Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 26 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Nikeah Gadolah-hah![edit source]

You're back in Nikeah. Don't ask me why you hear the Imperial occupation music when there's no Imperials anymore. Anyway, the first thing to do here is to check out the shops. The Weapon Shop actually has some new stuff! And some new stuff that's worth getting! Namely, the Enhancer. This is one of the best swords in the game. It increases Magic Power by a whopping SEVEN points, and MBlock by 20%. This is a kickass weapon for everyone who can equip it, so buy two of them. It also sells Rune Edges, but these suck at this point. The Armor Shop has Diamond class equipment. You'll want to buy a pair of Diamond Shields, although Celes may be better off with a Genji Glove and two Enhancers (a little defense versus an extra 20% MBlock, you make the decision). The Diamond Helmet is worthless when compared to the Mystery Veil, but you may want to pick one of them up. As for Diamond Vests, well, only buy one of these and give it to Sabin. Celes has something better in the next town. The Relic Shop sells Cure Rings for the first time, so you may want some of these.

If you try to take the boat, you'll see it belongs to the Crimson Robbers. You can meet these guys in the Cafe. The resident Dancer and they will tell you about their leader "Gerad." Go outside to meet him standing near all the crates. He's a palette swap of a very familiar character (funny thing is, if you rearrange the letters in "Gerad," it spells "Edgar"). Celes will try to flirt with him to make him reveal himself as Edgar, but Gerad will insist that he is Gerad. Interestingly enough, Sabin will never say anything, although there was a line for him left out by the programmers. Stupid Square. Follow him onto the boat and stow away to South Figaro.

Return to South Figaro[edit source]

The people of South Figaro seem to be in high spirits, but the Crimson Robbers have taken over the town. Go to the Inn from the Cafe door and you'll find Gerad again, who will run off with his gang of thieves.

Now, visit the Weapon Shop. There are Gold Lances. Only pick one up if you plan on using a Dragoon setup with the next character who will rejoin your party. Otherwise, stick with the Enhancer. I recommend doing just that anyway. The Armor Shop sells Diamond Armors, and you should pick up three of them if you can afford it. Give one to Celes. Wow, finally something worth using over the Gaia Gears you've had on for so long!

Remember the crates and barrels I told you not to open way back when? Well now's the time to open them!

  • The barrel west of the Chocobo Stable has a Revivify.
  • The crate east of the Chocobo Stable has a Tent.
  • The crate at the southwest corner of town has an Elixir.
  • The barrel near the docks has a Tent.
  • The crate near the docks has a Remedy.
  • The barrel at the weapon and armor shops has an X-Potion.

Travel outside the town. You'll face Nohrabbits here, which will only attack with Carrot and by... healing you? Well this is great. The Maligas are also weak as hell, and are weak to Ice. The Latimeria is found in the forests and uses Magnitude8 often. It is weak to Lightning. The Sand Horse, which is only fought in the desert, is dangerous because it uses Sand Storm and a powerful special in Clamp. They are weak to ice, but it should be noted that they can also die from lack of MP.

Enter Figaro Cave.

Figaro Cave[edit source]

Well, well, well, look who came crawling back to the Zapper!

Here, make sure one character has a Ribbon on, and the other should have a Peace Ring on. The theme of this dungeon is enemies that like to Muddle you, and you don't want that.

NeckHunters are weak, except for the fact that they use Mad Sickle often, which inflicts Muddle on you. The Cruller attacks with Fire 2. Ironically enough, it's weak to Fire, so cast Fire 2 on it yourself. If left alone for long enough, it can use Slimer, which sets Slow, and BrainStorm, which sets Muddle. Humpties attack in groups, and their special, Hug can, you guessed it, Muddle you. You'll want to use MT Blitzes here, like Fire Dance and Air Blade. They're undead, too. Finally, there's the Dante. This always attacks solo, and is the only enemy here that can't Muddle you. He's one of the few undead enemies that is weak to Poison. It's special, QuartzPike, is a moderate strength attack. If you're curious, Dante is named after that guy who wrote the Divine Comedy, which is the source of the names for the Final Fantasy IV Fiends.

You'll meet Ziegfried here, and he'll go in ahead of you. Remember the one chest I had you not open? Open it now for an Ether. Now, go where the other entrance to the cave usually is, and you'll find the Crimson Robbers again. They'll jump on the turtle across what used to be a Recovery Spring. Follow them and you'll go through a very linear passage to the west. Ziegfried will be here and will have opened all the chests here. Travel from here and you'll eventually enter the jail room of Figaro Castle. You'll see Gerad whisper something to the guard here. Very suspicious. Go upstairs. You can't go out the doors here, so go down the other side. Go down the next flight of stairs and you'll be in the Figaro Basement.

The enemies here will be the same as the ones you fought here on the way in. Go up and down the next flight of stairs to the right. Go south in this room, and you'll come to a room with two alcoves that have chests in them. The chests in the southeast room have a Crystal Helm and a Gravity Rod. Save them both, but don't equip them (you can't equip the Gravity Rod on anyone right now anyway). The chests in the southwest room have an X-Potion and an Ether. If you go up the northwest stairs, you'll come to a chest with a Regal Crown. It's better than the Tiger Mask for Sabin, so give it to him. Go back to the room with the four chests and exit through the north center door. Make sure both Celes and Sabin have a Wall Ring and a pair of RunningShoes as their Relics. Golem and Shoat should be their Espers. Enter the next door, and you'll see Gerad tell the Crimson Robbers that the treasure they're looking for is in the next room. He'll then reveal to you that he is indeed Edgar. He'll join your party, and you'll have to face a boss.

I couldn't get a full picture, so you'll have to make do with just one picture of a tentacle.

This is against the four Tentacles. Each Tentacle has a different set of strengths and weaknesses, but all use the same attacks. They start by casting Seize, which inflicts Slow on a character. If they use Seize on a character with the Slow status, they'll pick him or her up and start draining HP and MP from them while the characters can't act. This is why I had you equip RunningShoes here. They will give you Slow immunity and thus you'll never get hit with Seize.

Although this is a problem with Edgar who has no Relics. Give him an Enhancer and a Diamond Shield (remember, you can change weapons and shields mid battle). Have him open with Bio Blaster, which will Poison all tentacles except the one on the upper left. Now, cast Doom on the lower left tentacle to kill it. Now, summon Shoat and hope it petrifies one or more of the remaining tentacles. Summon Golem as well. If you do this, the battle should pretty much be under control. Sabin should use Air Blade and Edgar should use his Tools.

After the fight, Edgar will join the party. Make sure he's in the Back Row with your other characters, and enter the north room. Check the armor suit for a Soul Sabre. This is kinda like the Drainer, only it works with MP instead of HP. It also randomly casts Doom. On the way out, you may face a new enemy: the Drop. These enemies love to use Mad Signal to Muddle you. Just use Air Blade and Bolt 2 on them.

Leave this place, and when you get to the control room, the operator of the device that lets Figaro submerge and transport will raise Figaro Castle. Talk to him again and ask to travel to Kohlingen.

The Figaro Castle Tools Shop has a Debilitator for sale if you didn't get one already. Put Edgar in the lead when buying it for the 50% royal discount.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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