Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 11 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Exploring Narshe

So now Terra is gone, and you have to go look for her. After some cutscenes, the first thing you have to do is form a party of four. Who you want to put in it is up to you. A party of Locke, Edgar, Sabin, and Celes will give you the most cutscenes, and I definitely recommend taking Edgar and Sabin. Now, you have to choose two of Locke, Gau, and Celes for your other two members. Cyan sucks, and you should never use him. If Gau has a good Rage selection, he's definitely an option. Celes helps by being able to use Cure spells, and she's great in the next boss battle. But other than that, she really doesn't bring much. Locke has some great versatility at this point in terms of his offense, but his offense completely revolves around the use of the Fight command and he has no MT attacks. Then again, there's some great stuff you can Steal at this point. Who you want to bring is up to you. I'll be giving strategies for all five characters even though you can only use four.

Note that you can leave Narshe with only a party of three and pick up Shadow, but trust me when I say this isn't worth it. Stick with your party of four.

Now, it's time to explore Narshe. First you'll see a building immediately to the south of Arvis' house but still on the cliff. Enter. This is a treasure room, and it has some great stuff. It has another Hyper Wrist, another Earring, and some new stuff. Of note is the ThiefKnife, which is a great weapon for Locke because it increases Speed by 3 and, here's the real kicker, provides 10% MBlock, which as you should know by now, affects both physical AND magic attacks. It also allows Locke to Steal on occasion when he attacks, but that's just icing on the cake compared to 10% MBlock. Also, there's a Sneak Ring for those of you who like to Steal; it will increase Locke's success rate. Finally, there's a Wall Ring, which will grant you Reflect status if you equip it. Definitely save this.

Now, go to the Elder's house (it's on the west end of town), and check the clock for an Elixir.

Now, it's time to go shopping. Let's start at the Weapon Shop. There are two weapons of note here. The Full Moon is a weapon for Locke. It doesn't provide the stat boosts the ThiefKnife provides, but it is stronger and allows Locke to attack from the Back Row. See what I mean when I said Locke has all this versatility? The choice is still yours to make though. The other weapon of note is a Flail for Celes, which is her strongest weapon at this point in the game, and allows her to attack from the Back Row. Its main drawback is that Celes can't use Runic with it. But Runic pretty much sucks from here on out, except in one more battle (which isn't for a VERY long time), so pick one up if you brought Celes. At the Armor Shop, Mithril Shields are available for the first time! Now, everyone should get a Mithril Shield (except Locke if you're using a Genji Glove setup with him). The rest of the equipment here is just stuff you already have. The Relic shop doesn't sell anything new except for MithrilGloves and Barrier Rings, and you can pick one up if you want, but I think there's better Relics in this world. Don't waste your GP here.

All characters except Locke and Gau should be in the Back Row. If Locke has a Full Moon equipped (with a Genji Glove setup or not), he, too should be in the Back Row.

Now, leave town and go to Figaro.

Sabin's homecoming or "I can't take money from the king!"

If you chose to bring Gau, you can make a return trip to The Veldt to teach him some new Rages, but I suggest holding this off for now. I'll be covering a trip to The Veldt very soon, and the Rages you currently have are still great.

Figaro deck.PNG
Well, I wanted to put in a Figaro pic but I couldn't find the right place.
If you brought Edgar and Sabin here, you'll see a long (and humorous) cutscene about Sabin's childhood if you stay at the (free) Inn, but more importantly, put Edgar in the party's lead and go to the Tools shop. You'll notice there's two more tools for purchase: the Drill and the Flash. Definitely pick them up. The Drill is a useful tool since it's a great ST damage attack that ignores defense. If Edgar is in the lead, you'll also get a 50% off discount! The same holds true for the Item Shop, so stock up on items here. Interestingly enough, if Sabin is in the lead, he'll recognize the position, but punish him for being away from Figaro for too long, and Sabin won't get the discount. When you're ready to move on, go to the room near the entrance with two staircases and go down the left one. Talk to the old man down there, and he'll turn Figaro Castle into a subway, taking under the mountains to the northwest, where Terra was suspected to be.


Little country towns used to be so awesome. Now though....
Before going to the town you see here, take a nice, long journey to the north. Before you go, though, there's some new enemies to be aware of. On the plains, you'll fight Vultures and Red Fangs. The Red Fangs can use Rabies to Poison a character, but the Vultures are more dangerous, as they use Shimsham (or as I call it, "Shim-sham-shimmy." This is my favorite name for an ability in this game, I hope they didn't change it for the GBA). Despite this, Shimsham is dangerous, as it halves a character's HP. It uses this ability very often, and often on the first turn. You should take Vultures out first. In the forest, you'll find three new enemies. Over Grunks are upgraded Triliums, and can use Bane Touch to Poison you. Mind Candies are incredibly weak, and the worst they can do is put you to Sleep with SleepSting, and they attack in groups, and you should have enough MT firepower with Edgar, Sabin, and if you brought him along, Gau. Iron Fists are similarly weak... until they are left alone. If an Iron Fist is left alone on the battlefield, he will use Stone, which will usually miss, but if it hits, it will Muddle a character. Also if any character is at Level 15, Stone will ALWAYS hit, and will kill that person by doing 7.5 times normal damage. Make sure you kill Iron Fists early.

Now, like I said, go to the north, and you'll find a small house. Enter, and talk to the man whose politics are very questionable (NOTE: The Final Fantasy Wiki does in no way shape or form endorse a certain political affiliation. Unless you hate Vivi. Then we have to kill you). But more importantly, there's a Hero Ring in the bucket. This Relic is like a pair of Earrings and an Atlas Armlet packaged together, and boosts all damage. It's a great Relic to have, and the magic bonus will stack with Earrings! (Mind, the physical damage bonus does NOT stack with Atlas Armlets).

Now, go to that little town. Its name is Kohlingen. If Locke is in the party, you'll see some cutscenes about his past. If Celes is in the party, she'll comment a bit as well. In the northwest house (where one of the cutscenes is), there's another clock with an Elixir. If you go in the back door of the house in the northeast, you'll find a hidden chest with another Green Beret. But by now you should have plenty of these.

Now, go to the Inn and you'll see Shadow hanging around. If you took my advice and made a party of four, Shadow will serve no purpose. Shadow basically sucks here, as this is his favorite place to leave you hanging dry, and he costs 3000 GP to use. You'll have plenty of opportunity to use Shadow, don't worry. At the shops you'll find... nothing new that you should buy. They do sell Skeans here though, but you'll have plenty of opportunity to buy them later, so hold off on them for now. When you're ready, leave town and head south.

Before leaving the area though, note that if you travel in the desert, you may encounter a Fossilfang enemy. This enemy has a Bone attack which inflicts Zombie, a new status. If you get hit with Zombie, your HP drops to 0, you'll only attack physically, and you may attack allies. It also uses Sand Storm, which deals massive damage to the entire party. Thankfully, it drops a lot of GP when it dies, and it usually drops a Revivify as well, which cures Zombie. Locke can Steal one from it as well, although he will get the occasional Remedy. Sabin's Aurabolt deals massive damage, as do Gau's Pterodon and Templar Rages, and Edgar's Drill. Still, it's better to avoid these things for now. Just head south.

Jidoor is a funny name for a town

It's a Hollywood Night!
As you head south, you'll notice that Iron Fists and Mind Candies appear in the plains as well, and Red Fangs stop appearing. Eventually you'll come to a large town. This is Jidoor, a town whose claim to fame is being the westernmost town on the World Map. And guess what? It's also the world's richest town, and is full of big snobs who will gladly sell you great stuff for extremely inflated prices!

Anyway, your first order of business here is to visit the Armor Shop just west of the entrance. You'll notice that there are three new pieces of armor available for purchase. You should already have a Mithril Vest for Edgar if you Stole from the Rider. You can also buy Ninja Gear here as well, for any Lockes, Sabins, and Gaus that don't have them. Finally, this place sells White Dresses, which in addition to being Celes' best armor right now, provides five more points of Magic Power! Buy one for Celes, and if you didn't bring her along, buy one anyway.

At the Weapon Shop, you should pick up a Kaiser for Sabin, maybe even pick up two of them, even though Locke has your Genji Glove right now. Pick up a Forged for Cyan as well, even though you'll almost never use neither it nor Cyan. Kodachis are a waste of your GP, since only Shadow can use them, and you probably don't have him, and even if you did, he's better off with the ThiefKnife on, and I've already told you about Full Moons.

As for Relics, Earrings are available for purchase! Mind they're VERY expensive, at 5000 GP a pop, but if you have some GP to spare, you can never have too many Earrings.

Finally, if you visit the house at the north end of town, you can find a Tincture in a pot. Now, you'll Terra headed into the mountains to the north. So leave town and head to the northeast and around the mountain to your next destination. It's a long walk, but if you want, you can hire a Chocobo to take you there, but this costs money and you won't be able to gain EXP.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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