Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 8 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Barren Falls[edit source]

Might as well do it.

Damn. I guess Sabin's scenario really IS this long, if it has to take up three whole sections of this walkthrough. Anyway, Sabin and Cyan are standing on top of a huge waterfall. Knowing video game logic, you might as well take a clue from Eddie Van Halen, and... JUMP!

Alright. You'll be fighting Pirhanas for a minute. And I mean a minute. You'll continue to fight Pirhanas until a minute passes by, at which case if you kill all the Pirhanas a Rizopas will appear. The Pirhanas are weak, just use anything against them. But the Rizopas can use the deadly El Nino, which can deal 250 damage to both characters. Just use Aurabolt and Dispatch against the Rizopas and it should die quickly.

And the Minnow would be lost![edit source]

This is my favorite picture on the entire Wiki.

You'll float down the river and will be saved by a wild child. You'll learn his name is Gau, but when Sabin and Cyan come round Gau will flee.

You're now in a new area of the world known as The Veldt. Here, most enemies, including some bosses, which you've encountered appear and do battle. Don't try levelling up here, as the monsters don't give EXP. They do drop GP and items though. It's possible that you may run into Gau after a battle. There's nothing you can do now except attack him, at which time he'll insult you and run away, telling you that you "scare animals" (and what's interesting is he says this about Imperial troops and mechanical enemies that appear on The Veldt, clearly he is brain dead). Anyway, head around a mountain and to a penninsula to the east and you'll reach a town called Mobliz.

Hey! Mobliz rhymes with Golbez![edit source]

Yeah. And nobody cares. Anyway, your first order of business is to visit the second house on your left (the one where the kids are playing outside). Talk to the wounded man and agree to send his letter. Now, go to the Post Office (it's the building just to the east of this) and talk to the mailman inside to mail the letter. Be sure to check the clock here for an Elixir. Now, the wounded man will get a reply every time you sleep at an inn, talk to a shop owner, or learn about the Serpent Trench from the guy that talks about it. So for now, go to the Weapon shop and purchase a Kotetsu for Cyan. Now, go back to the wounded man's house and he'll get a reply. Send this letter like you did the first one (okay, it's a record, but it still looks like a letter). Now, go to the Armor Shop. Buy Cyan some Iron Armor, and buy a spare as well. Also, buy another Plumed Hat. Do NOT buy anything else though. Go back to the wounded man and he'll ask you to send off some Tonic (don't worry, it won't leave your inventory). Go mail that, and go to the Item Shop and stock up on supplies. Be sure to buy some Dried Meat as well. Go back to the wounded man's house and he'll ask you to mail another letter. Do so, and go to the Relic shop. If you have 5000 GP to spare, you can purchase White Capes here, which are great for their 10% boost to MBlock. You can also recover for free in the back room of the Relic Shop. Now, go back to the wounded man's house and he'll ask you to send some books. Send them off, and go back to the wounded man's house. He'll give you a Tintinabar, which is a great Relic to use if you have a spare Relic slot, as it allows you to recover some HP with each step on the field.

Back on The Veldt[edit source]

Don't underestimate this guy's power. Hell, he went onto play Rikku's stunt double in Final Fantasy X-2 and Kingdom Hearts 2. And he didn't get paid for it because he was still under contract.

Now, go back outside to The Veldt, and fight battles until Gau shows up. When he does, use the Dried Meat you bought on him, and get ready for the best cutscene in any Final Fantasy bar none. Gau will join your party at the end of it, and you'll get a tutorial on how to use Rage, his special. Remember all those enemies I told you to fight? This is so they appear on The Veldt, and Gau can learn their Rages. Keep Gau in the Front Row, and give him your best equipment and an Atlas Armlet as one of his Relics. The other Relic is up to you.

Now, I suggest taking some time to teach Gau some Rages. If you're one of those people who has to have a full Rage list, just look at any enemy's page to see if it has a Rage. If you're not one of those people, here is a list of Rages you should try to get and why.

As you can see, Gau is a character that is constantly overlooked. Look at some of the abilities these Rages have. Catscratch is one of the game's most powerful physical attacks, and Gau can use all three Level 2 spells before most characters can use Level 1 spells, and he has some other great tricks such as instant death. Do NOT take this character lightly, as he is one of the best in the game.

Also, I suggest fighting some Telstars on The Veldt until you build up a healthy supply of Green Berets. The bare minimum is three, but I suggest getting five. Equip Green Berets on your characters as you get them because they are the best helmets in the game at this point.

When you're done here, head south and enter the cave.

Mt. Crescent and the Serpent Trench[edit source]

Marvel, because you don't even know where you're going!

Enter Mt. Crescent, and you will see various cutscenes if you walk around. One of them will give you a Tonic, and another one will have Gau pull a prank on Sabin and force him out of 500 GP (this one is in the northwest corner of the room).

Anyway, head to the southeast, and you'll find a diving helmet. Afterwards, you'll exit to the southeast and be near another river. Take another cue from Van Halen and jump in. This is the Serpent Trench.

Like the Lete River, the battles you encounter here are not random. There are three possible sets you can encounter. Set 1 will have a 3/4 chance of giving you a trio of Actaneons, and a 1/4 chance of giving you an Anguiform. Set 2 will always give you an Actaneon, an Anguiform, and an Aspik. Set 3 has a 3/4 chance of a pair of Anguiforms, and a 1/4 chance of three Actaneons and two Aspiks. Now, you will encounter Set 2 once, which means you'll get to fight all three enemies. This is good, as the Anguiform and Aspik make great Rages for Gau, so remember those names the next time you visit The Veldt.

Anguiforms and Aspiks are tough. Anguiforms have a strong physical in Garrote, and they can use Aqua Rake when left alone, which will deal massive damage to your entire party. Aspiks MUST be taken out with physicals if you aren't sure you can take them down in one hit. If they survive anything but a normal physical, they have a 1/3 chance to counter with Giga Volt, which is incredibly powerful and will kill whoever it hits. Sabin should use Fire Dance on everything and Cyan should use Dispatch on everything. Gau is a different story. Aspiks are weak to fire, Anguiforms are weak to lightning, and Actaneons are weak to both. So when you see a battle with no Aspiks, use the Hazer Rage for Bolt 2. If it has no Anguiforms, use the Templar for Fire 2 (and inherent Safe status as a kicker). If you face a battle with Anguiforms and Aspiks in it, I'd suggest going with the Templar for auto-Safe.

Anyway, for your first trip through the Serpent Trench, always stay to the right when you reach a fork; this will get you all the treasure here. You'll encounter a Set 1 before the first fork (make a right here), and then you'll encounter a Set 2 and enter a cave. Grab an X-Potion from the chest and exit the cave. Make the right fork, and you'll face a Set 3 before entering another cave. Here, you'll have to drain the water and fall into a hole. Be sure to grab the chest in this cave with another Green Beret. Once you leave this treasure cave, you'll be washed to your next destination.

Nikeah[edit source]

Welcome to the bustling port of Nikeah! Here you'll be going on a major shopping spree. There's nothing you need to buy at the Weapon Shop, but the Armor Shop has some useful stuff. If you followed my walkthrough, you should have somewhere between five and seven Green Berets. If you have six or fewer Green Berets, purchase one or two Magus Hats so that your net total of Green Berets and Magus Hats is seven. Also, purchase two Silk Robes. At the Relic Shop, there are still White Capes that can be purchased, but Fairy Rings aren't worth it. Buy whatever you need at the Item Shop, and go to the Inn in the north of town and check the clock there for an Elixir. If you visit the Cafe, you can see another really awesome cutscene. When you're ready, unequip everyone and go on the boat to South Figaro. After a cutscene, you'll be back at the scenario selection screen. All you have left is to choose Locke's scenario, so save your game and choose Locke!

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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