Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 32 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

The fight with the Dirt Dragon Edit


It looks hungry...

Head to the Opera House. Equip party members with Cherub Downs (not Gaia Gears, you'll see why in a minute). Put Mog AND Gau in your party, and give Mog a Trident. The Impresario will tell you that for some reason a giant dragon is on the stage just sitting there. Now why in the hell would a giant monster go onto a stage and just sit there? The world may never know... Anyway, go to the stage master's room and press the switch second to the right. You'll fall onto the stage and fight the Dirt Dragon.

The reason I told you not to equip Gaia Gears is that the Dirt Dragon uses Horned Tusk, which is an eight-times-as-powerful-as-a-normal physical attack, and he can counter with this. For some reason, this earth elemental dragon is also flying. Since you have Cherub Downs on, you'll be able to avoid all of the Dirt Dragon's earth elemental attacks. They are Quake, Magnitude8, and Slide. Every 20 seconds it'll cast 50 Gs on your party to remove the Float status, but it'll fail because you have Cherub Downs on. With Mog and Gau equipped with Snow Mufflers, YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY LOSE THIS BATTLE. Use normal strategies. Shadow's Throwing weapon of choice should be Tridents or Blossoms. Since Dirt Dragon's weaknesses, Wind and Water, are difficult to apply, you'll just want to use the normal stuff. If you're having difficulties due to whatever reason (Horned Tusk being the most likely one), Cast Sleep, or Sour Mouth, to make him snooze to his death. When the Dirt Dragon dies, you'll get a Magus Rod, which is like the Enhancer, only Strago and Relm can use it, and it grants 30% MBlock instead of 20%. This is an awesome weapon for Relm, and she should have it on the rest of the game.

The ????? forest Edit

There's a forest on the northeast continent that looks like a weird question mark. Land your airship here, and heal up. This place contains some of the most powerful regular monsters in the game. Equip Ribbons as well. Also, bring characters who know Ice 2 and Ice 3, as the monsters here are weak to them.

The Tyranosaur has very powerful physical attacks, uses Meteor frequently to deal 1000-2000 HP damage to the entire party, and uses Bite to deal 5000+ HP damage to one character. To top it off, when you face a pair of Tyranosaurs, it'll always be in a pincer attack. Just bombard them with your strongest Ice attacks. They're vulnerable to Sleep too, so that may help. Each one has 2200 EXP for the taking, and a fight with two will net you 5 Magic Points. But the real reason we're here is to get Imp Halberds from them which they drop occasionally. Get lots of them. Now, these are useless as weapons, but they're some of the best Colosseum betting stuff, and their Shadow's best thing to Throw.

As long as we're here, let's talk about the Brachosaur. This is the toughest regular enemy in the game. It always starts out battles with Disaster, which sets Blind, Imp, Condemned, |Mute, Muddle, and Float, and it can use it against all allies. It can also use Sneeze (which you WANT to see in this battle, considering what else this guy has). It has a very strong physical attack, and can use Swing, which is an even stronger attack which can deal upwards of 6000 HP damage to its target. It also uses Meteor, which is even stronger than the Tyranosaur's version and can deal upwards of 4000 HP damage to the entire party. But that's not even the worst he uses. He casts Ultima. Ultima is like Meteor only much, much, much worse. It deals 5000+ HP of damage to the entire party, and if you have less than four members, don't be surprised if everyone takes 9999 HP damage from this. Not a pretty site at all. They do drop rare Economizers, which are some of the best Relics in the game. They reduce the casting cost of ALL spells and Lores to 1 MP.

Anyway, get a few Imp Halberds, and guess where we're going next.

Another Colloseum trip Edit

Head to the Dragon's Neck Colloseum. Bet an Imp Halberd. Your fight will be against an Allosaurus. Equip a Wall Ring and you should win easily. What do you win? You win the legendary Cat Hood, which Shamans from Final Fantasy III wore, and that Cara wore in her White Mage costume in Final Fantasy V. Considering Cara was the bubbly ditz, shouldn't the bubbly ditz in this game get to use it? Well, she does! This is a Relm exclusive Helmet, and it's the best Helmet in the entire game. It's Defense value is second only to the Genji Helmet (and the Titanium, which is Imps-only, and the Thornlet, which gives you Seizure). It's Magic Defense value is THE highest in the game (except the Titanium). It grants 10% MBlock, increases Speed by 2, Magic Power by 4, and gives Relm resistance to Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth, and Pearl elemental attacks. As an added bonus, it doubles the amount of GP you win after each battle. This is all Relm will want for the rest of the game.

Now, bet a few more Imp Halberds and turn them into Cat Hoods. Why? Well, we can bet the Cat Hoods, too! The fight is against a Hoover, and I advise bringing someone who can both resist Earth AND have 128% MBlock, as you'll need it here (Force Armor is the way to go here). From this battle, you get a useless Merit Award. This Relic allows anyone to use any equipment they want. I consider it cheating. Bet all of these and you'll have to fight a Covert. Go in with Terra with a Minerva on and Vanish on and you'll be immune to most of his stuff. Mind he can counter by throwing Shurikens, but that's not really a big deal until Covert throws a Skean. It should be dead long before that. You'll win a Rename Card in this fight. This unique item allows you to rename your characters.

Now, be careful. For the next fight you'll want to use Mog with a Snow Muffler on and max defense and a Pearl Lance with DragoonBoots. Give him an Ice Shield and a Cure Ring as well. Now another great strategy is to use Setzer, equip him with the Viper Darts, Genji Glove, Fixed Dice (Di), Red Cap, Force Armor, and Black Belt. Now this has a chance of winning, probably 6/10. But it's your decision to choose. Now, bet the Rename Cards. You'll be facing a Doom Dragon. This is a very tough fight. Doom Dragons know Fallen One, which will reduce Mog's HP to 1 and is unblockable. Its other attacks include N. Cross, S. Cross, and a physical. Since you have an Ice Shield on, the only thing that can kill you is its physical, so just pray he never uses it immediately after Fallen One. When you win, you'll get one of the best Relics in the game: the Marvel Shoes. This thing casts Haste, Safe, Shell, and Regen on the equipper! Four great status effects packed into one Relic! AND it's Colloseum exclusive!

Wake me up before you Gogo cuz I'm not plannin' on goin' solo! Edit

Ff6 gogo

Maybe we'll never know who s/he is...

Now, travel to Triangle Island at the far northeast corner of the world. This is the island on the far northeastern corner of the world. Bring your most powerful characters, as some of the enemies here are very tough.

When you arrive, you'll fight a Zone Eater. This uses two attacks. It uses Demi to cut your HP in half, and you don't want that. What you DO want is for it to use Engulf to eat a character. If you beat the Zone Eater, or run from battle, it'll spit your characters out. But, if your entire party is eaten, you'll be inside the Zone Eater's stomach.

There's lots of nasty stuff down here. Humanoid creatures that want to kill you for some reason. The first enemy you'll probably meet here is the Karkass. These guys LOVE to use Figaro Tea to turn a character into an Imp, and they can also (as you guessed by their look) use Lifeshaver. They actually counter everything that's not a Fight or Magic command with Lifeshaver. And if that wasn't enough, they can counter Magic spells with Break and dangerous things like Bolt 3 and Flare. It's an undead enemy and has your standard undead strengths and weaknesses, so use Fire and Pearl elemental attacks. Mog and Edgar's Pearl Lance Jumps will probably kill these things in one hit, so use those.

Sometimes, a Karkass comes with a pair of Woollies. Woollies aren't powerful, but they can put a dent in a character's offense by using Frenzy which sets Berserk. These guys absorb ALL elements except Fire, their weakness, and Pearl, which they just react normal to. They have lots of status immunities as well. This enemy makes a great Rage for Gau, as the Rage uses Ice 3 (you'll never see an actual Woolly cast this though), and it absorbs six of the eight elements and has lots of status immunities, so it's great for both offense AND defense (it's weak to Fire, but the Snow Muffler's Fire resistance overpowers the weakness).

The Ogor is like the Orog enemies in that it can use up to three Zombites in a turn, turning lots of characters into Zombie. Also, like the Orog, it can counter magic by casting Bio. Pearl Lance Jumps work great on it. It always comes with a Wart Puck, which is pretty unassuming except for the fact that it can counter with Sneeze. It's weak to Fire, so cast Fire 3 on it.

The Tap Dancer is incredibly dangerous. It uses its special, WaistShake, often, and this sets Muddle on a character. While this isn't dangerous on its own, it's always flanked by a pair of Coverts. These are the toughest guys in the cave. They're like the Ninjas you fought earlier, only now they can cast Wind Slash in addition to their Skean throwing, and can counter any Thrown weapon by throwing a Shuriken or Ninja Star. Avoid, avoid, avoid. It can also use Disappear to make it or one of its allies invisible. Again, Pearl Lance Jumps work the best on them.

When you get here, head south to a room with some weird disco looking guys walking around. If you approach them, they'll push you off the bridge you're standing on. You'll want to do this once. The room underneath has an Ether and a Red Jacket, which is Sabin's ultimate armor (and is pretty lackluster as it has nothing of value except Fire immunity). On the bridges, you'll find two chests in a row that you can't reach from the same side. The one on the right contains a powerful Genji Armor, which is great for shear Defense, but it's not as good as the BehemothSuit or the Snow Muffler. Shadow should be the only one who wears one, as it is his best armor. The chest on the left contains a Magical Brush, which is a brush for Relm, but unless you like the novelty of smacking someone around with a brush, brushes are useless as weapons and you should know that. The chest at the southwest corner of the room contains a FakeMustache, which changes Relm's Sketch into Control. Now, Control is a fun ability to play around with, as you get to choose what the monster uses, but if you're using Relm, you're using her Magic command as her primary command, and the Relic slot is better used with an Earring or an Economizer. In the next room, you'll find a Save Point.

Save your game and equip a pair of Sprint Shoes. The next area has no enemies, but it does have a ceiling that rises and falls, and if it collapses on you, you die. Luckily there are holes in the ceiling, and most of them are near chests. Run to the first chest and open it for a useless Zephyr Cape. Wait here for the ceiling to fall and when it rises, run to the next chest for a useful Hero Ring. Wait for the ceiling to rise and fall again, and keep running to the left as far as you can. Take one step back to the right and two down, and you'll be in a tiny hole. Wait for the ceiling to fall, and when it rises, grab the last chest for a Tack Star and bolt south to the exit.

Go south through the next hallway and into a room where you get to jump across bridges. There are no random encounters in here, either. There's a puzzle here, which if you solve, will lead you to a chest with another Thunder Shield. Once you get that, head through the north exit and you'll see a strange figure. This is Gogo, the master Mimic. Gogo will join your party, and head back to the airship.

Gogo is like the opposite of Umaro. S/he has crap stats and equipment, but can use any ability in the game except for Terra's Morph. If s/he has Magic, s/he can use all the spells your current party has. Just be advised that s/he can't equip Espers. Warp out of here.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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