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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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Advance extras

This is part 15 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

The Land of Espers[]

When you bring the Magicite back to Terra, the Maduin Magicite will react. Terra will suddenly remember everything there is to know about her, and you'll have to deal with a very long flashback.

You are Maduin, the gate keeper of the Land of Espers, and it's your job to make sure humans never find out about your world. Exit Maduin's house and go north, to where the Gate to the Esper world is. You'll find a collapsed human girl. Choose to take her with you.

The next morning, you'll find out that the rest of the Espers are pissed, as they don't want humans in their little sanctuary. Talk to the girl and you'll learn her name is Madonna. Now, after a cutscene, you'll return to Maduin's house. When you regain control of him, go back to the Gate. What you are about to see is the only instance of sex in the Final Fantasy series, nay in video games period this side of Grand Theft Auto. I have to say that sprite sex looks sooooo much more fun than the real kind. Anyway, the result of the sex is a baby girl. They name her... Terra.

Two years later, more humans come to the Esper world. It's Gestahl and a regiment of Imperial troops. Who knows how they found this place? Anyway, the troops come in and kidnap some Espers. As a result of this, Madonna tries to flee with Terra. Maduin tries to help her, but Gestahl takes Terra and Maduin away and kills Madonna. And this is how Terra and Maduin became Imperial prisoners.

Enjoy your new toy!

So the conclusion of the story is that, Terra is half human and half Esper. She'll finally rejoin the party, and she has a new skill: Morph. This lets her transform into an Esper in battle, at which time her stats will all double.

Setzer will now teach you how to operate his airship, the Blackjack. You'll now get to control it!

Revisiting Narshe[]

I was saving this one for a good time.

Terra will wonder what's going on in Narshe, so go there first. You'll be directed to the Elder's house, where you'll learn that Narshe has agreed to join the war on the Returners' side, and that they're planning an attack on the Empire. But poor Terra, who just recovered, has to go visit the Espers and try to convince them to fight the Empire. Since this is an RPG, she'll agree to do it. But wait! You now have access to an Airship! Don't you want to do some exploring first? Yes? Good.

First, you should note that the stores have new stuff for sale. Let's start with the Weapon Shop. In here, we have Hawk Eyes, which are Locke's best weapon for a long time. Buy two of them. They have a random chance to increase damage by 150% against anything. Against flying opponents, the damage has a chance to triple. And they're also Back Row compatible. The Morning Star is an upgraded Flail, but I'd suggest sticking to the elemental weapons for Terra. The shop also has Blossoms, Tridents, and Poison Rods. You'll need to buy as many of these as you think you can, as these are the most powerful Wind, Water, and Poison-elemental weapons that can be Thrown in the game, and they will stop becoming available after a point. Start stocking up now if you want. There will be a point in the game where I will make you do it though, so you can hold off on it for now. At the Armor Shop, you can buy Gold Shields and Gold Helmets. Definitely pick up some of the shields. As for the helmets, again, I'll leave it up to you if you think the Green Beret and Bard's Hat are better. You should pick up a Tiara for Terra as well, which is better than the Gold Helmet. Your Ninja Gear users can now upgrade to Power Sashes, which even Cyan can equip. In fact, everyone except Terra, Edgar, and Setzer can equip this (of those you have in your party right now). The Relic Shop has nothing you haven't seen already.

Move your feet, go ahead and feel the beat! What you do is up to you once you begin to compete in the attitude dance!

Now, remember that treasure house on the cliff? Go back there and you'll find Lone Wolf the Pickpocket. He'll try to open the locked chest, and he'll succeed and steal the treasure inside (you can still open the chest, but it will be empty). Follow him all the way into the mines north of town. Remember that door you couldn't enter during the very early part of the game when you were in Magitek Armor? Well, now you can enter. Now, it's just a very linear path through the mines. When you reach the northern portion of the outside area, enter the snowfield. Go all the way north and you'll be on the cliff where the frozen Esper is. You'll find Lone Wolf holding up a Moogle. Stay back until Lone Wolf and the Moogle get blown off the cliff. Now, you have a choice. Save Lone Wolf and you'll get a Gold Hairpin. Save the Moogle and he'll join your party. The choice is obvious here: save the Moogle. You'll learn his name is Mog. He'll mention that Ramuh told him about you (but how Ramuh could do that while pining away in your pocket is beyond me).

Now, leave Narshe. There's more fun to be had!

The Auction[]

Travel to Jidoor. The Auction house is open and ready to sell you goods at extremely inflated prices! Here's what you're looking for though. I'll be guiding you through the auction:

  • There's a 50% chance the item up for bids will be a Cherub Down. Don't try to buy this, as you'll be getting plenty of them later for reduced prices. It costs 10000 GP at this point.
  • If the item up for bids isn't a Cherub Down, there's a 50% chance it will be a Real, talking Chocobo. As much as I'd like to own my very own wonder-Chocobo, the spoiled brat in the front row will beg his father to buy it for him for a million GP. You can't buy this.
  • If the item up for bids isn't a Cherub Down or a Real, talking Chocobo, there's a 50% chance it will be the Golem Magicite. This is what you want to buy, so buy it! It costs 20000 GP.
  • If the item up for bids isn't a Cherub Down, a Real, talking Chocobo, or the Golem Magicite (or you already bought the Golem Magicite), there's a 50% chance it will be the Zoneseek magicite. Again, buy this. It costs 10000 GP.
  • If the item up for bids isn't any of the above, it will be a Cure Ring. At 20000 GP, it isn't worth it. Just get Golem and Zoneseek and begone with you.

Revisiting Tzen[]

Now, go back to Tzen. Go to the woods at the far northeast of town. A thief will be wandering the area. Talk to him, and he'll sell you another piece of Magicite for 3000 GP. This is Sraphim. Buy it. This is one of your most important Espers. It doesn't teach anything new, but it does teach healing spells very quickly.

Mog's world Dancing tour![]

Moogles don't get to travel the world very often, but I suggest you take Mog for a world tour so you can teach him his Dance moves. He should already know Dusk Requiem, and you can learn six of his remaining seven moves now. Travel to Zozo, and land your airship. Fight any enemy on the plains near Zozo and you'll learn the Wind Song. Enter Zozo and fight any enemy here. You'll learn the Love Sonata. Now, fly to Mt. Kolts and fight any battle on the mountain. You'll learn Earth Blues.

Now, fly to The Veldt and enter Mt. Crescent. Jump into the Serpent Trench. If you fight a battle here, Mog will learn Water Rondo. This is his most important Dance at this point, and you can only learn it until a certain point, so learn it now! Once you reach Nikeah, head onto the World Map and head east to the house where Sabin started his scenario. Fight an enemy on the desert where the Imperial Camp used to be so you can learn the Desert Aria. Finally, fight an enemy in the Phantom Forest to learn the Forest Suite. Jump down Barren Falls and back to The Veldt, where your airship is.

Fighting the Grenade[]

As long as you're here, you should take this opportunity to teach Gau some more Rages. But first, for those of you who like complete Rage Lists, we have to go fight two optional enemies. Go to the island northwest of The Veldt. The forest here contains mostly Bombs, but there's a rare chance you'll encounter the Grenade. Bring Edgar with you so you can kill the Bombs, which attack in large groups, easily. The Grenade, though always attacks solo, and has 3000 HP. It uses Exploder whenever it is physically struck, and its special, Mesmerize, inflicts Berserk on a target so it can be forced to use Exploder. Hopefully, you'll have some characters taught Ice 2 at this point. Use that to kill him. If not, summon Shiva. Just hope for the best against these things, but you should definitely fight one.

Fighting the Intangir[]

Make a party with Gau and take him to Triangle Island, the triangle shaped island in the far northeast corner of the world. You'll have to fight common Leafers and Dark Winds here, but there's a rare enemy called the Intangir. It has inherent Clear status. If one of your characters has learned Doom from Shoat, you can abuse the Vanish/Doom bug to kill him instantly. If any spells are cast on him, he will counter with Meteo, which has a low hit rate, but deals massive damage (800-1000!) if it connects. It then puts Clear back on itself again. To avoid this crap, have Gau use his Rhodox rage and kill it with Snare.

Rage time![]

Time to teach Gau some new Rages. If you want to make a complete Rage list, you should Leap whatever you can, but here are some of the Rages I recommend at this point.

  • Chickenlip (casts Quake, which can be useful if all your party members are wearing a certain piece of armor you're about to get very soon)
  • General (has auto-Safe and casts Cure 2)
  • Rhinox (absorbs Lightning and casts Life 3!!)

Getting Gaia Gears[]

Now, make a party with Locke in it, and go to the island east of The Veldt. This is an area you shouldn't be at yet, but let's pretend you can. On the field there are Baskervors. They will often Sneeze characters out of battle, but Locke can Steal Gaia Gears from them! This is one of the best armors for a long time, and is that armor I said you're about to get very soon just a minute ago. It absorbs earth-Elemental attacks. See if you can Steal four of them.

Learn some spells![]

While you're doing all this stuff, this is a great opportunity to teach spells to your characters. By this point, Terra should have learned Fire 2 and possibly Warp naturally, but you should try to teach her the rest of the Level 2 spells, and Cure 2 as well. In fact, try to teach as many characters as you can the essential healing spells, like Cure 2, Life, and Remedy (Sraphim teaches all these spells very quickly). Also, teach Haste (from Carbuncle) to some people, as well as Safe and Shell (from Golem and Zoneseek). Teach someone Break and Doom (both from Shoat) and someone Vanish (from Phantom). Locke also should be taught some Level 2 spells, as he has no other means of MT damage. Remember that Siren teaches some very easy to learn spells as well. Also, have one character learn Dispel from Unicorn.

If you want to teach characters Level 2 spells, Maduin has the fastest net gain for all three, but Ifrit and Shiva each teach a Level 2 spell at a faster rate (Ramuh doesn't).

When you're ready to move on, head back to the Imperial Base at the eastern end of the Southern Continent.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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