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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 30 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Return to Mobliz[]

Terra the porn star.

It's probably a good time to check up on Terra and the kids right now, so fly to Mobliz. If you have any Poison Rods, bring Shadow with you. From this point on, I won't recommend any particular parties (except in a few cases). I'll never be giving any Cyan related strategies though.

Here, you'll see a dog. Follow it into the western house and follow it through a hidden passage behind a bookcase. Down here, you'll find Terra and Katarin. Phunbaba will return, and the kids will whine. Check the pot here for an Ether. Make sure Celes has the Minerva on, and that another character has the Thunder Shield on. Also, if you have an Force Armor users in your party that are male, give this to one of them. This doesn't make them immune to lightning, but it does resist it.

Phunbaba attacks the same way he did last time. Celes should cast Bio, Edgar and Mog should be Jumping, Shadow should be Throwing Poison Rods, Sabin should be Bum Rushing like hell, Gau should either use the Trilium Rage or any Rage that is immune to or absorbs lightning; Vaporite does this well (if you brought Gau, don't give him the Thunder Shield for this reason), and Setzer should be using his Fixed Dice.

Once it gets to around 15000 HP, it'll counter any attack with BabaBreath, which works the same way Sneeze does. He'll use it twice and two random characters will be removed from the battle.

At this point, Terra will change into her Esper form and join the battle. When she does, have her cast Bio. She's permanently Morphed in this battle, so if you don't know what Morph is capable of yet, you will now. Phunbaba will finally die.

Terra now realizes why she couldn't fight all this time. She was learning what love is! And because she felt love for the children, she couldn't fight. But now she has to protect them, so she'll rejoin the party finally! When you get back to the airship, your parties should now include Terra and not Celes from now on. Give Terra the equipment Celes used.

The fight with Doom Gaze[]

The terror of the skies himself.

Hopefully, your characters will be in the low 40s level wise at this point. If you are, Terra will learn Fire 3, which is incredibly useful for the next few areas. The first is the fight with Doom Gaze on the airship. Pick out your favorite party (make sure it includes Terra!) and fly around until you run into it. It picks a random coordinate on the World Map and stays there until you run into it, at which point it'll fight. Before the fight, make sure Terra has the Minerva on, a Force Armor user has the Force Armor on, Mog and Gau have the Snow Muffler on (they should have this on all the time from now on), and the other two party members have an Ice Shield and a Thunder Shield on, in that order (if you brought Gau, a Rage that absorbs Ice is similarly appropriate, and Toe Cutter comes to mind, as Shrapnel is a great attack, AND it's immune to Instant Death, which is what Doom Gaze LOVES to use, but it's also weak to Wind, so you MAY want to give Gau the Thunder Shield so he's immune to it and hope the other character can take the full brunt of Ice 3. Alternatively, you should have a Snow Muffler on Gau, and this absorbs Ice, so you can use a Rage such as Orog for Pearl castings and Undeadness so Doom and L.5 Doom will heal Gau). If you brought Shadow, give him a Memento Ring so he's immune to Instant Death.

Doom Gaze is tough. It has 55555 HP, and it ALWAYS starts out by casting L.5 Doom on the party, so hope your characters are at appropriate levels (or in Gau and Shadow's cases, have appropriate Instant Death protection). If your characters die, don't revive them! Doom Gaze will then either cast Ice 3 or Doom on its next turn, and can cast Doom or Aero on its next. After this point, it has a 2/3 chance of escaping the battle on the next turn, and every two turns thereafter. If it escapes, you'll have to find it again, but it doesn't recover its HP. To kill it, have Terra (or Celes) cast Fire 2 or Fire 3, Edgar and Mog Jump (one should preferably have a Pearl Lance on, as Doom Gaze is weak to Pearl), Sabin use Bum Rush, Shadow Throw Flame Sabres or Pearl Rods, Gau use an appropriate Rage, and Setzer use his Fixed Dice. Hopefully you'll beat it soon, but Doom Gaze has auto-Safe and Shell on, so you'll have to make due. If you want to do some REAL damage, stock up on Pearl Rods and break them on Doom Gaze for maximum damage that ignores defense.

For you cheaters who want to use Vanish/Doom, be careful, as any of the Instant Death methods that work on the undead will prevent you from getting your reward. But of course I only recommended it in that one battle with the Intangir and the one battle with the Presenter. In all other cases, I consider this cheating.

When you beat Doom Gaze, you'll get the Bahamut Esper, which teaches the Flare spell. This is an awesome spell for an area to come. It's not exactly a powerful spell, but it does ignore defense, meaning it'll probably do more damage than most other spells. Bahamut's summon, Sun Flare, is also VERY powerful (the best summon in the game), and it, too ignores defense. Enjoy having Bahamut on your side!

Return to Jidoor[]

This guy probably was in some arranged marriage.

Now, fly to Jidoor. Make sure Terra is still in the party (she should never be out of it), and bring Edgar or Mog with their DragoonBoots and a Pearl Lance. The other two characters are up to you. If you want to bring Shadow, have a healthy supply of Flame Sabres and Pearl Rods. Don't bring Gau here, you need someone you can control (Mog counts as controllable now, since his offense is Jumping and not Dancing).

Go to the big house at the north end of this town. From this point on, it will be referred to as "Owzer's house." (I've heard a source that the rich man's house in South Figaro is also called Owzer's house, meaning I think that Owzer is another name for a rich guy).

In this house, try to go upstairs. You'll get a message to "Stay away." Touch the lamp in this room and the light will come on and you can proceed. Check all the portraits. The portrait of Gestahl gives you a Rare Item, the "Emperor's Letter." It talks about a "Star-shaped mountain range." Hmmm.... Anyway, the portrait of flowers makes you fight three Nightshades. These guys attack with Charm, which is like Muddle, only with a few differences. There's no visual indication Charm is on a character, and it can't be healed unless the target or the caster dies. So watch out for this. Fortunately, it has a low Hit Rate. Nightshades are weak to Fire, so cast Fire 3 (with Terra, but other characters are fine as well) or use Fire Dance (with Sabin) or have Shadow Throw Fire Skeans. They're easy so long as you pray Charm never hits...

The "picture of a lovely lady" has some Dahlings behind it. These girls can use Sightless to Blind a character, and can cast Mute. They also cast Ice 2 and Bolt 2. Overall they're not really a problem. Just cast Bio and use your normal strategies to kill them. When you do, a door will open, and you'll be able to head to the basement.

The enemies you fight down here include the dangerous SoulDancer, which is very dangerous. These things use the Throw command on you, which is very dangerous. They start with Dirks, but then upgrade to MithrilKnives, Guardians, Air Lancets, ThiefKnives, and Assassins. It then starts over. It also uses Red Dance when it dies, which drains a little HP from you. The Crusher is a dangerous foe as well, as its special, Blow, is a five times normal damage physical attack, and it uses the dreaded Lifeshaver when alone. It drops Super Balls, and it's one of the only enemies that drops this useless crap.

The Wild Cat and Vindr are easy foes. The Wild Cat can use Fire Ball when alone though, so watch out. The Vindr uses Beak when alone, so watch out for that as well. Use violence. Both these enemies, and the Crusher, are weak to Fire, so attack with your favorite fire elemental attacks, especially MT ones. The SoulDancer is weak to Poison instead, so Bio works on them.

Be careful in the first room you come to. Don't step anywhere near the left painting or you'll be sucked into it. An old lady will show up and make you fight a SoulDancer and four Wild Cats. Shadow throwing Fire Skeans are your best offense against these big crowds all throughout this area. Walk around this painting and you'll see two doors. The one on the left leads to a chest with a Moogle Suit. This is like the Tabby Suit and Chocobo Suits you found earlier, only it allows whoever equips it to dress up as a Moogle! Kupo! But it's useless. The BehemothSuit is better (which makes characters dress up as Behemoths). Only use it if you like seeing more Moogles in your party. One's enough for me though, as much as I love Moogles. The main difference between this and all other costumes is that this actually makes the equipper look like a Moogle in battle (I only like to think the Tabby Suit (Cait Sith suit), and Chocobo Suit make the characters look like that, but I just have a broad imagination).

Exit this room and enter the right one. Enter the passageway that takes you behind the three doors. This leads to a chest with a Relic Ring. This seems to be a powerful Relic by its name alone, but all it does is make the user undead, which means healing, parasitic spells, and some Instant Death abilities (Doom, Condemned, and X-Death type Weapons mainly) get their effects reversed. This is useful when you want to have one of these equipped and a character now basically gets unlimited X-Potions from smacking themselves. Now, in the area with the three doors, enter the one on the far left. The other doors take you back to the beginning of this dungeon.

If you enter the left door, you'll be in a room with four floating chests. If you approach one, it'll fall to the ground, make you fight a SoulDancer and four Wild Cats, and then you'll be able to open the chest. These chests don't have what they actually say they do, so let me explain what they have.

  • The chest with 2000 GP really has 293 GP.
  • The chest with the Potion really has a Tonic.
  • The chest with the Ether really has a Tincture.
  • The chest with the Remedy really has a Soft.

Now that that's done, approach the painting with the suit of armor. You'll have to fight a Still Life here. It can use Lullaby to put everyone to Sleep, and counters with Condemned, making you want to take it down quickly. It, like most things here, is weak to Fire. Once you beat it, save your game, and head up the right passage into a room where you'll see Owzer and Relm. Make sure characters are equipped with stuff that resists Lightning and Ice (Minerva for Terra, Force Armor for Edgar or Setzer, and Thunder Shield and an Ice Shield for your other two characters. If you brought Mog, the Snow Muffler will cover the Ice part). Owzer looks like a friggin' duck. Relm was hired to paint over a demon outside a painting, but even Relm can't fix it. You'll then have to fight the demon.

It looks more like the Grim Reaper to me.

This boss is against Chadarnook, and it has two interchangeable parts: the demon and a woman. Now, one thing to know is that the woman can't be killed and should never be touched. She'll counter any attack against her with either a physical or Phantasm, which sets HP Leak on the entire party. This is a status only seen in this fight, and it's like Seizure only it can never be cured. Bad, bad, bad. She also uses her special, Doom Kiss, to set Condemned on a character, and the dreaded Charm and Lullaby, both of which you've seen. When she's around be on the defensive until the demon shows up.

You know, I bet the reason Nintendo censored this image is because they didn't want to make fun of midgets little people.

The demon casts Bolt 2 and Bolt 3, and Flash Rain, which deals dual-elemental Ice/Water damage to the entire party. It's weak to Fire and Pearl, so have Shadow throw Flame Sabres or Pearl Rods, have Terra cast Fire 3, and have Mog (or Edgar) do Pearl Lance jumps. You may want to take the DragoonBoots off in this fight if you're afraid the demon will go away and the Jump will hit the woman. It'll still be a powerful attack). The other characters should stick to their usual strategies of Bum Rush, Fixed Dice, and the like. Sabin in the Front Row with dual Dragon Claws may be stronger, so do that if you want.

Beyond that, just pray Charm never hits, and you should win. When you do win, Relm will rejoin the party, and you'll get the Starlet Esper, which teaches the all important Cure 3.

Reunion at The Tower of Fanatics[]

Travel to the Tower of Fanatics which is inside the circle of mountains on the Serpent Trench. Put Relm in your party, and you'll see the Cult of Kefka marching around. Strago is in it, and with Relm in the party, she'll knock Strago back to reality. He'll then rejoin the party.

The other people around here have info for you, but one will only tell you his schpiel if you cough up 100,000 GP!!! That's a hefty price to pay, so don't pay it. Don't climb the tower yet, as you're still too weak to do it.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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