Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 16 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

The abandoned Imperial Base[edit source]

Nothing here. Be careful, it might be a trap!

Okay. You'll get here, and you'll find that, unlike before, it's now abandoned. You can't advance any farther without Terra in your party, as well as one other character. So, before venturing out, let's decide who to put into the party.

  • Terra is forced into your team here, so you're stuck with her.
  • Locke really doesn't bring anything special here. If you love Amulets though, you can Steal them. The only decent thing Locke brings is Genji Glove and a pair of Hawk Eyes.
  • Mog is probably the best choice for your first ally. His Water Rondo works wonders here, as it uses the powerful El Nino. Give him the Trident and a pair of DragoonBoots as well.
  • Edgar is a good choice here as well. Drill and Chain Saw still rip things apart.
  • Sabin is better for defense than Edgar, but worse for offense. Fire Dance is ineffective here, and AuraBolt isn't targettable. However, Sabin can use the Gaia Gear, whereas Edgar can't. Definitely take one of the Figaro brothers.
  • Cyan sucks here, as usual, even with the Tempest. Don't do drugs.
  • Gau is another great addition to the team, as Anguiform still rips things apart. But because you're using Mog, I'd recommend against bringing Gau, as it's too risky to have to lose control of two characters. Gau and Mog work well together later in the game, but not now.
  • Setzer's Slots are powerful, but you'll have to have patience to learn them.

Overall, I'd recommend Mog, Edgar, and Sabin as your allies. All characters who can equip Gaia Gear should equip it here.

Anyway, go east through the Imperial Base (the house doesn't have anything of value in it...yet) and cross the bridge, and enter the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

Cave to the Sealed Gate[edit source]

Can you HANDLE it????

Okay. This is another themed dungeon. The theme is: undead enemies that absorb Fire. All enemies here absorb Fire except the Zombone, and all enemies here are undead except the Coelecite. I suggest you teach Terra Ice 2 if you haven't already, as this will be her primary means of offense (it's the easiest Level 2 to be taught). But just because things absorb Fire here doesn't mean they're weak to Ice at all. In fact, only Apparites and Coelecites are weak to Ice, and they only appear in the first three rooms.

The first three rooms have monsters you won't see anywhere else in the dungeon. These are the Lich, Apparite, and Coelecite. The Liches are the worst of your problems here, and are the worst enemies in this friggn' dungeon. They start out with Mad Touch, which puts Muddle on a character. This is bad enough that you'll be using your own powerful attacks against yourself. But Liches also use a very powerful Fire 2 spell, and an even stronger, and incredibly lethal, Fire 3 spell. AND they're immune to Mute, so Siren is a no-go. Have Edgar use his NoiseBlaster to buy you some time. Go for these guys first. Apparite counters most attacks with Imp Song, which puts the obvious status ailment on your entire party. You'll have to kill them in one hit, too. Coelecites are weak. They counter most attacks with Magnitude8, but they don't have the MP to cast it! Mog should be using Water Rondo against everything here.

Okay. In the first room is a chest containing an Assassin for Locke. Don't equip it though, as it is useless here. It heals EVERYTHING. Save it though, as it's a great weapon for Shadow when you get him back. The second room contains a Tempest. You likely already have one, but if you don't, it's probably Cyan's best weapon in the game, as it randomly casts Wind Slash, which is his only means of dealing to-go MT damage. It's also the root of "Wind God Gau" setups which you can't do yet.

The third room is your first, and hardest, puzzle in this dungeon. The walkways change places here, and if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, you fall into the lava, take damage, and have to start over. It would be difficult for me to explain how to get across, but the chest at the northeast corner contains an X-Potion, and the chest to the southwest contains a Coin Toss, which changes Slots into GP Rain, a completely useless ability. The exit is at the southeast corner of the room.

From now on, the only enemies you'll be encountering are the Ing and Zombone. If you wanted to know why I made you get Gaia Gears, it's because Ing uses Lifeshaver, an earth-Elemental spell that works like Drain and is incredibly powerful. If you have Gaia Gear on, Lifeshaver will heal you and damage the Ing! They can also Blind you with Glare, but that's not a problem. Sabin's Aurabolt and Edgar's Drill and Chain Saw work well, as does Locke's Genji Glove + two Hawk Eyes. Locke can also Steal Amulets from them, if you're a fan of those. Of course, El Nino from Mog's Water Rondo will take them all out in one shot.

The Zombone is the second weakest enemy in the cave. They're the only damn enemy here that doesn't absorb Fire. In fact, they're weak to it. So have Terra use Fire 2 here and Sabin use his Fire Dance. If you brought Gau, Templar is your best bet, but Pterodon and Rhodox also work. Their only bad attack is Bone, which sets Zombie. But they almost never use it and you should kill it before it can use Bone easily.

The chest you see when you first enter the room has an Ether in it. Now, go up and over the bridge. Hit the switch here and you'll fall down, but you'll be able to access a chest in the lava now which contains another Genji Glove! Now, go back to the east and climb up the ladder. Here, you'll find two more switches. The left switch opens a door to a Save Point and a chest with a Tent in it, and the right switch makes a Ninja fall from the sky and make you fight it. This is completely pointless so don't do it (the Ninja won't even appear on The Veldt yet). But if you must fight, it's weak to Lightning and Pearl, so have Sabin use Aurabolt and everyone else use Bolt 2. If you brought Gau, obviously use his Aspik Rage here. The Ninja has some tough attacks, all of which involve throwing the various elemental Skeans. Just leave the right switch alone, stop doing drugs, and save yourself this trouble.

Go and save your game, and keep heading east. You'll find another switch. Press it to make what we FFVI fans like to call the "Grand Staircase" appear. Go down the Grand Staircase. Now, what's really interesting around here is that there's several tiles which hold hidden items. Walk one step to the south and one to the west of the lowest stair tile to get a Inviz Edge. Now, walk south six steps for a "Remedy." I put it in parenthesis because it's actually a Soft. Now, open the visible chest for another Ether. Walk three steps to the north to find another invisible item. This is "2000 GP," but really is only 293 GP. Now go three steps south and three steps east from the lowest stairway tile to get the final hidden item. This is a "Water Skean" (really a Water Edge). This makes me never able to trust Square again. NEVER, EVER TRUST ANYTHING SQUARE SAYS FROM THIS POINT ON FOREVER. TRUST ME INSTEAD. This is especially so because Square isn't working on Chrono Break like they should, and are making crappy spinoffs to a game that isn't even that great.

Anyway, back to the journey. Next, head north and then east through a hidden tunnel. There's a chest with an Elixir when you come out. Now, you'll find a switch puzzle. The first switch creates a bridge to nowhere, and the second one breaks a bridge leading to a chest (you can go around to get this later). Go south to find another switch which leads to a treasure room. Inside you'll find two pieces of Magicite (if you're curious as to what this item does, it summons a random Esper), another Ether, and most important of all, the Atma Weapon. This weapon was crafted during the War of the Magi and transforms your own power into a sword. This is a special weapon which deals damage based on how much HP you have. The more you have, the more it can deal. Right now, it sucks, as you don't have high HP yet. But later on, it becomes very powerful. Although if you have Locke, equipping this and the Thief Glove gives you a 255 Battle Power weapon that ignores defense and Row if you use Capture. This isn't as powerful as you might expect, but it's still pretty nifty. It's also cool because it looks like a lightsaber! It's also known for being in that stupid legend where if Shadow Throws it in the final battle, you'll get a message saying "too much damage to count" and win the battle. Of course you can't Throw the Atma Weapon, and it's also the only weapon you can't equip using the #Merit Award|Merit Award, nor does it allow Celes to use Runic.

The fate of the world...shouldn't be this pissed.

Okay, enough about that. Leave the room and head east. and north to that chest that I mentioned earlier. It's nothing but a stupid switch in a box that does nothing useful. Also, there's another chest around here with another shard of Magicite. Now, exit this room (finally!) and head north. You'll be at the Sealed Gate now.

Terra will Morph into her Esper form, and start praying to the Sealed Gate. In the meantine, your good friend Kefka shows up flanked by two Imperial troops, saying that you fell for his trap to get the Espers out of the Sealed Gate. Your non-Terra characters will face a Back Attack against Kefka. Kefka attacks with a Flail and is incredibly weak (he casts weak spells too), and he should die in only two hits. He'll try to use a special attack, but he'll fail miserably. After a very short time, the Sealed Gate will open and Espers will start pouring out and attacking Kefka.

You'll leave this area. Head through the new door you see to go back to the entrance to the cave. Leave the cave and go back through the Imperial base, and board the airship.

You'll see a cutscene involving Terra, Locke and Setzer. They'll try to understand what's going on, but the Espers will just attack the airship, and it will be heavily damaged. It will land somewhere near Maranda.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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