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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 28 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Hold on hold on hold on....[]

But wait! Don't go to Maranda just yet! There's still some stuff to be done! Now that you have an airship, you should take some time to do some little things around the world. Just so you know, at this point you could skip all the way to the end of the game for Kefka's Tower if you really, REALLY want to. But with just four party members, it's going to be tough. There are lots and lots of sidequests, and the next many chapters of this walkthrough will focus on these sidequests.

Just as a warning, when flying around, there's a chance you may run into a battle with Doom Gaze. Click the obvious link and you'll get some strategy. I'll put some strategy into the walkthrough at some point. Just be patient with me.

I might as well give some strategy about the remaining enemies you'll fight on the World Map (except for the southeastern islands, the northeastern "????" forest, and the Maranda Desert), seeing as most of the new areas that are opened up have the same stuff. Be advised that you shouldn't be fighting these right now, as they take too many hits at your low levels, and can probably kill you.

Crawlers can use their physical and Feeler, which Poisons a character. When alone, they use Dischord and the parasitic Raid. They're weak to Ice, so use Ice attacks. An alternate strategy is to Muddle them (either through Stray or Edgar's Noiseblaster, and watch them kill themselves with Step Mine. The Mantodea uses... a very powerful physical attack. Why? Because their Battle Power is through the roof. Their physicals can do upwards of 2000 HP damage, so this can one hit kill an unlucky character. It can also use MindReaper to (try and) drain MP. Hope it uses this and not its physical, as it can't take your MP away!

Sprinters and Spek Tors are generally weak opponents. The Sprinter uses Pearl Wind to recover its HP, and can also take a few hits at this point. Spek Tors are just weak as hell. Sprinters can drop Imp's Armor on occasion, which is a very powerful piece of armor, but it only works on Imps! The Sprinter is also weak to lightning. Spek Tors are weak to Water, but this is an element that's difficult to apply (apparently the GBA version fixed this little problem).

Reach Frogs often attack in groups. These things are the buggiest enemies in the game (bizarre coincidence, as frogs eat bugs). They can use Rippler, which is the cause of the Rippler bug (which causes Rippler to swap statuses it shouldn't), and they can use Jump attacks, which cause a lot of disappearing bugs when certain skills are used when someone is in the air. They attack in a pattern. They either use a physical or Tongue (which sets Seizure on their first turn, a Jump attack which will take up their second and third turns, and a physical or Rippler on their fourth. They're weak to Ice, just like most things here.

The Geckorex is an upgraded Lizard that replaces Imp Glare with PetriGlare, which of course sets Petrify. Other than that, well, it has over 5000 HP, so it may take a long time to kill. It's weak to (you guessed it) Ice!

The Tumbleweed is another sturdy enemy that likes to attack in groups, and it's your typical physical/special attack/some-spell-if-it's-alone monster. Its special is Blinder which should be obvious what it does, and the some-spell-if-it's-alone is Lifeshaver. These guys are weak to Fire, so act accordingly.

Visiting Duncan[]

Sabin's gonna make you dizzy...

The first thing you should do is go to the area on the northernmost island where you see five trees. If you enter these four trees, you'll find Duncan's house. Go inside and talk to Duncan, and he'll offer to teach Sabin his ultimate Blitz! Just watch the cutscene and at the end Sabin will have learned the Bum Rush! This is Sabin's strongest attack, so put him in the Back Row, and make sure this is all he ever uses for the rest of the game. Unless I say otherwise. But that won't be very often.

Return to The Solitary Island[]

Return to The Solitary Island now. You know, the island in the southwest where Celes woke up alone. Go down to the beach for a new Esper. This is Palidor, which teaches Slow 2 and Haste 2, the latter of which can be useful for awhile. It also works great as a summon, as it basically has all your characters perform a Jump attack. This works great in conjunction with Kirin!

NOW you can go to Maranda[]

Okay, now travel to Maranda. This place has the best equipment shops in the game. It sells the most powerful store-bought stuff, although there are a few better things scattered around the world. The Weapon Shop sells useless Swordbreakers and really good Falchions, but I suggest holding off on those (Edgar has a better option, and Celes is probably better off with the Enhancer). The Falchions can be bet at the Colosseum for Flame Shields, which can be useful. The armor shop sells Crystal equipment, so upgrade whoever was using Diamond equipment. The Oath Veil is one of the best defensive helmets in the game, but I still say the Mystery Veil is better. Also, pick up a Tao Robe. No one can equip this right now, but you'll have some people who can equip it later. And it's one character's ultimate armor. Finally, pick up some Dark Gear for Sabin.

Now, enter the northeastern house. Here, you'll meet a girl named Lola. Someone has been writing letters, but it's not that guy from Mobliz 'cause he dead, foo. So someone is posing as him! But who? Offer to send out a carrier pigeon as a reply and investigate. You'll see the pigeon travel to Zozo. Might as well follow it!

But before we do that, let's check out the Maranda Desert enemies. These things are T-U-F-F tuff. Both of them only attack solo and drop 10000 GP.

The Hoover is a giant slug thing that reminds me of the thing from Return of the Jedi that Jabba the Hutt tries to feed Luke to. Its special, Crush, is incredibly powerful, and it counters most attacks with Sand Storm-sometimes twice! Both are potentially lethal, and at this stage, they are very, very lethal. Although Celes wearing her Minerva is immune to Sand Storm, so that helps. A little.

The other enemy here is the fabled Cactrot. This tiny running cactus has only 3 HP, but has near max Defense, Magic Defense, and MBlock. This means it's time to break out the unblockable defense ignoring attacks! Edgar's Drill is your best bet. These things attack in a pattern. Every odd turn, they'll be "bundling up something," which does nothing. Every even turn, they will use Blow Fish, which you've seen before. If you let them live long enough (which would only mean you're incredibly stupid), they will say "Work load up to ten times!" and cast ten Blow Fishes in a row, dealing a net total of 10000 HP damage. One ally could get all of it, but it could be spread out over your four allies. The Cactrot does yield 10 Magic Points when it dies.

Whatever. Just fly to Zozo... but stop in Jidoor first.

A quick stopover in Jidoor[]

This is so we can buy some weapons and armor that Maranda doesn't have. Go to the Weapon Shop first. They sell Man Eaters here, but one's enough. Crystals suck in general. But the Partisan kicks ass. Buy two of them and give one to Edgar with a pair of DragoonBoots (unless you listened to me and got the Pearl Lance, in which case have Edgar stick with the Pearl Lance, and thus you'll only need one Partisan). As for the Sniper, this is an upgraded Hawk Eye. You don't need this. The Armor Shop sells Circlets, which are good for a boost to Magic Power for all the Sabins in your life, thus making Bum Rush stronger. The Dark Hood sucks.

So you're in Zozo[]

You'll see the bird here. Talk to it and it'll fly away. What do you do now? Well, your gut instinct will be to go and talk to the merchant looking guy in town. What? It wasn't? Yes, it was. It was because I said it was. He'll sell you a can of Rust-Rid™®© for 1000 GP. I wonder what this was changed to in the GBA version. Anyway, now that you have your Rust-Rid™®©, you can use it on the rusted door on the Cafe balcony. Make sure Setzer has the Trump back on, as there's nothing undead here. So use your Rust-Rid™®© and enter... Mt. Zozo!

Mt. Zozo[]

There are three enemies here. The Ursus never attacks you. It Steals your GP. Over 8000 of it. Twice. And then it'll run away. Kill it quickly. With Fire 2. And Bum Rush. And Edgar's Jumping. At this point, Jumping starts to get stronger than even the Drill and Chainsaw. But still be advised that these things still have uses, against enemies with high defense and for defensive, Enhancer-involving setups. The Punisher doesn't... punish at all. It's weak. Save 'em for last. The Borras, though, is a tough physical foe, sorta like the HadesGigas and Gigantos. Its fancy karate move is an Uppercut. This is lethal, as it's five times as powerful as its normal attack. But summon Phantom against it and it's completely harmless.

Okay. So what's first? Well, the chest near the entrance has a Red Cap inside. This is one of the game's ultimate Helmets. It's an upgraded Green Beret that increases max HP by 25%. It works great on any male character (females can equip it, but they have better options (or better consolation options if you're in love with the Red Cap). If you go to the other chest you can reach in the area, you'll get an Ice Shield. DO NOT EQUIP THIS. This thing makes you weak to Wind, and you're about to face a Wind-Elemental boss. A very tough one at that. Now, go south through a hidden passage near the Red Cap chest, and follow the linear path. When you reach the southwest corner of the room, you'll find a chest with a Thunder Shield. Now you DO want to equip this. This thing makes you immune to Wind. Make sure you equip this on a non-Celes character though, as her Minerva does the same thing this does, for purposes of this dungeon. The Thunder Shield is the best elemental shield in the game, as it doesn't put a weakness on your characters. Instead, it gives them some extra resistance! Now, head north from here. The chest on the ledge here has one of the game's best shields. This is the Aegis Shield. It doesn't provide any elemental resistance or stat boosts, but it grants the equipper 40% MBlock. I'd suggest giving this to Celes, as the Minerva provides her with all the elemental protection she needs. Exit the left door to be on a ledge with a Gold Hairpin. This is a great Relic... for now. There's a better one you'll get later in the game, but for now this does the job fine (it halfs the MP cost of spells). Now, go back into the cave and exit the north side.

There are two new enemies in the outdoor parts of the mountain. The Scrapper's main problem is that it has auto-Haste. Other than that, it's weak and only uses its physical and Knife, which is a slightly stronger physical. It can counter though. The other enemy is the Luridan. It attacks in large groups and has high physical defense. They're weak to wind, so have Sabin throw an Air Blade at them for maximum effect.

Cross the bridge here to enter another cave. Inside is a Save Point, so I suggest saving. Now, step on the floor switch and the chest you see will open. A dragon will fly around the room wildly. Time to fight the first of the Eight Dragons. This is the Storm Dragon!

It's interesting that the toughest is also the smallest.

The Storm Dragon is the first of the Eight Dragons, and it's the hardest. Now I don't know if that has to do with the fact that it's the first one you fight, but its attacks seem stronger than most others. It has a powerful physical, and its special, Wing Saber, deals quadruple damage. It starts off by only being able to use its physical, Wind Slash, and Rage. Rage is something to watch out for, as it's non-elemental and unblockable (unlike Wind Slash, which is Wind elemental). Once his HP is about 3/5 gone, it'll start using more physicals, including Wind Saber, and will replace Wind Slash and Rage with Aero and Cyclonic. Aero is wind elemental and is slightly stronger than Wind Slash, and Cyclonic, as you know, will take away 15/16 of your party's remaining HP. It can also counter with one of its powerful physicals.

Be thankful that Celes and one of the guys will be immune to Wind. Edgar should be Jumping (especially in a tough fight like this), Celes should be casting Bolt 2 (this thing's weak to Lightning), Sabin should be Bum Rushing, and Setzer should probably be a designated healer, as you don't want to risk more counters. When you beat this, you'll get a powerful new piece of armor in the Force Armor, which grants 30% MBlock and provides resistance to five elements (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, and Earth).

I'm ready to sit in the airship and sulk, sir!

After the fight, go south and exit the door. Head east through this crevasse and enter a room where you'll see lots of flowers and a chest. Exit and you'll be on the mountain summit. You'll see Cyan here! He'll start flipping out, as HE was the one sending letters to Lola. He'll then destroy all the flowers, and he'll join your party (and by "join" I mean go to the Falcon where you can change party members). Of course, we don't use Cyan in this walkthrough, so he's just gonna rot on the airship again! Go back to the summit to get a key to that chest in the room where the flowers used to be. Open it to get a "Machinery Manual" and a "Book of Secrets." No one knows what these items are for, and I'm assuming that Cyan is trying to overcome his fear of machines (in the airship, he hangs out in the Engine Room, too, further proving this). But he still loathes machines because he thinks they killed his family (although it was poison, not machines, that did it). Alright, enough of that. Go back to the airship.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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