Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 34 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Some of the funniest moments in the game[edit source]

Okay. Make a party with Gau and Sabin in it, and go to the house on the northeast island. Talk to the man inside, and watch the drama unfold... as Gau learns.... to not eat with his fingers!

(Oh, and he finds his father, too).

Starring Vince Vaughn... Jeremy Irons... Haley Joel Osmett... Kiera Knightley... A Peter Jackson film...

Wild Child

Rated R for sex with a Wild Child and hot girls in bikini plate armor.

Okay. Enough of that. Now to climb some tower[edit source]

Kel, we're only going upstairs! The way back is called downstairs!

Okay. I'm going to warn you right now. In the next area, your physical attacks and special abilities will be sealed. Only Magic works in this area, so make a party of your strongest mages (probably Terra, Celes, Mog, and Relm), and make sure they know lots of spells and have their best Magic-based setups. Also, make sure at least one character knows Life 3. This is the most important part. Now, fly back to the Tower of Fanatics.

We're going to climb to the top this time, so make sure you're absolutely ready. There are some enemies in here with inherent Reflect status, so make sure you either have Wall Rings so you can bounce spells off your party or Ultima. Wall Rings are preferable. When you're ready, start climbing!

Here, you'll fight enemies whose level of magic increases from 10 to 90, and the Magic Urn. The Magic Urn typically uses recovery items/spells on you until it escapes, but they can be taken out using Flare earning you 5 magic points if you kill two.

The other enemies just use powerful magic on you. Each one is a palette swap of another famous enemy.

The L.10 Magic is a Ghost upgrade, and it uses Level 1 spells on you and counters with Slow, Stop, or Haste. It's undead and has normal undead strengths and weaknesses.

The L.20 Magic is a Hazer upgrade, and uses Gravity-based spells on you. Specifically, it can cast Demi and Quartr on every turn, Break on every odd turn, and the dangerous X-Zone on every even turn. It can counter with Rasp, Muddle, or Safe. It's also got auto-Reflect and absorbs Poison, so bounce Level III spells off your party.

The L.30 Magic is a SlamDancer upgrade. It casts Level 2 spells on you and counters with Imp, Osmose, or Reflect. It's weak to Poison, so cast Bio spells. If one of them has Reflect on, bounce the spells off your party.

The L.40 Magic is a Joker upgrade. It uses spells of various effects, including Drain, Break, and Vanish. It can counter with Mute and Sleep. It's weak to Lightning, so cast Bolt 3 on it for an easy win. Also, you can Mute it.

The L.50 Magic is an Over-Mind upgrade. It uses standard undead-like spells, such as Poison, Bio, and Doom. It can also cast Remedy and Dispel every other turn. It counters with Berserk, Slow, and Haste 2. It's undead and has normal undead strengths and weaknesses.

The L.60 Magic is a Woolly upgrade. It uses unfocused attacks such as Quake and W Wind, and can also use Pearl. It counters with Osmose, Slow 2, and Regen. It's weak to Fire, so cast Fire 3 on it.

The L.70 Magic is a Wrexsoul upgrade. It uses Level 3 spells and counters with Sleep, Rasp, and Shell. It's weak to Ice and has auto-Reflect, so bounce Ice 3 spells off your party. It can also be Muted.

The L.80 Magic is a Dahling upgrade. She'll cast recovery spells such as Cure 2, Remedy, and Haste and will counter with Cure, Cure 3, or Life 3 on your party when you've got Reflect on and will bounce Level 3 spells off a monster with Reflect. It'll also counter by bouncing Stop, Dispel, or Pearl on a monster with Reflect. If nobody has Reflect on, she'll use Poison and Bio on you and won't counter.

The L.90 Magic is a Trixter upgrade. It uses legendary ultimate spells, including Flare, Meteor, and Merton. It counters with Stop, Bolt 3, and Life 3. On its fourth turn, the Trixter will cast Dispel and follow up with three Flare castings. If you have Wall Rings on (and you should, because this guy has auto-Reflect), the Flares will be bounced right back.

Anyway, the tower climb is pretty straight forward. There are four sections to the tower, and each has a treasure room. The first section has a Safety Bit, which makes someone immune to Instant Death. However, don't leave this room just yet. Examine the wall on the right to find a hidden switch which makes a sound sound, and a door will open on the outside of the tower. The door is directly below the Safety Bit room. Enter this room to find an Air Anchor. This is Edgar's ultimate tool. It's not that useful, but it's fun to play with (it makes an enemy instantly die on its next turn).

It should be the Gray Dragon...

The second section has a Genji Shield. This is a great Shield, as it provides lots of defense and stat boosts, and 20% MBlock. The third section has a Stunner, which is Shadow's strongest weapon. But since Shadow will be throwing kitchen sinks at his foes for offense, this is kinda useless, as he'll want something with stat boosts, such as an Assassin or ThiefKnife. Then again, this randomly casts Stop, so it's good if you want to bring Shadow to the Colloseum. Before leaving this room, examine the dragon here. This is one of the Eight Dragons. Boss time!

The White Dragon is the Pearl-elemental dragon, and it's one of the weakest in the game. Okay, it's not that weak. But the only attack it uses is Pearl, and it can counter with Dispel. If you have Wall Rings on, it can't touch you. Just use any spell that's not Pearl on it and you'll be fine. Flare or any Level 3 works great. You get a Pearl Lance in an afterbattle event. The reason why it doesn't actually drop it is because the White Dragon appears on The Veldt and has a Rage, and they didn't want you to get a Pearl Lance every time you fought one, so this is a bug workaround.

The fourth and final section has a chest with another Force Armor in it. Continue up to the top and you'll reach the top of the tower. The room here has a chest with a Gem Box. This is a great Relic. It changes the Magic command into X-Magic, which allows a character to cast two spells in one turn. Equip it immediately on your strongest Magic user. Because a very difficult fight is about to begin.

He has swords. You'd think he'd be physical, but NO.

This fight is against the Magimaster, the leader of the Cult of Kefka, who is angry that you stole Kefka's treasure. It normally uses Level 2 and Level 3 spells, Bio, Doom, Mute, and Pearl. You'll notice that all these spells are Reflectable, so make sure you still have Wall Rings on. His first turn will be a Level 2 spell, then he'll use a Level 3 spell on his second. He'll use two Level 3 spells on his next two turns, and then a single Level 3 spell, and finally Bio, Doom, or Mute.

Now, the first thing you should do in this fight is cast Life 3 on at least one character. Then get ready for a long battle. Most of MagiMaster's spells will heal him, and when you find out his weakness, he'll use WallChange to change it. To avoid this, you should be casting Flare or Ultima on him. Berserk also stops him from changing his weakness, but it also opens you up to actual damage from him. If you don't have enough Flare/Ultima caster around, don't attack him at all - he only uses Wallchange as a counter for anything YOU throw at him, so reflected spells won't trigger it. Just let him kill himself.

But that's not why this fight is tough. The Magimaster uses a final attack when it dies: an Ultima spell (Get ready for 6000+ damage on everyone, folks). This WILL kill your entire party unless they have Life 3 on (or of course, you've been overlevelling WAY too much). Alternatively, you could Rasp away his MP so he can't cast Ultima anymore (this will take a LONG time, as he has 50000 MP) or summon Palidor when he's about to die. Or heck... Berserking someone dual-wielding a MP-depleting sword (Rune Edge is best, as Ragnarok and Illumina are rather strong) and Soul Sabre, and keep MagiMaster healed (Best way is to Berserk people with Heal Rod on, so the whole thing becomes automatic and you can go ponder the meaning of life or something while the game goes by itself) until you whittle away his MP 10-19 at a time if none of those are an option (but it'll take AGES unless you turbo the game or something). Obviously, Life 3 is the best way to go here if you have it and value your sanity. When you beat him, you'll get a Megalixir. Now, work your way all the way back down the tower.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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