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Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 14 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Vector, the Imperial capital[]

Welcome to Vector, the heart of the Empire. You'd expect this place to be a rich city filled with Imperial nobles, right? Well, no such thing exists. This place is more desolate than Zozo. People trying to rip each other off and people trying to struggle to make a buck or two inhabit this city, as well as numerous Imperial troops. The Imperial troops mostly walk around in the northern part of the city. If you talk to one, you'll have to fight. These are the same enemies you'll encounter in the next area, so I'll save talking about them until then (but just so you know, the foot soldiers will make you fight Commandoes and Garm, and the Magitek Armor riding soldiers will make you fight ProtoArmors and Pipsqueaks. Just don't fight them. If you try to exit to the north of town and enter the Imperial Palace, you'll be spotted, and forced to fight a Guardian. It really won't let you pass, as it's immune to all attacks and status ailments. It's basically a bigass thing whose purpose is to keep you from entering the Imperial Palace but doing so in a more interesting way than an Imperial troop coming in and knocking you on the head. If you stumble in here by accident, run away.

So, what else is there to do in Vector? Well, the shops sell nothing you haven't seen already, and the Innkeeper, despite telling you you can stay for free, will steal 1000 GP from you at night. Instead, go into the long thin house near the entrance to Vector and you'll be asked by an old woman to pledge allegiance to the Empire. Say no, and you'll have to fight a pair of wimpy Guards. If you win, and you must be the biggest moron on the planet if you lose to them, you can talk to the old woman and she'll heal you for free. Also, if you talk to all the Vector residents not dressed in Imperial garb, they'll tell you some of the history of the Empire.

The entrance to the Magitek Factory, which is your next destination, is guarded, and don't just think you can bust on in. You'll have to sneak in. Talk to the old man behind the crates and he'll tell you that he's a Returner sympathizer. He'll play sick for the guards so you can sneak in via the air vent things above the city. Climb onto the crates (don't ask me why you can't climb onto anything else) and onto the air vent and travel along it and you'll be discharged in a far away area. If you want to go back out, you'll have to fight through those guards (a Commando and a pair of Garms). When you're ready to enter the factory though, just follow the train tracks north.

The Magitek Factory[]

Put everybody in the Back Row here, even Gau. Physical attacks are useless here, as all the enemies have more than 200 Defense. Remove Locke's Genji Glove setup if you've been using it and give him a Mithril Shield. Since he won't be using his Fight command at all, give him the ThiefKnife so he can have the 10% MBlock. Locke should be Stealing on every turn here (give him the Sneak Ring). The Commandoes have Tents for the taking, so you can use this opportunity to stock up.

Speaking of enemies, let's talk about them. I think we can infer from this that these are all cyborgs and machines, mostly the experiments of the notorious Cid Del Norte Marquez. The Commandoes are the easiest to kill. Their special, Program 65, inflicts Mute on a target, so be ready for this. Garms are worse, as they have higher stats, and use Program 95 to Muddle a character when alone. It's recommended to take these guys out first, but since you'll be using MT attacks anyway, best to stick with those. Pipsqueaks are not dangerous, but they often attack in groups of five.

ProtoArmors are by far the worst enemies here. Like other kinds of Magitek Armor, they use Tek Laser, but they also have other big problems. When alone, or when they've been physically struck, they can use Schiller, which inflicts Blind status on the entire party, and Launcher, which is extremely deadly, as it halves one random character's HP-eight times! It could do anything from reducing all party member's HP by 3/4, or one party member's HP by 255/256. So make sure you NEVER use the Fight command against them (but considering where you are, using a Fight command against anyone in this dungeon is foolish). You can also summon Siren against them to stop them from using these deadly attacks if you wish.

All the enemies here are weak to lightning, so Gau should use his Aspik Rage, as Giga Volt will kill anything it touches. Also, everything except the ProtoArmor is weak to water, so Gau's Anguiform Rage works great as well (for Aqua Rake). Sabin Fire Dance is extremely effective as well, as is summoning Ramuh. But I wouldn't recommend relying on Ramuh, as he costs 25 MP to summon. Having Locke and Celes use Bolt spells (and Bolt 2 if they know it) is effective as well, so try to focus teaching these spells to these characters. Equip Earrings or a Hero Ring for maximum effect. If you brought Edgar along, he's pretty much stuck using his NoiseBlaster (which helps against most enemies). Also, his Drill and Chain Saw ignore defense, so you can use them against ProtoArmors to great effect.

Now, how to navigate through this place? It's tough. But the items in here are really nice. Start by going as far to the left as you can using the conveyor belts, pipes, and hooks. Remember when I told you about weapons that are superior to the Epee? Well, here's one of them. This is the Flame Sabre, which is a fire-Elemental sword which boosts Magic Power by 2 and randomly casts Fire. As of right now, Locke, Edgar, and Celes can all use it, so give it to one of them (preferably someone who is in need of Magic Power). Now use the contraptions to go back to the entrance and go south to the area where you see two pipes leading to ladders. Go down the right pipe and open the chest for a Tincture. Now, climb back up and go down the left pipe. Cross the conveyor belt for a chest with an X-Potion, and cross the next conveyor belt for a chest with the Thunder Blade. This is like the Flame Sabre, only lightning-Elemental and it casts Bolt instead of Fire. Equip it on someone who can use it, as it almost makes Locke want to go in the Front Row and fight physically, but I'd still advise against it. In the same area, there's a chest with a Remedy. Now, travel on conveyor belts until you reach a new area.

In the next area, go west. You'll find a flight of stairs. Look for a chest nearby with a pair of DragoonBoots. Climb up the stairs and enter the door back to the first area. You'll be able to access the chest you could see before but couldn't reach. It has a Gold Shield inside. Give it to Edgar or Celes (depending on who you have). Go down the elevator here and ride back to the second area. Here, go to the south, but stay in the center. Follow the path around, grab a Tent from the chest and go down a ladder. There are two doors which lead to hidden chests. Inside are a Gold Helmet and a Gold Armor. Give the Gold Armor to Edgar if you have him. Keep the White Dress on Celes for this area though, as she could use the boost in Magic Power. As for the Gold Helmet, like the Tiger Mask, it's up to you to determine whether the defense boost is more worth it than the 1/8 extra HP from the Green Beret or the 10% extra MBlock from the Bard's Hat.

Now, go back near the entrance to the second area, and climb onto the platform with crates to the east. Behind the crates at the far east end of the room is a hidden passage to a pipe. Go down the pipe and check east to see if you find a hidden passage to a room with two chests. These chests have a Blizzard, the ice-Elemental version of the Flame Sabre and ThunderBlade, and a completely useless Zephyr Cape (the White Cape is far superior). Now, keep going south through the pipe and you'll end up back near the entrance of this area.

Join the conveyor belt where all the, well, machine parts are going. You'll be dumped off in an area where you'll see a cutscene where Kefka discards Ifrit and Shiva, two Espers which have been drained of their power completely. He'll chuck them into the garbage chute. Follow them down there.

In the garbage chute, there's a new enemy. The Flan is a nasty blob like enemy. Don't worry, this isn't FFIV, and you won't be dealing 1 HP damage to them with your physicals (they're not called Flans in FFIV, but they look the same). Their defense is actually less than most of the enemies here. If you encounter a single Flan, killing it will make two more appear. Killing those two Flans will make three more appear. If you use the Rhodox Rage with Gau against them, they won't make any more appear. If you fight four of them, the battle will end when they all die. They attack with Slip Gunk, which inflicts Seizure, and Slimer, which causes Slow. They're weak to Fire, so use Sabin's Fire Dance.

If I had a second wish, I'd wish for a pair of horns.

Now, enter the left door and save your game. Equip as many Wall Rings on your party as you have, and put Locke in the Front Row and give him the Blizzard. Also, put Sabin in the Front Row. Go back out into the garbage chute, and you probably have noticed Ifrit and Shiva on the floor. Shiva blocks the door so you can't move deeper into the factory. Talking to him will do nothing. If you try talking to Ifrit, he'll go nuts and you'll have to fight him.

Ifrit and Shiva alternate attacking you in this fight. You start with Ifrit, who will use his physical, Fire, Fire 2, and a powerful Blaze spell. Hopefully, Celes knows Ice 2 at this point, so you can cast it on Ifrit. Locke should attack with the Blizzard, and Edgar should use the Drill and Chain Saw. Sabin should use Pummel against Ifrit. Why Pummel? Well, his other attacks are elemental, and Ifrit is either immune to or absorbs the attacks. Hopefully you'll kill Ifrit fast enough. If you don't...

You'll have to face Shiva. Shiva attacks with her physical, Ice, Ice 2, and Blizzard. Swap Locke's Blizzard with a Flame Sabre, and have Sabin attack with his Fire Knuckles. Edgar should continue with his tools, and Celes should switch to casting Fire spells. If you brought Gau to this fight, it's best to go with Stray Cat because of the elemental properties of Ifrit and Shiva switching. You can also summon Kirin for Regen, since you won't be able to heal using Cure spells because of the Wall Rings.

Eventually, you'll beat them, and they'll sense you have Ramuh's power, and they'll transform themselves into Magicite and give their power to you. As you'd expect, they both teach the Level 1 and 2 fire and ice Elemental spells. Ifrit also teaches Drain (at a rate of X1, and he's the only Esper which teaches this in the game, so you'll have to take the long way out here), and Shiva teaches the all important Osmose spell at a much faster rate. He also teaches Rasp.

Save your game and remove the Wall Rings, and put everyone back in the Back Row. If you have an urge to go back to the factory, use the hook in the garbage chute. Otherwise, head through the door Shiva was blocking.

You'll have to climb a long flight of stairs here, and there are two new enemies to worry about. The General isn't too much of a problem, but just has high defense. The Trapper, on the other hand can be very dangerous, as it spends its time casting L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, and L.5 Doom, so your characters have to be at a level that's not a multiple of 3, 4 or 5 in order to be able to survive these. The Trappers are weak to lightning and water, so use Gau's Aspik or Anguiform Rages, Ramuh, and Bolt and Bolt 2 spells. At the top of the staircase, you'll enter the Magitek Research Facility.

Magitek Research Facility[]

This has two new enemies in it. The Rhinox is difficult to defeat, as it has very high defense, and it can use Banestrike to Poison a character. However, they can also waste turns casting Life 3 and fail miserably becaue they have no MP to cast it! The Anguiform Rage and Fire Dance work well, as do the Drill and Chain Saw. The other enemy is the Gobbler, which can use the dreaded Shimsham when left alone. They're not so dangerous though, but if they're in a group with Rhinoxes, defeat them first. There's a hidden chest in this room in the bottom lefthand corner. This is the Break Blade, and it has a chance of casting Break on a target. Equip it on Celes for now. Go to the next room, and its time to face another boss!

Number 024 is a difficult boss. It uses WallChange to change its weakness regularly, so you shouldn't use elemental attacks. Edgar is fine with his Drill and Chain Saw, but Sabin has to use Pummel and Gau has to use Stray Cat. Locke should try to Steal a rare Drainer from it (the common Steal is a Rune Edge). Thankfully, this thing is vulnerable to Imp! So have Celes (or any character who spend some time with Stray) cast Imp, and he'll only be able to attack physically. You should do the same. Now, before entering the next room, fight a battle with Celes as the leader of the party, and then unequip her.

And now, here's a trick to make you all disappear!

In the next room, go all the way to the north end and hit the switch. This will grant you six new pieces of Magicite. You'll get Unicorn, Carbuncle, Phantom, Shoat, Bismark, and the one you came here for in particular, Maduin. After that, you'll meed Cid for the first time. He'll be freaked out, and then Kefka will show up. Getting the Magicite was a bad move, as now Kefka knows of its power. He'll then try to convince you that Celes' true loyalty is in question. Kefka will then send his personally crafted orange cyborg troops attack your party. Celes will heal you before she warps Kefka, the troops and herself out of the room. Locke is pissed.

Now, Cid will take you down an elevator to a room with a Save Point. Save your game, and Cid will put you into a mine cart so you can escape.

Now, before entering the mine cart, check the order of your party. There are two weak enemies in this area: purple Mag Roaders and red Mag Roaders. The Red Mag Roaders will only show up if your formation is one of several correct ones. The only way you'll be forced to fight only purple Mag Roaders is if you have Locke, Edgar, and Gau as your three characters, didn't fight a battle with Celes as the leader before she left, and kept Locke as the leader the entire time. Also, if your last battle didn't feature Sabin as a leader and you have him, make him the leader and you'll encounter both species. Also, before leaving, equip one character with Siren and another with Phantom.

The purple Mag Roaders are weak to fire and absorb ice, while the red ones are weak to fire. Locke can steal Bolt Edges from both species, and they can drop various Skeans as well. During your fifth battle, summon Siren on the Mag Roaders, and then summon Phantom. You'll go into the next, hard boss fight with the Clear status now.

This fight is against Number 128 and his Left Blade and Right Blade. First have Locke steal a Tempest from Number 128, as this is probably the only good weapon Cyan has. It's a rare Steal, but 128 has no common Steals. He can also steal a Tincture from the Blades. If you kill the Blades, they'll revive after 15 seconds. All three parts have powerful physical attacks, but since you have Clear on they won't touch you. However, they can use magic, which can get rid of Clear. The Left Blade uses Shimsham, which halves HP. The main part has some nasty moves if both blades are dead. It will cast Haste on itself and start using magic attacks. These include Shock Wave, Gale Cut, and worst of all, Atomic Ray. This deals massive Fire damage to the entire party. He also knows Blaster, which is an instant KO move for the entire party. It rarely hits, but if your party is under the Clear status, you lose the battle. This is why Clear is a double edged sword here.

Try to focus on the main body if your strategy revolves around having Clear on you. This means your attacks have to be targettable. Sabin can't Blitz here, he'll have to be in the Front Row doing physical attacks. Same with Locke. Edgar can stay in the Back Row and use his Drill and Chain Saw. Gau is a bit of a problem. You may want to have him cast his most powerful spells (NOT Ice spells, as 128 absorbs this element). Definitely resummon Phantom if your characters lose Clear. You can only do this once though.

Escape from Vector[]

After the fight with 128, you'll be back outside the Magitek Factory (an Imperial troop will save you from falling to your doom). Save your game here.

The only new enemy here is the Chaser. It can use the dangerous Plasma on you, so avoid that. It can also use Dischord to halve your levels. Also, if it's the last thing that dies, it will summon three Trappers, and those guys suck. Like with most of the enemies, have Gau use Anguifurom and Aspik Rages. Sabin should use Fire Dance and Aurabolt, and Locke should probably hang back. Edgar should use the Drill and Chain Saw.

Setzer will meet you at the end of the path, and officially join your party. Now, you'll get on the airship and escape, but Kefka has other ideas. He'll send the Cranes on you.

The Left Crane is weak to Water and absorbs Lightning, while the Right Crane is weak to Lightning and absorbs Fire. If you hit the Right Crane with Fire spells, it will go through "Heat Source Level 1!" "Heat Source Level 2!" and "Heat Source Level 3!" at which point it will hit your entire party with a devastating Fire 3 spell. When left alone, it uses TekBarrier which grants it Safe and Reflect. It will also "Shake the deck" and cast Magnitude8 every minute. Every three times it has been damaged, it uses Bolt 2 on the Left Crane, charging it. Locke can steal a new tool from it, the Debilitator, which isn't normally available for a long time. It's a rare Steal though, and the common Steal is a Potion.

The Left Crane, meanwhile, is just like the Right Crane, only when it gets hit with Lightning, it will charge up by saying "Electrified Level 1!" "Electrified Level 2!" and "Electrified Level 3!" and release an MT Giga Volt on the entire party. Also, every three times it gets damage, it casts Fire 2 on the Right Crane. This crane has a NoiseBlaster for you to Steal.

So how to go about this? Well, Locke should equip the ThunderBlade for use against the Right Crane and any weapon that's not the ThunderBlade for use against the Left Crane. Sabin should stick with Aurabolt. Edgar should use Drill and Chain Saw, and Gau should use his Anguiform Rage. This works very well against the Left Crane, but you'll have to defeat the Left Crane before it uses Giga Volt or Gau will die (Anguiform is weak to Lightning). As for Setzer, just try to practice the 7-Flush (three diamonds) and the Chocobop (Three Chocobos). He's not prepared to actually fight yet, so this is all he can do for you. If you're lucky, you may be able to pull off an H-Bomb (three airships). With luck the cranes will go down, and you'll fly back to Zozo to save Terra.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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