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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 20 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Gettin' ready[]

Well, a very long and difficult dungeon is coming up next, so you'll want to take a time out from your quest to level your characters up and give them some new abilities. Most importantly, though is for Gau to learn some more Rages, for Strago to learn some more Lores, and for Relm to just plain learn some new spells.

Make a party with Gau, Strago, Relm, and any other character you want. Go to The Veldt. I'm going to go over what Lores to get first, and then what new Rages are useful.

  • Have Gau learn the Zombone Rage. When he learns it, have him use it. He'll use Condemned, and Strago will learn this Lore.
  • Fight a Telstar or Chaser. Wait awhile, and both enemies eventually use Dischord. Strago will learn this Lore.
  • Have Gau learn the Intangir Rage, and have him use it. He'll use Pep Up, and Strago will learn this Lore (just for completion purposes, as Strago will never use this Lore)
  • Have Relm Sketch a Pipsqueak, and pray it doesn't glitch up the game. Roulette will be used, and Strago will learn this Lore.
  • Cast Muddle, summon Stray, or have Edgar use his NoiseBlaster on a Greasemonk (you may want to go away from The Veldt and near South Figaro where you can find them more often). They'll use Step Mine on themselves, and Strago will learn this Lore.
  • Now, face some Trappers on The Veldt. They'll eventually cast L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, and L.5 Doom. Strago will learn all three of them.

Now, as for the new useful Rages:

Buy Throwing ammunition![]

I'm going to spoil some of the game for you. Why? So you're prepared for the fights ahead. I said last time that we assumed Shadow has died, but you make an Ass of U and Me when you assume, as you know, so this means Shadow's alive. Why do I say this? Because now's the time when you should buy as many Poison Rods, Tridents, and Blossoms as you can. Also, pick up some Skeans and refill your Shuriken stash.

Visit Doma Castle[]

After a long, long wait, you can finally visit Doma Castle again. Now this means you can loot it for treasure. In the large bedroom, there's a strange looking clock. An Elixir is inside. There's also a chest with an Ether here. Now, go to Cyan's room and open the chest there for an X-Potion. Now, go out to the castle wall and enter the room on the southeast wall. Here there are chests with a Fenix Down and some Beads, which is the most useless Relic in the game. It increases Evade by 20, and we all know Evade means jack shit in FFVI, right?

Now, let's make sure you have the right equipment and right characters[]

This next dungeon, the Floating Continent, is incredibly long, and will actually be broken up into several parts for the Walkthrough purposes, starting with this one. First, let's decide who to bring.

  • The number one rule here is, if you can't equip Gaia Gear, you suck in this dungeon. This means Edgar and Cyan stay behind (Cyan always stays behind anyway...).
  • Celes is also out for reasons dealing with the fact that she joins automatically during a point here, and it makes a part where you would normally have four characters have three. Besides, she's just plain inferior to Terra.
  • Mog is your best choice to take with you. His best dances are the home dances in these areas, meaning they'll never miss. AND he can use Jump to his full potential, AND he's one of the few characters who can use both the Gold Shield and the Gaia Gear.
  • Gau works great as well, but if you're taking Mog, better leave Gau behind, as you don't want two uncontrollable characters in your party.
  • Terra is a great choice to take (hell, she usually will be from now on), as she's basically the magic queen. But she has a little competition now in the form of...
  • Relm. Right now, her spells will be the most powerful, and they always are except when Terra is in her Esper form. But Relm's physical is weak and Terra's isn't, so, yeah. It's up to you really. I generally prefer Terra over Relm.
  • Strago really isn't useful here. Lores are generally inferior to Magic, and if you want a Magic user you're better off with one of the girls or Mog.
  • Locke is useful. Most of the enemies here are floating, so a Genji Glove and two Hawk Eyes will work wonders here. The only problem is that he has no MT attacks, but most of the enemies here are too powerful for MT anyway. There's also an enemy here that has more Genji Gloves to Steal, and there's one with Cure Rings. So if you like those, go ahead and take him.
  • Sabin, well, Sabin needs to be near Level 30 to be useful. Fire Dance is fading out at this point in terms of its usefulness, and at Level 30 Sabin upgrades to Air Blade. If he's near there, he's a great option to take. If not, he's not.
  • With Setzer, you still have to rely on Slots here. If you can practice the timing of H-Bomb (three airships) and Sun Flare, he's great. 7-Flush is also stronger than ANY of Sabin's Blitzes against a single target. And Chocobop is basically a Meteor spell that doesn't hit flying opponents. He's not the best option, but by no means should you ever count him out.

I really can't give you a party suggestion beyond Terra and Mog. Mog should have DragoonBoots on the entire time, and a Stout Spear, and make sure you have a Trident on reserves. Terra should start off with a ThunderBlade on. Your third party member is up to you. See the suggestions I have above, and decide what you like. I usually bring Locke, but that's because I love to Steal, even though he rips most enemies apart anyway.

Flying to the Floating Continent[]

When you're ready, select the option "Fly to the Floating Continent." You'll have to make a three member party (no more, no less. Three shalt be the amount of people you put in your party, and the size of the party shalt be three members), to go on. If you don't, Setzer will yell at you. Select your party based on the above section, and put everybody in the Back Row.

Now, you'll begin fighting the Imperial Air Force (IAF) on the Blackjack. All the formations will consist of a Spit Fire and either one or two Sky Armors. All fights will be in a Pincer attack. Spit Fires need to be gotten rid of ASAP, as they can cast Absolute 0 1/3 of the time, which is a very dangerous ice Elemental attack. When left alone, though, it uses Diffuser instead, which is actually much weaker than Absolute 0 and is lightning Elemental. If you brought Locke along, try to steal an Elixir from a Spit Fire. The other enemy, Sky Armor, is much less dangerous except for Backlash, which Mutes a character. It also attacks with the very familiar Tek Laser. But when it's left alone, it uses Missle, which reduces a character's HP by 1/4 and inflicts Seizure.

Mog rips both of these enemies apart with the home dance of this area, Wind Song. Everything here is weak to wind, and Wind Song uses Wind Slash. It also uses Sun Bath, which heals the entire party for nearly 1000 HP! If you brought Sabin and he knows Air Blade, use that. If you brought Gau, have him Rage Marshal for Wind Slash. They're also weak to lightning, so the Terras and Relms you brought should be casting Bolt 2 spells. Locke should Steal and attack.

Eventually, you'll see a pink blob fly across the screen and land on the stern of the Blackjack. It'll then release Ultros again. Yay!

Mr. Chupon, come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price is Right!

Fortunately, Ultros is very weak this time around. He uses the attacks he always uses, and that's it. Other than that, he's weak to Fire, so whatever magic users you have should cast Fire 2 (oddly enough, he's NOT weak to Lightning this time, he's weak to Poison instead). Despite the fact that he'll insist this is your last fight with him, he'll tell you he brought a buddy. He'll then do his worst Rod Roddy impression and tell Mr. Chupon to "Come on down!" Apparently the item up for bids is how much GP your party is worth tonight, so Chupon will try to cheat by killing you. Just keep attacking Ultros until he dies.

Chupon isn't that hard either. Give Mog the Trident you've been saving and have him Jump on Chupon, and your spellcasters should use Ice 2. Chupon should go down easily. He'll use Sneeze when he dies to blow your entire party out of this battle....

...And into another boss battle...

You'd almost think you're playing Donkey Kong Country...

This boss is the Air Force, Laser Gun, and MissileBay. Your party gets a full recovery between the Ultros/Chupon fight and this one. The strange thing about this fight is you're fighting as you fall through, so how your characters can walk up and strike the damn thing is beyond me. Anyway, your first order of business is getting rid of the Laser Gun and MissleBay. Let's start with the Laser Gun. It uses Tek Laser and the powerful Atomic Ray, but when it gets weak, it switches to the weaker Diffuser. The MissleBay similarly usually attacks with Missle, but uses the dreaded Launcher when it's low on HP. Locke can steal an X-Ether from the Laser Gun, which is one of the few items in the game where there's a set amount, and a rare Debilitator from the MissleBay. This may take awhile, and you may already have a Debilitator, but if you don't it's worth a shot to Steal it. Both parts are weak to Lightning and Water, so have Mog Jump with his Trident and have any spellcasters you have use Bolt 2. If you brought Gau, the Chimera Rage works the best here (Anguiform opens you up to Diffuser, Tek Laser, and a very dangerous attack to be named later) (Don't use Aspik either, as Giga Volt is useless after a point in this battle), and if you brought Strago, have him use Aqua Rake. Sabin should use Air Blade if he knows it, otherwise he's screwed.

Normally, Air Force will just sit around and use Tek Laser and Diffuser. But when both the Laser Gun and MissleBay dies, Air Force will launch a Speck. The Speck is a new enemy and doesn't attack at all. Instead, it floats around on constant Runic standby, and will absorb any Magic spell you cast, rendering your spellcasters useless. It absorbs everything Runic can absorb, so to my knowledge Lores and Espers still work, but there are certain enemy skills that Gau uses in Rages (such as Giga Volt) that CAN be Runic'd ("Runiced would sound weird, so I'll pull a Strong Bad here and spell it Runic'd). Now, Air Force will try to self apply the Haste status, but it doesn't work because he's immune to Slow, and start counting down from 6. If he reaches 0, he uses a very powerful lightning Elemental attack called WaveCannon. Hope you're all healed up by now. After that, it will start counting down from 3 to cast WaveCannon again.

Against Air Force, Mog should still be Jumping using his Trident. Locke should try to take out the Speck using his Hawk Eyes. (the Speck has very high defense but barely any HP, so it cancels out). After that, Terra and/or Relm should be casting Bolt 2 again and Locke should focus on the Air Force. If you brought Gau and didn't Rage him yet, now would be a good time to use Aspik. All other characters should be using their usual strategies. If you brought Locke, you can Steal an Elixir. The Air Force will drop a useless Czarina Ring. This basically is the MithrilGlove and Barrier Ring (two sucky Relics) together in a package that only the girls can use. What a waste.

When you beat the Air Force, you'll land near a Save Point. Save your game.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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