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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 17 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

A city in ruins[]

So, the Blackjack is crash landed and broken. You have nowhere to go for now. What to do? Well, you might as well visit Vector again. Why? Because the game tells you to. If you don't want to walk or fight, there's a Chocobo stable in the forest near where you landed.

So, travel to Vector. You'll find the entire city in flames, and the Returners and Narshe Guards are wandering around, and they tell you that the Espers trashed this place. Banon and Arvis are here as well, and this is the last time you'll ever see them, so say your goodbyes. You can't enter the Magitek Factory anymore.

Go to the Imperial Palace, where you will will get one of the Emperor's Royal Guard to take you to the Gestahl.

A reason to celebrate[]

Everyone seems docile...for now...

Gestahl will look onto you and tell you that he's given up fighting the war and wants to talk peace. Apparently Cid convinced him to do this. He'll then invite you to a banquet, which is still being prepared. You have four minutes, so Cid will ask you to talk to as many Imperial troops as you can in the palace and try to convince them to make peace and go home. There are 24 troops in all, and you have to talk to as many as you can within 4 minutes. Some of them will make you fight them first. This walkthrough will show you the locations of all 24 soldiers. You get a Point for every soldier you talk to, and five Points for every one that makes you fight. I will explain the purpose of these Points later. Do NOT open any chests during this time. I'll tell you when you can.

In the area just outside the throne room, you'll find your first four troops. Now, head south and outside. There are three more troops here. One of them will make you fight a Mega Armor. Now, go back into the area outside the Throne Room and make your first right. Ignore the first door. This leads to a jail cell which houses Kefka. This wastes valuable time. Don't worry, you can listen to Kefka's ranting later. Enter the door on the second floor. This leads to a room with a soldier and one of the Emperor's Royal Guards. Talk to both of them, and go to the bathroom to the southwest. The next soldier is here. At this point, you should have talked to ten troops.

Leave this area and go up the stairs. There are five troops on the balcony. Talk to all of them. In the room at the north center of the balcony, there's a troop who will make you fight (it's a single Commando). Now, enter the left door on the balcony. Inside this room is another soldier. Talk to him. You should now be at 17 troops in all. Now, enter the door on the second floor here. You'll be in the barracks. There are six troops here, and one will make you fight a Commando. Enter the door to the northwest to find the last troop, which will make you fight a Commando. That's all the troops. If you followed the walkthrough, you should have a total of 44 Points.

Now, it's time for the banquet. Here, Gestahl will make you answer some questions for some more Points. The answer you should give is in bold.

  • Gestahl: Imagine! All of us here together, sharing a meal! First we must have a toast!
    • To the Empire (+2 Points)
    • To the Returners (+1 Point)
    • To our hometowns (+5 Points)
  • Gestahl: As you know, Kefka's in jail for war crimes. What shall we do with him?
    • Leave him in jail (+5 Points)
    • Pardon him (+1 Point)
    • Execute him (+3 Points)
  • Gestahl: I truly apologize about the poisoning of Doma. No one dreamed Kefka would use poison.
    • What's done is done... (+1 Point)
    • That was inexcusable! (+5 Points)
    • Apologize again! (+3 Points)
  • Gestahl: By the way, with regard to General Celes...
    • Was she an Imperial spy? (+1 Point)
    • Celes is one of us! (+5 Points)
    • We trust Celes! (+3 Points)
  • Gestahl: Any other questions for me?
    • Ask a question (+2 Points)

(Remember your response to this)

  • Gestahl: With your permission, I'd like to talk about Espers.
    • One more question, please! (+0 Points)
    • Okay (+0 Points)
  • Gestahl: Any other questions for me?
    • Ask a question (+2 Points)
    • Repeat a question (-10 Points)

(Basically, you have to ask each question once and only once)

(When you're done with the questions, choose "Let's talk about Espers.")

  • Gestahl: My Empire's been decimated by the Espers that emerged from the sealed gate. They're acting spiteful. Unless they're stopped, they'll rip the world asunder!
    • Yes, the Espers have gone too far. (+5 Points)
    • But you unleashed their power! (+2 Points)
  • Gestahl: After the Espers went on their rampage, I knew I couldn't go on with my war. I asked myself why I had started it in the first place. By the way... About those questions you asked me...which did you ask first?
    • Answer correctly. (+5 Points)
    • Answer incorrectly (+0 Points)

I stuck in a random pic for you to enjoy. It's Gestahl.

(Basically, this is where I told you to remember what you chose).

  • Cid: You seem a bit tired. Care for a rest break?
    • Yes, let's take a break. (+0 Points)
    • Let's keep talking (+0 Points)

Now, talk to one of the Emperor's Royal Guard. They will ask you if you want to fight. Beat the three SP Forces within 2 minutes and you get 5 points. If you fail, you get 0 points. The SP Forces are really easy. Now, go back to your seat.

  • Shall we beigin again?
    • Yes (+0 Points)
    • No (+0 Points)
  • Gestahl: Is there anything you wish to hear me say?
    • That all you really want is peace (+3 Points)
    • That the war is truly over. (+5 Points)
    • That you're sorry. (+1 Point)
  • Gestahl: We must make for Crescent Island aboard the freighter from Albrook. Will you accompany me?
    • Yes (+3 Points)
    • No (+0 Points)

If you answer No and then Yes, you won't get the points.

You should have gotten 49 total Points at the banquet, so that means you should have 93 altogether. Now, you'll have a strategy conference, and only Terra and Locke will be in your party afterwards. The rest will stay and make sure Gestahl's not lying to you. When you leave, one of the Emperor's Royal Guards will come up to you and give you prizes based on how many Points you've earned.

Now, you can get all the chests in the Imperial Palace. The room above Kefka's cell contains a Gale Hairpin, and the bathroom below it contains a Revivify. The barracks contains a Tincture, and the room below it contains an X-Potion and a Back Guard. If you want, you can go talk to Kefka as well and watch his reaction. You'll also find your other party members scattered around Vector except Setzer, who went back to the Blackjack (and took Cid with him). You can go back there for an extra cutscene.

Preparations to go on a cruise[]

Now, head to the Imperial Base near the Cave to the Sealed Gate. Go to the basement of the house there, and the door should be unlocked provided you got the points from the banquet. Inside, there's lots of treasure. This includes an X-Potion, an Ether, two Elixirs, another Back Guard, a Cherub Down, a Cure Ring, another pair of RunningShoes, another Wall Ring, and 41000 total GP. There's also a Flame Sabre in the stove.

Now, go to Albrook and go to the port. There is a Warp Stone in the crate behind the Imperial soldier at the port's entrance. Talk to General Leo, and he'll tell you that Shadow and Celes will be joining you on the cruise. Locke will flip out when he sees Celes, and Celes will run away. Now, Leo will tell you to stay at the Inn for free. Do so, and you'll see a scene with Locke and Celes at night. In the morning, go talk to Leo again. On the ship, you'll see one of the more emotional scenes in the game, between Terra and Leo, and a scene involving how Locke gets seasick. In the morning, you'll have a party of Terra, Locke, and Shadow, and will be discarded on Crescent Island.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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