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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 33 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Into the volcano[]

Remember the letter you found in Owzer's house? It says something about a "Star Shaped Mountain Range." Well, there's one near Tzen. Land your airship in the middle of it.

This place we're going requires two parties. So how to set them up, you ask? Well I'll tell you right now, of course, to leave Cyan and Umaro behind. These guys suck. Now, I recommend a party of Terra, Sabin, Mog, and Shadow. Your other party should have Edgar, Gau/Strago, Celes, and Relm. (Gau is more useful in the dungeon, but bringing Strago will allow you to learn a Lore that's otherwise semi-difficult to learn, and that Lore can be semi-useful in the final dungeon.) If you brought Gau, you have two balanced parties. Each has it's own fighter (Mog and Edgar), its own Mage (Terra and Relm), its own Minerva user (Terra and Celes), its own special attack user (Sabin and Gau), it's own Snow Muffler user (Mog and Gau), and its own Pearl Lance Jumper (Mog and Edgar). (You'll have to share the Pearl Lance). In this area, Gau should only be using the Woolly Rage (you did take a trip back to The Veldt to learn it after the last dungeon, right?). If you brought Strago, just cast whatever that has proven itself to you with him, and you still have a fairly strong team.

Another party choice is to have Mog with moogle charm here, so you can focus all of your big guns in one team. Whether to bring teammate with Mog is your choice - You can bring Relm and Strago if you haven't trained them much, and have them fight Red Dragon so Strago can learn his Lore, and they wouldn't otherwise disrupt your firepower. Red Dragon is rather trivial to defeat anyways if you know what to do.

Now, you'll land near a cave. Bring your two parties into the cave. Before we do anything, let's talk about the monsters in this place. The top floor has Trixters, Necromancrs, Phases, Parasouls, and Aquilas. Trixters are one of the few things here that don't absorb Fire. They do absorb Pearl, though, so Pearl Lance Jumpers should use a backup plan (Dancing or Tools). They cast Fire 2 a lot for offense. The rest of their attack plan depends on who has Reflect on them. If you have Reflect on, they'll bounce recovery and support spells off you and onto them. If they have Reflect on, they'll bounce Fire 2 and Fire 3 spells off themselves. Very strange indeed...

Necromancrs are very, very dangerous. It uses ZombiStick to inflict Zombie often, and can cast Doom, Quartr, and worst of all, X-Zone. These things are VERY lethal. Shadow and Relm should have their Memento Rings on. It only uses Doom and X-Zone when alone though, and you want to get rid of these first anyway. It's weak to traditional undead stuff, so use that. Phases are bad also. They're palette swaps of the Brainpan, and use the same deadly attacks (Smirk to cause Stop, and Blow Fish when left alone). They're weak to Ice, so use Ice 3 spells against them. Parasouls are rare and dangerous, because they can set Muddle with Spin Slice. It can also use Flash Rain, which is Ice/Water dual elemental. You should be able to take care of this with the proper equipment on. But when alone it uses the dreaded El Nino, which is harder to protect against. And it shows up with Phases and Necromancrs all the time, making this encounter very tough, tougher than some bosses even. Use Ice attacks on it.

The Aquila is a rare but powerful bird. It can use Flap, which is a damaging physical attack, and can use Shimsham and Cyclonic. It sometimes shows up with a Chaos Dragon or two. This thing doesn't really do much, but when it does do something, it's Disaster, which can set a bunch of nasty statuses on a character or the entire party, or Cinderizer, which causes Instant Death. Both these enemies are weak to Ice.

The bottom floor has Trixters, Chaos Dragons, and two new enemies. The Uroburos seems to have inspired a whole religion based on these things. If you remember their Bloompire cousins, they have very little HP and very high defenses. Use Ice spells or something that ignores defense (of which you should have plenty). Flare is your safest bet. Sea Flowers attack in large groups and have a lot of HP, and can set Poison with Feeler. Use Bolt 3 spells and the Punisher Rage on them (they're weak to Ice, but Bolt 3 is negligibly stronger!!!!!!!)

Now, when you enter, I'll call Terra's group "Group 1" and Edgar's group "Group 2." You'll have to send your groups down different passages. Group 2 gets to face the boss here though. Have Group 2 step on the switch here and Group 1 enter the new door. Group 1 should then go to the left and try to open the chest. You'll fall into the hole. You'll land on a set of spikes which will deal 400 HP damage to the entire party. Go south from here and up the stairs to hit a switch that makes a bridge appear to the chest. Open the chest for a Wing Edge. Now, bring the party to the ledge just north of the switch Group 2 is standing on. Hit the switch to open the right door in this room.

As Group 2, enter the new door. Go north until you see a floor switch that will lower the spikes blocking Group 1's way. Step on it.

As Group 1, walk north over the area previously blocked by spikes. Now, head east and then south to another floor switch. Press it to lower another set of spikes blocking Group 2's path.

As Group 2, walk over the area previously blocked by spikes. You'll come to a stairway, but don't go down it yet. Instead, find a hidden passageway at the southeast corner of the room for a chest with a Warp Stone. There's another chest in this room, but... it's empty! Who would have come here before you? Ziegfried's at the Colloseum, so it's not him. Could it be... HIM??? Maybe... we'll find out soon enough! Anyway, go down those stairs. Take the left path here to a switch that makes some stepping stones appear in the lava.

As Group 1, go downstairs now, and cross the lava using the stepping stones. You'll head north as you go down the linear switchback path. You'll eventually come to a chest blocked by spikes, but it's empty, too. Step on the first floor switch you see. This will move a rock in your way but will create a passage elsewhere.

As Group 2, head back to the right and all the way down the linear path. You'll find another empty chest on the way. Keep heading around and through the new path Group 1 created. Go upstairs and step on the switch that opens a new path for Group 1.

As Group 1, go upstairs. There's a Save Point here. Save your game, and stand on the floor switch to lower some spikes.

As Group 2, walk over the spikes. Go to the stairs and go down them. You'll find a lava pit filled with stepping stones. Now, jump to the west, to the south, and to the east. You'll find two passages. The passage on the left leads to another empty chest while the passage on the right leads to a stairwell. Go upstairs and hit a wall switch to drain the lava from the room you were just in. You'll then be able to walk on the floor there.

As Group 1, save your game, and then go west to step on a switch blocking Group 1's path, but opening Group 2's.

As Group 2, go all the way to the south now. You'll find a dragon zooming about. This is the Red Dragon. Equip stuff that makes you immune to Fire here (Minervas, Ice Shields, Red Jackets), or stuff that resists it (Thunder Shields, Snow Mufflers, Force Armors, Cat Hoods). Also, make sure your characters' levels aren't mutliples of 4. Fight time!

This dragon looks more normal...

The Red Dragon is the fire elemental dragon. As you'd expect, it uses lots and lots of Fire magic. On most turns it uses Fire 2 2/3 of the time and uses Fire Ball the other third of the time. Every 40 seconds, it'll use something really powerful. These attacks include S. Cross and Flare Star, which both deal massive damage to your party (you may remember what horrors Flare Star can do), and L.4 Flare, which is non-elemental, but will only hit characters whose levels are a multiple of 4. When it gets down to 10000 HP, it swaps Fire 2 with Fire 3 and Fire Ball with Flare. Flare is non-elemental, so Fire protection won't help. Wall Rings will, but these will make Red Dragon absorb a lot of his attacks, and a lot of his attacks pass right through Reflect. Finally, it can counter with its physical.

So what to do? Well, it's a fire elemental dragon, so Ice spells will obviously work. Celes and Relm should cast Ice 3 here (Relm's might deal a big fat 9999 HP damage if she's equipped with a BehemothSuit, Magus Rod, and Cat Hood, and some Earrings, depending upon how many levels with Zoneseek and Tritoch you used with her), and Gau should use his Woolly Rage for Ice 3. Edgar should just use Pearl Lance Jumps. Heal up whenever your HP is low. Defensively speaking, fire immunities/absorptions are obviously great here; Wall Ring takes care of Flare, and being at the right/wrong (depending on your point of view) level protects against L4 Flare. If those are not options, six Rasps at a decent level should waste away all his MP. Also note that you can sketch him for a 25% chance at L? Pearl, which is a Lore for Strago that would be otherwise semi-difficult to learn. When you win, you'll get a Strato. This is another useless katana for Cyan, but it can be bet at the Colloseum for another Pearl Lance. The chest near the Red Dragon has a Dragon Horn, which is a great relic for Mog and Edgar. It lets them Jump up to four times each turn.

Now, go back downstairs and walk on the lava. You'll get a chest with a Ribbon inside, and will be able to access another flight of stairs. Your path will now be blocked.

As Group 1, step off the switch to open the passage back up that they can cross. Cross the passage, and step on the northernmost switch to make some stepping stones appear.

As Group 2, jump across the stones. Now, there are two more swtiches lined up next to each other. Have each group step on one and a door will open to the south. Take any group down it and follow the path to find the culprit who has been opening those chests here...

It IS him! Locke is still alive! After all this time, we can finally get him back! He'll tell you he found the treasure he needs to revive his dead girlfriend Rachel. You'll automatically travel to Kohlingen

In Kohlingen[]

Finally, our hero is back!

Here, you'll see a cutscene where Locke uses his Esper to revive Rachel. Rachel will convince Locke to let go of his guilt and to go back to his old self. You'll now get the Phoenix Esper, which teaches the valuable Life 2 and Life 3 spells.

Locke will then talk to Celes, and deliver the Phoenix Cave treasure. You'll get a Fenix Down, and X-Potion, an Ether, an X-Ether, an Elixir, a Flame Shield, and most importantly, a ValiantKnife. This is Locke's ultimate weapon. It's battle power is lower than most weapons (it's 154), but it ignores defenese. Also, its damage output increases as Locke's HP goes down (the damage increase is Locke's max HP-his current HP). Its main flaw is its lack of stat boosts. He'll be using this weapon in conjunction with many others.

Locke will rejoin your party now. Return to the airship.

One last trip to Narshe[]

Now that you have Locke, you can pick all the locked doors in the town of Narshe! So make a party with Locke in it and go to Narshe. Open the Weapon Shop and go to the back room. Here, the Weapon Shop owner will ask you what he should do with a stone he found. The stone is the Ragnarok Esper which teaches Ultima, the strongest spell in the game. He can give it to you or turn it into a sword called the Ragnarok. What has been done by many players is always debated, but I always choose the sword, based on the fact that there's another way to learn Ultima. Get the sword.

Breaking a curse[]

What is that other way to get Ultima? Well, go to the house on the cliff near the Relic Shop (not the Elder's house, the other one). Have Locke open it, and you'll find a bed with an old man inside. He'll give you the Cursed Shield. This shield decreases all stats by 7, provides weakness to Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Wind, and Water, and gives the wearer Muddle, Berserk, Mute, Seizure, and Condemned. This shield sounds sucky, right? Well, equip it and a Ribbon on a character and go to The Solitary Island. Bring your best spellcasters (so they can learn some more spells) and Locke (so he can steal Elixirs from the Peeperses and Megalixirs from the Earthguards. If you don't feel like wasting two hours on breaking the curse but still want the Paladin Shield, know that you can switch on the shield mid-battle in your battles. As a side note, a Cursed Shield swapped on mid-fight will not apply any negative statuses, but it WILL apply immunity to them (except for Condemned). The reason why it works is because permanent statuses are achieved by applying the status AND its immunity (immunity makes it so the status can't be applied if it's not on beforehand, or can't be removed if it was on beforehand), and when swapped on mid-battle, the game doesn't bother to load the statuses.

When you win 256 battles with the Cursed Shield on (and the equipper living and not Gogo - Gogo cannot uncurse the shield as the counter for the shield is tied with Magic Points gain), you'll get the message "Dispelled curse on Shield" and it will transform into the Paladin Shield. The Paladin Shield is the best shield in the game for anyone. It has 40% MBlock, really good Defense AND Magic Defense, allows a character to absorb Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Pearl, and allows a character to nullify Earth, Wind, Water, and Poison. In other words, the equipper is completely immune to elemental attacks! And it also teaches the Ultima spell! It's only at a rate of X1 though, so it'll take awhile to teach Ultima to your characters, but it's well worth it.

Back to the Colloseum![]

As for what to do with the Ragnarok sword? Well, it IS a kickass sword. It raises attack power to the max, and increases Vigor, Magic Power, and Stamina by 7, Speed by 3, gives 30% MBlock, has automatic critical hits (for a cost of 10 MP), and can randomly cast the Flare spell! What a weapon!

But wait, there's something better! Go to the Dragon's Neck Colloseum and bet the Ragnarok. I know it sounds crazy, but do it anyway. For the battle, you'll be facing a Didalos. Bring Mog with a Pearl Lance and a Safety Bit (you can get one from the Fanatic's Tower - use his moogle charm to pillage it if you must). A Wall Ring is needed to prevent Flare. Equip a Snow Muffler for defense and a Flame Shield to absorb Flare Star and a Fire Wall counter. Now, the battle will take a while, but Mog will be invulerable, so you will win.

When you win, you'll get an Illumina. This unique sword is the most powerful sword in the game. It raises attack power to the max, and increases ALL stats by 7, gives 50% MBlock, has automatic critical hits (for a cost of 10 MP), ignores Row, and can randomly cast the Pearl spell! Terra, Locke, Edgar, and Celes can equip this sword.

If you think that the randomly cast Pearl is a negative factor, you're only partially right. A spell cast with a weapon that uses MP to deal Critical Hit will also do a critical hit, effectively doubling in power, but ONLY if the spell is NOT barrier-piercing, so Pearl ends up being stronger than Flare. The only possible drawback is if you're facing against a monster that nulls/absorbs Pearl, but then again - you don't have to target him/her/it with the Illumina, right?

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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