know why they put two of these in the game, but they're there. Exit through the bottom right door. The chest here contains a Monster in a box.

Remember the Pugs and Pugses back from Umaro's cave? Well, this is a Master Pug, which is a much stronger version of the Pug. Like the Pugses, he takes a step forward every 15 seconds, but unlike the Pugses, every time he does this, he can change his weakness with WallChange. When he reaches the party, he'll use the powerful Cleaver attack and then retreat halfway, meaning he'll only have to take four more steps before the next Cleaver. He counters every attack with Step Mine, just like the Pug, and this will kiss any character goodbye. His other attacks include elemental spells. The spell he casts will tell you what element he's weak to. He casts a spell of the opposite element.

Weaknesses of the Master Pug
Spell cast Elemental weakness
Fire 3 Ice
Ice 3 Fire
Bolt 3 Wind
W Wind Lightning
Quake Water
El Nino Earth
Pearl Poison
Bio Pearl

The Master Pug is weak to Poison, so inflict this status immediately! This will let its HP whittle down slowly (the rate of HP depletion increases over time). Also, the minute you see a spell being cast, cast Sleep on it. Now, cast a spell of the element he's weak to and hope he doesn't wake up. Strago's Sour Mouth Lore does some great stuff as well. When you win, you'll get a Graedus, which sucks as a weapon since everyone else normally has something better. But if your characters are having trouble dealing damage here, it is pearl-Elemental, so equip it for this dungeon.

Now, head back up into the previous room and through the left door. Walk around this maze and you'll get to a chest with a set of Doom Darts, which is a weapon for Setzer. I still think the Fixed Dice are better. The exit from this room is to the left. The next room has chests with an X-Potion and a piece of Magicite. Head down the stairs and save your game. Go up the stairs to the left to enter the next area.

The Ancient Castle[]

One rule: Ruins = Treasure. Follow it.

Welcome to the Ancient Castle, a ruin from the War of the Magi. One of the characters in your party will seemingly know the legend and tell it to you. You know, they could just show those cutscenes so they accurately depict the legend, with narration. You'll see Odin, under the command of the King of the castle, try to throw back enemy forces. I've always liked the theory that this castle is Baron from Final Fantasy IV.

The first thing you should do here is look to the left of the main entrance for an entrance into a side area. Here, you'll see a chest. This is a Monster-in-a-box, and the last Monster-in-a-box in the game.

Your foe is the KatanaSoul. And this is like Edge Geraldine from FFIV on steroids. A combination Samurai-Ninja. He Throws all three elemental Skeans and can use Gale Cut, Blow Fish, and Shock Wave, the latter of which is very weak. After 40 seconds of living, KatanaSoul will "Power up!" and self apply the Image and Reflect statuses. If you brought Strago, you can Rippler these statuses off him. Otherwise you'll have to try using Dispel. If you attack him eight times, he'll counter with SlayerEdge, which inflicts Instant Death and ignores immunity. Use Bio spells and what you generally use to take care of him.

There's another way to do this. The funny thing about KatanaSoul is that he's vulnerable to Muddle and uses SlayerEdge when confused! Just Muddle him and watch the battle win itself for you.

When you beat the KatanaSoul, you'll get a unique Relic: the Offering. This changes the Fight command into X-Fight, and allows characters to attack four times in one turn, and makes the attacks unblockable. There are two drawbacks to this. One of them is major, and it's that attack power is cut in half, and the other is minor and it means that physicals are no longer targettable. But this Relic works wonders for two characters.

One of them is Locke. Remember how the ValiantKnife gets a substantial damage bonus when Locke is damaged? Well, this bonus is IGNORED by the Offering damage penalty! This means it'll go into effect FOUR times! The other is Setzer and his Fixed Dice. The Fixed Dice ignore the Offering damage penalty COMPLETELY. Locke and Setzer just became your strongest fighters, and you'll want to have one of them in your party from now on.

One of the most common misconceptions is how the Offering lets you Steal more than once from an enemy if you have Capture. Each enemy only has one item to Steal, and you'll only Steal once from each enemy. Besides, Capture makes the ValiantKnife lose all its splendor. and basically make the Offering, Locke, and the ValiantKnife useless. It DOES, however, allow more than one Instant Death attempt from X-Death weapons (Wing Edge, Assassin, Striker, and Trump). It's a great Relic, but it just has to be used properly.

And as much as people hype up a Genji Glove/Offering combo, it's really not that great until you're at Level 99 when things don't matter anymore and anyone can break 9999 HP damage without a sweat. If you must do this, though, Locke is your best candidate for it (dumb people like to give this combo to Sabin because it "suits him," but it actually hurts Sabin a lot, as he NEEDS a good Shield). I still hate it though.

Let's move on from this. Exit this area, and look to the right of the main entrance to the castle for a small room with a chest with a Punisher. This is a Rod with MP Critical, similar to swords such as the Rune Edge, Ogre Nix, Ragnarok, and Illumina. But this sucks, as your Rod users are better off casting spells and using the Magus Rod.

Now, you can go in the main entrance. Inside there are two new enemies. The Boxed Set is dangerous. Sometimes it attacks in packs, sometimes it attacks solo. Either way, it's very dangerous. Auto-Reflect and High Magic Defense means it's difficult to overcome. It can counter with its special Mirror Orb, which is a triple powered physical that looks like a Lightning spell but really isn't. When alone, it becomes very dangerous. It casts Meteo, which is deadly if it connects, and Cold Dust, which inflicts the Freeze status. Pearl Lance Jumps work the best. The Lethal Weapon is another tough guy, but it isn't weak to Pearl as you'd expect. It's a machine, so it's weak to Lightning and Water. Its Magic Defense is also low, so although it has Reflect on, you can use Aqua Rake with Strago or summon Tritoch for great effect. Gau's Anguiform Rage is risky, as Lethal Weapon can use Diffuser, which is a Lightning attack. But Diffuser isn't its biggest threat. It also can use Missile and the dreaded Launcher.

Head into the Throne Room and you'll find the petrified statue of Odin. Inspect it and you'll gain it as an Esper. Odin's special is awesome, as it inflicts Instant Death to all opponents, and it's the kind the undead are vulnerable to. It teaches Meteor and it's unique as it's the only Esper in the game to boost Speed at level up. But it's not really that great. Teach a few characters Meteor if you want, but we're going to get rid of this Esper very soon.

Head into the room northeast of the Throne Room for a Blizzard Orb, which is a unique Relic for Umaro, and allows him to use Storm. Still, he sucks, even with something that's MT. His stats won't make it good. The other chest contains another Gold Hairpin, but by now you should have fought Brachosaurs to get lots of Economizers, which render Gold Hairpins useless (and the Osmose spell pretty much renders both Relics useful). Now, go back to the Throne Room, and approach the Throne on the right. Walk a few steps down, and press A. You should hear a sound. Head into the room to the east of the Throne Room now.

There's a book here you can read about the queen of this castle and a bucket with an X-Ether. That noise you heard back then was the stairway you see here appearing. Go down it you'll be in the castle basement. Here, there's a dragon. Fight it. It's one of the Eight Dragons.

This is one of my favorite sprites in the game.

This is the Blue Dragon, the water-elemental Dragon. Too bad the only thing that nulls Water is the Paladin Shield (well, Imp equipment does, but that's Imp equipment). Against this guy, Bolt 3 spells are the way to go. However, DO NOT MORPH TERRA. This guy can use Rippler, and Rippler will make Terra lose Morph. Fortunately, he only uses Rippler under certain conditions. He always starts out the battle with CleanSweep and will use it every 40 seconds in the battle, and he normally attacks with his physical and the dangerous Acid Rain, which can cause Seizure. Once he loses about 2/5 of his HP, he'll add Aqua Rake and Flash Rain to the mix.

Now Blue Dragon will only use Rippler if a party member is Hasted and he isn't Hasted or has Safe. He'll always cast Slow on himself before using Rippler. But just to be safe, don't bring Shadow or Morph Terra in this fight. Throw up your usual barriers that aren't Haste 2 (Golem or Fenrir, Zoneseek, and Big Guard). Gau should use Punisher, although beware, as this gives him Haste and opens him up for a Rippler. You'll win a Scimitar here, which is actually supposed to be Odin's legendary Zantetzuken sword. The people who can equip it are interesting. Terra, Edgar, and Celes can equip it as usual, but Cyan can equip this? Wow. It's the only weapon he can equip that's not a katana. And it actually gives you a reason to use him, as the Scimitar inflicts Instant Death in the way that ignores undead. Although I still don't use him. Nevertheless, this is his best weapon (it's the only one besides the Tempest with a special effect).

Once you beat Blue Dragon, walk up to the statue that looks like Celes from the opera, and you'll find out that it's the queen of the castle. The queen will drop a tear onto the Odin Magicite, and it will transform into the Raiden Magicite. Raiden's True Edge summon is much more effective than Odin's Atom Edge, and it teaches the awesome Quick spell, which gives your character two extra turns. Mind it costs 99 MP, more than any other spell in this game except summoning Phoenix and using Step Mine if you played for long enough.

You have no reason to be here anymore, so leave.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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