Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 7 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Heading south Edit

First off, put everybody in the Back Row (hey, I let you have some Front Row fun, so be greatful!). Now make sure everyone has the proper equipment on. Sabin should have a Mithril Claw, Mithril Shield, Green Beret, and Kung Fu Suit. Shadow should have an Imperial, Buckler, Plumed Hat, and Ninja Gear. Cyan should have an Ashura, Heavy Shield, Plumed Hat, and Leather Armor. Now it's time to head south.

Note that from this point on, there's a 1/16 chance that Shadow will leave the party after a battle. This is why I suggest saving after every fight or, if it gets too much of a hassle, start running away. If you choose to fight, just go with the same strategy you've been using up to this point. Sabin should use Aurabolt, Shadow should Throw Shurikens, and Cyan should use Dispatch. The enemies here are the same as you fought north of the Imperial Camp. You'll pass by Doma Castle on your way south, but it's blockaded by Imperials and you can't get in. In the meantime, cross the river on the southeast bridge and you'll come to a new area.

Phantom Forest Edit


I don't think any other Final Fantasy game took advantage, graphically, of all any system had to offer. Show me some Picassos in FFVII or FFX!

You'll enter the Phantom Forest. Be aware that Shadow can still run away, but you can't save after every battle here, so it's probably best to run anyway. You'll be glad you did. The Ghosts are difficult enemies, as they can cast Fire spells, and can even use Pause to set Stop on you, and can use Fire Wall, which is a very powerful spell that can take off 150 HP! The Poplium enemies can use Cling to set Slow. Both enemies like to attack in large groups, and you will still most likely be stuck with ST attacks.

Anyway, in this area just head to the northeast corner of the first area and go into the second area. Here, there's a recovery spring which you should use. Exit in the southeast of this area. In the next area, exit to the northeast. The southeast path will lead you in circles. The northeast path will eventually take you to the next area.

Drivin' that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones says "watch your speed!" Edit

Welcome to the Phantom Train. Try to open the southern door where you entered. Apparently the dead can only rest in peace when they go to the "Other Side." If left in this world, something might actually happen to them (maybe it's the source of undead enemies? Beats me). Anyway, in order to get to the "Other Side," they ride the Phantom Train. Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan board the train and Sabin gets pissed when he finds out he's going to the "Other Side." (I'd certainly like to visit the other side, but stuck on a train full of zombies and ghosts isn't my kind of way to get there)

Anyway, note that Shadow won't leave you while on board the train, so you can breathe a sigh of relief that you don't have to worry about him. Anyway, head east and into the caboose. Talk to the ghost there and it will join your party under the alias "??????" You can only have one ghost in your party (if you don't have Shadow, you can take two with you, but not having Shadow sucks). The ghost sucks as an ally anyway except for being an extra meat shield. It has NO equipment except a Relic Ring which gives it its undead properties. It's special, Possess, will kill both it and an enemy. Anyway, enter the door between the crates in the caboose, there's a Save Point in the here. I strongly suggest using it. If you try to touch that switch in the northeast corner, Cyan will go into another anti-machine fit, but the reaction is always fun to watch. There's also a hidden chest in the northwest corner of the room with a Tent. Anyway, when you're ready, start heading west.

Try to fight a Bomb while on the outside of the train for reasons I'll explain later (for those of you who are veterans to this game, I'm just building suspense for the newbies). They attack with Blaze, which can deal a lot of damage, so be careful. Also, MAKE SURE YOU KILL THEM IN ONE SHOT. Otherwise, you'll be hit with Exploder which will probably do big damage. Once you've fought a Bomb, go inside the car to the left. You do NOT want to have to face a set of four Whispers on the outside of the train.

Speaking of Whispers, let's talk about why I don't like them. They can cast Demi, which halves a character's HP. Thankfully, Demi won't always connect. Another interesting thing to note is that they have inherent Seizure status (do to a bug in the game, Seizure hurts the undead when it's supposed to heal them, as Regen is supposed to be the one that hurts them).

Anyway, head inside the left car and keep heading west. Most of the Ghosts you'll see will fight when you talk to them (they usually attack solo, don't worry). But some will sell you stuff. Stock up on whatever you need, especially if you're low on Shurikens. Also, if you ever lose your ally ghost, you'll find some more hanging around the cars that are willing to join you. You'll also face the Hazer enemy inside the car. They are NOT undead, and will attack using Drain (but you'll be one shotting them so Drain will do nothing). Make sure you fight at least one though. When you reach a dead end in a car, try to exit and you'll have to fight a Ghost before you exit. Once you beat it, exit the car and you'll be surrounded by ghosts. Climb up the ladder and follow Sabin's lead as he jumps from car to car. The ghosts will follow you, but you'll eventually duck into a car. Press the switch and the cars behind you will be detached! (I hope Sabin was flipping off those worthless ghosts anyway).

Now, go back into the car and hit the switch again to open the passage. Save your game at the Save Point. If you have any Jewel Rings at this point, equip them. There are two new enemies here. The StillGoing attacks in groups and can inflict Seizure with Slip Touch. The other enemy is the Over-Mind which is more dangerous. When it is accompanied by allies, it uses Dread, which can Petrify a character if it connects. If you took my advice and equipped a Jewel Ring, you won't have to worry about it though. But when Over-Minds are alone, they'll use Wild Touch to Muddle an ally. This is very bad. Make sure you fight at least one Over-Mind though.

At this point, I suggest levelling Sabin and Cyan up to Level 15 so they learn their next Blitz and SwordTech respectively; Fire Dance and Quadra Slam are their respective names. Fire Dance is an MT attack, and this is the last time you'll be able to level Sabin and Cyan for a very long time. If you get low on health, the car to the left of the Save Point car is a dining car where you can recover your HP and MP for free (and see some funny scenes based on who is leading your party).


Yeah right.

You can't go straight through the dining car; you'll have to go along the outside. If you go in the west entrance to the dining car, you'll find a chest with an Earrings. It's only one Earring, but it's a great Relic to have. Give it to Sabin so his Aurabolt and Fire Dance become stronger. Now, continue heading west. You're in the first class cabins now, and there are private compartments in this car. Enter the one on the right, and you'll find a chest. Open it and you'll get to face Ziegfried, who I'm guessing is this game's version of Gilgamesh, since he attacks with a sword that does next to nothing in damage (although they put Gilgamesh in the GBA release of this one, so that's out). Beating him will net you a measly 1 GP and a Green Cherry. Exit this compartment and go to the next one. There's a hidden chest with a Tent here. Now, enter the next car.

This car is similar, but the first compartment is empty. The second compartment has four chests. From left to right, you'll get a Fenix Down, a Sniper Sight, another Fenix Down, and finally, a Monster-in-a-box. You get to fight a Specter. His attack arsenal includes his physical, the Ice spell, and Raid, which works like Drain to absorb HP. Watch out when attacking though. It has a 1/3 chance of countering anything that damages it with Lightning, which is a massive physical attack (and despite its name, and its animation, it's not lightning-Elemental...). Anyway, you win another Hyper Wrist from this guy.

Now, head into what I guess is supposed to be a tender of some kind. This car just has a Save Point in it. Use a Tent and save your game, and move everyone up to the Front Row. Now, enter the locomotive. Press the first and third switches, and then go press something on the train's smokestack. It will stop, but start back up again! You'll now have to fight GhostTrain, which is the engine itself. This is a Back Attack, which is why I told you to use the Front Row, so your characters will be in the Back Row.


I think I'm gonna die because I love trains (no, Selphie only likes them the way 4chan losers liek Mudkipz. I love them the way Diablocon loves Ivalice.

There are two ways to win this battle. First is the cheater way. Just use a Fenix Down on it and it will instantly die. The more honest way is to have Sabin use Aurabolt, Shadow Throw Shurikens, and Cyan use Dispatch (or Quadra Slam, but in my opinion SwordTechs aren't worth the wait for the charge thing to go up). GhostTrain uses Evil Toot quite often, which puts a random status ailment on each character. He has a chance of opening with it, and then uses it once every five turns. It also uses its physical and its special Wheel. It can also use Acid Rain to damage your entire party and put Seizure on it. You should beat it easily, especially because an Earring boosted Aurabolt deals 250% damage against it (the Earring boosts damage by 25%, and Aurabolt is pearl-Elemental, so it hits weakness and doubles damage).

After this, you'll be off the Phantom Train, and you'll see a cutscene where Cyan's family boards the train, and Cyan throws another fit. You'll then have to walk around in circles for awhile until the game puts you back on the World Map south of the Phantom Forest.

Bidding Shadow farewell Edit

Save your game here, as there's a 1/16 chance Shadow will leave. But before moving on to the next area (another mountain path), make sure you've fought a Stray Cat if you haven't already. Hopefully Shadow won't leave (if he does, just reset the game). If he doesn't leave, save the game after the battle, and take off ALL of Shadow's equipment, especially his Ninja Gear, which you should immediately give to Sabin. Finally, stick everybody in the Back Row unless you have a Black Belt on a character (not Shadow). Enter the mountain path, and go north to the waterfall. Shadow will leave now if he hasn't already.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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