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This is a walkthrough for the SNES version of Final Fantasy VI and is written and maintained by Crazyswordsman. If you have any questions for him please ask on the talk page of this article. Please note: this walkthrough may contain jokes at the expense of games in the series that came after this one and obscure 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s cultural references you may not get. If you are offended by this, hey, I'm not responsible. Go read one of those bland walkthroughs. And if you don't get the references, tough. I'm not going to adapt to today's hip lifestyle because I'm a retro hippie. A New Age Retro Hippie at that.

If you want to post this walkthrough on your site, please ask me for permission first. Provided you give credit back to me, and to the Wiki, the answer will always be a "yes." Hell, you can just say "I'm going to copy and paste this walkthrough onto my site and there's nothing you can do about it you fucking [offensive term deleted]!" and you can do it. I just want to keep a record of who's using it, so we can get more publicity and editors. Unlike corrupt, evil record companies, I embrace free advertising.

Special thanks to Djibriel and Master ZED for their guides on GameFaqs, which were VERY helpful in writing this.

If you'd like to know the difference in names between versions, check out Final Fantasy VI translations.

If it's the GBA version you're looking for, Drake Clawfang is writing a nice walkthrough of his own. BH also wrote a walkthrough which is of course very entertaining, so long as you're a little whippersnap.

How to play Final Fantasy VI[]

First, walk down to your local independent video game retailer which usually will carry lots of classic games. Or else, go to Ebay and buy an SNES and the game. Many auctions come with the game packaged with an SNES. Or, buy a GBA, and I hope you can get the similarities between this and the vastly inferior GBA version, which doesn't even let you do Wind God Gau...

Next, put the cartridge into the system of choice.

Basic controls[]

This game is very menu based. The D-Pad moves you around. The A button is the confirm and talk to people button and the B button is cancel. The X button opens the menu and the Y button is only used in areas where you have to use multiple teams. If you're in battle, you can use the X and Y buttons to switch party members.


See: Walkthrough:Final Fantasy VI/CSM's Walkthrough/Ability list

Battle system[]

*Yawn* It's the Active Time Battle again! This means everything is time based and if you don't take your turn soon enough you'll get double turned by the enemy! All characters have the "Fight" and "Item" commands, as well as a special ability and most characters can also learn Magic through equipping Espers.

CSM's official rules of FFVI[]

  • Don't equip something just because it's better when you select "Optimum" on the menu. This is based purely on Defense or Battle Power. An extra point of physical defense isn't better than a few bonus points to Magic Defense, Vigor, Magic Power, or MBlock.
  • MBlock is your friend. Remember it shows how well you dodge both physical AND magic attacks.
  • Once you have Osmose, you'll never have to worry about your MP supply running low. That is, unless you're fighting an Undead foe or are in the Fanatics' Tower.
  • Ultima murders everything. As long as someone knows this spell, you can practically win every random encounter.
  • Never equip the Zephyr Cape. It's useless junk. Don't do drugs. Kids: friends don't let friends equip the Zephyr Cape. The White Cape is your friend.
  • Only use Morph in boss battles. You only have a limited supply of Morphing time (Terra's not the Pink Ranger), so use it when you need to.

How to suck at Final Fantasy VI[]

This is a special bonus section I'm writing. Here's a list of must-dos for people who enjoy blowing at this game and want to lose sooo badly at it.

  1. Use Umaro. Don't do drugs, kids.
  2. Don't teach Relm any spells. You've just wasted one of the best characters in the game. Give yourself a pat on the back!
  3. Equip something because it increases Evade. Evade doesn't do anything! Go for MBlock instead.
  4. Don't spend a lot of time with Gau on The Veldt. He's one of the best characters, but he's a pain to raise! Why take the time to raise him when you're a lazy bum?
  5. Use the Runic command.
  6. Use the Sketch command.


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