Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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Whoa. You caught me in the middle of my nap. I'm too tired to do this now. Come back later or something. Oh, quit your whining. Hey! Put that gun down! *yawn* Okay, okay, I'll do this. But you owe me one, man. You really do.

This is part 18 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Crescent Island[edit source]

Hooray! You finally get to use Shadow again! Thankfully, he won't run away this time. But he's only going to be around for, say five minutes. Still, it's a great time to build his levels and teach him a spell or two.

If you came to this place before to Steal Gaia Gears, you should be familiar with what's here. But I'll tell you now about the enemies. The Baskervor is the one you got all those Gaia Gears from. It's pretty weak, but it counters 1/3 of your attacks with Sneeze, which blows a character out of battle. The Cephaler attacks in groups, and can use the deadly Tentacle attack, which you would normally associate with America's favorite octopus, Ultros. In the forest, you may also encounter Chimeras. These things are tough. They use powerful attacks of several elements. These include Aqua Rake (water-wind dual Elemental), Blizzard (Ice Elemental), Fire Ball (Fire Elemental), and Cyclonic, which reduces everyone's HP by 15/16. They also have a lot of HP (2237), so they can be tough to take down. If you're that desperate, cast Berserk on the Chimera and summon Phantom. It randomly drops Gold Armors, but you should already have one, and you only need one, but if you must, you should have no more than two. Gaia Gears are better for anyone who can use them.

When you're done here, head up the peninsula on the northeast of this island. Here, you'll find Thamasa, your next destination.

Thamasa[edit source]

I don't know how this place was kept more isolated from the rest of the world than the Land of Espers, as it is clearly very accessible. I also don't know how the Empire never found out about this place. I mean, come on, it's sitting right there! I guess they somehow manage to keep people away with their "poor hospitality" spell, as it seems to repel people much easier than even someplace which people aren't supposed to be.

Anyway, if you want to know poor hospitality, everyone here will be very rude to you, and the innkeeper charges 1500 GP a night for you to stay! (Kinda reminds me of Happy Happy Village in Earthbound, where they "only let family members stay.") Speaking of Happy Happy Village, many of the residents look like they're in a cult of some kind. You'll see a little boy cast a Fire spell, then see you, and run away. You'll also see an injured little girl and her mother, who will try to cast Cure on her, see you, and run away. Now this is becoming more like Harry Potter than Earthbound. Clearly this is a strange place. So what can you do while you're here? Well, there's some treasure lying around the city.

There is a barrel next to the Item Shop with an Eyedrop inside. There is a barrel next to the Relic Shop with a Soft inside. There is a barrel near the Inn which contains a Fenix Down. There is a barrel near the northwestern house which contains a Green Cherry. And finally, there is a, you guessed it, a barrel near the northeastern house with an Echo Screen.

Now, it's time to go shopping. At the Weapon Shop, you'll want to purchase a Stout Spear or two and a set of Darts for later. As for now, you may want to pick up an Ice Rod and a Mithril Rod if you don't have any already (the Jokers on the Southern Contintent drop Mithril Rods occasionally). The Armor Shop sells something of much better interest though. This is the Mystery Veil. This is Terra and Celes's best helmet in the entire game, and you're getting it this early! It's also the second best helmet for another character to be named later. What makes this so great? It has a defense similar to some of the Helmets you'll find in chests towards the end of the game, and has VERY high Magic Defense and increases Speed by 1. But the best part is that it increases Magic Power by 3 and gives a 10% MBlock bonus. Definitely buy three of these and give one to Terra now. You can also buy Gold Armors and Gaia Gears now, but if you listened to me you should have more than enough of both. The Relic Shop sells DragoonBoots for the first time, but you should already have some of those.

No, Strago does NOT have a kickass jet speeder bike.

Now, (Have you gotten tired of me starting paragraphs with "Now?") head into the northeasternmost house. You'll meet a strange old man here. You'll ask him about Espers and he'll say that he knows nothing. He'll say his name is Strago. Soon, you'll meet his sweet little granddaughter, Relm. You'll notice by her short stature and snobby attitude that she's the token bubbly ditz of FFVI, and that means she must join your party at some point, right? Well, not right now. She's more interested in playing with Interceptor, who is very playful with her. Shadow gets confused as Interceptor was never a friendly dog. An ally? Absolutely. But a friend? Not this pooch. But Relm seems to have magical powers that can be used for her to befriend animals (kinda like her bubbly predecessor Cara, who could tame a Hiryuu and talk to Moogles).

Anyway, being the confused people that you are, you leave the house. All of a sudden, the townsfolk start becoming friendly with you. Thamasa truly is a strange place. The Innkeeper will even let you stay for 1 GP! So stay the night!

But all is not well. Strago wakes you up in the middle of the night saying there's a building on fire, and Relm's trapped inside. Shadow will stay asleep through all this. Since when did he care about things like someone's house burning down anyway? Strago will begin casting "Flames be gone!" which I'm assuming is some kind of Ice spell. The mayor will appear and take a cue from Masta Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and say "Ma-ma-magic is forbidden!" (not like that though, I'm just trying to make fun of Shake from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force). But Strago says he doesn't care as Relm is inside. So now the whole town starts casting "Flames be gone!" on the building, but it only makes the fire worse. Guess what that means? You have to go inside and save Relm yourself! Strago will join your party now.

FD THAMASA[edit source]

So what to do? Well, these are the setups I recommend for this area. Terra should have a Blizzard Sword, a Gold Shield, a Mystery Veil, a Gaia Gear, and two Earrings, with a White Dress and possibly a Magus Hat in reserves. Locke should have a Genji Glove and a pair of Hawk Eyes, and a Green Beret and a Gaia Gear. Strago wants a Gaia Gear and a Green Beret as well, as well as a pair of Earrings and a Mithril Shield. He'll also want a Mithril Rod. Seeing as you're in a Fire dungeon, you may think to give him an Ice Rod. But, see, Strago has this skillset called Lore, which includes this skill called Aqua Rake, which these enemies called Balloons are weak to, and which is also MT. The Mithril Rod gives him 2 extra Magic Power to increase this damage. And since Balloons attack in groups of up to six, he'll need to use Aqua Rake to be used to his full potential here. Also, equip him with Shiva and start teaching him the spells. Ice 2 is important, but for this area Osmose is also great, as he'll be too MP reliant. Stick everybody in the Back Row.

Your strategy should revolve around Terra casting Ice 2, Locke using his physical, and Strago casting Aqua Rake. The Balloons are the only enemies here. They use Exploder sometimes, so Strago should be aware of this, as he can learn it as a Lore (to learn Lores, the enemy needs to cast it in battle and Strago has to be alive to see it), although this is mainly for completion purposes because this Lore is only useful if you like blowing up old people. The Balloons will only attack in groups of three or six. Also, the Balloons are not randomly encountered here, all the enemies are visible on the screen.

Head north through the first two rooms, as well as the third room. This room has two doors next to each other. DO NOT ENTER THE LEFT DOOR. This will release a huge explosion and you'll have to face four Balloons in a Pincer Attack. Go through the right door.

You'll be at a junction here. The right door takes you to a chest with a Fire Rod, and the left door takes you deeper into the mansion. You'll come to another junction. The right door takes you to a chest with an Ice Rod, and the left door takes you deeper into the mansion. The next room is a hallway. Here, change Strago's weapon to an Ice Rod and put him in the Front Row. Hopefully you'll have a spare Ice Rod in your inventory.

The next room will be the largest room of the mansion. You'll see a giant flame here. This is the Flame Eater, and it is a boss (the first one in a while). It always starts out battles with Bomblet, which summons four Balloons. When used later, it can summon two Balloons or a Grenade. It attacks using Fire and Fire Ball, and has a 1/3 chance of countering attacks with Fire 2. If it is hit six times, it casts Safe and Reflect on itself, and begins bouncing Fire 2 and Fire 3 spells off itself and onto the party. This can be devistating to both the party and the strategy, so it is best to try to off it in fewer than six hits. (if you're curious, I just copy-pasted this part from the Flame Eater article)...

Scared by this? Final Fantasy XII has something you'll HATE...

There are two ways to win this battle. Let's start with the honest way. He's weak to Ice, so have Terra Morph and then cast Ice 2 spells, Locke throw his Hawk Eyes after Stealing his Flame Sabre, and Strago attack with his Ice Rod. If you're lucky, you may get some random Ice or Ice 2 castings in.

Now there's the cheater way. Before the fight, make sure Terra has a Blizzard, a Gold Shield, a Mystery Veil, a White Dress, and two Earrings on (for a real kicker, give her the Magus Hat instead of the Mystery Veil). Use Morph, and then have her use an Ice Rod as an item. Now, when Rods are used as items, they always deal the maximum damage possible (no random number generator here), AND they ignore defense. So Esper Terra with 45 Magic Power (47 if you gave her the Magus Hat) (and this isn't counting any level up bonuses from Zoneseek), with a pair of earrings to boost damage by 150%, using a defense ignoring attack, hitting a weakness means... you guessed it. A big fat 9999 HP damage. Be advised that Flame Eater has to be alone for this to work (Rods don't ignore Split Damage).

After the fight, you'll find Relm, who is being surrounded by flames. Interceptor will take them out, and Shadow will appear and warp everyone out of the mansion.

After the fire[edit source]

Strago will realize you know about the town's "secret." The denizens of Thamasa are decendents of the Mage Warriors, who were exiled after the War of the Magi. He also mentions that the Espers you're looking for may be in the mountains to the northeast. He'll volunteer to accompany you. Relm, being the ditz she is, will beg and beg to come too. But Strago knows better and won't let Relm come along. Shadow will also leave with Interceptor, and Relm will throw a fit (think this is bad... you haven't seen Yuffie, Selphie, Eiko, or Rikku yet. And at least in Relm's case it's actually funny).

Now, on the second floor of Strago's house, there's a hidden item. It's in the alcove in the left wall near the table. This is the Memento Ring, but none of your characters can equip it. So save it. Now, head out of town and to the mountains to the west.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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