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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 21 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Introduction to The Floating Continent[]

I want a fortress like this.

Welcome to the Floating Continent! This is an RPG player's funhouse! Of difficulty, that is! This is by far the hardest dungeon you've faced up to this point in the game. Now, you have to reach Kefka, Gestahl, and the Statues. But you're on the west side of the island. They are all the way on the East side. So, how do you get there?

Well, remember when this thing was on the ground it was a giant mountain range, so don't expect it to be something else here. As a result, you have to make twists and turns, and push rocks down from various places to get from place to place. What fun!

Anyway, look near you, and you'll see Shadow lying on the ground. Talk to him and he'll join you. Unfortunately, Interceptor is back in Thamasa, so you have Shadow without the help of his faithful dog for now. Fortunately he won't leave you at random. Start teaching him some healing spells, as his main offense is his change-up, where the only things he uses are weapons, Stars, and Skeans. As such, equip him with either the ThiefKnife or the Assassin. I prefer the Assassin, as there's some stuff that's actually vulnerable to Instant Death here, believe it or not. Give him a Hero Ring as well, as it helps increase his Throw damage. Anyway, enough making fun of our dear friend Shadow. Let's talk about the dangers you'll face here. Make sure everyone is in the Back Row, and I can't stress this enough, wearing Gaia Gear.

The enemies of the Floating Continent[]

Ninjas I've told you about before. They usually attack in pairs, and usually attack you by throwing a random Skean at you. They can also use an Inviz Edge (which is called an "Inviz" when they use them for some weird reason) to give themselves Clear status. But that's okay. Hopefully you picked up some Bolt Edges for Shadow to impale them with. They rarely drop a Ninja Star, which is a more powerful Shuriken. Save these for later if you get them. They can show up with Wirey Dragons, which are as dangerous as the Wyvern, only these guys have beefed up defense and their special doesn't inflict Seizure. They have no weaknesses either, so the best damage you can do to them is a Throw from Shadow, or a Land Slide from Mog, if you brought him. If you see a group of three Wirey Dragons, summon Shoat to kill them all.

Apokryphoses are the weakest things here. Normally, they use their physical and Silencer, and you can tell by that name what that does. Just make sure they're not the last thing to die, as they counter with L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, and L.5 Doom when left alone, but thankfully it's only on the one target (usually these are MT). They're also vulnerable to Instant Death, so Shadow should take advantage of that. If they attack in a group, you may want to have him bust out the Bolt Edge though. If you brought Locke, he can Steal Cure Rings from them.

Behemoths are tough, just like in every game they're in (except FFXII, in which they're easy to kill). They're especially tough because they can attack in pairs as well! (Just so you know, a pair of Behemoths nets you six Magic Points per battle, more than any other enemy here). They can counter everything here with Take Down (no, not Takedown), a massive physical attack. They also use Take Down regularly. They are, however, weak to Ice, so an Ice 2 spell from one of your spellcasters (Terra or Relm, or Gau's SlamDancer Rage works well. Instant Death also works, so a Doom spell or a hit from Shadow's Assassin should be tried as well.

Misfits are Ing palatte swaps, and you'd expect them to be similar. Well, they do use Lifeshaver, which is the reason why I suggested Gaia Gears here. Misfits are some of the more common enemies, and the Gaia Gear makes a potentially powerful attack heal you and damage the Misfit. Unlike the Ings, these things are weak to Fire, so utilize Fire 2 spells from your spellcasters or a Fire Skean from Shadow. Despite being undead, though, they ARE vulnerable to Instant Death (but they will be healed by the Doom spell and the Assassin), so Break should work on them (although it has a low Hit Rate). These should be the last things you take out.

Brainpans are a big threat. Their biggest threat is their special, Smirk, which casts Stop on a character. This is a hassle here. Even worse, when the last enemy standing is a Brainpan, it will use Blow Fish, which deals 1000 HP of unblockable defense ignoring damage every friggin' time. They are weak to both Fire AND Lightning, so Shadow should throw Fire Skeans and Bolt Edges so you'll never have to see Blow Fish. If you were dumb and brought Strago, he can learn the Blow Fish as a Lore, but it's better to do this from a certain little cactus type thing you'll encounter later in the game. Locke can Steal extra Earrings if he's there, and you can never have too many of those.

Dragons are the toughest regular enemy here. It has a 1/3 chance of countering any attack with Sneeze, and you know what that does. It also has a dangerous special, Tail, which will more than likely kill its target, even at full HP. It also uses Revenge, which does more and more damage as the Dragon loses HP. It can also cast Blizzard and Cold Dust, and you do NOT want to get hit with Cold Dust, as it Freezes its target. They're weak to Lightning, but since they always fight alone, you may want to save your Bolt Edges. Everyone else should use their typical strategy for dealing with Lightning weak things (Bolt 2, Aspik Rage, what have you) and Throwing stuff. Sabin should still use AuraBolt on them, as this is stronger than even Air Blade against a single target, if you brought him. Locke can steal Genji Gloves from them, so you may want to pick up some of those. If there's ever such a thing as a fanboy for a piece of equipment, I've seen my fair share of Genji Glove fanboys...

Basically, your strategy here revolves around Mog and Shadow performing at their best. Mog should use his Earth Blues Dance here, as it uses Land Slide, which deals massive damage, and Sun Bath for healing. It's also the home dance here, meaning Mog will never "stumble." Shadow should be throwing kitchen sinks. Terra and Relm should use their strongest spells, and Locke should be attacking with his pair of Hawk Eyes. Sabin should be using Air Blade if he has it, otherwise, well, you shouldn't have brought him! Setzer should just use Slots. Chocobop really isn't reliable here, as there's a lot of flying stuff. Gau loves the Aspik Rage against all those lightning weak enemies here, although the Rage should change depending on the enemy. For example, it's better to use Templar on the Misfits and SlamDancer on the Behemoths. If you're lazy though, good ol' Stray Cat still does the job.

Exploring the Floating Continent[]

Walk east from the Save Point, and you'll come to... a dead end! What could they be thinking? But wait! The path magically opens itself up for you! Get ready for a lot of these in this place. You'll come to a place where there's a path to a blue orb thing. This is actually a chest, and inside is... a useless Murasame. It's for Cyan, and if you ever actually decide to use him, he's still better off with the Tempest, and Dispatch is always better than the Fight command as far as Cyan goes. But you shouldn't be using Cyan anyway. Keep going east, and two passages will open up: one to the north and one to the south. Take the south path to another blue orb thing. Open it, and you'll find it's your first Monster-in-a-box in awhile.

Gigantos is either really, really hard or really, really easy. He counters every attack with two powerful physical attacks and Throat Jab, his even more powerful special. When he attacks, he uses three Throat Jabs. You do NOT want to get hit by any of this, as it probably means a character will die... or does it? Well, one thing to note is these are all physical attacks! Summon Phantom to give everyone the Clear status and the battle is as good as won. You can just attack with your baby fists and win! But the prize is just a Hardened, a weapon for Shadow with no stat boosts. Hardly worth it. Stick with the Assassin.

Now, go up the north path. You'll come to a strange looking thing that, if you step on it, a teleport hole will open and you'll get to travel to another part of the Floating Continent! Go south, and you'll step on a stone. This will reveal the path you need to walk on. Head down the linear path and enter the warp hole. You'll come to a place where there's two other warp holes. The one on the right goes nowhere, so take the one on the left. Here, you'll have to hit a switch for a path you can't reach to open up. Now, go back to the area with three warp holes. Find another stone to step on, and you'll open the path fully. Go to the path along the bottom, and head east.

You'll eventually come to an area with another blue orb. This one contains a Beret, a piece of Relm's personal fashion line. And it sucks. All it does is increase the success rate of Sketch, which is useless. Now, head to the warp hole to the south. Fall in and save your game. Here, equip your entire party with Wall Rings, and make sure someone has a Ribbon as well. Go back up and hit the floor switch you see to open a path to another warp hole. On the other side, you'll have a chance to return to the Blackjack if you think you need an emergency exit, but we've navigated this damn hard place, why stop now? Anyway, head west and north through the path that will open up for you, and you'll see the Statues up ahead!

But not so fast! Blocking the way is an ominous thing. A beast created during the War of the Magi, whose only purpose is mass destruction. This is a beast of pure energy, and as ancient as the cosmos. Feeble creatures, GO!!!

The Fierce Battle with the Atma Weapon[]

His name is Atma.

This is the legendary Atma Weapon. You'll know you're in for a tough ride when you hear the different sounding battle music. And yes, this IS the most difficult enemy you've faced thus far, if you can't tell by its size and its massive tail. 24000 HP of massive legend to bring down.

The Atma Weapon has three main phases of battle. In the first phase, it attacks with its physical, as well as the ever dangerous Blaze, and a spell you haven't seen yet: Flare. Flare can't touch you though, as you have Wall Rings on. Once Atma Weapon reaches 12800 HP, he'll begin an attack pattern.

  • Quake, Meteo, or Bio
  • Physical attack or his special, Full Power
  • Fire 2
  • Mind Blast
  • "Vast energy focused" (Atma Weapon will glow and give himself Safe, Shell, and Haste statuses)
  • Atma Weapon will glow again.
  • Atma Weapon will glow one final time, and he'll transform, and then cast Flare Star.
  • The attack pattern starts over now.

Mind Blast is a really nasty attack, as it hits four random party members (meaning it could hit the same party member more than once), with any random status ailment. Flare Star is a fire Elemental attack that depends on YOUR level. NOT Atma Weapon's, but YOURS. It deals damage equal to 80 times the level of a random character in your party divided by the number of targets. Did I mention that this is unblockable and defense ignoring too?

This phase lasts until Atma Weapon gets to 6144 HP, at which point he'll spam Quake, W Wind, Quartr, Rasp, and Blaze. He also has a 1/3 Flare counterattack. Just go on an all out offensive at this point and kill him.

Well, how do we do this? Well, our Wall Rings protect us from Fire 2, Flare, Rasp, and Bio, and our Gaia Gears protect us from Quake. Cast Slow on him immediately (and after "Vast energy focused" (you should also cast Dispel at this time to remove Safe and Shell; Slow will remove Haste)). Summon Kirin and Zoneseek to give your party Regen and Shell, and when he reaches his second phase, summon Golem for some physical shielding. Hopefully you'll have some more protective Relics on your characters, such as RunningShoes for Haste or status prevention Relics. If you brought Locke, have him try to steal a rare Ribbon (common steal is an Elixir). If you brought Gau but not Mog, use his Ing Rage. This will allow him to absorb Flare Star and Blaze and allow him to use Lifeshaver, and gives him some major status immunity. If you brought Gau and Mog along, have Gau rage Bomb, as it still allows him to absorb Flare Star and Blaze, but isn't undead, so Sun Bath won't hurt Gau (speaking of Sun Bath, Mog should be dancin' away, as you'll have to rely on Sun Bath for healing, as you have Wall Rings on and can't use Cure spells).

An alternative strategy is to use Rasp and Osmose on it until its MP wears out, at which time it'll die due to lack of MP. But he has 5000 MP, and that's a lot of MP when you're taking away 70 at a time.

With that, well, you've beaten one of the toughest bosses in the game! Unfortunately, Shadow will leave the party at this point. Now, continue north to the summit where Kefka, Gestahl, and the Statues are waiting.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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