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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 35 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Doma Castle: A Long Haunted Night[]

I guess it's time to dust off the ol' Cyan. You need him for the next area. Bring Terra with you. Edgar, Mog, and Gau should stay behind here. You need controllable people and people whose attacks aren't delayed. Sabin's out, too, because his attacks aren't targettable. Strago can learn a new Lore, so you may want to take him. Locke is always powerful, as are Shadow and Relm. Make your decision of your other two members out of these four. Try not to bring Strago and Relm at the same time though, because you'll have three Mages here and that's an unbalanced party (although Terra with the Illumina is powerful both as a Fighter AND a Mage).

Make your party and fly to Doma. It's on a small island between The Veldt and the northeastern island. Go to the bedroom and take a nap. During the night, three Dream Stooges will enter Cyan's mind. Follow them in!

Cyan's Soul[]

Welcome to Cyan's Soul, a dream world filled with everything Cyan feels for. You'll start out with the character who was in the foruth party slot (unless it was Cyan, in which case the party member you get is the one in the third slot) alone. You have to navigate a difficult maze full of, something, and find your friends, who are being haunted by the Dream Stooges. Immediately equip a Ribbon, as there are a lot of status whores here. I can't really help you navigate the maze, but I can tell you what you'll find in it.

The Allosaurus will try to Poison you, either using PoisonClaw or Virite. Strangely, it has Poison itself. It's weak to Fire and Pearl, so use those elements on it, although you probably won't have Pearl stuff in this area. Sketching it will, most of the time, yield Doom, which will kill either itself or an accompanying Parasite. The Critic is the enemy that Strago can learn his new lore from. Said Lore is L? Pearl, which is probably the best Level spell in the game. It hits enemies whose levels are a multiple of the ones digit of your GP. This can be VERY useful late in the game. Watch out though, as it also uses Condemned and Roulette. It can also set Seizure with Slip Seed.

Pan Doras look like everything they're not: weak and not undead. But they're undead and strong. They use Evil Toot often, which sets a random status on each party member, which is why I recommended a Ribbon. They also use Absolute 0, which is powerful. Parasites are weak to Fire, and can set Stop with Mind Stop. They also counter with Giga Volt often, but they have a whopping ONE point of Magic Power, so it won't be any trouble.

Watch out for the Barb-e. My guess is that Square was afraid Mattel was going to sue them if the dash was changed to an "i," but last time I checked cultural references aren't copyright infringement. Still, they use Imp often. On their second turn, they have a shot at using a new and very dangerous move: Love Token. Love Token acts like Cover from other Final Fantasy games, and it forces the target to take physical hits for Barb-e. And there's NO way to recover from it.

Anyway, equip a Ribbon and navigate the maze. There's a Save Point near where you start so I suggest using it. Those looking for complete Rage lists should fight at least one Allosaurus and one Critic. Once you get your two allies back (you can't get Cyan here as, well, you're inside him!), you'll be able to fight the Dream Stooges.

Curley is the most powerful of the Stooges, and he sits at the top of their triangular formation. He needs to go down first because he can revive his fallen allies with Life 2. He can also use Pearl Wind. He mostly uses status attacks. Use Ice 3 on him to kill him. Killing him will also disable Delta Hit, which can only be used when all three of the Stooges are alive, and Petrifies a character. When Curley dies, go after Larry, who uses Ice spells. Use Fire 3 on him and he should go down quickly. And Moe uses Lightning spells. He has no weakness, but if you Berserk him and summon Phantom, you've won.

After this fight, enter the door they leave behind.

The Phantom Train revisited[]

You're now in the Phantom Train. There are two new enemies here. The Samurai is pretty weak defensively, but if allowed to live for two turns it may use Fatal which inflicts Instant Death. Of course, they're weak to Poison, so throw some Bio spells (or Throw some Poison Rods) their way. The Suriander sucks. It can put people to sleep and counter with Sneeze, so watch out for those. Use violence. There's also an enemy called the Rain Man, which is a palette swap of the Joker. It's got some dangerous attacks in Flash Rain and Bolt 3, but neither are by any means lethal They're weak to Ice, Pearl, and Water, so use those elements.

The first car here has a Save Point. Save your game and head west through the car to the next car. You'll see Cyan escaping from a Ghost, so I'm guessing this is his memory. Or a nightmare. Or both. Enter the next car. Here, flick the switch you see twice. This will stop the crate from blocking the chest. Go around and get the chest for a Genji Glove. The other chest in this room is blocked by an open chest that keeps you from passing. There's a chest on the west end of this room with a "Lump of Metal" inside. Place the Lump of Metal in the moving chest, and you can get the chest behind it. Inside is a Flame Shield. Now flick the switch on the left side of this car which makes the six chests appear in a pattern. Here it is:

  • Open, open, closed
  • Closed, closed, open

Remember this.

In the next car, you'll have to do a switch puzzle to move the chairs and crates around so you can reach the chests and the land beyond. The chests contain an Ice Shield and an X-Potion. Once you get to the left of the puzzle, you'll find six chests. Open and shut them so they show the pattern described above and hit the wall switch to open the door to the next area.

The next car is a Save Point car. Save your game and enter the engine. Flick the switches on the far left and right and exit the engine to go to the next area.


The next part of the dream is in Mines for some reason. Now I don't know what Mines have to do with Cyan, but we do know that one of Cyan's least favorite pet peeves is machines and technology. As such, you're riding... Magitek Armor here! We get to have some fun! Terra can use the full set of eight attacks, but only Terra can use Bio Blast, X-Fer, TekMissile, and Confuser. The other characters are stuck with the elemental beams and Heal Force. On all the enemies here, have your characters who aren't Terra use Bolt Beam, and have Terra use TekMissile. All characters should use Heal Force to heal in this area.

The PlutoArmor is the toughest enemy here. It uses its physical, its weak special (Crash), and Tek Laser. When it's alone it also uses the dangerous Launcher and Shrapnel, which are both very dangerous attacks. The Sky Cap is weak, and only uses Tek Laser, R. Polarity, and Missile when its HP is low. Misslie isn't as powerful as Launcher, but it can set Seizure.

The Io has a lot of HP and only attacks alone. Other than that, it's pretty weak offensively. For the first three turns, it either does nothing or uses its special, Crush. On its fourth turn it uses either WaveCannon or Diffuser. Both are Lightning elemental, so protect accordingly. You definitely want to fight an Io here because it has a great Rage.

By the time you realize you're walking in circles, turn around and go the other way. You'll eventually see Cyan cross a bridge. Follow him over it and fall down.

Doma Castle[]

Now, you'll meet Elaine and Owain Garamonde, Cyan's wife and child. They'll tell you that a demon named Wrexsoul is filling Cyan with hate. They want you to defeat Wrexsoul and rescue Cyan.

You're back in Doma Castle now, although you're still in Cyan's dream. Walk around the castle and watch the cutscenes between Cyan and his family. You'll fight the same stuff you fought in the Phantom Train part of the dream here. Go to the throne room and you'll meet Wrexsoul. Time to fight it!'re still dressed like a ship's captain. Why is that?

Wrexsoul is one of those bosses that has two ways of beating it. Wrexsoul begins every fight by casting Zinger to possess a character's body. At this point, the SoulSavers, Wrexsoul's goons, will start throwing Level 3 spells at you. When they get low on MP, they'll steal almost all of yours. If you beat one, it regenerates. So how do you defeat this? You'll have to smack your allies until they die. Do one at a time. When the ally Wrexsoul possessed dies, he'll reappear. Revive the ally and start attacking it with your most powerful stuff. Wrexsoul is weak to Ice, but he has powerful enough Magic Defense that you may want to consider Flare instead of Ice 3 (Flare is weaker and doesn't hit a weakness, but it does ignore defense). If you have any Ice Rods, break them for massive damage. Shadow should Throw Blizzards if you have those. Wrexsoul uses Bolt 3, so you can prepare for this with stuff like Minervas and Thunder Shields. The SoulSavers will give themselves Reflect so Wrexsoul can cast Bolt 3 off of them and onto you. You have to defeat Wrexsoul before he uses Zinger again.

The other way of beating Wrexsoul is by cheating and casting X-Zone on the SoulSavers when he uses Zinger. If you do this, you won't win the Pod Bracelet (which is useless when you have Marvel Shoes) from it.

Now, you'll go back to Elaine and Owain, who will thank you. Cyan will wake up from the dream and learn any SwordTech he doesn't know yet. His love for his family will transform into the Aura. This is the legendary Masamune sword that Square loves to use in its games, and you'll have it added to your inventory. Yes, it's the same Masamune Edge Geraldine used, the same one Frog used in Chrono Trigger, the same one Sephiroth used, the same one Zidane used, and the same one Auron used. But there's a huge difference between this Masamune and those other ones besides the name: it sucks! Yes, the Strato, which you won from the Red Dragon, is stronger, and even that still sucks.

Before leaving the castle, go to the throne room and grab the Alexander Esper. This Esper teaches Pearl.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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