Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 27 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Back in Kohlingen[edit source]

The inspiration for Futurama's Hedonism Bot.

Okay. The desert here has the same enemies you fought in Figaro. But the wasteland has some new opponents. The Harpiai is just big bird. It can cast Aero, which is basically a slightly weaker than a Level 3 wind-Elemental attack. You don't want that to happen. Strangely enough, it's weak to wind. So have Sabin use Air Blade to do it in. The Bogy is weak, but it may take a few hits to bring down (it has Safe on if you're curious). Deep Eyes are next. They have two attacks to watch out for: Dreamland, which puts a character to Sleep, and Dread, which inflicts Petrify on a character (and it's an interesting attack in that it only checks for Petrify protection and no Instant Death protection). If you venture into the forests, Deep Eyes love to gather together and attack in large groups. As for the Muus, it'll probably kill itself with Pep Up and you'll only have to deal with one of these weaklings.

But who cares anyway. Let's go to Kohlingen. You'll learn that Locke is still alive, and is off searching for some sort of legendary treasure. You'll also learn that the Dragon's Neck Colloseum is finished, and we will be venturing there very soon. Go to the Inn, and you'll see Setzer moping out. Celes will snap him into reality, and he'll rejoin the party. Equip him with some Diamond Armor. He'll tell you of Darryl's Tomb, your next destination. But before we go, let's check out what kind of wares there are around here, OK?

Go to the Weapon Shop. This is one of the few problems Woolsey made in his translation: the Trump. It looks like Darts. A later weapon which is supposed to look like Darts looks like Cards. They fixed this in the Anthology version and renamed both of these weapons in the GBA version. Anyway, buy a Trump but DO NOT EQUIP IT. The next area is full of undead enemies, and the Trump can inflict Instant Death on the target. Bad news. There's also some Dice. Don't buy this. It's heavily hyped up by Setzer fans because it's a weaker version of a stronger weapon that IS useful but you'll get later. But the Dice suck. Basically, this works by Setzer rolling two Dice, and the damage is equal to double the product of the dicerolls and Setzer's level. This means that the best he can roll at Level 99 is a pair of sixes, and that will only do 7128 HP damage when everyone else is doing 9999 HP damage without a sweat. If you like Dice, there's a better set of Dice you can get later. Now, go to the Armor Shop. Buy Setzer a Diamond Shield and Diamond Armor if you don't have them for Setzer.

When you're done here, head south west to Darryl's Tomb.

Darryl's Tomb[edit source]

Pretty freaky for a tomb...

It's time for the next dungeon. Setzer will open it up for you. Make sure you have Ribbons or Amulets on your characters, as almost everything here can turn you into a Zombie. Everything here drops Revivifies almost every time.

The first room contains two enemies. The Orog is the most difficult enemy in this entire area. It attacks using Zombite almost every turn, and can use it up to three times at once! Of course, this turns you into a Zombie. It counters physicals with physicals, and magic with Bio. It drops a rare Amulet 1/8 of the time. The Osteosaur is a literal translation of "Bone Lizard" from Latin. Despite its dangerous look, it's probably the weakest enemy in this entire area! It often uses ChokeSmoke, which turns characters into Zombies, but only when they're dead! So it's really stupid like that.

You'll never see these two for the rest of the dungeon. You will come across PowerDemons here, and they use Daze Dance to drain HP from you. When left alone, they can use Soul Out, which turns characters into Zombies. They aren't too difficult to defeat. Exorays are the most common enemy here. They use DoomPollen often, which turns characters into Zombies. They also use Virite when alone. They also like to attack in groups. The final enemy here is the Mad Oscar, which is the only enemy here that can't Zombie you, nor is it undead. Instead, it uses Drool to inflict Seizure. When left alone they can use a new attack called Sour Mouth, which casts Imp, Blind, Mute, Sleep, Poison, and Muddle on a character. They should be taken out last, as they are the least threatening things here (despite what similar enemies do in other games...). They are sturdy and can take hits, however.

Everything here is weak to Fire, and everything but the Mad Oscar is weak to Pearl. So use Fire 2 and Fire Dance here like crazy. Edgar should just use his Drill and Chain Saw (remember, the Chain Saw's Instant Death works against undead enemies that are vulnerable to it!). Setzer should use his Slots, as his physicals really don't have anything special other than that they're long range.

Go down through the first, most dangerous, room. Enter the bottom right door for the helmet with the best physical defense in the game. This is the Genji Helmet. Give it to anyone but Celes, whose Mystery Veil is better. Now, enter the top right door, and hit a switch that makes the water level in a room rise. Now, enter the bottom left door. You'll find a chest with a Crystal Mail inside. Give it to Edgar. Now, go down the stairs to find a chest with a Czarina Gown inside. This is a piece of crap armor. Only Relm can use it, and you'll have access to much better things by the time you find her. But it DOES have a use. Remember this paragraph, and exit the tomb! Now, head north to the Dragon's Neck Colloseum.

Side trip to the Colloseum[edit source]

No, you won't be fighting this battle, but this gives you an idea of what the Colosseum looks like.

Welcome to the Colloseum! You'll immediately notice your good friend, Ultros, has become a receptionist! He'll warn you not to go betting just anything here. Most of the fights are against Chupon, who always uses Sneeze on his first turn. You'll also find the last surviving Imperial soldier here, who will tell you a secret. Ziegfried is in the top left room, and will tell you that someone is pretending to be him. The room on the right has the most expensive Inn in the game.

If you want to bet something, talk to the Figaro guard looking guy. I'll explain how the Colloseum works. You bet an item, and then you have to fight for a better item. If you lose, you lose the item. If you win, you still lose the item but get another one instead. All fights in the Colosseum have to be done solo, and you don't control the character you choose to fight with, for extra challenge. Equip a Wall Ring on the character you want to use in this battle, make sure his or her level is not a multiple of five, and bet the worthless Czarina Gown. I suggest using Celes, as she has the highest MBlock with an Enhancer at this point. You'll have to fight a Sky Base, an enemy that uses Instant Death attacks very frequently. The attacks include Doom, L.5 Doom, and Blaster. Doom can be Reflected, L.5 Doom you should know how to avoid, and Blaster has a low Hit Rate, so your MBlock should get you around it. The strange thing is that the Sky Base itself is vulnerable to Instant Death, hence another reason to wear the Wall Ring. If you beat the Sky Base, you win a Minerva. This is the second best armor in the entire game, and the best for those who can equip it. It gives 10% MBlock, increases your max MP by 1/4, gives you lots of stat boosts, and provides protection of sorts to all eight elements, including immunity to some key ones (Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Wind). Give this to Celes pronto.

Now, go outside and cast Vanish on the character you want to use for the next battle (probably Celes, as she has the best defensive setup right now). Go back inside, bet your Murasame, and you'll have to fight a Borras. You'll win if Celes doesn't undo Clear and get an Aura. This is actually the Masamune, but it sucks in this game. I'll tell you more about it later. Now, bet the Aura, and make sure Celes has the Minerva on. You'll face a Rhyos. Pray it doesn't use Magnitude8, and you'll win this. You'll get a Strato. This is another useless weapon. Bet it now. Bring a Dragoon Edgar into this battle (preferably with a Gold Lance), and you'll face an Aquila. If you have a Cure Ring, give it to Edgar as your second Relic. Now, the Aquila will cast Shimsham and Cyclonic to reduce Edgar's HP, hence the Cure Ring. Regen even works while he's Jumping! When you win, you'll finally get something useful! This is the Pearl Lance, and it's the second best spear in the game. It casts Pearl randomly, even when Jumping! And it increases Magic Power by 3, thus increasing its own Pearl power. Give this to Edgar!

See? Wasn't that side trip worth it? Now, go back to the tomb.

We now return to your regularly scheduled trip into a massive grave.[edit source]

Back at the chest where you got the Czarina Gown, head north. You'll be in a large open room. Hit the switch to open a door on a ledge you can't reach. Now, backtrack to the main room and enter the bottom middle door. Cross the water on the turtle and you'll be in another room. Hit the switch to raise the water, but don't jump on the turtle yet. Head to the room to the south. You'll see four gravestones with the messages starting on the top left and going clockwise, ERAU, QSSI, WEHT, and DLRO. Now, go back to the main room and enter the upper left door. You'll see a tombstone. Write the memo down in this order: ERAU QSSI DLRO WEHT. The message will be a backwards spelling of "The World is Square." Take this to mean however you want. I interpret it as Square is trying to take over the world. And I'm not surprised. All the good Square people are gone now and working for Mistwalker. Anyway, you'll get a message saying that there's an Exp. Egg hidden somewhere in the tomb. Go back to the Czarina Gown room, and you'll find a hidden path in the east wall. This leads to the Exp. Egg, which is a great Relic for levelling up with (it doubles a character's EXP after battle).

Now, go back to the room above the room with the four tombstones and jump on the turtle to head across the water. You're now on the ledge with the door you couldn't reach before. Enter the door. Here, you'll find a Save Point and two chests. Open the one on the right for a Man Eater. This is a great weapon as it has 10% MBlock. Give it to Setzer, as it's his strongest thing here. Cast Float on your party now, and examine the upper left chest. Time for a Monster-in-a-box!

This enemy is the Presenter. It's an upgraded Whelk that has a treasure chest stuck in its mouth. It's incredibly weak, but if you beat it you can get a new weapon for Sabin: the Dragon Claw. It attacks with things like Mega Volt and Giga Volt, the latter of which can hurt. The head can also use El Nino and the shell can use Blow Fish. You want to watch out for these.

Now, we're going to get two Dragon Claws instead of one. BOTH parts drop them, so you can get two if you kill them both at the same time! To do this, we're going to cast X-Zone to kill them both. To ensure this will work, cast Vanish on the Presenter shell (since the shell is vulnerable to Instant Death, we're not exploiting the bug here). The head, however, is immune to Instant Death, so using the Vanish/Doom bug here would be cheating. So cast X-Zone and hope both parts get taken out. But don't equip Sabin with your Dragon Claws yet! Give him a Genji Glove and a pair of Fire Knuckles, because the next boss is weak to that element. Also, put Sabin in the Front Row (everyone else should, of course, be in the back).

A dead chariot...too bad we can't see any of these in future installments.

Save your game and head into the room to the north. Check the tomb and you'll have to fight Dullahan. It's weak to Fire, so Sabin should be attacking physically. Edgar should be using his Drill and Chain Saw, Celes should cast Fire 2, and Setzer just has to hope for the best really. If you can get H-Bombs and Sun Flares off consistantly, do that.

Now, Dullahan only uses Magic until it's attacked, at which time it will start attacking physically. Its spells include Ice 2, Ice 3, Pearl, Absolute 0, L.? Pearl, and Reflect???. L.? Pearl deals Pearl elemental damage to characters whose level is a multiple of the ones digit of your GP (and it's massive damage, so be careful). Reflect??? puts some status ailments on characters with Reflect status. Normally, I would suggest Wall Rings for this battle, but thanks to Reflect??? it won't be useful. Celes should have that Minerva on though, and that'll take care of every magic spell except Pearl (and L.? Pearl if you're not stupid). Once you attack Dullahan 8 times, he'll add N. Cross to the mix. This can Freeze your entire party if you're unlucky (but it has a low Hit Rate).

Another strategy is to just sit there healing yourself while it spams you with spells. If you equip Celes with a Ribbon, a Wall Ring, and a Minerva, and her level is not a multiple of the last digit of your GP, you can't lose this fight! Just sit there and wait until his MP gets down to a point where "Need MP" is shown on the screen when he tries to cast a spell. At this point, cast Rasp. Don't you love enemies who die from lack of MP? You may think this takes a long time, but Dullahan only has about 1200 MP, and its spells usually take away a lot of MP.

After beating Dullahan, a door will open to the north. Now, Setzer will take you down the stairs. He'll tell you of the story of his ex, Darill, and how he challenged her to a race to win her airship, the Falcon. Setzer won, but Darryl died. As a result, Setzer rebuilt the damaged Falcon and buried it here. And now, you need it to save the world!

Setzer will start up the Falcon. Celes will see a carrier pigeon in the sky. She'll make you follow that pigeon to Maranda.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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