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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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Advance extras

This is part 29 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

A side-trip to Narshe[]

Well, pretty much everything is a sidetrip now, but the game wants you to go to The Veldt now. But let's take a little trip to Narshe for something very important, OK?

The Narshe you return to is an abandoned ghost town. There's no one to be seen, and all the doors to the stores are locked. Monsters now roam the streets, although they're not very tough. Red Wolves are weak. Their only problem is that they may take a few hits to go down. The Nastidon is even tougher to take down, as it has auto-Safe. But it's weak to Fire, so act accordingly. The Test Rider may be the only concern around here though. Test Riders fight alone, and use a powerful Gold Lance special.

Go through Arvis's old house and across the bridge into the western mines. You'll face some new enemies here, too. Psychots always attack in groups. What's interesting about them is they're one of the few enemies in the game that absorb Fire, which is usually an easy to apply element. They're weak, but they often attack in packs. Wizards are the real threat here though. They use Osmose or Mute on their first turn, Rasp or Stop on their second, and Sleep or Muddle on their third. They're real MP busters and status whores, so be careful around them. They drop rare Fire Rods.

Remember the two chests at the very beginning of the game that I asked you to leave? Now's the time to open them! They contain an Elixir and a Pod Bracelet. The Pod Bracelet casts Safe and Shell on the user, and is useful, but will become obsolete very soon. Go north and down the first flight of stairs you come to. Go north and into the Moogle cave. Here, you'll find Mog. Talk to him and he'll rejoin you! He'll go back to the airship (we're going to use him very soon, don't worry). But before leaving, check the area where Mog was standing and you'll get a Moogle Charm. This very useful Relic allows you to avoid all enemy encounters. What does this mean? Mog can become a Treasure Hunter, just like Locke! And we're going to go hunt some treasure right now!

Also, if you didn't take the Rune Edge in the Moogle Cave in the World of Balance, it will contain a Ribbon now, a rare and useful Relic.

The Moogle Raid on Kefka's Tower[]

Yeah. It seems a bit soon to go here, but we're not going far. To get in, you'll have to land your airship over the tower. You'll be asked to form three groups. Make the first group consist of Mog, and the second and third groups anyone you want (you won't be using these people). Now, as Mog, equip the Moogle Charm, and go on the linear path to the first room that looks technical. Grab the chest here for Setzer's ultimate weapon: the Fixed Dice! Now, cast Warp (or use a Warp Stone) to get out of the tower. I told you to get this now because it actually makes Setzer an extremely powerful character throughout the second half.

Return to The Veldt[]

Gau's back and ready for action!

Now, it's time to return to The Veldt. Before you go, make sure your party has only three characters in it. Now, land on The Veldt and fight around. Eventually, Gau will reappear and rejoin the party. Before going anywhere else though, you've fought lots of enemies recently. Now's the time to see what Rages are useful!

Now, make the party you want to use to head into the next dungeon. I'd recommend you use Celes, Edgar, Sabin, and either Mog or Gau.

The Cave in the Veldt[]

What a boring name for a cave! The Cave in the Veldt is in the southwest of The Veldt, near the Africa-shaped thing. Inside there are only two enemies. The Toe Cutter is weak, and all it does is its physical and DoomSickle, which absorbs HP from an ally. Although, they do take a lot of hits. They actually make a better Rage than their Gilomantis cousins, as they do everything the Gilomantis does but also absorb Ice. They drop Poison Rods occasionally. They're weak to wind, so Sabin should use his Air Blade and Gau should use his Marshal Rage for Wind Slash. What should Mog do though? He should have on a Partisan and some DragoonBoots so he can Jump. This will be his primary offense in the World of Ruin, as Dances are starting to level off. They're also weak to Fire, so Celes should cast Fire 2. The rare Rhyos is very tough though. It has lots of HP and Instant Death protection. They start off by attacking physically for three turns and on their fourth turn use Rage, which is a physical attack that does double damage, and then they use three spells out of a set. The set includes Blizzard (Ice elemental), Fire Ball (Fire elemental), Giga Volt (Lightning elemental), Magnitude8 (Earth-elemental), and Aqua Rake (Water/Wind dual elemental). Since this is three spells in a row, they'll hurt pretty bad. You can Stop them though, so that'll help some. Other than that, use violence.

When you enter the cave, you'll see Interceptor. He'll tell you to follow him. Go north to the end of the room and enter the door on your right. You'll see four hunters camping out here, and northwest of the camp is a chest with a Rage Ring. Go through the north door and navigate some hidden passages. The passage to the far left leads to a Monster-in-a-box.

This fight is against a dangerous Allo Ver. This guy casts Doom and Condemned often. In fact, every turn, it has a 1/3 chance of casting either one! Hopefully you brought Gau with you so he can use an undead Rage. Thankfully he himself is vulnerable to Instant Death, so cast Break or use Edgar's Chain Saw for a quick kill. MAKE SURE YOU KILL HIM IN UNDER A MINUTE. If you don't, Allo Ver will cast eight Atomic Ray spells (how the hell an undead monster knows an ability ususally reserved for machines is beyond me) in a row, which will mean game over if your characters aren't immune to or absorb Fire. Celes can take care of this with her Minerva, and Gau can take care of it with an undead Rage. If you learned the Lich Rage, use that, as it uses Fire 2, which hits a weakness. Orog is also a good Rage. It drops a Tiger Fangs, which is Sabin's ultimate weapon, pity it has to suck except for a minor boost to Magic Power. Give it to him anyway. Now, head south through a room to another room with a chest containing a Striker. Save this thing and hit the switch to open the passage through. Save your game at the save point and enter the next room.

You'll find one of two characters here: Shadow or Relm. If you waited for Shadow on the Floating Continent like a good listener, it will be him. Otherwise, it will be Relm and Shadow will be gone for good. Interceptor will be standing guard. But a monster will come by. It's the Sr Behemoth (living). You'll have to fight it.

This is a pretty easy boss, and it acts as a pure spellcaster. It mostly uses Ice 2, Ice 3, and Pearl. It can use Meteo as well when low on HP. An interesting thing to note is if you have Reflect on, it will use Evil Claw, which will Dispel the Reflect status. If you have Wall Rings on, though, it will always fail. Don't use the Orog Rage on this if you brought Gau, as Pearl is countered with Meteo, and the next attack will be as well. Eventually, though, you should defeat it.

The Behemoths in this game are really freaky.

But that's not all! A new, undead Sr Behemoth will appear. This thing is weak and the worst thing it can do is use Hypno Gas to put you to sleep. He may cast Doom on his second turn though, and can still use Meteo. Just cast a Life spell to kill it in one hit.

What you win from this boss is interesting. The game says you win a BehemothSuit, but due to a bug in the game that involves something overlooked during the switch between Sr Behemoths, you'll also get either a Thunder Blade or a Jewel Ring.

Anyway, you'll decide to take Shadow (or Relm) to Thamasa. A funny note is that Woolsey screwed up the translation here, and it always says "Let's take her to Thamasa," even if it was Shadow. This has led to idiots thinking Shadow is female, when he clearly isn't. Anthology partially fixed this, but now makes Relm male if you haven't saved Shadow (for reasons unknown to sane people...). Finally, the GBA completely fixed the situation by not invoking a gender-specific pronoun at all.

In Thamasa[]

You're now back in Thamasa. You'll leave Shadow (or Relm) in a bed in Strago's house, and you'll get to witness a dream that one of them will have. The Weapon Shop here sells Ninja Stars here for the first time, so start your collection. You may also want to note that there are Pearl Rods here. The Armor Shop has nothing new except the worthless Light Robe. The Relic shop sells, well, Rings, and lots of them. They sell virtually every Ring in the game except Hero Rings, Sneak Rings, Memento Rings, Cursed Rings, Rage Rings, and Relic Rings. The only new Ring is a Guard Ring, which grants Safe. Dis a suck Ring.

The enemies outside aren't tough. The Gloomshell is basically a stronger Hermit Crab, the Harpy only uses dangerous moves if you cast magic on it, and the Prussian doesn't use anything dangerous at all. Leave here and head back to The Veldt.

A short trip to The Veldt[]

Both the Toe Cutter and Rhyos Rages are useful for Gau, but the main reason we're here is that undead Sr Behemoths show up very often, and always drop BehemothSuits. This is the third best armor in the game, and the best for those who can equip it due to its high defense and massive stat boosts (+6 to nearly everything!). You already have one, but you want to get three more. Why get three of them when only two characters can equip them?

Return to the Colosseum[]

I'll tell you why! Fly to the Dragon's Neck Colloseum. Equip Celes with an Enhancer, an Aegis Shield, a Mystery Veil, some Force Armor, and two White Capes. She now has a 128% MBlock setup, meaning she's immune to anything blockable. Bet a BehemothSuit and you'll be forced to fight an Outsider. I told you to to give Celes that 128% MBlock setup for a reason. The Outsider casts X-Zone and very frequently uses Ruin. Both of these cause Instant Death, and you don't want that. Ruin even ignores immunity. But neither ignore a 128% MBlock setup. It can also cast Flare and use its physicals, neither of which can get past Celes' MBlock. But watch out! Every time Celes attacks, the Outsider will counter by Throwing a Shuriken, Ninja Star, or powerful Tack Star. These are unblockable and ignore defense and row. If you find out this is killing Celes, replace the Enhancer with a Soul Sabre. She'll still have 109% MBlock, so you'll just have to pray X-Zone and Ruin don't get around it (it's very rare that either will). The Soul Sabre has a 1/4 chance of casting Doom, and the Outsider is vulnerable to Instant Death.

So, what will you win from this fight? Only the best armor in the game! The Snow Muffler increases physical defense to the max, and it provides fire resistance and ice absorbtion, AND gives 10% MBlock. Only Mog and Gau can use these, so get two of them! These will turn Mog and Gau into powerful defensive tanks.

Once you've done that, you might as well bet the Striker you got in the Cave in the Veldt. Choose any character you want for the fight which will be against... Shadow? Anyway, he should be easy to kill. When you beat him, you'll get him back in your party and you'll get the Striker back. This time, Shadow's in your party for good!

As long as Shadow's back, you may want to spend some time buying stuff for him to Throw. First, stock up on Ninja Stars in Thamasa. After that, start saving up for elemental weapons (Flame Sabres, Blizzards, ThunderBlades, Gravity Rods, and Pearl Rods come to mind). Skeans are starting to level off, but definitely get some Inviz Edges and Shadow Edges for him too! Also, if you can, buy Falchions at Maranda for him to Throw.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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