Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 25 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Return to Tzen Edit


Sabin on the Phantom Train

You'll notice that as you travel, you'll see that Vector no longer exists, and in its place is a massive tower which can't be entered. This is built as a shrine to both Kefka and destruction, and Kefka rules the land with an iron fist from its peak. You can't go in from the ground...

When you reach Tzen, you'll witness the Light of Judgment first hand. A house will be collapsing, and you'll have to check it out. It looks like Sabin survived the Apocalypse too, and now he's holding up the house! (And people say Tifa is the strongest because she can wrestle Sephiroth's sword away, I'd think holding up a house would make someone stronger than being able to wrestle a sword away, no?) Celes will have five minutes to go into the house and rescue the kid inside. Celes should equip Sprint Shoes to help her run and a Ribbon or Jewel Ring to prevent the Petrify status that the Hermit Crab will apply. You may want to equip a Black Belt instead of Sprint Shoes because the enemies here attack in groups of three or more and have very high Magic Defense. So the Black Belt will help Celes speed battles up.

Scorpions are the most time consuming things here. They attack with Doom Sting, which sets Condemned on Celes AND deals damage to her. Hermit Crabs are the most dangerous because they use Rock to Petrify Celes when they die. They can also use Net to cast Stop on Celes, which is also very bad when you're alone in a timed area. Pm Stalkers. Now you CAN use MT magic against these (their Magic Defense is low), so use Fire 2 on them.

There are lots of chests to try and distract you from the task at hand. Some of them you'll want to open, and others you won't. At the end of the first hall, you'll find a chest with another Heal Rod, and in the central room on the first floor is a chest with a Pearl Rod. Grab them both. The chest to the south of this room contains another Hyper Wrist, which you should have plenty of by now. Now, go to the northwest corner for a chest with a Tincture, and head south to the stairwell. Don't open this chest. It's a Monster in a box and will make you fight four Pm Stalkers for absolutely nothing. Go downstairs.

The chest at the south end of the room contains a Drainer. If you stole from Number 024 earlier, you may have gotten one of these. But if not, well, now you have one. Now, go up to the north end of the room. The kid is up here, as well as two chests. The one on the right contains a Magicite shard, and the one on the left is another Monster-in-a-box that makes you fight another four Pm Stalkers for nothing. Rescue the kid, and high tail it out of the house before time runs out.

At this point, Sabin will jump down, and make a speech to Celes. He'll then rejoin the party.

Now, you may want to pick up a second Fire Knuckle at the Weapon Shop if you like, as they do have uses, even though Sabin will most likely be in the Back Row using Blitzes. The Armor Shop and Relic Shop sell nothing of use. If you haven't bought Sraphim yet, you can do so now for 10 GP.

The Serpent Trench Edit

Now, put Sabin in the Back Row and head northeast from Tzen and cross the bridge. You'll now be on the Serpent Trench, which has risen above the water. There are some new enemies here. The Buffalax. Don't use Magic on it or it'll use Sun Bath. It may take a few hits to kill as well. The Delta Bug has high defense and attacks in groups, so you'll want to use things like Fire 2 and Fire Dance on them, as that's what they're weak to. Air Blade also works well. The Lizard enemies also take a few hits, and use Imp Glare to give characters the obvious status ailment. Heal this if you get hit.

Bloompires are the most dangerous things here though. They use Energy Sap to transform characters into Zombies, and that's not good at all. They use this a lot. They can also use Bio, which is also bad. They're very weird enemies, as they have max defense but almost no HP! Use fire related attacks on them and they should go down in two hits. Cure spells might be better, as they damage the Undead, and, believe it or not, are unblockable and defense ignoring...

Head east at the junction and head all the way around and up and you'll eventually reach Mobliz.

Mobliz Edit

200px-Ff6 amano tina


Someone in Tzen told you that the Light of Judgement really fried this place. At this point, put Sabin in the Front Row and give him a Genji Glove and a pair of Poison Claws. There's a boss coming up that's weak to Poison. Give him a Hero Ring as well. Celes should have Earrings on. Also, if Celes doesn't have the Bio spell learned, let her spend some time with Shoat (it's an easy spell to learn).

This place is a desolate waste, and you'll see a kid and some dogs getting defensive. You can still rest for free at what used to be the Relic Shop. Follow him into what used to be the post office and downstairs, where you'll find a new door. Inside, the kid will call for his "Mama." And guess who shows up...

Terra will be happy to see you're alive, but she'll tell you that she's lost her will to fight. She saw the kids and felt like she was needed. And she's grown so attached to the kids (who are orphans, as Kefka killed all the adults here) that she can't fight anymore. You'll also meet Duane and Katarin who are just two years younger than Terra, so why can't they take care of everyone? When you go outside, a kid will yell that Phunbaba is coming. Terra will try to fight it.

You'll control Terra for this battle alone. She can't deal any damage to Phunbaba (though, casting Drain/Osmose with her WILL restore HP/MP if she's low on them even though it won't deal any damage), but the Vanish/Doom bug still works on it. Strangely, even if you Vanish/Doom it, Terra will still be defeated by it (somehow) and Celes and Sabin will now have to fight it.


Okay, this guy has some real muscle problems.

This is the real battle now, so hope your characters are set up the way I told you to. He'll start the fight with his physical or a powerful Solar Plex attack. He'll then start casting Bolt 2 and powerful Bolt 3 spells, so heal up if you get hit with the latter. Wall Rings don't help much, as Phunbaba absorbs lightning. Finally, he can use Blow Fish, which ALWAYS deals 1000 HP damage to a character. Beware of this. Sabin should attack with his physical and Celes should be casting Bio. Summoning Golem can help against the physicals. Eventually, Phunbaba will escape.

After the fight, Terra will tell you "I told you so" and go to sleep. Duane will then yell at you. A kid will come up to you on the way out and give you the Fenrir Esper, which is useful as both a Summon and a spellteacher. It's the only Esper that teaches X-Zone, which is an Instant Death spell that works against all targets, including the Undead. Its summon casts Image on the entire party.

A long journey Edit

Now, you have to journey all the way to the other end of the Serpent Trench where Nikeah is. It's a very long walk, but there's a Chocobo stable in the forest near Mobliz. So use it if you feel the need to.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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