Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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This is part 2 of the Walkthrough for the Super NES version of Final Fantasy VI.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

The journey south Edit

Terra and Locke have to head south of Narshe to Figaro Castle. The walk is not that far, but it's important to note the enemies that appear around here. Locke can steal Tonics from most of them, and it's good to have a good supply on hand so you don't have to buy them. The Leafers and Dark Winds in the plains and forests are no threat, but they attack in larger groups in the forests, so they're great for leveling. Both are weak to Terra's Fire spell. In the desert, however, the enemies are much stronger. Sand Rays are the stronger enemy offensively, but Locke can steal Antidotes from them, which are great to have on hand for a dungeon that will be coming up soon (and, again, you don't have to buy them if you steal them!). The Areneids, however, are much tougher. Not only can they attack in groups of two or three, but they focus their attacks on Terra, and they often use a Numb attack, which inflicts Stop. Not only will Terra not be able to do anything when Stopped, but she won't be able to block any enemy's attacks, which, in the Areneid's case, will be focused on her. It's recommended to get rid of them very quickly. A Fire spell won't deal as much damage as it should, as Areneids are not weak to Fire. Also, Terra's MP should be reserved for healing with the Cure spell. Because of this, you should try to move quickly through the desert to the large castle in the middle. This is Figaro.

Events in Figaro Castle Edit

The guard will be hesitant to let Terra and Locke in, but he'll realize that it's Locke and will let them enter. For now, you can only go north into the castle. When you reach the grand foyer, however, you should wait a minute before entering the throne room. The doors on the left and right lead to shops. Go into the right door and purchase the NoiseBlaster and Bio Blaster. Do NOT purchase the AutoCrossbow, as you'll get one for free very soon. Pick up the Tonic and Antidote in the chests here, then go into the western door. There's a regular item shop here, so purchase whatever you think you need here. Also, be sure to open the chest in this shop for a Soft. Now, go north, but go into either of the doors at the far northeast or northwest corners of the foyer. This will bring you to a chest with a Fenix Down in it. Afterwards, enter the throne room.


Well, well, well, look who came crawling up to the King. It's a lady. A beautiful lady!

You'll meet the flirty king of Figaro, who will introduce himself as Edgar and immediately begin flirting with Terra, and telling her that Figaro and the Empire are allies. He then invites Terra to take a tour of the castle. Locke will leave the party at this point, and Terra will be left alone. Go to the castle balcony just outside the foyer, and enter the door to the left. You'll see an inn here where you can recover your HP and MP for free, and I suggest you do it as a difficult battle is coming up. Now, go down the steps and across the desert to the left tower. Inside, you'll find the castle's Matron who will tell you the story of Edgar's twin brother. You'll get to witness a flashback where Edgar's brother will dislike being royalty, and you'll learn his name is Sabin. After the flashback, return to the throne room and talk to Edgar.

Meanwhile, Kefka and two Imperial soldiers arrive at the castle. Edgar hides Terra because he suspects the Empire is looking for her. And indeed, he suspects right. Edgar uses his wit and lies to Kefka, saying that Terra is nowhere to be found in the castle, and Kefka leaves angrily. You now take control of Edgar. Immediately equip him with the Mithril Pike to replace his MithrilBlade, although this is more for show than practice beause he always does more damage with his Tools (at the same time, though, this gives Locke a free weapon, so I still suggest you do it). Also, remember how I told you not to buy an AutoCrossbow? This is because you now magically have one in your inventory! Oh, the good folks at Square! Anyway, talk to the Chancellor who is standing at the north door, and you'll take control of Terra again. Follow Locke into the eastern part of the castle. In the eastern tower, Locke will explain to Terra how Edgar is only pretending to support the Empire, and that he secretly gives money to the Returners, which is a resistance organization. Locke is the contact between Edgar and the Returners.

The scene then switches to Edgar's bedroom, where he is awakened by a massive burning noise. The castle has been set on fire! You now control Edgar. Go to the center of the castle, and you'll see that Kefka set the fire because he knows Edgar was lying to him. Edgar whispers something to the Figaro Chancellor. Edgar then lets Kefka corner him on the edge of a balcony so that it looks like Kefka has the upper hand. He then whistles for three Chocobos and immediately jumps off the balcony onto a Chocobo. He then runs around the castle telling Locke and Terra to jump from the balcony onto Chocobos themselves. Now, the Chancellor activates Figaro's secret safety mechanism. The castle changes shape and burrows underground! This makes Kefka very angry and sends two Imperial soldiers on Terra, Locke, and Edgar.

You now will have to fight two M-Tek Armors, and it will be a Back Attack, meaning your opponent will get to strike first and your characters will all be in the Back Row. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as physical damage against you will be cut in half (but your physical attacks will similarly be cut in half as well). Immediately equip Locke with the MithrilBlade Edgar used to have. The M-Tek Armors have some powerful attacks, the worst of which is Tek Laser, which ignores Row. Its other attack, Metal Kick, does not ignore Row, so it will deal half damage. Locke should Steal from them (they have Potions), Edgar should use his AutoCrossbow, and Terra should cast Fire (both of these attacks ignore Row!) Also, the first time Terra casts Fire, you'll see a hilarious cutscene (we won't spoil it for you, don't worry)! Eventually, the M-Tek Armors will fall, and Edgar will tell Terra that there's someone he wants her to meet.

You're back on the world map now, riding a Chocobo. While you're doing this, you won't encounter any enemies. Travel southeast (use your minimap to guide you) to Figaro Cave.

Figaro Cave Edit


You know, sometimes I feel sorry for the animals in these games that get no credit. Like this turtle.

Dismount from the Chocobo and enter the cave. Put everybody in the Back Row. The enemies here are really not a problem, and Edgar should win the battle for you in one shot with his AutoCrossbow, no matter how many enemies you fight. Terra should be on guard until your HP gets low, at which point she should cast Cure. Although it should be noted that everything here is weak to Fire, so Terra can cast Fire spells here. Watch out for the Bleary and Crawly enemies. The Bleary's Slumber can put a character to Sleep, and the Crawly's Heart Burn can inflict Seizure on a target. One more note about the Crawlies though. They have a rare Remedy for Locke to Steal. If you want some, have Edgar use his NoiseBlaster to Muddle all of them and then have everyone stand guard while Locke Steals (in fact, Locke should be Stealing every turn).

When you enter the cave, note the Recovery Spring where you can recover your HP and MP if you got hurt badly in the M-Tek Armor battle. There are three chests here. Two of them have Tinctures, and one has a Fenix Down. Don't open them! We'll tell you when to do it. Head south through the first door and then head up the southernmost flight of stairs in the second room. From here, there's only one path, so take it! When you're out, head southeast to the town of South Figaro.

Getting ready at South Figaro Edit

South Figaro

Finally, an actual town!

Before doing anything else, I suggest visiting South Figaro. It's the first town where you can upgrade your equipment. There's also lots of treasure in this town.

First, I suggest visiting the Cafe. Inside, you'll find a strange man wearing all black. Approach him and you'll see one of the game's classic lines, and you'll learn his name is Shadow.

Next, I suggest visiting the Weapon and Armor shops. At the Weapon shop, purchase a RegalCutlass for Terra. Locke and Edgar have their strongest weapons at this point already, so no use buying anything else here. At the Armor shop, buy three Heavy Shields, and give two of them to whichever characters don't have the Mithril Shield equipped. I told you to buy three because you'll need a spare one later. Also, purchase three Plumed Hats. This is all you'll need, as you'll be getting some better equipment later that not all characters can use. Equip all three characters with the Plumed Hats. Finally, purchase a Cotton Robe for Terra and a Kung Fu Suit for Locke. Edgar can't equip anything better than what he has on his body, sadly.

Now, pay a visit to the Relic shop. You'll get a tutorial on Relics when you walk in. Here, purchase three Star Pendants and equip everyone with them. You'll need them for the next area. If you have enough GP to spare, get a pair of Sprint Shoes as well so you can run faster when you're not on the World Map. Whether or not you want to buy anything else is up to you, although you don't need anything else right now. The Goggles are worthless, as the Blind status ailment doesn't work in this game due to the Evade bug (although it still looks annoying, but that's just me...). The Jewel Ring, despite what it claims, does NOT protect against Blind; it only protects against Petrify (which isn't a bad thing, although there aren't any enemies which use Petrify at this point, so you'll be wasting money if you buy one now. As for the True Knights, well, that's up to you.

Now it's time to find some treasure! Note that you should leave some of the treasure behind, as it upgrades to better stuff later (we'll tell you which stuff to ignore). Let's start west of the Chocobo Stable. There's a barrel with a Tonic inside. Ignore it. East of the Chocobo stable, there's a crate with a Green Cherry. Whether you want to get this one now or wait for it to upgrade is up to you. At the far southwest corner of town, you'll find a Soft in a crate. DEFINITELY ignore this. North of the docks, you'll find a barrel and a crate. The barrel has an Antidote, but I'll leave this one up to you again. The crate has an Eyedrop, which you should definitely ignore. Now, head to the Weapon and Armor shop, where between the entrances is a barrel with a Tonic. Again, ignore this. Now, go to the west end of the north wall, and you'll find a bunch of barrels. That's it for all the treasures you should leave alone. One of them has a Warp Stone inside. THIS is the one you should take now.

Go inside the rich man's house (the big house near the Chocobo stable) and go to the second floor. In the room on the left, check behind the bookcase for a secret passage. Go down the hidden flights of stairs in the next area to a room with a long passage. When it looks like it deadends at a T with another hallway, keep going straight and follow the hidden passage to what looks like a jail. You'll find a chest in each "cell." The one in the left cell has a Hyper Wrist, which increases Vigor. Give it to Edgar. The chest in the right cell is partially obscured, but it contains a pair of RunningShoes, which gives a character the Haste status. Give it to Locke. Now, go back up one floor and go down the passageway with the three doors. Enter the door on the far right. Inside, you'll find three chests which contain 500, 1000, and 1500 GP each. There's also an empty chest in this room.

Now, go all the way back to the first floor of the rich man's house and exit through the door on the right. Grab a Fenix Down from one of the barrels, and go through a secret passage behind the building and descend the stairs to grab an Elixir from the clock. Now, go through a hidden door to the south and you'll travel to another house. Go through the north door and go east to a hidden area which has a bucket with a Tonic inside. You now have everything you need here, so leave town.

Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Walkthrough by Crazyswordsman
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