Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 31 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Lores n' Rages[edit source]

It's been awhile since you had Strago in your group, so now's a good time to teach him some Lores. Have Gau and Relm in the party you choose to take to give him Lores, and one other character as well. This is a great opportunity to start teaching Relm some more spells. Flare is a must for her.

  • Go to the Maranda desert and walk around until you fight a Cactrot. Wait for it to use Blow Fish. Kill it and Strago will learn the Lore.
  • Have Gau Rage the Harpiai (you've learned it before). He'll use Aero, and Strago will learn the Lore.
  • Have Gau Rage the Mad Oscar, and he'll use Sour Mouth. Strago will learn the Lore.
  • Have Gau Rage the Earthguard, and he'll use Big Guard. Strago will learn the Lore.
  • Fly to the area near Narshe and get in a fight with four Reach Frogs. Summon Phantom and wait for one to cast Rippler. Strago will learn this Lore.

Now, go to The Veldt. You fought some new enemies, so now you have some new Rages!

Dashing through the Snow[edit source]

Make a party with Terra and Mog in it. You're other two party members are up to you. Go back to Narshe now, as we have some unfinished business there.

When you get there, go all the way north through the mines, and head through the eastern passage. You'll fight two new enemies here: a Yellow Mag Roader and a Brown Mag Roader. The Yellow Mag Roader is weak. All it uses are its physical, Wheel, Ice, and Ice 2, which you should be able to handle at this point. The Brown Mag Roader is tougher with its auto-Haste on. They use Rush, Fire, and Fire 2 instead, but they also use Fire Ball when alone.

Head along the linear path to the snowfields. There's random encounters here now against Wizards, Red Wolves, and Psychots. Mog will learn his final Dance here, the Snowman Jazz. Make sure Terra is wearing the Minerva and Mog the Snow Muffler. Another character should have an Ice Shield on, and another either Force Armor or a Thunder Shield. Pity it has to suck. You'll also notice a dragon running around. Approach it. Time to fight the second of the Eight Dragons! How cute... This is the Ice Dragon. It's pretty easy though. It doesn't use any Ice spells. Its only major attacks include Surge, which is a weak ice elemental attack, N. Cross, which can inflict Freeze on the party if you're unlucky, and the dreaded Absolute 0, which is a very powerful ice elemental attack.

Could you ask for a more perfect fight for Terra? Have her cast Fire 3. Don't Morph her here, you'll need her to save her Morph energy for an upcoming fight. Mog should be Jumping with his Pearl Lance. What you do with your other characters depends on who you brought. Relm and Strago should be casting Fire 2. Sabin should be Bum Rushing. Edgar should either be Jumping or using his Drill and Chain Saw. Shadow should Throw Flame Sabres. Gau should use the Templar Rage. Setzer should use his Fixed Dice. Note that Ice Dragon has a horrible set of status vulnerabilities: he can be muted, confused, poisoned, and blinded (though that won't do you much good). Exploit them as you wish, though be aware that Mute doesn't stop Surge from hitting you as its a Dance move.

When you win this fight, you'll get a Force Shield, which has NO physical defense and lots of Magic Defense (+70!), but its main selling point is its 50% MBlock and its resistance to Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth, and Water Elemental attacks. It also teaches Shell at a rate of X5.

Save your game and enter the north area. Come up to the Frozen Esper and you'll have to fight it.

Normally, if a hideous creature is frozen in ice, I'd leave it alone...

Tritoch is basically the Ice Dragon on steroids. It only attacks with Ice 3, and you should know how to avoid this one. Although he can also use Rasp to make you lose MP, and Cold Dust to Freeze you. The main problem with this guy is hurting it. It has near max defense, and the only element that will touch it is fire. Have Terra Morph here and have her cast Fire 3, and your other mages cast Fire 2. Just use the same strategies you used against the Ice Dragon and you should be fine. When you win, you'll get the Tritoch Esper. This is one of the best Espers in the game. It teaches Level 3 spells Fire 3, Ice 3, and Bolt 3. Unfortunately all three are taught at an X1 rate. Give these to your mages immediately! Its summon, Tri-Dazer, is almost as powerful as a Level 3, and is tri-elemental (Fire/Ice/Lightning).

Go back and save your game now and go and enter the opening in the cliff.

The back mines[edit source]

You're now in a new area with new enemies. This is a theme dungeon, and the theme is Imp. Most of the monsters here can turn you into an Imp. Many of the monsters here drop Green Cherries. Equip as many Ribbons and White Capes as you have.

The enemies here are pretty weak beyond that. The Poppers is an upgraded Rhodox that can use Stone, so watch out. Summon Tritoch on a pack of four Popperses for an easy win. The Kiwok can set Imp with its special, Pick. Other than that, well, it drops a rare White Cape, and you can never have too many of those. This guy's weak to Ice. The Ceritops is a tough enemy. It's got auto-Safe on. Its special, Pal Maker, sets Imp. It also absorbs lightning, but it's weak to Fire, so use Fire 3. The Tomb Thumb attacks in groups, and it's tough because it can self apply the Haste status and use Imp Song on your party. It's weak to lightning. The Anemone is also pretty weak, and only uses Imp Touch to do the obvious here. It can counter attacks by casting Mega Volt on itself for healing (it absorbs lightning). It's also weak to Fire, so use Fire 3.

The last enemy is so important it deserves its own paragraph. This is the Pug, an incredibly dangerous foe that uses Step Mine every friggin' round. There's no way around this. It also has 8000 HP, so it's quite sturdy. When you attack it, it counters with its special, Cleaver which is a physical attacks that's 8 (!) times as powerful as a normal one, AND it'll follow up with another Step Mine. So how do you deal with this bastard? Remember the theme of this dungeon. Well, it's succeptable to that very status! (Imp). Cast Imp on it and it'll turn into an Imp, disabling Step Mine and making this battle winnable. It drops a rare Tintinabar.

So what to do here? The first thing is to open a very important chest. Enter the far left door you see, being careful not to step on any pitfalls (the tiles with pitfalls are darker than normal). Continue to the west and you'll find a chest. This is a Monster-in-a-box.

You'll have to fight three Pugses. A Pugs and a Pug are two completely different enemies with the same sprite. Summon Phantom immediately when this battle starts so they can't touch you. What they do is take one step towards your party every turn, and use a physical attack each time. When they take eight steps, they use Knife, which instantly kills its target, and return to their original spot. Now, when this battle begins, cast Mute on each Pugs, and then summon Tritoch. If you hit them with a spell and they're not muted, they counter with Pearl, which, while not dangerous, can remove your Clear. Now, when the battle ends, make sure they drop a Minerva. If they don't reset and fight again until they do. It's a rare drop, so be patient. You should now have two Minervas.

When you get your Minerva, head back to the room you started in and enter the north door for a chest with an X-Ether. Now, fall into any one of the pits. The chest you see on the ledge contains a Gauntlet. This is a great item to bet at the Colloseum. Now, follow the linear path through the cave. You'll eventually get to an area with two switches; hit the one on the right.

Check out the bone carving in this room for the Terrato Esper. But wait! Right when you get it, a mysterious sasquatch comes out of the north door. This is Umaro, and you'll have to fight him!

The Sasquatch! We're gonna tame him by making him sit in the airship!

Umaro is ridiculously easy. It, too is weak to Fire, so have Terra Morph and cast Fire 3. Use the same strategy you used against the Ice Dragon, basically. Umaro attacks with his physical, his special Tackle, and Blizzard. Every 40 seconds it uses Snowball, Surge, or Lode Stone. Snowball halves a target's HP, Lode Stone cuts it in 3/4, and Surge just deals ice elemental damage to the party. It counters magic with Tackle or Blizzard, and physicals with Tackle. When Umaro uses a Green Cherry, he self applies Haste, Shell, Safe, and Regen. Cast Dispel to remove these. Now, cast Berserk and summon Phantom, and the fight is won.

Now talk to Umaro. He answers only to the Moogle. If you brought Mog with you, Mog will make him join your party. Umaro will then go to the airship and wait for you there. He'll be on the airship for the rest of the game, as he's worse than Cyan.

Now why does Umaro suck so bad, do you ask? There are several reasons for this. He looks like the most powerful character in the game, what with his really powerful physicals, but you have to remember he's a Berserker, and Berserkers are by definition uncontrollable. The Berserker is my least favorite job class this side of the Bard. And that's cause you can't control them. All Umaro does is attack, attack, attack, and when you need to heal he can't help you. Also, his equipment is stuck on him for the entire game. He has a Bone Club, which is a middlish weapon, and a Snow Muffler, which to be fair, is the best armor you want to be stuck with. But he can't equip Shields and Helmets. The only thing you can change is his Relics. Now he has two unique Relics in the Rage Ring and the Blizzard Orb, which do provide him with some extra elemental protection and change the way he attacks, but that isn't enough. You can't even equip Espers on him, so he can't get level up bonuses. Stick him in the airship and have him rot away.

Now, about your new Esper, Terrato. It's not that great really. Quake is a powerful spell, but it can't hit flying enemies, and it also hits your party. Not that many things are weak to it, either. Quartr is unreliable, and W Wind ALWAYS hits your party. Don't do drugs.

Go through the north door, and you'll be back in Narshe. Head out of town.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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